Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 285


Wu Daozi looked at Lin Fan in shock. He didn’t expect the little friend who watched the tribulation to be so powerful; he was mistaken. 

“Don’t worry about the tribulation. I’ve never seen anyone else’s tribulation, especially what happens after they succeed. Also, with me here, he can’t interfere with you.”

Lin Fan’s indifferent appearance put Wu Daozi at ease, concentrating on the firmament’s last thunderstorm. 

His qi trembled, and the only remaining dao artifact wrapped around him, blooming with its glory.

At this moment, the old man that appeared saw a young boy blocking his attack for Wu Daozi, and his face grew gloomy.

“Kid, who are you?” In an angry voice, the old man was staring at Lin Fan.

He knew that if Wu Daozi were going to make a tribulation, he would definitely find a place where no one knew about it. The place would be secure; not even the people around him knew about it. 

However, he was an old acquaintance of Wu Daozi, and Wu Daozi had once told him about it.

The more dangerous the place, the safer it tended to be.

Once Wu Daozi had said that this place was good and peaceful, nobody would come here to ferry their tribulation. So, when he thought of that, he became impatient to go here, and it was just as expected. 

He really did ferry the tribulation here.

Lin Fan calmly said, “You, an old man is sinister enough. You have disturbed such an important matter like someone’s tribulation to become an immortal, don’t you think there’s something wrong with you?”

The other man was also a True Stage cultivator.

However, this guy’s qi was much inferior to Wu Daozi’s. The difference between the two couldn’t be said to be that great, but they definitely couldn’t compete with each other. That was why he made his move when Wu Daozi was in the middle of the tribulation. 

This seemed to have been planned for a long time.

“Good boy. Since you want to seek death, then I will fulfill your request.” The old man raged.

His palm then suppressed; it was terrifyingly powerful. Because it was in the tribulation range, even if he was furious, he didn’t dare to do anything harsh.

He was afraid that his qi would fluctuate too much and draw the tribulation to him.

“Hehe, let’s see what you can do.”

Lin Fan was so disdainful that his body trembled. His breath vibrated, and his qi condensed in his palm. He stepped and disappeared in front of the opponent, then approached to compete with the opponent.

His physical body was so powerful. If he didn’t even make good use of it, wouldn’t it be a shame for him to have worked so hard to cultivate until now?

With his arms pulled back and a smile on his lips, he fiercely swung his fist. The power was so strong that it condensed the cyclone on his fist, shaking the void and roaring.

“Hmph!” The old man was quite disdainful.


The fist collided with the palm, and a terrifying power was transmitted. The old man’s face changed greatly; he instantly felt a shocking power being transmitted, and his body recoiled.

“Your strength…”

He didn’t expect this kid’s power to be so terrifying.

Lin Fan laughed, condensing God Spear, and stabbed towards the opponent’s head. Where was all this nonsense?

The strike pierced the old man’s head, penetrated his soul.

The two of them exchanged blows. The battle was fierce, making space shook. It even spread to Wu Daozi, who was in the middle of his tribulation.

For Wu Daozi, he was fully focused on the thunder tribulation above the firmament. However, the battle between the two was extremely dynamic and caught his attention.

“What a powerful little friend.”

Wu Daozi muttered in his heart. He had never seen such a domineering person before. However, the thunder tribulation’s pressure was so great that he couldn’t be distracted and could only face it with his whole heart. 

“Kid, who the hell are you?”

The old man inquired. His hands trembled because Lin Fan’s power was terrifyingly great. At the same time, his mystic art was profoundly cultivated. With a twist of his palm, the mystic art changed and switched unpredictably.

At first, he thought it was the same mystic art, but it became another kind of mystic art in the blink of an eye.

The conversion ability was a bit terrifying.

However, it was naturally impossible to trounce him. This kid had made his idea of suppressing him with one move fall flat.

“Not bad, not bad at all.”

Lin Fan was satisfied with the current situation.

Although he couldn’t suppress the opponent, it was good not to have that feeling of powerlessness that he had before.

When his qi was muddy, he couldn’t do anything when he encountered these True Stage cultivators. However, now… wasn’t it shown that the fight was fierce?

“Old man, I have a dao artifact that can take your dog’s life. Let’s see what you can do.”

Lin Fan cast the Golden Gourd. Now, this immortal treasure was his strongest dao artifact. Even the Highest Spirit Rune couldn’t compare. After all, he hadn’t even refined the Highest Spirit Rune.

“Hm?” When the old man saw the Golden Gourd blooming, his face changed in shock, and he lost his voice. “This kind of power, this kind of feeling, it’s an immortal treasure…”



The Golden Gourd erupted with dazzling golden light. The golden light swept away, possessing an aura of destruction.

This object was an immortal treasure, and the golden light was naturally not a mundane object. Even the old man’s powerful qi was not as fierce as the Golden Gourd’s golden light.


The old man’s eyes glowed when he saw the immortal treasure, but he also knew the danger of this object.

Lin Fan controlled the Golden Gourd to blast the old man. The old man gave a low roar; he held a sword and struck across the sky, colliding directly with the golden light with a rumble.

“Not bad.” Lin Fan quipped. He smiled when he saw that the old man was busy and scorched.

Suddenly, a scream came.

