Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 273


“Senior Brother Lin, thank you so much.” Ye Dong said gratefully.

“I knew that Senior Brother Lin was unparalleled and unmatched. He would be able to save me from the flames.” He began to boast again.

Ye Dong’s level of boasting was still powerful; ordinary people couldn’t compare with him. Even Wen Xian, who had good qualifications and was valued by the sect master, treated Ye Dong as an experienced man, a good disciple who stood by his side.

“It’s better to do something else than to give your wealth away to someone else. In the future, you can put some spirit stones here for me to keep.” Lin Fan said.

Ye Dong spared his head, ‘Senior Brother, you’re a bit overbearing.’

‘It was better for me to keep the spirit stones myself.’

Simultaneously, he would have to find a way to get the spirit stones that were now on Lin Fan’s body back.

However, the current situation wasn’t quite suitable.

He had to wait for the right time.


A long time after Lin Fan and Ye Dong left this mountain range, a figure came from afar and landed in the mountain to take over the great hall.

The old man respectfully said, “Prince, this is what happened. That person is a core disciple of the Greatest Martial Sect. His cultivation is profound, and this old man didn’t have any chance of gaining an advantage in his hands. So I thought that it was better to do more than less, and returned the spirit stones and the dao artifact that his junior brother had lost.”

The visitor was a young man.

There was a golden flame flickering in the middle of his eyebrows. He exuded an air of a godly man; his brows furrowed slightly when he heard about this matter.

“Hmph, what can a core disciple of the Greatest Martial Sect do? If he dares to come here and cause trouble, he will be remembered for this matter. In the future, I will make him vomit out all of his gains and profits to me, the Prince.” The man’s voice was cold. When he learned that something had happened here, he hurriedly came here. However, he didn’t expect it to be over. If he were here, he wouldn’t give that person any face.

“What’s his name?”

The old man returned, “Lin Fan, the disciple who was hunted down by the two powerful demons.”

Afterward, as if the old man had thought of something, he could not help but remind, “Prince, I think it’s better to let this matter go. It doesn’t seem too wise to mess with this person for the sake of a mere ten million spirit stones.”

The Prince waved his hand, “I know about this matter; you don’t need to worry about it. The situation here is not just up to me alone. Whether to leave it like this or not, we still need to see if they agree.”

“We should respect the Greatest Martial Sect, but they are not to be feared.”

Any heavenly pride was overbearing, confident, and considered themselves invincible.

Who was Lin Fan?

For them, it was a guy who died trying to get attention from him.

However, the result was often full of mystery.

Lin Fan didn’t go back with Ye Dong but sent him back on his own. He had something going on right now and needed to find a good place to overcome the three disasters.

Since he was ready to move, what was the point of suppressing it? Let’s just overcome the three disasters.


Several days later.

He searched hundreds of mountains and finally chose the desired place to get through the three disasters.

Although he didn’t know how to form formations, this mountain had an excellent natural terrain, which was in tune with the world’s movement, and its aura was abundant.

He landed on top of the mountain and slowly spoke.

“All of you, spiritual beasts, in this mountain, you need to retreat quickly and stay away from this place, or else when the three disasters come, it will injure the innocent and will be my responsibility.”

Getting through the three disasters was a sacred thing.

Then, it was as if the beasts living in the mountains had heard Lin Fan’s words.

Or maybe they felt the power of that might.

They all quickly fled in all directions.

It was fast.

There was a huge movement that could be seen coming from the distant mountains.

Lin Fan raised his head to look at the firmament, cloudless, and blue. He didn’t continue to suppress it but completely let go.

He meditated, and a certain power in his body being pulled by the world, stirring.

Suddenly, the original turquoise blue sky turned fiery red. Those clouds were like a piece of flame.


It wasn’t a cloud, but a real flame.

Lin Fan stood on top of the mountain, looking calmly at the changes in the firmament.

A terrifying scorching feeling swept over his heart. The surrounding space was burned and distorted.

The trees on the mountain range were not natural but dried up, hundreds of miles in radius, turning into a scorching hot land.


There were flashes of fire in his body’s surge points. In a few moments, the sparks started a prairie fire that completely erupted and burned his entire body.

The fire wasn’t burning his body but was burning his internal organs and limbs.

It corresponded with the flames in the sky from the inside out.

The fire from the sky descended and fell fiercely, forming a huge blaze that covered Lin Fan.

This kind of power was too terrifying.

Ordinary people, not to mention touching the flames, could be scorched to ashes by the flames even if they were standing by the side.

Lin Fan had once heard a mythical story.

An immortal who had survived the fire was burned, leaving behind a corpse. However, after a long time, the skeleton became energized and turned into a white bone spirit.

This was in line with the Principle of the Fifty Great Dao, the Forty-Nine Days of Heavenly Diffusion, and the fact that the human being was hidden from the world and had a chance of survival everywhere.

In other words, there was a chance of survival.

Lin Fan wondered if he hadn’t survived, would he become a white bone mortal as well.

