Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 274


“You, old bastard, is nasty enough to know how to squat me at my most important moment. I’m not surprised since your cultivation is indeed higher than me. It is indeed difficult for me to spot you when you are hiding.”

“But… I’m curious to know. How did you tell that now is my most important moment?”

Lin Fan knew that war was inevitable. If he could kill the opponent, he might be able to gain something good.

The old man laughed, “Interesting. Now, you are undergoing three disasters, and this is the last one. The wind disaster is quite difficult. Although you are strong, it is because of your strength that the wind disaster can actually kill you.”

“Hand over the remnant leaf of the elixir, and I can guarantee that I won’t disturb you from overcoming the wind disaster. However, if you disagree, then I can only let you die in this wind disaster.”

For the old man, was there any other way to describe the situation today?

This kid was at his mercy. There wasn’t even any room for resistance.

He was a little proud of himself.

Ginger was still sharp and spicy. When this kid first came out of the Greatest Martial Sect, he wasn’t sure about killing him in case someone intercepted him halfway, so he followed him all the way.

Unexpectedly, the heavens helped.

This kid was too young to overcome the three disasters in broad daylight. He was simply crazy.

If he didn’t seize this opportunity properly, he would have to hang around a little while.

“You, evil people, talk like a fart. I believe you are damned. You’re obviously an immortal who has never been pursued in your life. It should have been above ten thousand people like you, who willingly be someone else’s dog.”

“If I were you, I’d just run straight headfirst into the wall.” Lin Fan knew the charm of words and killing people.

However, he underestimated the opponent.

“Kid, don’t say those useless words. Provoking schemes was a leftover from this old man’s play.” The old man looked very stern, “Hand over the remnant leaf of the elixir.”

Lin Fan smiled, “Wind Demon, why is there a need for such hypocrisy? Although you are a strong True Stage cultivator and is considered an old senior, I see you through to the end. Isn’t it that the Heavenly Corpse Old Demon provides the mystic art you practice. Your life and death are contacted with him, and he can control it.”

“If it weren’t for that reason, I think you would be on your own.”

The opponent’s remarks sharply expressed what was in his heart.

‘I wanted to go against the world. I wanted to be free, I…’

Wind Demon’s face changed slightly, but he quickly regained his composure. The opponent had said what he was thinking. Could it be that it was visible?

That was definitely an impossibility.

Lin Fan took out the Highest Spirit Rune, infused it with qi, and then threw it into the air.

The rune swayed away and merged into the wind disaster tornado, buzzing. A light blossomed, and the wind disaster tornado instantly disintegrated.

The terrifying wind disaster ended.

“Hey, I wanted to experience the feeling of the wind blowing onto my body. I didn’t expect you to appear and interrupt my thoughts. So, I couldn’t continue.” Lin Fan sighed long.

With a move of his palm, the Highest Spirit Rune returned.

“How is that possible?”

As he thought of the scene when he once crossed the three disasters, the Wind Demon was shocked and dumbfounded.

He knew how terrifying the wind disaster was. He didn’t expect the opponent could defuse it so easily. 

He was suffering many hardships.

The opening of the skin was a trivial matter, and his spirit was almost blown away.

“There’s nothing impossible. I’m just playing around with the three disasters, and you come to my door. So I’ll have a good fight with you and see how well you, the True Stage Old Thief, are cultivated. I want to see if you’re really that powerful.”

The only thing that could make him care was probably the Achievement Immortal Tribulation.

Lin Fan was filled with battle intent. He was incomparably confident even when there was a big stage difference between them.

Ordinary people couldn’t even imagine thinking about it and called it outright impossible. However, he had a powerful mystic art; how could he feared this.

It was just that he was gradually discovering that the downside of provoking too many enemies was that they were always after him. If he weren’t careful, the opponent would pop out.


Lin Fan’s qi boiled and exerted his mystic art. The surrounding world turned upside down, and hell visions surfaced, as he used his strong qi to visualize it.

A hell fury wind was blowing.

The Wind Demon was in Hell. He was shocked by sight before him. To be able to cultivate this mystic art to such a state was terrifying, to say the least.

Lin Fan grasped toward Hell, condensing Hell Origin. For a moment, a God Spear was floating in the surrounding world, its tip emitting a cold, black light.



The spear hurriedly stabbed towards the Wind Demon.

Lin Fan even displayed his Ancestral Dragon’s Body. With five fingers, the Ancestral Dragon Giant Claw shook the world. It grasped the Wind Demon in his palm and completely obliterated it.

“Damn, this kid is unexpectedly powerful.”

The Wind Demon’s expression didn’t change. His body enveloped in demonic light, crushing the God Spear.

At the same time, one finger pointed out, the black light of his fingertips dazzling. With a thud, his fingertips collided with the Ancestral Dragon’s Giant Claw.


The terrifying aftershocks spread.

The Wind Demon’s head of white hair vibrated, only to see each white hair contain qi.

The endless growth penetrated the void, breaking through another void, turning into a sharp blade stabbing towards Lin Fan’s back.

Lin Fan’s body shook. The dragon’s roar resounded through the world, and an Ancestral Dragon Shadow emerged behind him.

A long white hair condensed into a sharp blade bombarded the shadow with a tinkling sound.

“You, old bastard, is sinister enough. Are you that fond of sneak attacks with such a despicable method?”

