Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 287


Not long after.

Just as Lin Fan was about to return to the house, the white fox appeared again with a pheasant in his mouth. It tiptoed into the courtyard and then placed the pheasant on the ground.

When loosened by the white fox, the seemingly dead pheasant suddenly sprang to life and ran towards the outside of the courtyard.

The white fox was shocked by the pheasant’s movement. It then swooped up and landed a set of combined punches, beating the pheasant to death and lying motionless on the ground.

“Hahahahaha…” Lin Fan laughed.

From the way it moved just now, he realized that it was a female white fox. If it were a male white fox, it would have already bitten off the pheasant’s neck.

His laughter scared the white fox. The white fox timidly took a step backward and carefully looked at Lin Fan.

Lin Fan rolled his eyes. Damn it, he actually found that the white fox looked at him with watery eyes like a beautiful woman.


What the hell was wrong with me?

Even if you were hungry and thirsty, you couldn’t possibly think that a white fox had watery eyes.

“You’re a bit of an interesting white fox. Well, if you have nothing else to do, I’ll let you see my handiwork.”

Lin Fan grabbed the pheasant with his hand. He de-feathered it, removed some of its internal organs, and carefully cleaned it. He then set up a fire to prepare a roasted pheasant.

He brought his seasonings, all from the Greatest Martial Sect. Just in case when he was outside and wanted to eat something, he could express the deliciousness perfectly because of the seasonings.

Gradually, the aroma was emitted.

The white fox, who was still somewhat wary of Lin Fan, ultimately left Lin Fan behind. It stared at the pheasant roasting on the fire instead, wanting to reach out and grab it.

“Don’t be in such a hurry. It’s not ready.” Lin Fan said.

The white fox must have understood Lin Fan’s words and just sat there silently, waiting for the food.

It didn’t take long.

Lin Fan smiled, “It’s finally done; you can eat now.”

The white fox was delighted, and its eyes grew brighter. It sat next to Lin Fan and ate the pheasant leg.

The white fox also completely let go of its last guard against Lin Fan because of the food.


Several days later.

The white fox and Lin Fan’s relationship was quite friendly as if it was Lin Fan’s pets.

Some of the children in the mountain village were mischievous and didn’t listen to the adults. From time to time, they would sneak towards the slope of the mountain to see Lin Fan, who had only been in the village for a short time, and the beautiful white fox.

For children, they had never seen such a beautiful white fox before.

Not to mention, it was living so friendly with people.


At Night.

When Lin Fan went to sleep, the white fox lay on the side, sometimes quietly sleeping on Lin Fan’s body.

Because it was a rather leisurely time, it made Lin Fan somewhat not take the difficulty to heart.

Usually, the white fox would go out to catch a pheasant and return.

For Lin Fan, eating a pheasant every day would make him want to vomit, but for the white fox, it’s as if she couldn’t get enough of it.

Lin Fan was quite helpless, ‘Was the pheasant really that good?’


One day.

A hundred miles away from the village, an old monk traveled on foot, seemingly at a slow pace. However, in the blink of an eye, the figure appeared in a distant place.

Not long after, this old monk appeared around the village. He looked up, sensing his surroundings, vaguely as if he felt something. With a flip of his palm, the golden mantle appeared in his palm.

“There’s the scent of a demon.”

“It’s a misfortune.”

Soon, there was a group of children playing. When they saw this old monk, they didn’t dare to make a fuss but said, “Master, how did you appear here?”

The old monk had a kind face and a smile on his lips.

“Fellow junior, I wonder if you have encountered any demons recently, such as strange things.”

When he appeared here, he felt something.

After sitting quietly for a day to comprehend the Buddha’s teachings, all of a sudden, his meditative heart was vibrating.

His gaze looked away as if the heavens were pulling him, informing him that there were demons in the distance that needed to be removed. Otherwise, else they would bring trouble to the world.

The children looked at the old monk in confusion.

Then a child said, “I saw a big brother come to our village with a white fox. That fox is gorgeous.”

When the old monk heard that, he did understand something. It was the white fox and the young man.

“Thank you for telling me, fellow junior.”

He then traveled towards the front. It was so fast, making the children rubbed their eyes. The Master who was just in front of them disappeared all of a sudden, but when he reappeared, he was already in the distance.  

“Wow ……”

For the children, the scene was so magical that they all screamed in awe.


The mountain hill, inside the courtyard.

Lin Fan lay there waiting leisurely. Everything had been peaceful for a long time, which was a bit disappointing. However, the idyllic life was quite good and could make him feel at ease.

Suddenly, a voice was transmitted from afar.

“Evil bastard, where do you escape?”

A golden light blossomed, and radiant bergamot descended from the sky. The target was clearly the white fox with a pheasant in its mouth.

The white fox ran towards the courtyard in fear.

Lin Fan frowned and performed the Innate One-Shot Great Escapement, catching the White Fox over while shattering the opponent’s bergamot.

