Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 284


Lin Fan couldn’t understand why people were so confident nowadays.

For example, Sheng Wushuang, the name was indeed domineering enough. Others would definitely be shocked and amazed when they heard it.

It was so powerful; someone who could possess this name was not something in the pool.

However, in Lin Fan’s opinion. This guy was a treasure-giving kid. He was menacing, imposing, unparalleled, one step down, immortal patterns rippling, but even so, what could he do?

It was hard to say that he was a hit or miss.

The strength was indeed powerful; ordinary people were no match at all. Even if the greatest heavenly pride of the Greatest Martial Sect, Wen Xian, were facing this person, he would have to kneel and cry for his father. What could the Nine-Grade Spirit Roots do?

It would be nothing in front of this person.

He took out the Flame Immortal Spear and took a look at it. It was extraordinary; its surface was red, carved with immortal patterns, buzzing, and vibrating as if it was trying to escape from his hands. However, it was pressed to death by qi.

What were you thinking?

Once it was in his hands, don’t even think about leaving.

A Top-Grade Dao Artifact was worth a lot of money; refining it yourself or selling it would be the right choice. 


Several days later.

Somewhere in an ancient place.

Sheng Wushuang appeared on a mountain peak. When he landed, he couldn’t help but spurt out a mouthful of blood, which misted across the world. Not long after, several old men were appearing. 

They looked tense.

“Young Master, what has happened to you?”

Seeing that the young master was so heavily injured, they were shocked and didn’t know what to say. With the young master’s strength and talent, he couldn’t encounter something that could harm him like this.

“It’s fine.”

Sheng Wushuang was furious when he thought of Lin Fan’s words. Even more so when he thought of the Flame Immortal Spear being snatched away.

He had always been the one who made others suffer; he had never been the one who suffered a great loss.

Of course, he couldn’t let anyone know what had happened to him. Otherwise, it would be a disgrace.

To have his invincibility all the way broken was a humiliation to him. If he didn’t end up displaying his immortal body mystic art, he would have had to leave his life there.

The old men looked at each other. They could see that the young master was in trouble outside; they just couldn’t figure out who could severely injure the young master.

Could it be some old immortal that was deceiving the young master, just like the big bully the small?

The one who knew the young master’s identity and still dared to fight.

It looked like it had to be appropriately investigated.

After Sheng Wushuang returned to the secret room, he contacted his friends who co-operated the Mountain Range Casino.

He wanted to behead the Greatest Martial Sect Lin Fan, but if he couldn’t kill him, he wanted to take him as a slave.

Only such a person would be worthy of becoming his slave.


“This mysterious feeling is getting stronger.”

Lin Fan crossed the glacier, the endless desert, and kept going towards the earth’s ends. He didn’t know how far he was from the Greatest Martial Sect, but all this way, he was following that feeling in his heart.


At this moment, thunder roared in the distant world, and dark clouds enveloped it. There were still purple thunderstorms swimming in those dark clouds.

“This is someone’s tribulation.”

Lin Fan had never seen what someone looked like when they were in tribulation. He didn’t expect that there was a powerful person to undergo a tribulation. It should be okay for him to take a look.

As he kept getting closer, he found the pressure of the world became terrifying. His heart pounded as if a terrifying heavenly power enveloped his soul.

It was terrifying!

This was a big terror.

Soon, he could see a figure suspended in the thundering ocean in the sky, with countless dao formations below it and several dao artifacts wrapped around it. With just one glance, he could tell that the other was well-prepared for the tribulation.

“Senior, how’s the tribulation?” Lin Fan opened his mouth to ask.

When people encountered this kind of situation, there were usually only two options: one was to watch silently, and the other was to go out and sabotage the other person’s tribulation, preferably by killing them.

However, could he, Lin Fan, be the kind of villain who sabotaged someone’s tribulation?

He was innocent and have no grudge; how could he do it something like that?

The old man looked gloomy when he heard someone talking in the distance. He looked back and found that it was a young man.

He then also said calmly, “Well, I’m in the middle of a tribulation, ascending to the Immortal Realm. Little friend, if you’re passing by here, you must not come over and can only watch it from afar.”

“Good, I’ve never seen anyone undergoing a tribulation before, let alone know what it’s like. Don’t worry; I’m just looking; I definitely won’t have any ill intent.” Lin Fan shouted.

He was still afraid that the other man would misunderstand.

After all, tribulation was a sacred thing.

Moreover, for the person who was crossing the tribulation, it was a matter of their destiny.

Of course, no one would be allowed to disturb it.

Immediately after, a thunderbolt fell from the sky. This thunderbolt was so thick that it was as thick as a bucket. The void shattered as it fell, and the purple thunderbolt’s light shone halfway across the sky.

“It’s indeed terrifying. With my physical body, I can indeed resist it, but I’m afraid it will cause slight damage.” Lin Fan muttered in his heart as he initially estimated the power of the thunder.

Then he also knew it by heart.

It was okay; it would only cause him a little trouble.

When the old man, who was crossing the thunderstorm, saw the landing thunder, his appearance suddenly became heavy.

He roared. His strong qi boiled up, and the dao artifacts wrapped around him broke through the air. He was directly trying to use the dao artifacts to cross the thunderstorm.


The qi clashed with the thunder.

There was a clatter.

The dao artifact shattered while the old man’s body trembled violently. His forehead cracked open with a wound; there was blood spilling out. The dao artifact was broken, and his soul was shaken.

