Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 286


“Did he just say that my six difficulties are quite dangerous? No way.” Lin Fan pondered for a moment.

He didn’t feel anything strange, so he didn’t take it to heart. A warrior would stop the enemies, regardless of the monstrous enemies; if they dared to come, they would be destroyed.

Forget it. Why worry about it so much?

After experiencing the tribulation ascension situation he had just witnessed, he found that the becoming immortal tribulation was quite dangerous.

At the same time, the door that appeared at the end was terrifying and emitted astonishing power.

It was the power of the immortal.

After Lin Fan had left the place for a while, a group of people appeared here. They looked gloomy and were happy when they discovered that there was thunder in the place, but at the same time, they didn’t see Wu Daozi’s corpse.

They were true, relieved. It seemed that this was a successful tribulation, and Wu Daozi had already ascended to the Immortal Realm.


Several days later.

As Lin Fan walked the world, he attacked and encountered many things along the way. However, thinking about the six difficulties, some didn’t come up, and he didn’t bother to pay attention to the strange things that happened.


Suddenly, he noticed that something was wrong in the firmament. The originally cloudless, turquoise sky was transmitting an unusual atmosphere.

“This feels as if it’s a tribulation.”

“But I’m not a True Stage cultivator; what the heck is going on?”

Lin Fan was strangely confused. He talked to himself, feeling like there was something wrong somewhere.


It was then that he noticed something odd; the Golden Gourd was vibrating.


Why was the Golden Gourd vibrating?

It occurred to him one thing. Some time ago, when he helped Wu Daozi to survive the becoming immortal tribulation, the last thunder tribulation was absorbed into the gourd. It was reasonable to say that even if it had been absorbed into the Golden Gourd for such a long time, it should still have to be refined.

Only when he took out the Golden Gourd, he discovered that it wasn’t what he thought it would be.

The lightning tribulation within the Golden Gourd had not dissipated, as if it had formed some sort of connection with the firmament.


The thunder tribulation within the gourd resounded. At the same time, it was drawn from the firmament, targeting Lin Fan.


“The situation is not good.”

Lin Fan released the lightning tribulation that was sucked inside the gourd, then disappeared towards the distance.

As he looked back, he found that the thunder falling from the firmament had turned into a thunder dragon sweeping down.

It was so fast that it seemed to have surpassed the beam of light, snapping and directly covering Lin Fan without damaging the dao artifact or damaging any treasures.

It directly bombarded Lin Fan’s flesh.


“Damn, this is crazy.”

Lin Fan roared and put away the Golden Gourd. His ten fingers clenched, and muscles expanded.

The strength of the Ancestral Dragon’s Body was unparalleled in the world, directly resisting this thunderstorm.

“Worthy of being the supreme body mystic art of the Heavenly Dragon Clan; it’s just tyrannical.”

He was much more comfortable; the thunder wasn’t hurting him much. If he hadn’t cultivated his Ancestral Dragon’s Body, then something wrong might have happened.

Perhaps as if the firmament knew that the power of the thunder couldn’t harm Lin Fan, steeply, even more, terrifying thunder crashed down and slammed into him.


Lin Fan’s face changed dramatically, and he suddenly realized that this thunder was mighty. It wasn’t much weaker than the last thunder of Wu Daozi’s Immortal Tribulation.


Lin Fan spurted out a mouthful of blood. The Sacred Beast Robe didn’t even resist; it was as if they didn’t sense it.


An explosion sounded.

The world shook violently, while Lin Fan was subjected to the impact. His soul shook, his consciousness plunged into darkness, and his entire body flew away into the distance before disappearing into the world.

This was a situation that had never happened to him before.

At least since he had been cultivating, he had never thought of a day when he would let himself fall into this kind of situation because of an inexplicable lightning tribulation.



A white fox with pure white fur and bright eyes was carefully hiding in the grass. She gazed at the scorched black figure in the distance, her eyes spinning as if it possessed a spirit.

After a long time, the white fox cautiously approached Lin Fan, slowly dropping down each time she lifted its foot. If there were any movement, she would retreat at the first opportunity.

The white fox soon arrived in front of the body; her eyes were confused, having never seen a black human before. She thought that the person was dead, but he was still breathing as if he was still alive.

The white fox then quickly left and ran inside the bushes; a clattering sound was heard and then disappeared.

And when she appeared again, the white fox held a huge lotus leaf in her front paws. There was water in it.

As it moved around, the water rippled in the leaf. The white fox looked at the water in the leaf, swinging left and right. Just in case it all overflowed, she walked in a strange position.

The white fox soon came to the body and poured the water from the lotus leaf into the body’s lips.

When she saw the body drinking the water, the white fox smiled happily, and yes, it was the white fox type of smile.



The wind was cold.

The white fox found many leaves from the bushes and spread them over the body, covering it very thickly.

Then she lay down on top of the body, covered with leaves, closed her eyes, and fell asleep in peace.