The surrounding monstrous demonic qi condensed. The Demon Anguish Mystic Art could condense the demonic qi of the world and form a killing technique. The killing power was the strongest, and it could kill in one strike.

“This is ridiculous. A disciple of the great sect of immortal is cultivating the demon mystic art. How long have you been cultivating?”

The Wind Demon’s expression changed in shock. He found that the opponent’s absorbing demonic qi speed was too fast, that a terrifying killing force enveloped the world.

Lin Fan struck with his palm. The killing power condensed in his palm. The void was shattered, and the world was torn apart by this unparalleled strike.


The unparalleled strike hit the Wind Demon. However, instead of injuring him, he took it hard with his ultimate power. Their bodies solidified in the firmament, where time had frozen.

For a moment.

With the two of them at the center, a storm of power swept out.

Lin Fan was not as strong as the opponent in terms of qi. Everything depends on his understanding of the mystic art to confront the opponent hard.

“Purgatory is boundless.”

The Wind Demon’s eyes flickered with a strange light. The Purgatory appeared above Lin Fan’s head as the sky spinning.

Lin Fan’s expression changed in shock.

Only Wind Demon could control Purgatory in his palm. Then a fist fell from the sky, and terrifying qi fluctuations were shaking his body.

“Old thief, you’re quite terrifying.”

Lin Fan punched, and the Heavenly Dragon’s power tilted away, rumbling as the world shook.

The aftershocks, like ripples waves, quickly spread out in all directions.


Lin Fan fell fiercely. He underestimated the Wind Demon. After all, he was a True Stage beside the Heavenly Corpse Old Demon.

When his body was about to fall to the ground, he landed first on his toes. His heels then fell fiercely, transferring power along with his heels to the ground.

There was a loud sound.

The mountain range beneath his feet directly collapsed, and a large mountain instantly turned into flat ground.

The Ancestral Dragon’s Body was worthy of being the unheralded technique of the Heavenly Dragon Clan.

Although it was incomparably fierce and its flesh was unparalleled, it even knew how to unload the force.

It used the dragon bone as a channel to transfer the unbearable power to the ground.

“Who the hell are you, kid? To be able to cultivate several mystic arts to this level, you are definitely not an ordinary person. Could it be that you are a powerful man that has reincarnated and re-cultivated? Condensing the great mystic arts of your previous life into heavenly mystic arts to pass on and integrate into this world.”

The Wind Demon believed that there were unparalleled geniuses in the world.

However, he didn’t believe that someone could cultivate mystic arts to this level in just a few decades.

“I’m your ancestor.”

Lin Fan performed several great mystic arts.

Dragon Phase Treasure Technique!

The Demon Devouring Method!

The Hell Sea and Demon Mountain!


After combining several mystic arts powers, in a split second, terrifying power erupted.

The firmament couldn’t withstand the power of those mystic arts, and cracks directly appeared.

When Wind Demon saw Lin Fan’s several great mystic arts, he was also completely shocked.

What a scary kid.

He couldn’t stay.

Absolutely couldn’t stay.

Regardless of what the opponent’s situation was, the killing intent in his heart had boiled entirely.

With a fling of the Wind Demon’s robes, several dao artifacts were suspended in front of him.

There were golden skulls.

A long spear that emitted a monstrous demonic qi.

Also, a scroll was painted with various demons.

“Kid, just take your corpse back with you; you don’t need to live.” At this time, the Wind Demon’s five fingers vibrated.

The demonic laws intertwined. At the same time, he urged the dao artifacts. The dao artifact was emitting a terrifying glow, directly suppressing towards Lin Fan. 

The power of the dao artifacts and the power of the mystic art colliding together was too terrifying.

The scene at this moment was too terrifying.

It didn’t even resemble the power that could erupt from someone who had just survived the three disasters.

Moreover, the one who was exchanging blows was a True Stage cultivator.

The two were simply not on the same level.

The mystic art and the dao artifacts clashed. The mystic art dominated, and the Wind Demon’s dao artifacts faltered and were greatly affected by the onslaught of the mystic art, with the demonic lance among them showing signs of shattering.


The Wind Demon frowned and pressed his five fingers. The strong qi poured into the dao artifact.

Suddenly, the subsidized dao artifact glowed even brighter, making the mystic art was somewhat difficult to resist.

“Old thief, just because you think you have dao artifacts, you can’t underestimate people.”

Lin Fan cast the Golden Gourd and ruthlessly smashed it at the Wind Demon.

When the Golden Gourd came out, the golden light was dazzling, and the power of the immortal treasure shook the world.

Although Lin Fan couldn’t exert the strength of the Golden Gourd, that was enough.

The battle was too intense, and Lin Fan could feel qi’s severe vibration in his body.

Although fighting a True Stage cultivator was still barely enough.

But he was not afraid at all.

“This treasure…”

The Wind Demon felt the power of the Golden Gourd. He looked gloomy as he controlled the dao artifacts to dash against it.

However, it was crushed by the immortal treasure in the blink of an eye.

The dao artifacts trying to compete with immortal treasures were completely like hitting a stone with an egg without self-importance.

Even the Sacred Beast Robe would be shattered if it got smashed by the Golden Gourd.

This was the difference in grade.

The golden light shone.

A scream was heard.

The golden light injured the Wind Demon’s eyes, and the blood flowed down from the corners of his eyes.

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