Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 290


Great Thunder Sound Heavenly Dragon Treasure Temple.

The temple that was initially shrouded in Buddha’s light now had a depressing atmosphere.

In the Buddhist hall, the older monk looked at the disciples placed flat on the ground. Although his face was gratuitous, his heart set off a great deal of turmoil.

“How could something like this happen?” The elder monk asked.

Jingde said with a sorrowful heart, “Junior brother was beheaded by the man who tangled with the white fox. That man is Lin Fan, a disciple of the Greatest Martial Sect. The one who’s given a chase order to be killed by two powerful Demon Sects.”

Jingyu said, “Junior Brother Jingshen suffered murder and disaster. We can’t let it go. We must make the Greatest Martial Sect hand over the murderer.” 

At this time, a group of monks in the Buddhist temple looked at Jingshan, lying flat on his back. The last thing they wanted to see was a disciple of the temple falling outside. Furthermore, it was the doing of a disciple of the Greatest Martial Sect.

This was the thing they could not tolerate the most.

The Great Thunder Sound Heavenly Dragon Treasure Temple had an extremely high status among all the sects.

They controlled mortal beliefs, especially since the sect had an ancient heritage and had more history and roots than any other sect.

The ancient monk mouthed the Buddha’s name, then a Buddhist light emitted from him. The light wrapped around Jingshen’s corpse, and soon, a golden relic floated in the air.

“Settle Jingshen relics. The Great Thunder Sound Heavenly Dragon Treasure Temple has been with the world for thousands of years. Now that the great disaster has started, it’s time to be born. The head of the chapel of Enlightened Buddha will lead you to the Greatest Martial Sect to bring back the person who killed Jingshen.”

The older monk made arrangements.

Their Great Thunder Sound Heavenly Dragon Treasure Temple inherited the Immortal Buddhism.

They normally had no conflicts with the world and unwilling to clash with other sects. It wasn’t that they couldn’t afford to, but everything should be done in harmony.

But now, a Buddhist disciple was killed, so of course, they couldn’t ignore it.

Jingde and Jingyu looked at each other. They knew that the abbot was serious, or else he wouldn’t have let the head of the chapel of Enlightened Buddha out of the mountain.

That head was the most mysterious and profound of all the chapels. At the same time, he was no weaker than the abbot.


Outside one of the meditation rooms, The Great Thunder Sound Heavenly Dragon Treasure Temple.

Jingde respectfully said, “Jingde wishes to see the head of the chapel.” 

Not long after, the meditation room door opened, and a barefoot young man slowly walked out.

This man seemed young, but he exuded an aura that was somewhat difficult to speak of.

The head of the Enlightened Buddha Chapel was the only one in the Great Thunder Sound Heavenly Dragon Treasure Temple who had long hair and a hairstyle like a Buddhist pagoda.

He was wearing a white silk robe with nothing to cover his left shoulder and had a dragon emblem printed.

His appearance was very handsome, and with that temperament, he was even more attractive.

If Lin Fan saw this person, he would definitely sigh, ‘He was so handsome. It was a pity that he was a monk.’

“I already know your intention to come.” The head of the Enlightened Buddha Chapel slowly said, his voice was gentle, giving people a feeling like a spring breeze.

The green grass and flowers around him seemed to have Buddha nature as they all competed to kneel and worship this young man.

Jingde didn’t say much. When he first entered the Buddhist Sect, he had already heard about the head of the chapel of Enlightened Buddha, the legendary existence of the Great Thunder Sound Heavenly Dragon Treasure Temple. 

No one knew his origins or what terrifying level of cultivation he had reached.

No one even knew how long he had existed.

However, what could be known was that he was very, very strong.


Greatest Martial Sect.

The rumor of Lin Fan’s return along with a white fox spread.

A small rumor spread among the disciples that the white fox might be a demon.

The disciples who heard about this were shocked.

How could their senior brother bring the demon back?


The courtyard.

The sect master arrived at the Immortal Destroyer Peak with a cold face. From afar, he saw Lin Fan lying there leisurely, holding a white fox in his arms and resting there with his eyes closed.

“You brat, come over here.”

The expression on the sect master’s face was straightforward. He was unhappy, and it was showing. 

When he heard that Lin Fan had brought a demon back, he was so angry.

Where the hell do you think you are?

This is the Great Immortal Sect, The Greatest Martial Sect. If a disciple of the sect brought a demon back, wouldn’t it be a big joke if his fellow cultivators knew about it?

Lin Fan looked at the sect master and was quite helpless. He put the white fox on the recliner and followed the sect master to another place.

“What do you brat want?” The sect master was dissatisfied as he questioned.

Lin Fan was confused, “Sect master, what does that mean? I don’t quite understand.”

“What else don’t you understand? What’s the origin of that white fox? Why did you bring it back to the sect? Do you know that our sect is a great sect of the immortal that has a good reputation?”

The sect master didn’t pretend to be dignified in front of Lin Fan. He knew it was useless.

Therefore, he was shooting his heart out to tell Lin Fan so that he could have some sense of what he was doing.

“Sect master, I have no problem bringing back a white fox. She’s my friend. Besides, she hasn’t transformed yet, so don’t worry, she’s definitely not a demon.” Lin Fan said.

What else could the sect master say?

There was nothing he could do about it.

‘Ah, this brat always gives me a headache.’


When Lin Fan returned, he saw Huang Jiujiu touching the white fox’s fur.

“Master, this white fox is so cute and beautiful.”