The charred body changed. The flesh had light turning, the skin became smooth and delicate, and the charred horns fell off. It was a situation where the flesh was strong enough to repair itself.


Early morning.

Lin Fan fiercely opened his eyes, looking terrified. He never thought he would encounter such a thing.

The Sacred Beast Robe didn’t resist; even the Ancestor Dragon’s Body, which was cultivated to its highest level, could not resist.

‘Oh, God.’

‘I didn’t do anything to deserve the wrath of the heavens. Why should I be subjected to such a thunderbolt punishment?’

‘Could it be that they were envious of my handsome face?’

The movement of getting up was a bit loud, making the leaves on his body clattered down. The white fox woke up and quickly backed up, keeping a distance from Lin Fan. She was wary of the body suddenly waking up.

“What happened?”

Lin Fan looked down at the ground. There were many leaves, and there was a white fox in the distance.

At the same time, his chest eased. Could it be that the white fox had nested him during the time he was unconscious?

There were also quite a few droplets of water on that lotus leaf.

When he thought about it, he realized what was going on.

“Fox, thanks for taking care of me. I won’t hurt you; go ahead.” Lin Fan smiled.

He was a bit dizzy and still hadn’t figured out exactly what had happened.

Even if it was the six difficulties, there was no need for this.

It always felt as if this series of encounters were intentional. It was impossible to hurt him artificially with his cultivation, and the heavens’ means were quite mysterious.

It was true that he couldn’t fight against the heavens with his current strength, but he was just an ordinary honest man among the crowd, so why did he need to be treated this way?

Lin Fan walked towards the distance.

The white fox stood in the same place, watching the departing figure, then stepped forward to follow him.


On top of the mountain.

Lin Fan looked towards the distance. There was a village over there. It was rare for ordinary villages to appear in the cultivation realm.

The feeling of the underworld was locked in there.

Only when he got there, he might know what was going on.


The entrance of the village.

When Lin Fan entered the village, he saw many villagers carrying farming tools and many children playing. Those villagers were surprised when they saw Lin Fan.

It had been a long time since they had encountered an outsider here.

Soon, an old man who appeared to be the village chief or someone with great respect in the village approached. When there were strange visitors in the village, this type of old man welcomed them.

Lin Fan told the village chief that he was passing by here in his free travels and saw the beautiful scenery, so he wanted to stay here for a while and chose the hill in the distance.

The old man couldn’t figure out Lin Fan’s history. However, seeing that Lin Fan didn’t look like an evil person, he didn’t refuse.

Then he personally took Lin Fan to that hillside, where there was a wooden hut that just happened to be a temporary residence.

The meditative kind of feeling was there.

Lin Fan would like to see what kind of tribulation he could get. Was that so much to overcome six difficulties?

With a smile on his face, the old man let Lin Fan live there and then returned to the village. He warned all the villagers never to disturb the young man on the hill’s slope if nothing happened.

Although it was unknown who that young man was, the old man always felt that this person was not an ordinary person. He wasn’t someone that they, the mountain villagers, could mess with.


Lin Fan stayed inside and sat cross-legged, having nothing to continue refining the immortal treasure.

He would like to see what difficulty he could get as the sense of the world and heavens was here.

He had no inner turmoil and wasn’t panicking in the slightest.

He even wanted to laugh.

‘I dare you to continue to strike me with lightning.’


The next day, early morning.

A white fox was carefully leaning outside the courtyard, gazing towards the courtyard.

Lin Fan didn’t care about this fox.

He would not kill this white fox because it was still quite helpful to him.


Another few days later.

Every day this white fox would appear outside the courtyard.

On this day, Lin Fan left the house.

He walked to the courtyard, looked at the white fox, and said, “Little thing, I’m in trouble here. Aren’t you afraid of the danger if you keep appearing here? You should run away.”

The white fox seemed to understand Lin Fan’s words, but it didn’t run away. Instead, it remained standing outside the courtyard, just looking at Lin Fan.

Lin Fan looked at the white fox. He had killed countless demons and demon cultivators, so it was reasonable to say that he should carry a scent of his own. However, instead of being afraid, this white fox was often here.

“Don’t you understand my words, little thing? Even if you haven’t transformed, you can at least understand human speech. It seems like you’re really not afraid. If you’re bored, you can come in and play with me instead.”

Lin Fan had no idea what to do, but seeing this white fox appear outside the courtyard, he didn’t think much of it.

Idle was idle, and it would be nice to have the company of such a beautiful white fox.

The white fox ran off towards the distance and quickly disappeared without a trace. Lin Fan shook his head. He didn’t even know what was going on with this white fox.

When he looked at this white fox’s information, he found that this white fox’s cultivation wasn’t very good, but the bloodline was somewhat interesting.

The Nine Tails of Blood Phoenix.

He had never seen this kind of bloodline before.

However, it was normal for some special bloodline to appear with so many things in the world.

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