It turned out to be Wu Daozi, who had run out of power under the last thunderstorm. As if the qi in his body had been drained away, the thunder fell hard on his body.

Those dao artifacts were instantly reduced to ashes with not even a scrap left under the thunderstorm’s bombardment.

“Haha, Wu Daozi, you can’t escape after all.” The old man laughed.

He thought that there was no way for Wu Daozi to fail the tribulation with this kid meddling in it. He didn’t expect that Wu Daozi had tried his best, but he wasn’t strong enough. 

Lin Fan looked at the opponent.

Hey! It was already like this, and you still couldn’t overcome it.

Was the thunderstorm really that terrifying?

That was it!

Who let me be a disciple of the immortal sect? It was inevitable for me to do righteous deeds, and since it was hard to get through, let me get through your tribulation.

Lin Fan threw the Golden Gourd into the thunderstorm, then exerted his qi and whistled, making the thunder clamored towards the gourd.

The pressure on Wu Daozi, who was about to die under the lightning tribulation, suddenly lightened.

When he realized that Lin Fan had helped him, he was about to thank him but was interrupted by Lin Fan.

“Senior, take care of your tribulation.”

Wu Daozi knew that this wasn’t the time to say thank you. It had reached the most crucial moment; how could he give up like this?

He swallowed another elixir, regained a little qi, and directly swung a fist towards the firmament. 



The firmament shook, and a gateway vaguely appeared. This gate was ancient, stony, and emitted a terrifying atmosphere. It was the Immortal Gate, and someone could become immortal by leaping over it.

Lin Fan felt as if there was some repulsion between the Golden Gourd and the Immortal Gate, making him directly withdrew from the Golden Gourd.

Right at that moment, the old man seized the opportunity and stabbed with a sword. It was so fast that the sword light covered the world.

There was a clang.


The old man was shocked. The sword pierced Lin Fan’s body, unable to enter half even an inch. It was as if it had pierced some hard object, making a metallic sound.

Lin Fan’s body was vibrating with qi. Even though the Ancestral Dragon’s Body was cultivated to the highest level and his flesh was strong and invincible, the opponent was a True Stage cultivator. His sword attack was still terrifying.


At this time, he exerted his mystic art, and a black lotus flower floated in the air. It then turned into a fierce black light that cut down the old man.

With a bang, the old man suffered a blow, and his body shook. He hurriedly retreated towards the distance, slapping away and shattering all these black lotuses.

And just at that moment, something strange happened.

A light fell on Wu Daozi in the firmament.

Wu Daozi’s broken body was mended. His qi was rising steadily, even more, terrifying than before. This light was the Immortal Realm’s light, bathing the body and condensing into an Immortal body. 

The door to the Immortal Realm opened.

A suction force was transmitted.

“You used to be our brother, but you betrayed our trust and killed your siblings for the treasure. Today I will destroy you and give you the chance to reincarnate. I hope that in the next life, you can be a good human.”

The words just fell, Wu Daozi pointed a finger into the void, and the power of the immortal ran through it.

Lin Fan was about to say no because he needed to fight this evil man to explode things.

However, it was too late.


The old man cried out in panic. His body unable to move, as if space was blocked. In his sight, the power of a finger could not be resisted.

“Brother Wu, spare my life ……”


The light pierced through the old man’s skull, shattering his soul and disintegrating the True Stage power within his body before turning into ashes and drifting away in the world. This strike was so terrifyingly powerful.

Wu Daozi sighed long and hard, looking slightly sad. However, he quickly returned to normal. He had now transformed into an immortal. Although he had memories of the world, they were no longer deep.

Then, Wu Daozi intercepted the immortal light descending from the sky, condensed it into a fist-sized immortal ball, and threw it at Lin Fan. 

“Thank you for helping me to become an immortal. There is no way to repay this kindness, so I can only repay it with the immortal light. I will definitely thank you again in the future when you ascend to the Immortal Realm.”

Lin Fan put away the immortal light and said, “Senior is so polite. My generation of cultivators pulled out their swords to help each other on the road. Senior has soared to immortality, congratulations.”

Wu Daozi looked deeply at Lin Fan as if his vision had changed after becoming an immortal. 

“Little friend, be careful. You are now in the middle of three disasters and six difficulties. I see the cloud of difficulties enveloping the sky; it is by no means a trivial matter. I hope that little friend can pay more attention to it.”

“I’ll give this token to you, little friend. If you encounter trouble in the future, you can take it and go to Broken Cloud Mountain to seek help from my disciple.”

“I should go now.”

Wu Daozi looked up as the suction of the Immortal Gate became stronger. He was no longer able to resist, then turned into a stream of light into the portal and disappeared without a trace.

The Immortal Gate then closed and also disappeared into thin air.

Lin Fan looked at the firmament. Everything had returned to its original form, except for the residual power of the thunderstorm, which proved that someone here had just made a marauding ascension. The rest was not really visible.

He put the token away. The Broken Cloud Mountain?

It shouldn’t be used for now.

As for that immortal light just now, it was good stuff.

When someone succeeded in tribulation, they would descend from the heavens to condense their immortal body and transform their qi into immortal power. The fact that Wu Daozi was willing to give him some immortal light showed that he hadn’t saved the wrong person.

Mother was right.

Good things came to those who did the right thing.

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