Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 276


Lin Fan intercepted the crazy old man’s last strike with his body.

If he let him hit the Wind Demon, then the Wind Demon would die, and not even a hair would remain. That was the last thing he wanted to see.

The Wind Demon thought that someone would save him. However, when he saw that face, he almost spewed out a mouthful of blood and fainted on the spot.


The crazy old man promptly closed his hand. The blood pool fell in the sky, a distance away from Lin Fan, but the powerful force still swept over. Fortunately, Lin Fan’s flesh was strong enough to withstand it.

“Father, it’s dangerous.” The crazy old man exclaimed.

Fortunately, he closed his hand. Otherwise, a blow would have landed with unimaginable consequences.

“Son, well done, father is proud of you.” Lin Fan praised.

The crazy old man was beaming as he received his father’s praise. He was smiling brightly like a flower as if he was a kindergarten student who got a little saffron. He held his head high and walked everywhere with pride.

At this time, the Wind Demon was already too tired to move. The crazy old man had smashed him, and his blood was boiling.

His qi was in disarray; his arms were even more broken. His injuries were so severe that even if he, a True Stage cultivator, would be difficult to recover.

“Do you have anything you want to say to me? I’m the one who likes to give people the most opportunities and am willing to give you time to say your last words at the end of your life.” Lin Fan was in a good mood.

How many True Stage cultivators had he slain?

It was somewhat hard to remember clearly.

However, every True Stage cultivator was a treasured child.

You never knew what they could drop, but they were never disappointed.

“I was wrong.” The Wind Devil lowered his head, bowing his arrogant head under the crush of power.

He just wanted to survive. Unbattered True Stage cultivator’s strike was fierce as a tiger, but it turned out that they feared death just like ordinary people when they were suppressed. 

The higher a person’s cultivation, the more they fear death.

This principle was the same everywhere.

[Wind Demon: Eternal Life Nine True Stage.] [Chance of item drop: Eight-Grade Gold Spirit Root, Eight-Grade Wood Spirit Root, 120,000 qi ……] [Remark: I don’t want to die.]

Many things could be dropped; true Stage cultivators were truly terrifying.

The drop was definitely not as simple as you might think. There were plenty of mystic arts that were cultivated.

“No, you’re not right. The mistake is that you shouldn’t have come to me. What was the Heavenly Corpse Old Demon thinking by sending you here? Didn’t you ever think that you would die horribly here?” Lin Fan said.

The Wind Demon was speechless. He muttered in his heart, ‘If it wasn’t for this crazy old man. What did you think you could do to me?’

However, it had come to this. There was nothing he could do.

“Can you let me off the hook?” The Wind Demon said bluntly.

He really didn’t want to die.

Lin Fan shook his head, “No.”

The really ruthless rejection made the Wind Demon felt like his hopes of living were utterly shattered.

What the hell should he do at this point?

It was impossible to escape.

The old man who was eyeing the side of the tiger was a terrifying existence. If he made any movement, he would probably die a miserable death.

At this time, Lin Fan was thinking about something. He was thinking about how to suppress the opponent. Should the opponent be suppressed inside the Tripod of Heaven to cultivate his mystic art, or should he be directly executed?

After contemplating for a moment, he decided that it was better to behead the opponent.

It wasn’t easy to be able to behead a strong True Stage cultivator. So, if he met one, he had to behead him because leaving him behind would inevitably cause problems.

Opening his five fingers to condense the God Spear, he aimed it at the Wind Demon and smiled gloomily.

The Wind Demon looked terrified, “Don’t kill me, or the sect master will never let you go.”

“If you have any request, say it. I think I will definitely satisfy you.”

“Let me go. It’s not easy for me to cultivate to this point. There will be a cause and effect for you to behead a strong True Stage cultivator. If you’re exterminating the darling of the world, you will not end well.”


“There are so many words.” Lin Fan pierced the Wind Demon’s mouth with a strike.

He was sick of his opponent’s many words that never stopped from beginning to end.

The Wind Demon covered his throat and screamed. The feeling of a deep throat strike wasn’t pleasant.

He was staring. His eyes were bloodshot, and his appearance was hideous as if he was growling. Only blood was gurgling out of his mouth, so he had no idea what he was saying.



The Wind Demon cursed Lin Fan with his life. A mysterious power descended on Lin Fan’s body from the dark.

However, when it touched his flesh, the Ancestral Dragon Breath trembled and shattered the mysterious power.


Lin Fan pierced the Wind Demon’s head. His spirit tried to fly out, but he just knocked it back, breaking it along with his flesh.

“Go, die.”

The Wind Demon’s death made him a little curious as to what could drop. He was rather looking forward to it.

[Obtained High-Great Mystic Art: The Great Sun Fire.] [Obtained Spirit Root: Eighth-Grade Earth Spirit Root.] [Obtained High-Great Mystic Art: Earth Surge Demonic Lotus.] [Obtained Elixir: Eight-Grade Demon Transformation Sacred Elixir.] [Obtained Item: Probing Spiritual Treasure Device.] [Obtained Talent: Cloth Formation (Great Success).]

Lin Fan’s face was expressionless. It wasn’t that the drops were bad. Although it didn’t drop qi, what was dropped right now was actually really great.