The white fox was held in Lin Fan’s arms, trembling. The scene she had just witnessed was so terrifying that she was on the verge of fainting.

“I wonder what this old monk means by attacking my friend?” Lin Fan stroked the white fox’s fur and looked at the old monk in the distance.

This white fox had been with him for some time, so it was a friend of his.

The old monk looked at Lin Fan, clasped his hands together, and mouthed the Buddha’s name, “Fellow young man, this demon cannot stay. Otherwise, it will not be beneficial to all things in the world.”

Lin Fan laughed, “Can it affect everything in the world? This is a bit of an exaggeration. It’s not even capable of transforming into a demon, but you’re saying it so seriously. Master, you’re overstating it.”

“Fellow young man, this poor monk has been cultivating intensely and recently felt the existence of this demon, not far from ten thousand miles to this place. So, I came here to get rid of the demon. Upon looking at your qi, your cultivation is not weak; you should be able to understand the difference of this demon.” The old monk said.

Lin Fan said, “Master is overly concerned. There is no demon you need to get rid of here. Please leave, Master. I’m staying here with my friend; it’s quite leisurely, so please don’t disturb.”

At this point, the white fox was terrified and looked at the old monk.

The old monk’s qi was very high—especially the golden eyes, which were very intimidating.

The old monk was quite helpless when he saw Lin Fan’s stubbornness, “Since this fellow young man is so stubborn, this poor monk is offended.”

As he said that, Lin Fan saw the old monk’s robe bulge and rise in anger, and a golden scripture was wrapping around his body.


The old monk’s sleeve robe was thrown, and his cuffs opened. The golden scriptures roared out like a Golden Heavenly Dragon, sweeping towards the white fox.

Lin Fan frowned, somewhat dissatisfied with the old monk’s actions. The monk’s cultivation was indeed profound, but he wasn’t a True Stage cultivator, so Lin Fan didn’t need to use a heavy hand to deal with this old monk.

Otherwise, a single palm strike could kill the old monk.

Lin Fan slapped his palm and his qi boiled. The Buddhist Heavenly Dragon instantly shattered, while the terrifying aftershocks ran through, directly knocking the old monk.

“Master, I’ve made it clear. She’s my friend and just a white fox that can’t even transform. I don’t want to do anything to you, so you should leave.”

The old monk was horrified with blood spilling out of the corner of his mouth. However, even so, he still didn’t stop there.

Instead, he cast the golden mortar, which floated in the world, and a golden light shone towards Lin Fan.

The old monk chanted the scriptures.

The sound roared incessantly as if it was transmitted from all directions.

To a powerful people, the scriptures recited by the old monk were like mosquitoes buzzing in their ears. Still, to ordinary people, the scriptures had great power.

“You monk, I’ve talked nicely to you, and you didn’t listen. You had to force me to fight you, which is a bit too much of a bully.”

Lin Fan exerted his mystic art. His giant palm grabbed towards the golden mortar; his five fingers enveloped and grasped the golden mortar in the old monk’s hand.

His strong qi squeezed the golden mortar, and with a clatter, the treasure directly shattered.


The old monk once again vomited blood. His eyes looked horrified, and at the same time said with pain, “You have destroyed my precious treasure, and even colluded with the demons. This poor immortal is kind enough to ferry you, but you have treated me like this.”

“There is a continuous cycle of karma in the world. It is difficult for an immortal to escape the misfortune.”

After saying this, the old monk turned into a golden light and disappeared far away.

He wasn’t Lin Fan’s opponent. Lin Fan even broke his treasure. Under normal circumstances, this old monk was afraid that he might not make it if he didn’t give up.

“I feel like there’s something wrong with him.” Lin Fan was quite unhappy.

Then he looked at the white fox in his arms and realized something if he thought of it.

Could it be that this white fox is my difficulty?

The doom of the six difficulties.

However, he couldn’t even think of how this white fox could be his difficulty.

Was it really his difficulty?

Stop kidding.

A white fox that couldn’t even transform. You were fucking kidding me.

The white fox found Lin Fan looking at her, so she lifted her head and looked at Lin Fan with watery eyes.

Why would a Buddhist monk come here?

His whereabouts should be unknown to anyone.

This wasn’t a place of strife, just a place where the mountain villagers lived in peace.

Could it be…

He thought of a possibility.

Heaven was the hand behind the scenes, controlling everything that happened. The old monk was here because the heavens were behind it.


That was quite a possibility.

“What are you looking at? My difficulty is coming, but I’m dodging it for you. That means there’s a karmic connection between us. It’s mysterious, really mysterious.”

Lin Fan smiled. He wanted to leave this place. Since the difficulty had come, would it still be a problem if he dodged it?

However, that feeling in his unconsciousness was still present. Which meant he had to be here waiting.

It was only strange.

Why was heaven treating him so well?

Could it be because he was so handsome?

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