Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 278


“Senior Ao, none of this is important right now. There is another important matter that I need to discuss with Senior Ao.”

After several times of experience, Lin Fan had learned the true essence, which was that there had to be a master. Otherwise, it would be somewhat difficult to get out of danger in the forbidden area.

Ao Wudi was stunned for a long time. For the time being, he hadn’t reacted to the shock he had just felt. It wasn’t even what he had a guess. So, this was something impossible when he thought about it carefully. 

However, when he heard about it, it felt like his head was about to explode.

When did the Ancestral Dragon’s Body become so easy to cultivate. He hadn’t even cultivated to the highest level, so how did this kid cultivate it?

“Senior Ao, I really have something to discuss with you. Can you slow down a bit?” Lin Fan was helpless.

He already told Ao Wudi not to be shocked; why was he still so shocked? He was quite helpless; he didn’t even know what to say. 

Ao Wudi was worthy of being a fighter among real immortals. His heart was steady and had recovered after a brief lapse of concentration.

“Tell me, what is it?” Ao Wudi asked.

Lin Fan said, “Did you hear about the forbidden area some time ago?”

“Yes, the news of the forbidden area was passed out for some time. I heard that it’s dangerous, but there exists an elixir. Isn’t it because of the elixir that you, kid, is being hunted down to kill?”

“That’s right. That’s why I came to invite Senior Ao to go to the forbidden area with me this time. How about it?”

“I’m not going.”

“Don’t refuse so quickly. There is an elixir there, and I’ve also gathered a group of people. It’ll be safe and reliable so that you can relax.”

“I’m still not going.”

Suddenly, the two of them stared at each other.

“Senior Ao, you’re a bit desperate. No matter what, we’re also acquaintances. I even gave you a piece of advice. How come I, as the Greatest Martial Sect Love Sage, can’t even invite you?”

Lin Fan really wanted to bluff Ao Wudi over. There was no other reason than his strength; could it still be unreliable? 

Ao Wudi said, “It’s not a matter of respect, it’s a matter of danger. Moreover, I promised her that I wouldn’t leave the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect, so you’d better find someone else to go. Also, why risk it if the forbidden area is so dangerous? You just want me to be a thug. I can see through this little mind of yours with a glance.”

Lin Fan looked at Ao Wudi. For a moment, he couldn’t even think of the right solution.

This was a bit frustrating.

“Hey! I didn’t expect Senior Ao to be so distrustful of me. Actually, when I entered the forbidden area last time, I saw a seven-colored female dragon. With a body and posture worthy of a bar.” 

“Originally, I thought of Senior Ao in the hope that Senior Ao would be able to subdue this female dragon. However, now it seems that the senior is unable to do anything about it.” Lin Fan began to make things up.

What was a seven-colored female dragon? 

What were a body and posture worthy of a bar?

Those were things that didn’t exist.

When Ao Wudi heard what Lin Fan said, there was a gleam in his eyes. The female dragon seemed a bit interesting. However, he quickly hid the gleam again and wouldn’t let anyone see it. 

For Ao Wudi, he had always thought of himself as a dedicated good male dragon. How could those fancy things get into his eyes?

However, now, for some reason, after hearing what Lin Fan said, his tranquil heart suddenly became agitated.

“Hey, forget it. No matter what, I still need to respect the Greatest Martial Love Sage. I’ll take a walk with you for a while.” Ao Wudi said it as if it was true, completely giving no way for Lin Fan to refute it.

“It’s not good. The forbidden area is hazardous.” Lin Fan said.

Ao Wudi said, “Whether it’s dangerous or not if the one who invites me in such a grand manner is the Greatest Martial Sect Love Sage, how can I refuse him?” 

Upon looking at the serious Ao Wudi. If he didn’t know anything before, he would have believed his nonsense.

“Fine, then let’s go.”

Originally, Lin Fan didn’t want to enter the forbidden area; that place was dangerous. However, the value of an elixir was still very high. It was too damn attractive.


Right at this moment. Ao Wudi, who was hovering over the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect, began to move. As he moved, the entire Ancient Immortal Holy Sect shook violently. Ao Wudi had been guarding the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect with his true body for a thousand years and had long since formed a contact with this place. 

As soon as he moved, he triggered the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect.

Ao Wudi hovered above the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect with his real body, which seemed to have no freedom.

It was as if he had become one with the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect for thousands of years, so naturally, he was also blessed by qi. 

There were pros and cons.

However, the advantages were great.


At this time, the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect crowd looked up, and they were horrified as the firmament changed. The Heavenly Dragon’s body shook as if it had toppled the sky.

“What’s happening?”

That thought came to everyone’s mind.

What the hell was going on?


Gong Mo was dumbfounded. Ao Wudi moved his true body and left the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect with Lin Fan, which confused him. Wasn’t he going to talk about things? How came he left this place? 

Suddenly, an angry voice was transmitted. It was a certain elder in the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect who was angry, “Gong Mo, you’re truly something. Come here and die.”

