Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 282


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“Who the hell is he?” Li Dadao looked at the distant figure, his mind spinning.

After thinking for a while, he still didn’t remember who the other person was, so he stopped thinking. 

Leaving the forbidden area was an impossible task.

Considering that he, Li Dadao, had walked the world for hundreds of years and had seen great storms.

Just because he was weak, that was why he had to take risks. This place could allow him to soar to the sky with great treasures; how could he just leave?

Upon thinking about the current situation, it was better to slip away quickly.

He had just told the other person that he had seen the seven-colored female dragons. That was a complete deception.

He always felt that this person’s purpose was not pure. Could it be that he wanted to have something with the seven-colored female dragons?

When the other person couldn’t find the seven-colored female dragon, wouldn’t he be furious? 

He should sneak away early, in case the other person came back and troubled him. Li Dadao didn’t dare to openly walk on the ground, so he could only continue to dig forward.

He found that his centuries of hard work hadn’t been in vain; his digging level was quite high. 


Several months later.

Greatest Martial Sect, Immortal Destroyer Peak, inside the secret room.

“The consumption is a bit unsustainable.”

Lin Fan said to himself. He used spirit stones and burn them into spirit fire to quench the immortal treasures.

He had consumed his entire savings, and several hundred million spirit stones burned completely clean. Still, he could only refine one-tenth of the immortal treasures.

Others should be content with this. However, Lin Fan didn’t have such thoughts in mind. Hundreds of millions of spirit stones and a few months to refine a one-tenth of the immortal treasures was already a damn terrifying speed.

It also showed that the horror of refinement using the wealth was never something a poor person could imagine.

According to normal circumstances, refining a one-tenth of the immortal treasures without the aid of spirit stones would take a hundred years for terrors, maybe even more.

He was able to refine it so quickly. It had something to do with him breaking out of the formation.

Suddenly, Lin Fan’s eyebrows furrowed. He felt a strange feeling in his unconsciousness, shrouding his heart. It was unclear, indefinable, and it felt extraordinary as if a voice from afar was calling him.

“Follow your heart.”

Lin Fan chose to follow his heart. It wouldn’t be impossible if he hardened his heart. He had learned from some texts that the three disasters and six difficulties were very mysterious.

Except for the three disasters, which were only minor and major, the six difficulties were incomparably more mysterious. Each person encountered different six difficulties.

His first difficulty was the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion difficulty. If he hadn’t been well prepared and brought the crazy old man and Ao Wudi, the situation would have turned terrible.

When Lin Fan came out, Huang Juijui hurriedly ran and hugged Lin Fan’s thigh, “Master, you’ve been in seclusion for months, how come it’s been so long?”

Lin Fan touched Huang Juijui’s head, “You, little girl, how can it be so long? A few months for an immortal is fleeting in the blink of an eye. I’m afraid how you would reach when you see this door close for a hundred years.” 

The seclusion was dull and tasteless. However, it was good that being busy refining the innate formation could kill the boring time.

“Master, during the time you’ve been in seclusion, auntie has been coming over often.” Huang Juijui mentioned.

Then as if she had thought of something, the kid said, “Master, this disciple found out that auntie doesn’t want to be my aunt. She always feels like she wants to be Juijui’s teacher.”

Lin Fan lightly patted Huang Juijui’s head, “What do you know? You can’t say anything nonsense. Also, hurry up and go cultivate for Master.”

“By the way, has anything happened during the months that I have been in seclusion?”

Huang Juijui shook her head in confusion, “Master, I don’t know.”

Lin Fan understood. It was futile to ask; she was only a kid. How could she care about these things?

However, nothing should happen in a few months, and even if it did, it had nothing to do with him.

Subsequently, he went to Wei You’s place for a walk and told his mother about his heart’s strange feeling. Although his cultivation speed was astonishing and could even be described as stunned, but for Wei You, what could she do? Her son was cultivating faster, wasn’t that normal? 

“Lin Fan, each person encounters different the six difficulties. If there is a feeling in your unconsciousness, go with the feeling, and don’t hide. The six difficulties cannot be avoided. The more you avoid it, the more terrible it will be, and many unpredictable things will happen. Go with your feeling, and keep your good heart. Unbroken is the only way to survive the six difficulties.”

“That’s all I can say to you. Everything should go with your heart.”

Wei You didn’t tell Lin Fan too much, nor did she say what happened to her during the six difficulties. However, she did say it.

The duration of each difficulty was irregular. Some were long, and some were short. Don’t hide, and face the difficulty with the strongest good heart.

As long as that person ensured that the good heart would not break, everything would not be a problem.

After listening to Wei You’s words, Lin Fan left the Greatest Martial Sect and meditated as if he was chasing the world’s great path.

What Lin Fan didn’t know was. The few months he had been in seclusion, quite a few big events did happen.

There was a True Stage Elder named Southern Ridge Old Ancestor, who subdued the crowd with his strength.

He started a fight and detonated the dao artifacts if he disagreed with something. The countless dao artifacts made many powerful people gawk, crying out on how there could be such a rascal in the world. 

However, it couldn’t be helped. There was no choice. This was the fault of someone who let him had an endless supply of spirit stones.

