Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 288


The villagers had just seen a golden light shining on a distant hillside.

It was a fight between the immortals.

They were so frightened that they hid in their houses and didn’t dare to come out. The power of the immortals was not something they could imagine.

They were just ordinary mortals; if they offended the immortals, there would be endless trouble.

Moreover, what if they angered the immortals and implicated the village?


Great Thunder Sound Heavenly Dragon Treasure Temple.

This place was sacred and solemn, with countless Buddhist bone stupas erected around it. At the top of each stupa, a golden, Buddhist charm emitting relic was enshrined.

In the dark.

These relics were connected, forming a powerful Buddhist domain enveloping all directions. At the same time, there was yellow qi from all sides of the world, invisible to the naked eye, pouring into that magnificent building.

These were the incenses.

When a mortal burns incense and prays devoutly to the Buddha in the mortal temples, the incense will be passed on.

While at the paths of immortals, demon cultivator, and demons needed none of this. Only the Buddhists would perform such techniques and use the value of mortals to the utmost.

This didn’t require too much work by the Buddhist monks, who only needed incense to cultivate, refine elixir, alchemy, and condense the Buddha’s qi.

As opposed to the mortal temples, who collected incense money, each took what they needed and did their best.

At this time, a figure appeared.

This was the old monk who fought with Lin Fan but didn’t have an advantage at Lin Fan’s hands and could only return in ashes.


Inside the Buddha Temple.

The old monk looked content, but inside, he was angry. An older monk sat on the futon in front of him, knocking on a wooden fish.

The thumping sound transmitted, and then it turned into a surge of Buddha power flowing into the injured old monk’s body.

“Jingshan, who injured you?” The older monk asked slowly.

Jingshan said, “An immortal who conspired with a demon. This demon has not yet become a demon, but it is quite extraordinary. Allowing it to develop will cause a great calamity in the world. It’s just I didn’t expect that immortal to be so profound that I was no match, and even the golden mantle was shattered.”

The older monk looked unchanged, but inside, he was amazed, and the hand knocking the wooden fish slowly stopped.

Although the golden mantle wasn’t a rare treasure, it was an inferior dao artifact that had been washed by the Buddha’s incense. To be able to destroy that dao artifact, that person’s strength must be quite remarkable.

“Heaven Guidance, it must be a great event. It can’t be underestimated.”

“Jingde, Jingyu, you go with Jingshan to eliminate that demon and bring that immortal back. Compelled by demons, his heart is bound to be crippled and contain demonic barriers. Allowing it to develop, he will surely fall into the demonic path. Buddha is merciful and wishes to protect the world with a good heart.” The older monk said.

“Yes.” The two monks echoed.

Jingshan was relieved. If the two senior brothers went with him, they would definitely be able to get rid of the demons and take down the immortal simultaneously.

After all, the two senior brothers were four hundred years ahead of him in their cultivation. Their strength was unfathomable.

“Thank you, senior brothers,” Jingshan said.

The two monks nodded and said, “Junior brother, please lead the way.”


“Senior immortal, are you an immortal?” The children in the village gathered around Lin Fan, watching curiously. They weren’t like the adults who had a fear of Lin Fan.

At the same time, he also found this to be the reason why. If the villagers were fearful of him, they must have seen the last time he fought with the old monk.

Lin Fan hugged the white fox and smiled, “Since you all have already called me the senior immortal, what do you think?”

A group of children chirped up. Although they were mountain village children, they were all chubby and just a little dusty.

“I told you, he’s definitely a senior immortal, and you still don’t believe me.”

A fat kid at the head of the group, tied with a cupola, said proudly.

As if he was right, he looked so proud of himself.

Lin Fan touched the white fox, looking at this group of children and smiled. Whether he was an immortal cultivator or immortal, he was now an immortal who simply cultivated. However, becoming an immortal was fast, and according to the current progress, it wouldn’t take long.

The old man who greeted Lin Fan last time was standing in the distance watching Lin Fan. He had seen the scene from the previous period with his eyes.

Lin Fan walked up to the old man and said, “Don’t worry old man, I don’t have any malice towards you. Instead, I follow Heaven. I have difficulty here, so I will temporarily stay on the hillside to survive the difficulty. I will never do anything to the common people.”

The old man’s face was full of wrinkles. For an old man of this age, death was long gone. The only thing he cared about was the people and things around him.

“Then, may I ask the senior immortal if it will have an impact on us?”

Lin Fan said, “No. The difficulty is only related to me and will not involve anyone. Since you’re willing to lend the hillside huts temporarily, I will give help to the mountain village after the successful difficulty to ensure that this village will be peaceful and prosperous for generations to come.”

“Thank you, senior immortal.” The old man said, at ease.

Afterward, Lin Fan brought the white fox back to the hut courtyard.

He could now deeply feel that feeling between the world and the heavens. The unconsciousness had its destiny, and the feeling of being controlled when the heavens were influencing was very unpleasant.

This was where the difficulty came in.

Whether you resisted or avoided, the difficulty would not change. Instead, it would change with you.

It was not scientific.

If the heavens pulled any difficulty, it would be extremely hectic.

