Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 27 Like A Waterfall


Lin Fan heard what the barber was talking about, but he chose to never misuse his authority to punish the citizen.

Lin Fan smiled, “It ’s okay, now I want you to help me to shave my men’s hair just like me.”

The Hunters standing beside him wanted to cry, but they couldn’t do anything about that.

“I’m not lying to you when I said you are handsome with that style.” Said the barber.

“Please rest assured, I know it’s perfect.” Lin Fan said.

Lin Fan sat in a chair and said, “Wang Bao, you will be the first.”

“Yes, leader.” Wang Bao was very excited about being able to have the same hairstyle as Lin Fan.

All the Hunters except Wang Bao were afraid when they waited while the barber was preparing his tools.

Lin Fan looked so happy. At first, he was proud of his bald head, but after a while, he regretted it. But from that moment forward, he will have a lot of baldhead comrades.

“Father, mother, I’m going to become a monk. Come on, I’m ready.”

Wang Bao looked in the mirror, and the more he touched his head, the more he liked it. It looked so good, and everyone became more energetic.

People on the street were stunned when the baldhead group passed through.

Some hawkers were laughing so hard at them, Yu Guang saw the group, he was so shocked.

“It’s a shame.”

The Hunters lowered their heads, embarrassed, and didn’t dare to look anyone in the eye.

“Raise your head!” Lin Fan said angrily, he realized his men’s mentality was in the dump.

Some of them wanted to cry, but tears won’t come out.

The news was thoroughly spread in Jiangdu City.


“Listen to me, you guys must practice this technique slowly and steadily, no need to rush things because this technique is dangerous.”

“I have already prepared the ointment for you. You can find a tree and start practicing the technique.”

Lin Fan reminded them.

“Wang Bao, you are in charge.”

“Yes, leader.” Wang Bao said in a loud voice, he knew felt like Lin Fan just gave him an important task.

Meanwhile, Lin Fan continued his training to crash the bricks to his head. He almost reached the Fourth-Stage.

Lin Fan practiced together with his men. He kept on crashing the bricks to his head. Wang Bao saw how hard Lin Fan’s training was, so he got fired up and tried to slam the tree as hard as he could.

Thanks to that, Wang Bao’s head was spinning around and wobbled like a drunkard.

“The ground is shaking …”

At that time, he held back not to scream in front of the others, he didn’t want to break others’ spirits.

“We have to train as hard as he can, so we can go home safely from every mission.”

“Now that I have reminded all of you, the rest is up to you.”

After Lin Fan finished telling them what he wanted to say, he continued to smash the bricks into his head.

Everyone was training.

Lin Fan smiled, watching his men’s practice.

Because demons were not the only enemy, but also humans.

Lin Fan observed each one of his men’s personality.

Gao Zhenbin was relatively calm.

Lin Fan could talk about serious things to him at ease.

When the Hunters were from poor families, they will give all they had.

“The bleeding must be treated with medicine, thoroughly.” Lin Fan said.

Although the first try was not bad.

They couldn’t push their body too hard from the very beginning.

“Brother Wang! Your head is bleeding!”

Wang Bao checked where the source of the blood was.

Everyone was shocked by the blood, which was like a waterfall, and a second later, Wang Bao fainted.

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