Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 28 They Can Not Do That


Wang Bao already showed his unyielding spirit.

Lin Fan was a bit panic and even felt extremely guilty.

Wang Bao’s head was bleeding.

After some treatment, Wang Bao opened his eyes, and he was still a bit confused.

“Leader, what happened to me?” Wang Bao asked.

“What are you doing? Don’t push yourself too hard. Wang Bao, this is a lesson for you, the practice requires patience, do not rush it.”

Lin Fan was really disappointed with his men. He thought his men were just like citizens, they couldn’t do anything right.

Wang Bao lay on a chair to rest, and the wound on his head was already healed.

“Sir, I’m sorry I disappointed you.” Wang Bao felt guilty.

Lin Fan just sat there, smashing the bricks to his head like a machine.

“Wang Bao, your spirit is commendable, but I already told you to practice slowly, why don’t you listen to me?”

He comforted Wang Bao, so Wang Bao could get his spirit back.

Although Wang Bao didn’t understand Lin Fan’s intention.

“Yeah, I push myself too hard.” Wang Bao realized he has already disappointed Lin Fan.

Lin Fan crashed the bricks to his head furiously, “Well, pay attention next time.”

“Yes, sir. I will rest, and after a while, I will continue to practice.” Wang Bao said.

Lin Fan dreamed of creating a powerful team, he even already thought about the name.

Holy Light Army.

But his men couldn’t even train properly.

That would be a long, long way to go.

Wang Zhou observed the situation on the training ground from a distance.

It seemed that he picked the right person to work under him.

But there was one thing he didn’t understand, that was the reason why did Lin Fan chose the Iron Head technique?

That technique was powerful, but the process of learning it was so painful.

But that was not a big problem.

Seeing that they were working so hard, Wang Zhou expected a great future for them.

At night.

Some Hunters were about to go home.

They wanted to complain to their parents about the training.

Their leader was too cruel.

But what they didn’t expect was.

Their parents actually supported what Lin Fan did.

Such responsible parents they were.

The Hunters wondered if they really were their parents’ child or not.

The next day.

Lin Fan stood at the gate and waited.

The Hunters who lived in the dorm had already waited at the gate with Lin Fan.

When the rest were coming, their heart trembled, and they felt something terrible will happen.

“Everyone, listen to me while waiting for the others.” Lin Fan said.

They didn’t know what Lin Fan wanted to do, they all stood there obediently.

Yesterday they practiced Iron Head.

Their head was badly hurt.

But after they consumed the medicine and applied the ointment, the wound on their head disappeared overnight.

The fifteen Hunters were all set, standing in line, looking at Lin Fan while waiting for the instructions.

“Okay, everyone is here, so today, my training menu officially started. Now, take off your shirt.” Lin Fan was in serious mode, and his men quickly took off their clothes.

Although they didn’t know what happened, they followed everything Lin Fan said.

The weather was so cold that morning.

The Hunters who took off their clothes were freezing, but under Lin Fan’s watch, they maintained their posture and did not dare to move, waiting for Lin Fan’s command.

“Wang Bao leads the way, you guys will run around the city.”

“Follow me!”

The Hunter ran fast.

“Wang bao, faster! You must have a strong body to learn the technique. Look at your current body. You don’t even have a muscle. Can you still call yourself a man?!”

Lin Fan was riding on a horse and followed them.

The people around the street were staring at the Hunters.

They never encountered such a situation.

Sixteen Hunters with their baldheads caught everyone’s attention.

When the sun shone, their heads reflected light, which was commonly known as holy light.

The Hunters wanted to cry when they heard the citizens mocked them.

And they also wanted to protest why Lin Fan was riding a horse instead of running with them.

While the Hunters kept running, there were two couple of eyes watching Lin Fan.

They usually blended well with the surrounding.

It was hard to tell the difference.

Then those two came to a secluded place to discuss something.

“It’s not easy.”

“Does this guy do nothing except Hunter’s business?”

They were assassins, they wanted to kill Lin Fan, but they found that it would be hard because Lin Fan rarely left the government building.

It was very dangerous to kill Lin Fan in the city.

Now they didn’t have much time left, and the deadline was near.

They would be in trouble if they didn’t kill Lin Fan.

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