Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 272


Ye Dong’s cultivation was not weak. However, when he was being attacked like this, how could he resist?

When he heard the voice, he was trembling with fear and also shamed.

He crawled up from the ground with a fragile voice. Compared to the previous appearance, when he was screaming until his neck red, his appearance was different.

“Senior Brother, I……”

Lin Fan raised his hand and interrupted Ye Dong, “Don’t say anything. I’ll ask you, is it right for me to trust you? I lent you a million spirit stones, and you use it for gamble. Don’t you feel that you have taken my trust in you and ruthlessly stepped on it. It even feels like you stabbed it a few times with your sword.”

“Yes, I feel ashamed.” Ye Dong came in a low voice. He looked sincere, as if he was humiliated.

Lin Fan looked at him, “How can you do it? Have you lost your mind?”

“Yes, I have lost my mind, Senior Brother.” Ye Dong grievously said. He was being beaten up in front of so many people; it was definitely humiliating.

However, when he came to think of it, it didn’t seem humiliating to be beaten up by his senior brother.

Lin Fan continued to ask, “Who brought you here?”

Suddenly, when Lin Fan asked this question, the core disciple standing beside Ye Dong trembled, and his face turned slightly pale.

Ye Dong came here because he brought him.

Ye Dong was about to say that his junior brother had brought him here, but then he looked as if he had thought of something.

“Senior brother, I came here on my own.”

The core disciple who was just now on edge looked at Ye Dong in shock. He obviously didn’t expect Senior Brother Ye Dong to cover him.

He was the one who had tricked Senior Brother Ye Dong into coming here and trapping him in.

However, he did not expect…

The thought of it made him ashamed.

How could Lin Fan not see through the current situation? He didn’t expect that Ye Dong was still trying to win people’s hearts and please others at this time.

However, he could also be considered to have refined this skill; it had all become his nature.

At this time, a middle-aged man came from the gambling house.

After he saw the ruckus, he expressionlessly said, “Fellow cultivator, the matter between you and your junior brother is your private matter. It has nothing to do with us here. If you want to solve it, please go back and solve it yourself, and if you break this table, please make some compensation.”

“After all, we don’t welcome troublemakers here.”

Ye Dong was about to say something when he was interrupted by Lin Fan, telling him to go back and don’t make things up.

Lin Fan smiled, “How about my junior brother, who lost so much here?”

“How much he lost has nothing to do with us here; he came here willingly. If you want to win it back, you’re more than welcome to participate. If you’re lucky, you might be able to return home with a full load.” The middle-aged man said.

He wasn’t afraid of anyone causing a disturbance here.

If you wanted to cause trouble, you had to consider your abilities.

“You’re right, but what if I’m a person who doesn’t gamble?” Lin Fan said.

The middle-aged man didn’t laugh, “If you don’t gamble, then there’s nothing you can do. Count this as your unlucky day. Also, you don’t need to compensate. Just leave; you won’t be welcome here in the future.”

“I’ll leave with one condition. The requirements aren’t too high; just give back what my junior brother lost from the bet.” Lin Fan didn’t want to leave like this.

Regardless of the situation, he just wanted to get back the spirit stones that Ye Dong had lost, as well as the mortgaged dao artifact.

“You’re here on purpose to pick a fight. Haven’t you ever heard that he gamble willingly?” The middle-aged man raged. He didn’t think that someone was looking for death by causing trouble here. He never sees that before.

Lin Fan said, “Will to gamble is one thing. However, sorry to say, I’m not willing to gamble or submit to losing. I just want you to return the things you took.”

When the people around heard these words, they all hid away. They didn’t expect someone to cause trouble here.

This place had a profound background and a great history. Even if they were a core disciple of the Greatest Martial Sect, they wouldn’t dare to cause trouble here.

Especially since the Greatest Martial Sect was an immortal sect with strict rules.

“Someone, kick them out for me. This man is pushing his luck. Even if he is a core disciple of the Greatest Martial Sect, he has to abide by the rules when he comes here.” The middle-aged man said sternly.

Suddenly, Several silhouettes came from all directions.

After that, a cold light broke through the air. A man holding a cold spirit sword stabbed towards Lin Fan.

He didn’t kill Lin Fan; instead, he stabbed at Lin Fan’s shoulder.

If you were stabbed, the wound would freeze. The blood would gradually clot, and you wouldn’t be able to move all over.

“What the hell.” The man with the sword didn’t expect Lin Fan to move. He was confused but ignored it. Perhaps he wasn’t fast enough that Lin Fan could react.


A sword stabbed at Lin Fan’s shoulder, but the imaginary bloody scene didn’t happen. The cold spirit sword fell on Lin Fan’s shoulder and couldn’t go any further.

Of course, with the Ancestral Dragon’s Body, the sword wouldn’t be able to penetrate his skin.

Even with only the Sacred Beast Robe, the sword wouldn’t be able to pierce through.

Lin Fan raised his hand and grabbed the cold ice spirit sword. With a slight force, the sword instantly crumbled and fell to the ground in pieces.

When the man saw this, he looked terrified and stepped back. He looked at Lin Fan in horror, obviously not expecting this.

This was a spirit sword.

But Lin Fan had crushed it with his bare hands.

