Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 270


“Sect Master, you really impressed me. I didn’t expect you to be so profoundly righteous.” Lin Fan ruthlessly bragged about the sect master.

As soon as he looked at what Vice Sect Master Ren had said, he knew that this matter wasn’t as simple as he thought.

Sect Master Bai said indifferently, “Don’t talk about poverty. I can feel the seepage coming from your mouth. Put away your thoughts of wanting to touch the Greatest Martial Dao Pen; it’s impossible.”

“I didn’t even say I wanted to touch it. Why are you so cautious?” Lin Fan didn’t think that the sect master was a bit too opinionated of him.

Was this the result of hurting him too deeply in the past? Did the sect master remember it so firmly that it was hard to forget?

It seemed that he should care more about the sect master and change his impression in the sect master’s heart in the future.

At this time, Bai Qiu’s thoughts were quite complicated. The qi that had been nurtured for so long, when it exploded out like this, it would significantly impact the Greatest Martial Dao Pen and the Greatest Martial Sect.

“Fellow Cultivator Ren, if there’s nothing else to do, then I’ll take my leave.” Bai Qiu cupped his fists, not wanting to stay out for too long.

It was ultimately not good for the Greatest Martial Dao Pen to leave the sect for too long. It was important not to shake the sect’s foundation.

Vice Sect Master Ren didn’t stop him. He thanked Bai Qiu again and promised to visit the sect the next time. 


Greatest Martial Sect.

The first thing the sect master did when he returned was to put the Greatest Martial Dao Pen back and let it continue to suppress the Greatest Martial Sect’s qi.

However, because of the exhaustion of consuming so much qi, it caused a slight change in the sect.

The elders were unable to leave when they sensed these changes.

They didn’t say much.

The sect master had his own ideas, so they transformed into the sect’s last shield like the Greatest Martial Dao Pen.

They wouldn’t come out unless it were a matter of life and death.

Now Lin Fan’s cultivation was long gone from the hairy boy, who once knew nothing, into someone who could sense the sect’s changes.

“The saying of the qi fortune has existed since the beginning of history. It seems that moving the Greatest Martial Dao Pen really affects the sect’s qi.”

“However, this also indicates a problem.”

“The sect master is excellent; he belongs to the good people.”

“However, good people don’t live long. You have to take care of them in the future.”

If Bai Qiu knew what was in Lin Fan’s heart, he would blow Lin Fan over with a stick. What did you say, kid? Why did you say that good people don’t live long? 

Lin Fan went back to his mountain peak. There was still something to gain from this trip, so he had to take an adequate inventory.

It was just that he didn’t know that Wei You met with the sect master and pointed at the sect master’s nose to spray anger.

“Brother, I’ve seen you so wise in the past. Why did you do such a stupid thing? You even dare to consume the qi of the sect’s treasure. The Void Jade Palace also has the sect’s treasure; if they wanted to seal the abyss, they could have used their own sect’s treasure. Why they come to you?” 

“The foundation of the Greatest Martial Sect is great, but we can’t afford to lose it like this.”

The sect master retorted, “Sister, the situation is urgent. Besides…”

“Don’t talk to me about these things. You scattered the qi accumulated by the Greatest Martial Dao Pen for hundreds of years. People don’t talk about you; it’s because they take into account that you’re the sect master and give you respect. However, I’m your senior sister; I can’t watch you ruin the sect.” Wei You wasn’t a nice person in the first place. Her kindness was only shown in front of Lin Fan.

It was still rather terrifying when she got angry.

Simultaneously, although her reputation outwardly wasn’t as ferocious as the demon, her techniques were quite fierce, and she was extremely ruthless.

Bai Qiu was bitter in his heart and could only bear it silently.

The weak ones deserve to be beaten.

If you were low in rank, you had to suffer from being sprayed.


Immortal Destroyer Peak.

Lin Fan checked his qi. It had accumulated to 64,568. Under normal circumstances, this kind of qi was enough for him to survive the Disaster Stage and become a powerful Void Stage cultivator.

However, previously, he had just been stuck.

He had just got two talents.

[Heat Perception (Bronze Level): Snake Demon’s talent. Even when the eyes were blind, one could still perceive heat energy and more clearly see qi’s movement trends.] [Color Changing Disguise (Bronze Level): Change the body’s color to blend in with the surrounding environment to avoid detection.] 

Neither of the two talents was good. To be slightly more reliable, it was just this Heat Perception; the rest of them were not good.

However, being able to obtain talents was already an excellent thing. Why else would you need so many requirements?

To obtain a good talent, it depended on luck and what kind of demon one encountered. Not all powerful demons could drop a good talent.

Up until now, he had only one talent that had Entering Immortal Level.

It was the Broken Limb Rebirth. That talent was outstanding.

“Hey, it feels like all kinds of talents are added to it. It’s becoming increasingly unlike a person.” He felt a headache over this.

Knock knock!

“Senior Brother Lin, are you there? It’s me, Ye Dong.”

There was a voice from outside the door. It was evident by the sound of it that this man wasn’t a serious person.

“Come in.”

