Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 289


Lin Fan shouted to stop them, not wanting to implicate ordinary people.

He found that there was something wrong with this old monk called Jingshan. Could it be that he started to go sheepish just because he broke the Buddha’s treasure?

On the other hand, Jingde and Jingyu were trying to stop their junior brother.

“Senior brothers, why are you stopping me?” Jingshen asked.

He hated Lin Fan a lot; that broken golden mantle was essential to him. Even though it was only an inferior dao artifact, it was a Buddhist treasure used by a high monk in ancient times. It was precious even though it was only an inferior dao artifact for some reason.

“Brother, you’re in a demonic barrier. The people in that village are just ordinary mortals. Are you trying to kill people?” Jingde looked at his junior brother, feeling that something was wrong with him.

How could he not see that the people in that village were all ordinary mortals with their cultivation?

Lin Fan was relieved. If the opponent had really attacked just now, he would have definitely killed them in one strike.

Fortunately, his two senior brothers were considered to be understanding people and stopped them in time.

However, looking at the current situation, they shouldn’t stay here for long. The possibility of things that could be wrong was high.

“If you guys want to have a good talk with me, let’s move to another place.”

Lin Fan led the white fox towards the distance. He knew that the white fox’s bloodline was somewhat special, but it was a bit baffling that these three Buddhist monks appeared here before it had grown up.

It seemed that the so-called difficulty was also so peculiar.

Things that would never happen in the past could happen under the difficulty.

“Don’t try to run.” Jingshan saw Lin Fan retreating towards the distance and chased after him with an angry shout.

Jingye said, “Senior brother, I feel as if our junior brother has some demons and a somewhat unstable Buddha heart. He must have encountered something. When this matter is over, I think it is necessary to send our junior brother to the Ancient Buddha Temple to condense his Buddha’s heart.”

Mm.” Jingde nodded; he also felt a hint of a problem. 

At this time, Jingshan looked at Lin Fan, who was in front of him. His eyes were flickering with anger.

Suddenly, a voice was heard, “Senior immortal….”

A little fatty with a cupola hairstyle saw Lin Fan flying in the sky and shouted. He was carrying a basket with some herbs on his back.

Lin Fan saw that little fatty and was surprised. How could he appear in this place? This place was already far away from the village; it was reasonable to say that a child shouldn’t be here.

Right at this moment, a pure Buddhist light was transmitted from behind.


Jingshan condensed his qi and slapped his palm. The golden light of the Buddha’s palm pressed down on Lin Fan, while the terrifying shockwave also spread out in all directions.

The little fatty who stayed below, screaming as if he was in a storm. His body was shaking; he couldn’t even stand on his feet anymore.

“Senior brothers, this person has entered the demonic barrier and wants to escape this place. Do not let him leave!! We need to suppress this demon.” Jingshan said furiously.

The two old monks, Jingde and Jingyu, were getting confused. They agreed with Lin Fan’s request and didn’t want anything to happen to do the village.

Although they were now far away from the village, there’s a child below, a mortal villager.

Something’s really wrong with their junior brother.

What kind of demon barrier had their junior brother entered? How could he ignore this and put a child in danger?

Lin Fan was shocked, not expecting Jingshan to strike directly and putting a child in danger. He angrily said, “Old monk, you are not worthy of being a Buddhist monk.” 

He condensed God Spear and struck furiously. With a swoosh, the spear went through the world and instantly shattered the blossoming Buddha Palm.

It wasn’t ending there but attacked Jingshan with a terrifying force. 

“Junior brother, be careful.”

“Junior brother….”

They felt the power of that spear. The power was terrifying, and with the strength of their junior brother, he might not be able to stop it.

When Jingshan felt the power transmitted by that spear, his face instantly changed, bloodless and pale.


The spear pierced through Jingshan’s body, breaking open the blood hole, while the power of Hell Origin shook his soul and directly shattered it.

Jingshan incredulously lowered his head, looked at the blood hole in his chest, and then looked up at Lin Fan. 


Perhaps for him, he never thought that Lin Fan would dare to strike and kill him.

“Junior brother…”

Jingde and Jingye obviously didn’t think that the opponent would actually behead their junior brother. They then looked at Lin Fan, “Disciple, your ways are a bit too ruthless.”

Lin Fan said coldly, “Compared to his way; I’m not even close.”

He had no regrets for killing Jingshan and knew that this was the difficulty. There was no avoiding it; he could only face it bravely. He was not afraid of any difficulty. 

The two senior monks supported their junior brother’s body. Elixirs were stuffed into his mouths, and qi was instilled to sustain their brother’s life, but these were useless.

“Senior brother, please take revenge for me…”

After Jingshan said these words, his breath was gone, and the qi in his body gradually dissipated.

“How could this happen? Junior brother wasn’t such a reckless person in the past.” Jingde deplored.

They had been with their junior brother for a long time and had already formed a deep bond of fellowship.

Now that they had witnessed his death in front of them, how could they not be heartbroken?

Then, he looked at Lin Fan and said in an angry voice, “Disciple, even if my junior brother has done something wrong, you can’t do such a cruel thing.”

