Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 275


“Damn it; this treasure isn’t a dao artifact.”

The Wind Demon opened his eyes but found that his eyes were blood red. It wasn’t easy to see his surroundings clearly. Although he exerted his qi, it wouldn’t help. There was a golden light that kept covering his eyes and couldn’t be dispelled.


Suddenly, the Wind Demon’s eyebrow cracked open, and an eye emerged.

“Phew!” Lin Fan was panting slightly; his qi was a bit weak.

Wind Demon laughed upon seeing Lin Fan’s problem, “Kid, your attack is as fierce as a tiger, but your qi is as weak as a dog.”

“Is your qi running low? This shows the gap difference. Hahaha…”

He thought that this kid was fierce, but now it seemed that he was just as bad. His qi had dried up after all.

“What are you laughing at? What can I do if my qi is depleted? Do you think I’m that kind of pathetic person?” With a wave of his hand, countless spirit stones floated around.

Lin Fan opened his mouth and asked, “Answer me, is crushing these spirit stones enough to replenish it?”

The Wind Devil narrowed his eyes, “Enough, indeed, but no matter how many spirit stones you crush to replenish it, the outcome will be the same.”

“Oh.” Lin Fan laughed.

“What are you laughing at?” The Wind Demon was very unhappy to see Lin Fan still laughing. It had reached this point, but did he still think there was anything he could do?

Right now, Lin Fan’s next move was a bit unreadable to the Wind Demon.

He saw Lin Fan put away the spirit stone. “Using these spirit stones to deal with you, wouldn’t that be a waste?” Lin Fan then looked away and said calmly, “Son, hurry over; father is getting a bit tired. Come and take over.”

After the battle just now, Lin Fan realized the gap between himself and the True Stage cultivator.

An ordinary True Stage cultivator, such as the True Stage cultivator at the casino, whose qi could break 100,000, he was sure that he could take him down.

However, this Wind Demon was a powerful fighter; he was the Heavenly Corpse Old Demon’s right-hand man. It was good enough that he could fight with the opponent to this extent.

The difference in qi and stage was too much.

Also, his mystic arts were dominating.

Of course, if he could completely refine this immortal treasure, he would definitely be able to kill the opponent in one move.

When the Wind Demon heard this, he looked into the distance. An old man came attacking madly from afar.

The man hadn’t arrived yet, but his voice was transmitted, “Father, I almost got lost. There was someone else who tried to mess with me on the way, but I fought him off.”

“Oh, who dared to mess with my son? That guy must be looking for death.” Lin Fan smiled.

The crazy old man was just a bit mentally disturbed, but his strength was definitely strong. Whoever confronted him would end up being blasted with a hammer.

“This old guy…” The Wind Devil frowned, feeling that there was something wrong with the old man who was here now. However, he couldn’t figure out what.

“Father, what’s wrong with you? I’m scared.” The crazy old man timidly cowered beside Lin Fan and asked.

“Beat him up for me.” Lin Fan pointed at the Wind Demon.

The crazy old man shrank his head, “I’m afraid.”

“Don’t be afraid, beat him up.”

“Kid, are you crazy? Him?” Looking at the scene, The Wind Demon was disdainful.

The crazy old man exhaled, “Why are you scolding my father?”

The Wind Demon scolded, “If he’s your father, then I’m your grandfather.”

The crazy old man was confused and dazed by the whole thing and asked, “Father, is he, my grandfather?”

Hearing this, Lin Fan almost spewed out a mouthful of old blood.

Damn it!

What were you thinking?

Even if he was crazy, it couldn’t be like this.

“Son, he’s insulting your father; what are you still staring at? Why don’t you beat him up.” Lin Fan.

The crazy old man shouted and rushed towards the Wind Demon, “You’re insulting my father. I’ll kill you.”

Although the crazy old man was very impulsive, the wind devil didn’t even take him seriously. The crazy old man swung the blood pool. He screamed owlishly and smashed it towards the Wind Demon’s head.

“Not bad, the power is there, but that’s the strength….”


The Wind Demon didn’t care. However, when the blood pool was about to approach his head, he suddenly felt a terrifying power sweeping over him.

This old man was even stronger than the kid just now. This old man seemed to have no fluctuation, but when he got close, the power that erupted was irresistible.

There was no time to think.

He raised his hand to resist.


The arm fought hard against the blood pool. The bones were shattering in an instant, and blood drifting out.

“NO…” The Wind Demon screamed and vomited blood. His eyes widened, and the blood pool blew off half of his arm.


What exactly was this old man’s origin?

A smile appeared on Lin Fan’s face. His crazy son never disappointed him; he was still so strong. Yeah, this was how it had to be. Just fuck this guy up.

“You bastard, I’m going to beat you up.” The crazy old man shouted.

The Wind Demon was terrified. He knew that the crazy old man in front of him was terrifyingly strong and had just struck him, which almost shattered him.

He was a True Stage cultivator.

How could a single blow strike him?

No, he must escape, or he would die here.

At this time, the Wind Demon roared and cast the dao artifact, the Painting Scroll, which directly enveloped him. The insane old man swung the blood pool and smashed the painting scroll.



Lin Fan and the Wind Demon were both surprised.