Well, he didn’t want these complicated things.

“Little white fox, don’t you cultivate or not? Aren’t you in a hurry to transform? Your bloodline is magical, and I’ve never seen a demon with such a bloodline.” Lin Fan stroked the white fox’s fur, smooth and delicate as if he was touching a woman’s body.

The white fox squinted and enjoyed lying in Lin Fan’s arms, relaxed and leisurely.

Lin Fan knew that the white fox was one of his difficulties. So, of course, he wanted to see what kind of difficulty he could haul in.


Several days later.

Lin Fan stayed in the house to cultivate, and the white fox was lying on the side, taking a nap.

Suddenly, just like mosquitoes buzzing, scriptures were transmitted from afar, ringing in his ears.

When the white fox heard these scriptures, her fur exploded as if she was frightened. However, under Lin Fan’s reassurance, the white fox tamed down.

“Is it coming?”

Lin Fan pushed out the door with the white fox. Although he hadn’t seen those figures yet, he could feel the three qi coming from afar.

Maybe there would be a battle later. Hence, just in case, he casually laid out a formation to isolate the village.

Once they made a move, a radius of a thousand miles would be affected. So in case they did, he could just lead it elsewhere.

Soon, three figures appeared in the sky above the hut. One of them was clearly the old monk who had been defeated by Lin Fan. However, this old monk was now standing behind the other two monks.

As expected, these two monks were both True Stage cultivator, much more powerful than the one before.

“What is the matter that the three masters have come from afar?” Lin Fan asked.

Jingshan pointed at the white fox in Lin Fan’s arms and said, “Senior brothers, that is the demon that needs to be eliminated.”

The two monks didn’t reply to Lin Fan’s words but looked at the white fox. Suddenly, the two of them had dazzling Buddhist light shining in their eyes, as if they were trying to see through the white fox.

The white fox felt two terrifying gazes and cowered fearfully in Lin Fan’s arms, while Lin Fan waved his hand to stop the two gazes.

“Hey! Two old monks, I was polite enough to you, don’t go too far. I’m asking you what your business is.” Lin Fan asked.

He was a bit confused.

Is it a difficulty?

Why would it have something to do with the Buddhist sect?

It looked as if this Buddhist monk wouldn’t be in a good mood until he got rid of the white fox.

“This cultivator, the white fox in your bosom, is indeed the original source of disaster. I hope that this fellow cultivator will know how to return when he gets lost. Do not get involved and give the white fox to us.” Jingde slowly said.

Lin Fan smiled, “Interesting. A few days ago, that one also said the same thing. However, you guys just overthink and too strict. All of you are immortal people, and I don’t want to have a conflict with you; you should go back to where you came from.”

“Oh, you’re also an immortal. Then why are you entangled with demons. I wonder what kind of disciple are you?” Jingde asked.

Lin Fan’s mind turned, but he didn’t reveal his sect. He felt that things weren’t simple matters.

Instead, it was as if Jingshan recognized Lin Fan, “Senior brother, I know who he is. He’s a disciple of the Greatest Martial Sect, Lin Fan, who was once chased by the two powerful Demon Sect.”

“So he’s a disciple of Greatest Martial Sect. Since he’s a disciple of a great immortal sect, of course, he should know that demons can’t stay. If Master Bai knew, I’m afraid he might not be able to handle the situation.” Jingde said.

Lin Fan didn’t expect the two powerful Demon Sect to give him a chase order that had such a huge impact.

The Buddhists were even fucking aware of it.

“Hahaha, interesting. I, Lin Fan, say that she is my friend, but the three of you say that she is a scourge. It would be best if the three of you leave. I will bring her back to the Greatest Martial Sect. I’m sure there will be no problem.” Lin Fan said.

On the other side, Jingshan said, “Senior brother, I see that this disciple is compelled by a demon and has a demonic mind. The only way to save him back is to take him down and wash him with the vast and solemn Dharma.”

“Even if the Greatest Martial Sect knows, they will definitely thank us.”

There was anger in Jingshan’s heart. Lin Fan broke his Buddha treasure, so how could he let Lin Fan leave?

Instead, he spoke out to suppress Lin Fan. With the two senior brothers here, there would certainly be no problem.

Jingde and Jingye looked at each other, and both nodded in agreement, “In that case, I hope you are not to blame for the offense.”

Lin Fan extended his hand to stop them, “There is a village here; since you are a Buddhist monk, you should have compassion. If you want to fight, let’s go somewhere else.”

He didn’t expect the three old monks wanted to attack him.

Although he could suppress them, there would always be fallout once they engaged in a fight.

At the same time, they thought that fortunately, being a Buddhist monk, they should know the consequences of killing innocents indiscriminately. So it would be acceptable to move somewhere else to play slowly.

Jingde and Jingyu didn’t say much.

However, Jingshan didn’t think so and shouted, “Senior brothers, don’t fall for his trick. There is a demon here; how can ordinary people still be alive? It must be a demon; let this junior brother purify this place with the Buddha’s light.”

After saying that, Jingshan made his move, and the target was indeed that village.



“Stop it!”

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