Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 277


At the edges of the bed, several old men infused their ki while maintaining the current condition with various precious elixirs to renew the pavilion master’s life. They struggled against the mist that wrapped around the pavilion master’s body.

These elixirs were all rare items.

With a glance, one could tell that they were mostly Eight-Grade and above Elixir. There were even quite a few Nine-Grade ones. A single Eight-Grade one could be auctioned off at a value of over two million spirit stones.

Not to mention the Ninth-Grade Elixir.

This was like taking spirit stones to renew someone’s life. It was overbearing. People without spirit stones basically wouldn’t need to watch this, and their death would just be miserable.

Huang Li said, “Master Lin, my father took someone to the forbidden area some time ago. He encountered danger in it and came out unconscious. His body was wrapped around the mist that devours life. Now he can only use elixirs to renew his life and preserve his vitality.”

After hearing these words, Lin Fan only wanted to say, ‘That’s none of my business. You seek your own death. What does it have to do with me? It would be best if you continued to use elixirs to renew your lives. Besides, I’m not a doctor; I won’t get involved in this matter.’

However, he couldn’t say that.

If he really said that, wouldn’t he be offending people straight to death with so many people around?

“Didn’t I once say that the dangers in the forbidden area are not something we can deal with? Your Heavenly Treasure Pavilion doesn’t lack in rare things, so why didn’t you listen?”

Lin Fan was helpless; he didn’t know what these people were thinking. They didn’t have to die like this.

If you wanted to die, let me know. I’ll make sure you got on your way with dignity and without any pain.

It wasn’t worth it to kill strangers, but killing an acquaintance could still be a favor.

Huang Li bowed her head, clearly regretting it as well, “Master Lin, we know that this matter is our problem, but now that the problem has arisen, there’s no point in talking about it.”

“Well, that’s right. So now you guys are calling me over; what exactly do you want me to do? I can only appraise elixirs; I can’t see illnesses. These people look like good healers. If they can’t even do anything about it, what can I do?” Lin Fan said.

“And as I said, I won’t enter the forbidden land. After all, no one is too old for life, right?”

Pavilion Master Huang, with such a cultivation base, was dried up, to the point where Lin Fan didn’t think he could turn over any big waves.

“Honestly, up until now, we haven’t been able to figure out what my father was injured by. This time, we obtained an elixir in the forbidden area and wanted to ask Master Lin to help us see if this Elixir could save my father.” Huang Li had pinned her last hope on the last Elixir.

Lin Fan was surprised.

Unexpectedly, they had obtained another elixir.

It was true that the Elixir was brought out from within the forbidden area. Indeed, if you dared to struggle, you could obtain good things.

“Bring out the elixir and show me.” Lin Fan said.

He then looked at Pavilion Master Huang, searching for a strange situation. As long as it was something on his body, it could fall out. However, if it was chasing him, there should be a hint of it falling out after it died.

Soon, he discovered the problem.

“Just now, I took a look at the injuries and the mist that wraps around the Pavilion Master Huang’s body. He should have been stung by some scorpion creature within the forbidden area, which caused severe poison and a special substance.”

“With the elixir known now, it probably can’t be cured.”

Lin Fan saw the problem at a glance.

The old men around them looked at each other. They had been working on it for half a day and didn’t see what was going on; they didn’t expect Master Lin to see it at a glance.

An old man spoke up. “He’s right. We did encounter a huge scorpion when we took the Elixir. But he was quickly repulsed by us when he got stung.”

They looked at each other, wondering when the transformation had occurred.

At this moment, Huang Li took out an elixir.

The Elixir appeared, and radiant light bloomed. Everyone was bewildered by the radiance of the Elixir. It was a truly remarkable treasure, and nothing could compare to it.

Lin Fan received the Elixir and played with it for a while before shaking his head, “This is useless. This Elixir has no healing and poison relief, but this Elixir can increase qi by 20,000. At the same time, it can condense the Doom Poison Body. Those who got injured by this body will have difficulty recovering from their wounds and will also be haunted by bad luck. It is a rare elixir.”

“The scorpion that you fought off is the keeper of this Elixir. It’s normal for people to fight you to death when you take away their food.”

If it were the past, Huang Li would have smiled like a flower when she heard that the Elixir had such wonderful uses. However, now she couldn’t smile at all.

At this time, an old man said, “Master Lin, since it can form the Doom Poison Body, I wonder if giving this elixir to the Pavilion Master will improve the situation?”

Lin Fan smiled, “The fact that you can say this shows that you are someone with ideas. Unfortunately, there is no use for it.”

“As the saying goes, unringing the bell is still necessary. If you want to save the Pavilion Master, there’s no way but to let that scorpion save him or find an elixir within the forbidden area that can truly heal and renews his life.”

He returned the Elixir to Huang Li.

This Elixir was good.

He wanted to take it. Unfortunately, it wasn’t his to take.

“Master Lin, can you help us?”

Huang Li was ready to use all her power to enter the forbidden area. However, the only one who could identify the Elixir was Master Lin, so she hoped that Master Lin would enter the forbidden area.