Huang Jiujiu shook Lin Fan’s arm, wishing that her master would give her the white fox to raise.

However, the white fox jumped onto Lin Fan’s shoulder and curled its tail up, wrapping around his neck as if it was wearing a scarf.

While Lin Fan was talking with them, The sect master went to meet Wei You. It looked quite serious.

“Sister, I went to see Lin Fan; it seems like something is not good. What kind of difficulty do you think he has?” 

“…. Something’s not right, especially with the white fox he brought back. Although its cultivation is weak, it’s extraordinary. I think it should be some kind of strange creature.”

The sect master went to find Lin Fan to see what was going on. There were simple and complex cases of the three disasters and six difficulties.

All he could say now was something not quite right about that brat’s three disasters and six difficulties.

Wei You said, “Brother, do you think there’s a problem?”

“It’s hard to say.” The sect master said.


Several days later.

After Lin Fan returned to the Greatest Martial Sect, he didn’t feel any problems or unconscious sensations. Everything returned to its normal state.

He didn’t panic at all about the difficulty coming.

As long as it came, then he would have a way to deal with it.


Today, The Great Thunder Sound Heavenly Dragon Treasure Temple’s people came.

In the sky above the sect, both Wei You and the Sect Master sensed this familiar but long-awaited qi.

“Sister, that is the qi of the Great Thunder Sound Heavenly Dragon Treasure Temple. How could they appear here? This is the Greatest Martial Sect.”

Wei You looked grave and said, “I don’t know. Only when they arrive will we know what is going on.”

Soon, Buddha light was transmitted from afar. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be Buddha light paved into a golden avenue. A barefoot young monk came step by step, followed by two old monks.

But this barefoot young monk was eye-catching.

“It’s him ……”

Wei You looked at the young-looking monk, already knew who it was, and looked serious. The visitor was extraordinary; it definitely couldn’t be a trivial matter.

If it really was a trivial matter.

Then, this person wouldn’t have come here.

The head priest smiled and said, “It is the arrival of the three monks of the Great Thunder Sound Heavenly Dragon Treasure Temple.”

The head of the Enlightened Buddha Chapel clasped his hands together and said, “Sect Master Bai, Master Wei, I haven’t seen you for hundreds of years.”

“Head Priest Yun, I wonder what brings you to the Greatest Martial Sect?” Wei You asked. She had a bad feeling in her heart, and somehow she’s sure it’s related to Lin Fan.

Head Priest Yun said, “If Sect Master Bai and Master Wei don’t mind, why don’t we sit down and let’s have a talk?”

“Yes, please.” The sect master smiled.

The two old monks who followed behind Head Priest Yun didn’t say a word. When the Head Priest stepped forward, all matters were naturally decided by the Head Priest. They were just witnesses who recounted the situation at the time.


The courtyard.

Lin Fan looked into the distance. There was a dazzling golden light, which he had seen and muttered in his heart.

“They really come this fast?”

He had only been back for a short while.

He had killed the opponent, and it wasn’t good. Forget it; let’s just sit and wait for things to progress.

Just at this moment, the sense of difficulty in his unconsciousness came again.

He knew it was about to start again.

Tch, Fuck.

Were the so-called three difficulties really this pitiful?


The Great Hall.


When the sect master heard that Lin Fan had beheaded a monk of the Great Thunder Sound Heavenly Dragon Treasure Temple, he blurted his disbelief. Even his face turned ugly.

Jingde said, “Sect Master Bai, we witnessed this incident with our own eyes. It shouldn’t be false that he possesses a gourd treasure.”

Lin Fan’s possession of a gourd treasure was something they all knew about. In fact, the sect master knew that the opponent wasn’t lying to them.

However, deep down, he still couldn’t believe it. After all, there were too many implications.

“Could there be any misunderstanding about things?” The sect master asked.

Jingde said, “There is no misunderstanding. That white fox is a demon. What my junior brother does was eliminating demon. He wanted to eliminate that demon when he met Lin Fan. Still, I never thought that your disciple would behead my junior brother to protect the demon.” 

“The Greatest Martial Sect is a great sect of the immortal; how can they mingle with demons?”

The sect master had seen that white fox, but he didn’t know what to do now. So he could only look at his senior sister.

The Great Thunder Sound Heavenly Dragon Treasure Temple was a considerable force that could not be offended at will.

With the current situation that the Greatest Martial Sect had developed to this point, they had befriended many factions and never offended any of them.

Wei You said indifferently, “Head Priest Yun, that disciple is my son. What does your Great Thunder Sound Heavenly Dragon Treasure Temple want to do?”

Head Priest Yun was expressionless, then slowly said, “Since he is the son of Master Wei, then naturally the young disciple can’t be disregarded. Master Wei, let us give a hint of help to the young disciple.”

“Well, since that’s the case.”

“Master Lin will hand over the white fox to us while he only needs to copy the Past Life Sutra three times on behalf of our dead disciple. I wonder if Master Wei agrees.”

Head Priest Yun knew one thing. His disciple was already dead, and no matter what they did, they couldn’t undo it.

Everything started because of the white fox.

It should be ended with the white fox.

“Yes, thank you, Head Priest Yun.”

Wei You agreed with the others, but she was worried. Others didn’t know Lin Fan’s temper, but she did.

If he had something that was determined once, even ten oxen might not be able to hold him back.

Master Bai didn’t expect that brat to behead one of the Great Thunder Sound Heavenly Dragon Treasure Temple monks.

He was so brave.

-or foolish.

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