Ye Dong’s face was piled with a smile. A smile that would not go away for ten thousand years. No matter who he saw, he was all smiling.

If ordinary people saw this smile, they would feel that this person was definitely a good person.

If he wasn’t a good person, how could he smile so brightly?

Lin Fan looked at the other man, “Junior Brother Ye, you are doing nothing but smiling so obscenely. What do you want to say?”

“Oh, senior brother, that’s right. Even if I’m not doing anything, but my heart is always missing my senior brother. Senior Brother Lin hasn’t been back for a long time; it’s rare for you to come back. There’s so much in my heart that I want to say to you, senior brother.” Ye Dong said.

As the person who was the best at making connections anywhere in the Greatest Martial Sect.

Anyone who believes him is afraid that they would be sold and directly call on each other.

Lin Fan had nothing else to do, so he couldn’t help but smile, “Oh yeah. So tell me, what do you have to say to senior brother.”

Ye Dong paced to Lin Fan’s side, then sighed, “Senior Brother Lin, you know what? Sometimes I’m really envious of my senior brother.”

“Envy? There’s nothing to be envious of.” Lin Fan said indifferently.

Ye Dong shook his head, “No, I’m really envious. I’ve been in the Greatest Martial Sect for seventy to eighty years, from a small ordinary disciple to a core disciple. Haven’t I experienced too much along the way already?”

“However, I never complain because all kinds of tribulations are a form of growth. Ever since Senior Brother Lin joined the sect, I’ve felt a different kind of affection for you. It was an affection as if I were seeing my older brother.”

“Perhaps Senior Brother Lin has misunderstood the rumors about me that you heard from the outside world. However, I, Ye Dong, can pat my chest to assure you that I am an upright person and never engage in that kind of nonsense.”

Hey, crazy. He was a bit confused as to what Ye Dong was trying to say now.

However, according to the situation, what was being said now was nonsense. It was a kind of padding, where important things were often said in a few words.

“Well, Junior Brother Ye is trustworthy with his words, so let’s cut to the chase and pick out the key points. What’s the matter?” Lin Fan asked, looking directly at Ye Dong. He didn’t believe that Ye Dong had somehow come over just to talk this nonsense to him.

Ye Dong collided with Lin Fan’s gaze, lowering his head uncomfortably, then whispered.

“Senior brother, I want to borrow some spirit stones from you.”

As expected!


That was it.

It was as if someone who hadn’t been in touch for years had suddenly sent a message.


When he heard the word, he knew the next words were definitely ‘borrow some spirit stones.’

A pale and weak word that could often put your good mood into a tangle.

Ye Dong looked up, trying to observe Senior Brother Lin’s expression. He then quickly lowered his head, “Senior brother, if you feel troubled, you can pretend I didn’t say it.”

Lin Fan looked at Ye Dong. He didn’t know what to say for a moment.


We were all immortals.

How could we talk about such a mercenary topic? We were always in a good relationship as fellow disciples. Also, you were a core disciple, so you shouldn’t mingle so miserably.

Ye Dong came to several people, but none of them were able to lend him spirit stones.

  Either they weren’t in the sect or had no spirit stones recently as they used them for cultivation.

In the end, he thought of Lin Fan.

“How much?” Lin Fan asked.

He had hundreds of millions of spirit stones. Arguably, he was the wealthiest existence, but outsiders still didn’t know that he had so many of them.

“Would a… million be okay?” Ye Dong asked weakly as he said the number. He didn’t think he had much confidence when he said it. A million spirit stones wasn’t a small amount, even for a core disciple.

“Senior brother, I know it’s a bit much, but I really need it urgently. Senior brother, please help me. I swear to the heavens, when I come back, I will definitely return it to you. Even if I have to go to a dangerous, secret place, I will gather enough to return it to senior brother.”

Ye Dong raised his hand and swore to the heavens.

Lin Fan frowned, “Junior Brother Ye, I remember that you didn’t seem to lack spirit stones before. Although a million spirit stones isn’t a small amount, it shouldn’t be a problem for you.”

Ye Dong lowered his head, somewhat embarrassed, and he said in a fragile voice. “Senior brother, I’ve been purchasing a bit too many things lately. I don’t have the turnover to workaround for a while. However, if it’s really not possible, I’ll go ask someone else.”

“I won’t bother senior brother.”

After saying this, Ye Dong was ready to leave.

“Wait.” Lin Fan shouted, “Here. I don’t know what you are doing, but no matter what, since you come to me, I will help you. Here’s a million spirit stones, take it.”

Ye Dong was overjoyed and picked up the bag containing the spirit stones and said gratefully, “Thank you, senior brother. I’ll definitely return it to you as soon as possible.”

Lin Fan looked at Ye Dong’s departing back and stroked his chin. He was deep in thought.

Forget it.

What was the point of thinking so much?

Who knew what Ye Dong was up to?


At this time.

After borrowing a million spirit stones from Lin Fan, Ye Dong arrived at the mountain entrance, where someone else was waiting for him.

That person was also a core disciple, but he had no prestige among the core disciples and belonged to a relatively ordinary one.

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