“Eh?” Lin Fan was surprised.

This old man’s situation seemed to be a bit bad. The thunder just now was indeed mighty. If it were him, he could easily get through it with his flesh and stern resistance.

Why did this old man have to resist hard with a dao artifact?

If the old man knew what Lin Fan was thinking, he would definitely spew out a mouthful of rage.

What the fuck were you talking about? Could you see what kind of body refining power you were practicing? The Heavenly Dragon Clan was inherently good at the physical body, especially if you cultivated the Ancestral Dragon’s Body to the highest level. Even a dao artifact would be difficult to harm you.

“Senior, do you need any help?” Lin Fan asked out of good intentions; he was righteous and fair-minded.

As a fellow immortal, helping each other was naturally the right thing to do.

If Lin Fan had malice towards him, then, of course, there was basically no need for Lin Fan to say anything.

Lin Fan would absolutely behead him in one stroke. Regardless of whether or not he was in the middle of a tribulation, Lin Fan would just behead him.

The old man looked more dignified. Upon hearing Lin Fan’s words, he wanted to blow Lin Fan’s dog’s head off, ‘Couldn’t this brat understand the current situation?’


What kind of help?

If you entered within the range of the tribulation, you would probably be blown to death.

“Thank you for your kindness. That’s not necessary.” The old man said.

He then swallowed an elixir to stabilize his injuries. The tribulation had only just begun; the danger was still to come. The tribulation of ascension after the True Stage was terrifying.

It was already good enough for four out of ten True Stage to successfully ascend.

Not to mention how terrifying the thunder was, for now, the unexpected danger made it impossible to resist.


The world roared, and the ground shook. The thunder clouds in the sky rolled while a thunderbolt transformed into a thunder dragon moving through the clouds.

The old man knew that the next tribulation would become terrifying. He immediately activated the Tribulation Formation.

To succeed in the tribulation, he naturally poured out all his wealth and used out all his technique.

At this time, if there were still any hidden words, it would be too late to regret.

“Hey, awesome. I didn’t expect the tribulation of the ascension to be so terrifying. It completely didn’t let anyone have a chance to ascend. Is this the legendary survival of the fittest, eliminating a bunch of people whose quality isn’t up to par?” Lin Fan said to himself.

However, instead of muttering, he watched the lightning tribulation like a commentator.

He seemed to understand something now.

Li Dadao had said how he got some of his treasures. When he met some senior who had a tribulation, he was there to make the senior give him some treasures.

…maybe it was just that those seniors were doing well in their tribulation. When Li Dadao appeared on the side, chattering, disturbing their inability to feel at ease in their tribulation, they finally had no choice but to give him something to make him leave. 


Although he didn’t know if that was the truth, it felt like it should be.

The old man’s mood couldn’t be said to be any worse when Lin Fan’s mutterings came from his ears, but it wasn’t much better.

The tribulation was a thing that needed to be reassured. However, with someone chattering on the side, that feeling was naturally unpleasant.

Right at this moment, the old man resisted with all his strength as the thunderstorm clattered down. The dao artifact soared into the air to fight against the thunderstorm. The old man, unwilling to do so, used his mystic art to shake the thunderstorm.



The roaring sound continued to shake the world.

The dao artifact around the old man continued to shatter. Even the formations laid down were directly destroyed by the lightning tribulation’s bombardment. 


The old man covered his chest and vomited blood. The immortal tribulation was much more terrifying than expected.

Lin Fan’s first time watching the immortal tribulation was a bit complicated.

It turned out that the immortal tribulation was somewhat difficult. The first thunder tribulation earlier was ordinary, but the more it went on, the more terrifying it became.

That old man was about to be blown apart.

“Little friend, the last thunder tribulation is about to fall; this will be the most powerful one. You stay away; remember not to get involved.” The old man warned.

Lin Fan looked up.

It was indeed, true.

The thunderclouds of the firmament had thickened to a certain extent, and the heaviness was overwhelming.

At the same time, the thunder in the firmament turned from purple to red. Even the red thunder was thick to a terrifying extent, and the old man’s body trembled when he saw it.

He was somewhat confused.

He even doubted himself, whether he could carry this thunderstorm or not, or whether he would disappear under this thunderstorm in smoke, completely disappearing into the world, and his sixteen hundred years of hard cultivation completely wasted.

Suddenly, there was gloomy laughter came from the world.

“Hahaha… Wu Daozi, I didn’t think you would be able to carry the last thunderstorm. You wouldn’t expect that the last thunderstorm would be the place where you will be buried.”

This voice was somewhat old and gloomy.

Immediately after, a cold ray came from the distance. It was terrifyingly powerful, causing Wu Daozi, who was under the lightning tribulation, to turn pale. With a heavenly tribulation above and an enemy pitted against him in the distance.

“The deadly tribulation has arrived.”

Wu Daozi’s face was so pale that he even wanted to give up, knowing that it was impossible to survive because the immortal tribulation had already exhausted him, not to mention the enemies seeking revenge. 

Right at that moment, Lin Fan was very dissatisfied, “Hey, hey, old man, what the hell do you want when people are ascending through tribulation? You better sit down.”

He slapped his palm and directly shattered the cold ray, then calmly said.

“You continue with the tribulation; I’ll watch over you. I’ve never seen the scene of someone’s ascension in my life; how can it be cut off.”

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