“Ridiculous. If your junior brother can be cruel, why can’t I be cruel?” Lin Fan said. Then, he looked towards the mountain forest. The little fatty who was just there had disappeared.

Huh? It should be hard for the little fatty to leave there with his ability. What was going on?

Could it be…

Lin Fan thought of a terrifying thing.

At this time, Jingyu was holding the corpse while Jingde was looking at Lin Fan, “Well, in that case, please come with us.”

After saying that, Jingde directly took action. A halo of light appeared behind his head. The Buddha’s golden light shone in the world while someone was chanting scriptures, and the buzzing sounds reached Lin Fan’s ears.

The opponent’s strength was much more powerful than that of Jingshan.

Lin Fan cast the Golden Gourd and ruthlessly struck towards the opponent.

“This is….”

Jingde found that the situation was not good. The power of this treasure was a bit terrifying, instantly shattering his Dharma.

He quickly retreated, looking very serious. His palms trembling slightly as he looked at Lin Fan and his eyes changed.

“Brother, I’ll take him down.”

Jingye was a little anxious when he saw that his brother couldn’t take the opponent down. At the same time, he was more shocked; he knew about his brother’s cultivation; it was powerful and terrifying, but now he couldn’t even take this kid down; it was somewhat frightening. 

“No, let’s go,” Jingye said. He already knew that there was no way they could do anything to their opponent; continuing to stay would just be a waste of time. They might even get into big trouble. 

Jingde didn’t dare to believe it, “Go? Just like that? What about junior brother’s revenge. Junior brother can’t just die in vain.”

“Don’t worry, junior brother’s revenge won’t go unrequited. However, the two of us may not be a match for this opponent.” Jingde said.

Soon, the two old monks left the place with their junior brother’s corpse.

Lin Fan didn’t chase them; they were powerful people of the Buddhist Sect and belonged to the immortal sect. He knew what would happen afterward would become troublesome, but he was ready for it.

How could he be afraid of them if he was a soldier fighting for survival?

The white fox that was held in his arms looked at Lin Fan with open, watery eyes. It was as if some kind of emotion infected it.

“What are you… looking at? What’s happening here now is all related to you.” Lin Fan was helpless. He didn’t w understand why he would clash with a Buddhist monk over a white fox.

He even beheaded an old monk.

The white fox’s head rubbed against Lin Fan’s embrace as if she had discovered that Lin Fan had caused a lot of trouble for her.

Then, Lin Fan took inventory of the drop.

Jingshan’s strength was only in the Void Stage, not a True Stage, and nothing good had fallen out. 

Just one great Buddhist mystic art.

[Ten Thousand Buddha Pilgrimage]

If he could get his hands on Jingshan’s body, he might be able to get something else.


The Village.

Lin Fan saw the little fatty with the punching bag; Lin Fan looked surprised that he had returned.

Something was wrong.

The place where he saw the little fatty was far away from the village; it would take at least a few days for an ordinary mortal to come back. How could he be so fast?

“Little Fatty, have you been staying in the village all this time?” Lin Fan asked.

Little fatty said, “Senior immortal, I’ve been in the village; I haven’t gone anywhere.”

As expected!

Lin Fan found that things weren’t as simple as he thought.

Could it be that Heaven was pulling all the strings?

The little fatty he saw wasn’t really a little fatty, but an illusion made by Heaven for him to deserve the difficulty, to push for the difficulty to happen. 

Oh, that’s kind of interesting.

Crazy, was that necessary? It’s not like I’m some special being that needs to be treated so grandly.

He knew that the difficulty had officially begun.

The first difficulty was just a minor one. The second difficulty was the transition. Now that the transition was over, getting into a conflict with the Buddhist monk wasn’t necessarily going to be that easy and simple.

“Senior immortal, should I go out and take a look?” Little fatty asked.

Lin Fan smiled, “No need. It would be best if you stayed within the village honestly. Other places aren’t very suitable for you.”

He couldn’t see if the little fatty was real or still an illusion. If it was really the work of Heaven, how could he see through it now?

At this point, he could no longer feel his gut feeling.

The difficulty here was over.

It was time to leave this place.

“Old man, the difficulty has ended, and it’s time for me to leave. While I’m leaving, I’ll set up a formation for you here to protect the village from evil spirits, ghosts, and monsters.” Lin Fan said.

The old man thankfully said, “Thank you, senior immortal.”

Lin Fan’s sleeve flung out, and spirit stones were embedded deep underground, forming a large formation to cover the village. There was nothing special about this formation; it was just to protect the village.

Even if a powerful person passed by here, they wouldn’t have any curiosity about this formation.

Lin Fan left the village and returned to the mountain forest, putting the white fox down, “My difficulty started because of you. The next step is for me to face the difficulty on my own. You should leave and return to the mountain forest. I hope that in the future, you can transform into a person and not become a demon.”

The white fox swooshed and arched back into Lin Fan’s embrace. Lin Fan looked down at the white fox. Finding the little creature looking at him with watery eyes again, he sighed.

The difficulty was still attached.

It was hard to avoid it.

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