Gong Mo shivered all over, ‘How did this have anything to do with me? I didn’t do anything.’

He covered his buttocks, as he thought of the ordeal he had endured some time ago, and suddenly panicked inside.

Lin Fan had lulled Ao Wudi away.

That was his business.

It had nothing to do with him.


Heavenly Treasure Pavilion.

Huang Li’s eyes were surprised when she saw Lin Fan bring a man. She had seen Ao Wudi’s true nature, as the Heavenly Dragon Clan was marked.

“Huang Li, how is the situation? Is the master ready?” Lin Fan asked.

It was dangerous to think about entering the forbidden area again. In times of danger, those strong True Stage cultivators in the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion might not be able to protect him. That was why he would have to get his own man.

He had already taken out his Highest Spirit Rune and called his crazy son.

It was more reassuring to have him there.

“Master Lin, the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion, has gathered fifteen True Stage cultivators.” Huang Li said.

This entry into the forbidden area is an important matter, so we can only find those great powers that are trustworthy.

Also, these fifteen True Stage cultivators were all personally cultivated by the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion.

Naturally, they were trustworthy.

If they spent a large amount of money, they could still get many True Stage cultivators.

They were all people who valued their lives and didn’t care so much about danger. They could run away without a trace in the blink of an eye.

Lin Fan marveled at the power of the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion.

It had gathered fifteen True Stage cultivators. Not to mention the True Stage cultivators that had died entering the forbidden area before, a preliminary estimate showed that the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion possessed twenty True Stage cultivators.

Not long after, when Lin Fan saw those True Stage cultivators, they were indeed all strong.

However, compared to the old True Stage cultivators of the major schools, the gap was still a bit big.

As a strong member of the Heavenly Dragon Clan, Ao Wudi gave a great sense of oppression when he stood there.

There were always sidelong glances from True Stage cultivators. However, all of them quickly withdrew their gazes.


Several days later!

The entrance to the forbidden area.

Lin Fan looked at his surroundings. The frontline canyon was still full of temptation. The thought of the treasures behind it made people want to go in and explore it.

Ao Wudi said, “Huh! I found that there is a powerful seal here. It won’t be easy to get in.” 

“Senior is right. Since the last time we left, there has been a seal here that is very strong. However, thanks to the efforts of several Heavenly Treasure Pavilion powerful people, a passage has been opened up that allows safe entry inside.” Huang Li said.

The last time the Pavilion Master brought people here, it was the seal that blocked them. It took some time to open up a passage.

“Not bad.” Ao Wudi commented.

At this time, the fifteen True Stage cultivators that followed were all looked gloomy. They knew about the forbidden area. It was dangerous in there; the creatures that existed were terrifying. With their cultivation and abilities, they might not be able to come out safely.

“Father, I’m scared. Can we not go in?” The crazy old man shrank down.

Although he hadn’t gone in yet, he was very uncomfortable with the vibe of the forbidden area. He always felt like there was going to be a big danger.

Lin Fan said, “Don’t be afraid. Follow me, and make sure there is nothing wrong. Remember, always be at my side. When something is not right, immediately take me and run away.”

Ao Wudi looked at the crazy old man. No one else, but he could tell that this crazy old man was not normal. It was just why he called Lin Fan, father? 

This world was too strange.

“Let’s go in.” Huang Li didn’t want to waste time.

The longer they delayed, the more dangerous it would be.

When the crowd stepped into the forbidden area, their unconscious felt a terrifying power enveloping them, pressing down on them and making them all gasp a bit.

“This place is not normal.”

Ao Wudi looked up. He had lived for thousands of years and had seen many storms. Even more so, he was the prince of the Heavenly Dragon Clan; he couldn’t count how many dangerous places and secret realms he had entered.

However, to make him feel frightened was enough to show that the danger of the forbidden area wasn’t as simple as he thought. 

Lin Fan said, “Senior Ao, of course, this place is not simple. It has elixirs and terrifying creatures that even True Stage cultivators may not be able to hold.”

Ao Wudi nodded silently. He was stunned. At the same time, he was quite curious about this place.

He hadn’t heard any news about this forbidden area. It seemed that he had stayed in the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect for too long and didn’t know much about the outside world.

“Huang Li, where did your father get the elixir?” Lin Fan asked.

Huang Li didn’t follow her father to the forbidden area, so she looked to the side at an old man leading the way.

That scorpion’s strength wasn’t as terrifying as the other creatures. However, why the Pavilion Master had been stung?

So far, they hadn’t figured it out.

Lin Fan was cautious about his surroundings.

This place was too dangerous.

No one knew what terrifying thing would suddenly jump out of the shadows and then destroy them all with a single attack.

Soon, they arrived in front of a cave.

“This is where we met the scorpions and where the elixir was obtained.” The True Stage old man said.

Lin Fan didn’t feel the scent of any creature. It seemed that since they had obtained the elixir, the scorpion had left from here.

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