The first one was heartbreaking, while the latter was terrifying.

“SON, STOP FIGHTING.” Lin Fan exclaimed, ‘Damn, that was a dao artifact, worth a lot of money. Didn’t you feel heartbroken when you just smashed it like that?’

When the crazy old man heard his father’s voice, he paused and looked at his father in confusion. The Wind Demon seized this opportunity and fled towards the distance.

Lin Fan was anxious again. How could he let the opponent escape, “Son, what are you waiting for? Don’t let him get away. Fight for me.”

The crazy old man’s head buzzed.

At first, his father told him to fight. Then he told him to stop. Now, he told him to fight again.

However, this would not be difficult for the crazy old man. He wouldn’t even think about it; he would fight if his father let him—no need to think about it at all.

The Wind Demon fled fast. However, no one knew what was going on with the crazy old man. Perhaps his spirit was suddenly slightly normal, as he directly wielded a blood pool in the air.

The power of this strike was extraordinary. The void continued to explode, spreading directly towards the distance.


The Wind Demon was directly smashed out. His gaze was horrified as he looked at the crazy old man.

“Who the hell are you to possess such strength? You can’t be a silent and unknown person.”

He would never believe that this strong man could be Lin Fan’s son.

Unfortunately, he didn’t know the true origin and the slight mental aspect of the insane old man.

“I’m my father’s son.”

The crazy old man cutely returned while moving non-stop. The blood pool was a supreme treasure.

Even if it was perhaps as damaged as the Highest Spirit Rune, the power that erupted in the crazy old man’s hands was so terrifying.

The Wind Demon felt the storm that was whistling behind him, and his body was covered in sweat.

He was terrified inside.

It was as if he had encountered a ghost.

“Stop him.” The Wind Demon cast the dao artifact. The golden skull spinning, teeth clattering, and golden light erupting from its empty eye sockets.

The crazy old man was undaunted, and he smashed at the golden skull.

A single move that broke all the laws.


The skeleton collided with the blood pool, instantly surfacing cracks.

It then dissipated.


“Son, stop it.”

Lin Fan grabbed his head that was about to explode, ‘Damn. Two dao artifacts were directly dry burst. The value of the loss was too much; it was too terrifying.’ 

The crazy old man heard his father’s voice and stopped his movements again, looking at Lin Fan in confusion.

The Wind Demon was about to pee in his pants. If it weren’t for the strong man’s manner supporting him, his crotch would have been damp.

He was unbeatable.

Really was unbeatable.

The Wind Demon burned his essence blood and cast his mystic art. He just wanted to escape from the opponent’s control.

Lin Fan noticed the Wind Demon’s small movements and shouted eagerly again, “Son, don’t let him go. Fight him.”

The crazy old man learned Lin Fan’s movements and spared his head.

Although his father’s demands were a bit high, it didn’t matter.

If his father wanted him to do it, he’d do it.


The crazy old man waved his blood pool and smashed directly into the Wind Demon. The Wind Demon suffered massive damage.

The light emitted from his surface gradually dimmed and even cracked many lines. His qi was chaotic, and he couldn’t help but spurt out a mouthful of blood.

“Father, he’s vomiting blood. I’m afraid.” The crazy old man pointed at the Wind Demon, who kept spitting blood and shouted back. He needed his father’s comfort.

Lin Fan said, “My son, don’t panic. You’re doing a good job. He’s not spitting blood; he’s spitting saliva.”

“Father, I’m not stupid. I recognize the blood.” The crazy old man returned.

Although he said that, the movement in his hand was non-stop. He swung the blood pool and smashed once again.

The Wind Demon screamed, burning his essence madly. Some forbidden mystic arts were displayed. At such a moment, how could he dare to hold back? As long as he could live, that was the most crucial thing.


The blood pool fell once again.

The Wind Demon shook violently, spitting out blood. His face, which had been red and moist, turned so pale that even his eyes were about to protrude out.


This was indeed, hell.

He had never thought he would meet such an opponent.

“Even if I die, I’ll drag you with me.” Knowing that he couldn’t escape, the Wind Demon had entirely fallen into madness.

He was ready to explode his soul, creating a torrent of qi that would destroy this world.

The crazy old man felt that this old grandfather’s expression was so frightening.

The blood pool smashed down, directly breaking the Wind Demon’s ki in his body. His soul was shaken. He originally wanted to detonate his soul, but under this blow, all his preparations vanished.

It was as if someone else had lit the bomb fuse, but the good news was that a dog came over, lifted his leg to pee, and directly doused the fuse.

The suffocation exploded.

How did this happen?

How could this be?

The crazy old man shouted. His hands raised the blood pool and landed hard on the Wind Demon’s body with a thud. For the Wind Demon, he already felt like he was dying. His body was on the verge of disintegrating.

Flesh and blood were blooming.

He was dying.

‘Someone help me.’

And at that moment, a figure stood in front of him. The Wind Demon’s desperate heart burned with hope.

Who was it?

Why this figure radiated infinite light and gave him warmth?

He came to save me.

Only when looking up, it was Lin Fan’s face that he saw.

“Son, if you smash it again, there will be nothing left.”

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