In the beginning, this elder, the Southern Ridge Old Ancestor, was carrying an elixir and wanted to take it himself.

However, he was afraid of being robbed and killed. That was why he could only endure the pain and sell the elixir. However, it was only later that he realized that the peak of his life had begun entirely.

The life that once couldn’t be imagined follows.

What happened when you have a lot of money?

Of course, to hide. Just in case others knew. However, the thought of if someone got killed, wouldn’t the countless spirit stones become someone else’s, and everything would be a fortune for others?

Therefore, he used spirit stones to buy dao artifacts in the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion. All of it, defensive dao artifacts, offensive dao artifacts, several of them. He directly armed his body terrifyingly.

So, that what had happened. As he got rich, he also accumulated a lot of enemies.

If you wanted to get rich, you had to engage in a fight.

If you won, you would get rich. If you lose, you would have nothing.


Ten days later.

Lin Fan went to meditate. He didn’t know what was there, but as he kept getting closer, his heart was beating faster.

Suddenly, just then, the firmament shook, and a cold ray broke through the sky. The cold ray condensed terrifying qi.

With a swoosh, it tore apart the void. Lin Fan didn’t even know what it was and slapped it away, directly crushing the cold ray.

It turned out that the attack was an arrow.

This arrow was extraordinary. It was powerful and overbearing. If it wasn’t for the fact that his qi was strong to a certain degree, he might not have been able to shatter in one blow.

“Who’s that? In broad daylight, hurting someone with a secret arrow is really cheap.” Lin Fan yelled.

Could it be that this was how the difficulty came?

He didn’t even go looking for the opponent, but the opponent took the initiative to come to his door. So, it seemed that this was the right thing to say.

Good people are always being bullied.

It seemed that when someone had time, that person would have to take the initiative and look for another person to trouble. People couldn’t just wait for others to come to them.

Far away, the firmament shook, and a figure slowly appeared from the void.

When this figure appeared, it was as if he saw an ancient and sacred mountain range floating behind this figure. It was full of immortal aura with immortal dao laws intertwined.

Although there were no wondrous phenomena such as earth gushing golden lotus or ceiling falling.

This scene of this figure looked extraordinary as well. It was quite the appearance of a proud son of the heavens.

This man had a handsome face and an imposing manner, exuding a special aura that could not be cultivated by an ordinary sect.

An ordinary person standing together with this man would be the difference between a true dragon and an earthworm.

As the man strode through the void and took one step down, there were waves of immortal path spreading.

Although he hadn’t reached such a stage as growing lotus, being able to ripple the immortal path in one step was a sign that this man was a capable person. 

“Are you Lin Fan?”

The man opened his mouth to ask, seemingly in a calm tone. However, there was a kind of kingly dominance hidden within, as if to say, ‘I’m asking if you’re Lin Fan, you just need to answer yes or no.’

Lin Fan sized up the other party.

[Sheng Wushuang: Longevity Eighth Void Stage.] [Chances of dropping items: Ninth-Grade Golden Spirit Root, Ninth-Grade Thunder Spirit Root, 83,000 qi, High-Grade Dao Artifact Dragon Tortoise Eight Trigram Armor, Flame Immortal Spear, Law of the Other World, Sacred Immortal Submerged Dragon Law…] [Body: Giant Roc Immortal Body.] [Remark: How could there be a being like me in the world? Who could compete with me.]


Lin Fan was stunned when he saw all aspects of the man in front of him. Not that he was an unseen person, but this man’s situation was somewhat beyond expectation.

At the same time, a new introduction appeared for the system.


The Giant Roc Immortal Body.

Could it be that this was the characteristic of a truly talented person?

Lin Fan was thinking about a serious question, whether to take this man down or not. With this man’s condition, if he took him to the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion, he might be able to auction it off at a sky-high price.

Just as Lin Fan was fantasizing about this, Sheng Wushuang’s voice grew cold, “I’m asking you, are you Lin Fan?”

Lin Fan smiled, “What should I do if I’m not? I’m asking you if your name is Sheng Wushuang. This name is a bit overbearing. It starts with Sheng and ends with Wushuang; it’s powerful enough.”

Hearing Lin Fan’s words, Sheng Wushuang’s eyebrows furrowed as if he didn’t expect the other person to know who he was. He rarely made an appearance.

This time, he searched for Lin Fan for the gambling house hidden in the mountain range. He was interested after hearing that the Greatest Martial Sect Lin Fan was arrogant in the casino.

He could say it bluntly, all those so-called heavenly prides in the world were trash. Compared to him, it was the difference between an earthworm and a divine dragon.

Sheng Wushuang said, “It seems that you are Lin Fan of the Greatest Martial Sect. You are seeking death by causing trouble in my casino based on the Greatest Martial Sect’s name. I have no other demands this time around.” 

“Give me everything of what you gained in the casino. At the same time, let’s see what you’re capable of. I’ll make you my slave, and after three hundred years, I will return your freedom.”

According to normal circumstances, an ordinary person couldn’t say such words. Because the person who said this was either a fool or a douche. However, not only did this man say it, but he made it sound righteous.

At this moment, Lin Fan laughed out loud and even almost sobbed over with laughter.

Aren’t you damn afraid that you were a fucking idiot?

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