Two High-Great Mystic Art to enhance his strength.

What surprised him the most was that he didn’t expect the Wind Demon’s formation level to be a great success.

Suddenly, there was a lot of knowledge in his mind that he once didn’t have about formations.

Great Success wasn’t the highest rank; there were even more peak existences. However, for now, this rank was enough.

Right now, Lin Fan’s spirit root grade wasn’t weak, either.

He had Six-Grade Gold Spirit Root, One-Grade Thunder Spirit Root, Eight-Grade Earth Spirit Root, Nine-Grade Water Spirit Root, Eight-Grade Fire Spirit Root, and Six-Grade Demon Spirit Root.

Except for the Rare Thunder Spirit Root.

The rest of the spirit root grades had all reached the upper and middle levels. In particular, the Water Spirit Root was at the Ninth-Grade. If he were to cast a mystic art that concerned the Water Spirit Root, then the power would naturally be even more impressive.

“Son, let’s go.”

Lin Fan quickly left with the crazy old man.

The Heavenly Corpse Old Demon must already know about the fall of the Wind Demon.

As for how angry the opponent was, it was not something he had to consider.

The Heavenly Corpse Old Demon sensed the situation. When the Wind Demon’s connection with him was abruptly severed, he fell into a brief state of muddled stretching, as if the shock was a bit too big for him to react to.

After all, the Wind Demon’s strength was powerful.

He was a True Stage cultivator.

Even if he wasn’t invincible, at least he would be able to run away.

The Heavenly Corpse Old Demon roared in anger; his voice shook the world. The other elders, who heard the sect master’s angry voice, their faces were ugly, a few of them had a sharp heart. When one of them was in trouble, they would be able to sense it.

It was hard for them to believe that the Wind Demon died.


Several days later.

Lin Fan stayed at the Greatest Martial Sect for some time. He had survived three disasters, and there were only six difficulties left.

The six difficulties were not something he could control because they could come at any time.

At that moment, the future would be difficult, making it difficult for some people to overcome one difficulty even in a hundred years.

Being stuck in this stage for hundreds of years wasn’t simple. Some people wanted to hide in the immortal community’s main place to avoid the six difficulties, but this could not be avoided. They could only dodge it by facing the difficulty head-on and being brave.

“Master, someone is here to see you.” Huang Jiujiu was exercising outside, toughening up her muscles and bones. She came running with a sweaty head.

Lin Fan had nothing to do but refine the Golden Gourd, trying to refine the innate formations and increase his control over it.

“Let him in.”

Not long after, an old man hurriedly came. The visitor was a familiar, Heavenly Treasure Pavilion’s True Stage cultivator, Zhang Zhenxian.

Before Lin Fan could say anything, Zhang Zhenxian said in a panic, “Master Lin, please help me out.”

His demeanor didn’t seem like a trivial matter. It definitely wouldn’t be like this if it were about identifying an elixir, could it be… 

“Zhang Zhenxian, I once said that I wouldn’t enter the forbidden area.”

He wouldn’t enter the forbidden area until he had enough to survive. Also, he already got the Golden Gourd from it, shouldn’t he be satisfied?

There was something in the forbidden area.

The existences he encountered there were all terrifying, and he didn’t want to face those terrifying creatures. He already had a good time outside: playing around with others, killing strong enemies, mingling with the fallen, and living a good life.

“Master Lin, can we talk about it at the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion?” Zhang Zhenxian prayed.

Lin Fan looked at him and pondered for a moment before finally nodding his head.

“Good, then I’ll accompany you to take a look.”

The two of them then left the Greatest Martial Sect and made their way towards the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion.

On the way, Lin Fan asked Zhang Zhenxian what was going on, but he couldn’t say clearly, ‘It was just that I don’t know what to say about the specific things, you can only know when you’re there.’


Heavenly Treasure Pavilion.

“Master Lin.”

“Master Lin.”

All the old men who knew Lin Fan around him greeted him with respect.

Although Lin Fan was very young, people with real skills deserved respect.

Mao Si had been waiting for Lin Fan for a long time. When he saw Lin Fan arrive, he immediately went forward to greet him, “Master Lin, please come with me.”


At the courtyard.

The surroundings were heavily defended, and he could feel many strong people hiding in the darkness, protecting the place.

Soon, he saw the still beautiful Huang Li, and his mouth blossomed, “Huang Li, I haven’t seen you for quite some time, and your demeanor is still so dazzling.”

It was just that he found that Huang Li’s demeanor was a bit haggard. There was no reaction to Lin Fan’s flirtation, but it was as if she saw a lifesaver when she saw him.

“Master Lin, please help me this time.”

When Lin Fan saw how serious Huang Li looked, he had a feeling that something was not good. This was definitely not good.

He walked towards the house under the leadership of Huang Li. When he stepped into the house, he could smell the strong smell of elixir in the air, as if he was in an elixir treasure trove.

He saw a person lying on the bed. If he remembered correctly, he seemed to be the father of Huang Li, the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion owner. However, he was now emitting a thick mist that was somewhat poisonous.

“Is this?” Lin Fan asked.

Wasn’t this fucking bullshit.

How could you lie here without a problem?

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