At this point, he didn’t move a muscle. He allowed the fire to spread, burning inside and out; his organs and limbs were all fighting the fire. The benefits of crossing over were numerous.

He wondered how long it had passed.

The flaming clouds that made up the firmament gradually dissipated.

It burned exceptionally vigorously, with the fire slowly shrinking into the body.

“What a comfortable fire extinguishing.”

Lin Fan was wrapped in the scorching heat the entire time. The feeling was much more comfortable than a sauna.

His body was relaxed as if all the toxins in his body had been burned clean.

His body was now black.

The surface body had the burned keratin. With a shudder, the keratin came off, and the skin became much smoother than before.

He could feel the change in himself.

After the conflagration, the internal organs and bones all underwent an earth-shattering improvement.

It was very good.

The next step was the flooding.

He wanted to pass the three disasters at once directly.

Just at the moment when he was drawing the world.

The firmament cracked open with a pitch-black crack, and endless waves of black water rose and boiled in the firmament.

Then as if finding a target, it fell and covered Lin Fan fiercely.

These were black waters.

The weight was infinite. It could even contaminate the good heart. The ordinary good heart would be unstable and would be contaminated by these black waters.


There was black water rolling around inside Lin Fan’s body. The weight added to it as if it was trying to crush his body.

However, it was a pity.

For the current him, this situation wasn’t a problem at all.


The floods passed, and the black water disappeared into thin air.

He felt like he had cultivated his mystic art quite overbearingly. Especially with this Ancestral Dragon’s Body, as if it made him somewhat oblivious to these disasters.

Not being able to experience the three disasters’ tribulations was like walking into a bathing center to receive a meal of service.

However, what he didn’t know was.

Those beasts that were far away had already been frightened by the power of the previous two disasters.

They didn’t even dare to move their feet. That power was just too terrifying.

For them.

It was the destructive power that suppressed the world, making them unable to move their four hooves.

“Here it comes the third disaster. The wind disasters, I hope it’s cooler.”

The words had just fallen.

The sky and the ground were swirling, and the wind was howling. This wind was not a colorless wind, but a black wind covered with black sand particles. It blew as if this mountain range was about to be lifted.


At this point, he found that the wind was shaking his qi, and even his soul was shaking.

“What a strong windstorm.”


The body made a crisp sound as if a sharp blade was cutting through the skin.

“It seems that the third disaster is really terrifying. It was not as simple as the first two disasters.”

The third disaster was the wind disaster. The power was determined by the strength of the person who undergoes the disaster.

There was naturally no need to question his strength. The wind disaster was terrifying enough.



He had cultivated his Ancestral Dragon’s Body to the highest level. Even a dao artifact would have difficulty injuring him.

Now a gaping wound was opened, and the flowing blood dried up instantly as the wind blew.

“This is quite interesting.”

Lin Fan didn’t panic at all. He had thought that the three disasters would be so boring; he hadn’t expected the final wind disaster to be so overbearing.

It was a bit unexpected.

His spirit was shaking.

He cast the Highest Spirit Rune to suppress his soul, which was still somewhat wavering.

His soul was instantly immobile, allowing the wind disaster to blow without a single change.

Immediately after.

The wind disaster became terrifying. The firmament had been completely plunged into darkness, and a pitch-black tornado storm swept in from afar.

It looked like this was the final blow.

And he would overcome it.

If he failed, then he would truly be a complete smokeout.

At this time.

In the distant void, a figure slowly emerged. An old man strolled out of the void, and the first thing he saw was Lin Fan, who was ferrying the windstorm. The corners of his mouth turned up, revealing a vicious expression.

The old man opened his five fingers, and a cloud of light slowly condensed in his palm. Then the light condensed into a small purple sword. Under the old man’s urging, the small sword swooshed and broke through the air, turning into a giant sword in the blink of an eye. The tip of the sword flickering with purple light, its power was boundless, directly tearing the void apart.

Lin Fan, who was in the process of tribulation, felt a crisis coming from the rear. His brows furrowed, and he returned with a palm strike.


The two forces collided together and erupted into an intense roar.

The terrifying aftermath spread out. It even involved the incoming windstorm, and as if it was stimulated, the windstorm turned even more frightening.

“Who is it?” Lin Fan asked in a cold voice.

In the distance, the old man just stood in the void without moving. He looked at Lin Fan, who was undergoing a tribulation, and said, “Kid, it’s time to hand over the remnant leaf of my sect master’s elixir. If you don’t hand it over, I think this windstorm of yours will be your burial ground.”

“The Heavenly Corpse Old Demon.” As long as the opponent brought up the Elixir’s Remnant Leaf, he knew who he was. Who else could it be besides the Heavenly Corpse Old Demon? However, this old man wasn’t the Heavenly Corpse Old Demon. He was a strong man who had followed the Heavenly Corpse Old Demon in the first place.

“How did you know that I was here for the tribulation?” Lin Fan asked.

The old man said, “We have already watched you. We’re just waiting for the best opportunity. Now it is the most important moment for you. Do you think you can still hide?”

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