It was inevitably too frightening.

The middle-aged man frowned. He knew that Lin Fan was a core disciple of the Greatest Martial Sect with extraordinary strength. Still, he didn’t expect it to be so terrifying.

Lin Fan took a step forward and cast the Ancestral Dragon’s Body. His robes were bulging, and a terrifying might completely erupt with him as the center, while an Ancestral Dragon Shadow appeared behind him.

It suppressed the scene, making everyone trembled. Their eyes turned terrified when they looked at Lin Fan.

“Let me ask again. Return everything that my junior brother lost, or I don’t mind cutting you all down here.”

There were indeed times when someone could be reasonable.

However, there were times when reason and stuff could be put aside.

The essence of the Immortal Realm was still the law of the jungle. Whoever had the biggest fist is the one with truth and the sky.

That’s something that Lin Fan used to hate. However, as he grew up, he gradually became such a person.

Just then, an old voice was transmitted from all directions.

“Why should junior be rampant? For the sake of you being a core disciple of the Greatest Martial Sect, I didn’t step in to hurt you. However, now that you’re so bold, I can only teach you a good lesson on behalf of your elder.”

After that, An old man came from afar as if he was displaying mystic art a thousand miles away.

He was obviously far away, but as his voice was transmitted, his figure disappeared and appeared, emerging in the blink of an eye in front of Lin Fan.

The old man’s qi was strong; he was a True Stage cultivator.

With five fingers spread out, as if covering the world, he probed towards Lin Fan.

Lin Fan raised his hand. A punch went off and collided with the old man’s palm.

A dragon’s roar passed between the world, and the cervical spine glowed. The dragon marrow vibrated, and an irresistible force erupted fiercely.

Initially, the old man was expressionless, but for a moment, his face changed in shock, and he stepped back.

He pointed his foot on the ground, unloading the power that was transmitted.

“The Heavenly Dragon Clan’s unheralded technique, Ancestral Dragon’s Body.”

He recognized the mystic art that Lin Fan was displaying.

It was the power of the Heavenly Dragon.

That kind of power had nothing to do with cultivating qi; rather, it was about cultivating the Ancestral Dragon’s Body to an extremely high level and having the power of a dragon.

It had been cultivated to an extremely high level.

How was that possible?

How could a human cultivator successfully cultivate the Ancestral Dragon’s Body? What was his relationship with the Heavenly Dragon Clan?

The old man said, “Return the spirit stones and the dao artifacts that his junior brother lost.”

The brief encounter made the old man feel something. Instead of continuing to dwell with Lin Fan, he instructed the middle-aged man to return the lost wealth.

“Yes.” The middle-aged man didn’t ask too many questions. He understood and did as he was told.

Lin Fan said, “You’re smart. With your qi, I don’t think it’s difficult for me to suppress you. You can consider yourself self-protected.”

It was true that the old man’s qi had broken 100,000, but it wasn’t difficult for Lin Fan to suppress the old man if he used the power of the Golden Gourd and the Highest Spirit Rune to do it.

Even if the Highest Spirit Rune would draw his son here, it would only bring death to the old man.

After the old man heard Lin Fan’s arrogant words, he didn’t say anything else. He didn’t have that heavy desire to fight.

Even if he let Lin Fan take some verbal advantage, then so what. It meant nothing for him anyway.

“All of you remember, these two are my junior brothers. If you still dare to host them here, I won’t show mercy next time.”

Ye Dong might not be able to quit when he got involved in this stuff. So, Lin Fan was giving a warning as a way to make him understand better.

Shi Laoshu, at the side, was stunned at the scene before him. He had never thought that someone would be so fierce as to actually cause trouble here and make the other take the initiative to return the lost wealth.

This was the first time ever.

Ye Dong didn’t expect Senior Brother Lin to go on the offensive and get back his lost fortune; he was burning with excitement.

But quickly, he realized that it was just his wishful thinking.

The wealth that the other had sent back to him was taken away by Senior Brother Lin; even the spirit stones were taken from him.

Lin Fan’s meaning was clear, I will keep the spirit stones for you, and if you want to use them in the future, come and ask for them.’

What else could Ye Dong say?

He was now at a loss for words.

It felt like something was wrong somewhere.

Yet it felt fine at the same time.

It was better not to figure it out.

“Remember, I’m Lin Fan, a disciple of the Greatest Martial Sect. If your heart is unhappy and wants to find trouble, then come find me.” Lin Fan declared himself.

He had no fear of anyone who looked for trouble. He even had the idea of blowing up everyone here.

However, he knew that it was impossible to do so.

Because once he did that, he could become the common enemy of the immortal dan demon sects.

He didn’t want to be chased to the ends of the earth if he hid. 

After saying that, he collected his qi, and the Ancestral Dragon Shadow dissipated. He then turned around and walked towards the outside.

Ye Dong cupped his fists to the crowd and said, “I’m sorry, fellow cultivators. My senior brother is really nice and absolutely harmless. I’m sorry about today’s incident.”

Lin Fan felt that this trip was not a loss.

Although he had offended another powerful person.

And it was embarrassing.

But he needed to offend people.

Without offending people, the state of every aspect of essence and spirit couldn’t reach perfection.

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