“No, it’s not that I don’t want to help, but I can’t. You know that I don’t want to enter the forbidden area again. It’s too dangerous there, and I can lose my life if I’m not careful.” Lin Fan said.

He indeed didn’t want to enter the forbidden area.

That place wasn’t something he could go play in for now.

If he were able to enter and play at will, it would be so refreshing. He would have treated that place as his backyard and gone to play at will.

“Master Lin, as long as you help, the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion is willing to give this elixir to Master Lin.” Huang Li said.

Lin Fan was about to refuse, but when he heard this, he looked difficult, “You’re making it difficult for me.”

He would never admit that it was the Elixir that made him give up his principles. However, the temptation of the Elixir was strong.

It was a 20,000 of qi increase for nothing. Most importantly, the condensation of the Doom Poison Body was excellent.

“Hey, it’s just a matter of who let me have such a good relationship with the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion and with Huang Li; what else can I say when it’s all said and done to this extent?”

“But the Elixir must be given to me first. I don’t have any other intentions; I just want to study it.”

The first sentence could be dismissed as nonsense, but the rest was the point.

It was just now that he felt a strange sensation in his unconscious as if the six difficulties had begun.

This was the first difficulty.

Was it people’s difficulty?

Huang Li handed the Elixir to Lin Fan, “Master Lin, I believe in you. I hope you can save my father.”

“Good, but you guys wait for me for a few days. I’m going to go out to look for some help while you gather your Heavenly Treasure Pavilion’s masters.” Lin Fan was ready to do a big job, the thugs rushed forward, and he did his best.

Then, Lin Fan left the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion.

The old man looked at Lin Fan’s departing back and said, “Miss, is it alright to just give the elixir to him like this?”

“It’s okay. I trust him to be a man who doesn’t break his word,” Huang Li said.

She had placed all her hopes on Lin Fan. As long as she could find the Elixir within the forbidden area, that was the most important thing.

She looked at her father, lying on the bed, and didn’t know what to say for a moment. How could it be something ordinary to have wounded him like this?

Not to mention that she had invited all the world’s Sage Healers over.


Ancient Immortal Holy Sect.

“Please kindly inform Fellow Cultivator Gong Mo that Greatest Martial Sect Lin Fan pays his respects.” Lin Fan climbed the mountain and asked the two disciples at the mountain gate.

Soon, Gong Mo learned of Lin Fan’s arrival from the disciples and hurriedly came.

“Haha, Fellow Cultivator Lin, I have missed you.” Gong Mo came with a smile on his face, obviously happy to see Lin Fan.

“Fellow Cultivator Gong, please don’t mind if I come to disturb you.” Lin Fan smiled.

Gong Mo said, “What are you talking about? It’s an honor for Fellow Cultivator Lin to come. Let’s go in and chat.”

Gong Mo had learned that Qing Chenfeng and the others weren’t in the sect; they all went out to practice. The core disciples were also quite busy; they needed to practice finding opportunities and to obtain treasures or elixirs. Otherwise, they wouldn’t know how long it would take to cultivate in the sect to improve their cultivation.

“Fellow Cultivator Gong, this time I’ve come because I have something to discuss with Senior Ao Wudi.” Lin Fan got straight to the point.

Gong Mo said helplessly, “Hey, I thought that Fellow Cultivator Lin was here to see me, turned out it wasn’t. How sad.”

Lin Fan laughed. He didn’t want to explain too much about Gong Mo, who being so hideous for now. However, Gong Mo still brought Lin Fan there.

“Ah~tui, you kid even knows how to come to me. Tell me, what brings you here again? Don’t ask me why my Ancestral Dragon’s Body is so difficult to cultivate; it’s because ……”


“You, kid, must be on drugs. Your Ancestral Dragon breath is so strong, you… you.”

Ao Wudi was bored to death before. He wanted to poke fun at Lin Fan, but he noticed that something was wrong when he looked at Lin Fan.

Upon taking a closer look, something was wrong with the entire dragon’s body.

“Senior Ao Wudi, don’t be so surprised.”

“The base, fuck. Not only the sixth, but all are reached.”

Lin Fan waved his hand indifferently. There was nothing to marvel at. He was just successfully cultivating the Ancestral Dragon’s Body; it wasn’t a big deal.

“Ah~tui, how many times have I told you, brat, my name is Ao Wudi.”

“You, kid, is awesome enough. How do you cultivate it? Don’t you afraid of death when the Heavenly Dragon Clan knows? I’ll simply tell you; you can’t even run away to the ends of the earth; you’ll die wherever you go… And whether or not you’re the seed of the Heavenly Dragon Clan, how could you successfully cultivate it?”

Ao Wudi had been completely shocked by Lin Fan and had nothing to say. Damn. He didn’t see any ghosts, but the horror had come.

He gave the Ancestral Dragon’s Body to Lin Fan just to play with it. However, now that the play had gone wrong and Lin Fan had actually succeeded in cultivating it, he could only say, ‘If I knew that you could succeed in cultivating it, I would never tell you about the Ancestral Dragon’s Body even when I die.’

I was the one who harmed you.

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