Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 291


Inside the courtyard.

Lin Fan heard Wei You’s voice, which was asking him to come over.

He got up and lightly patted Huang Juijui’s head, “Jiujiu, while I’m away, you cultivate well, okay?”

“Are you going out again, Master? You’re out so often and didn’t stay long when you came back last time.” Huang Jiujiu was very reluctant.

She felt that her Master was a busy man. He had been in seclusion since he came back last time and left again when the seclusion was over. Now, this was only a short time since he returned, and he was about to leave.

She always felt like… she was a wild child who’s being taken in, yet no one had taught her anything.

Lin Fan smiled, and without saying much, he gently stroked Jiujiu’s head. He then carried the white fox and headed over towards the main hall.

The crazy old man was drawing circles on the ground.

He was simply the hit-man on call.


The main hall.

When Lin Fan arrived, the two old monks, Jingde and Jingyu, were looking at Lin Fan with cold eyes.

How could the matter of beheading their junior brother be settled so simply?

On what basis could their junior brother’s death be so easily settled?

However, they couldn’t say anything more about what Head Priest Yun had said.


He then looked at the old monk at the side and smiled, “These two old monks are powerful enough to bring people to the Greatest Martial Sect.”

“Lin fan, don’t be rude.” Wei You spoke up. “This is the Head Priest Yun of the Great Thunder Sound Heavenly Dragon Treasure Temple. They come this time to talk about your matter, and mother has already made a deal for you.”

“The previous matter can be put behind us. Lin Fan, you only need to hand over the white fox to them.”

Honestly, the cause of the matter was quite strange.

The monk, Jingshan, who was beheaded by Lin Fan, didn’t even know that the white fox existed. He found the white fox because of a spiritual feeling and had to behead this white fox who didn’t have much cultivation.

It was strange, to say the least.

Moreover, the rest of the story had little to do with the white fox, as there were a bit too many people involved. The difficulty was formed entirely without the need for the previous mediator.

Lin Fan looked down at the white fox in his arms, then laughed, “Mother, these vultures are shameless. This white fox is a friend who gave me help during the time of the difficulty. She didn’t harm or hurt anyone. Not to mention, she hasn’t transformed yet, so she’s not even considered a demon.”

“…And if you ask me, the old monk who was just beheaded by me also deserved it. He was a Buddhist monk in vain, knowing that there are villages around, and many innocent people exist, but he insisted on fighting. I really wonder who he wanted to kill.”

“Mother, I just have one word. I don’t want to give it.”

Lin Fan said, not looking panicked in the slightest. He didn’t even think of compromising with these old monks.

“Bloodthirsty, you have killed my junior brother, yet you are here to slander my senior brother,” Jingde said in an angry voice, then looked at Bai Qiu.

“Master Bai, is this how the Greatest Martial Sect teach their disciples?”

Jingde didn’t dare to admit. Although Lin Fan was right, it was a matter of the Great Thunder Sound Heavenly Dragon Treasure Temple’s reputation, so how could he agree?

Besides, now that his junior brother was dead, naturally, he couldn’t let his junior brother bear the dirty name.

“Old bald donkey, don’t run your mouth talking shits on the Greatest Martial Sect. Yes, I’m the one who killed that person because of how immoral you bald donkeys are, pretending to be so holy and pure. Ha, what can you do about it.”

“I’m not going to give you even a shred of respect. Do you think that I, Lin Fan, am easy to be bullied?”

“Do you think I can be easily defeated? If you want to push me to the limit, I’ll let your Great Thunder Sound Heavenly Dragon Treasure Temple know what it means to be subdued by force. You won’t be able to hold your heads up.”

Lin Fan’s angry voice was so strong and loud that the entire Greatest Martial Sect seemed to hear Lin Fan’s words.

Many disciples heard this; they all looked away in silence.

It was a large hall, and Senior Brother Lin was arguing with someone. He was arguing with someone who had just come to the Greatest Martial Sect.

The sect master said urgently, “Lin Fan…”

Wei You said, “Lin Fan, don’t be rude. The Great Thunder Sound Heavenly Dragon Treasure Temple is the leading school of Buddhism; how could it do these things? For mother to see, there must be a misunderstanding.”

For Wei You, she naturally knew Lin Fan’s temperament.

If Lin Fan didn’t want to hand over the white fox, then naturally he wouldn’t. However, she knew that Lin Fan was going through six difficulties. According to the current situation, it must be one of them.

It was impossible to solve it simply.

Just as Lin Fan was about to say something, he noticed his mother winked towards him. The meaning was clear, asking him not to get too into it and let her handle everything.

At this time, Jingde said, “Head Priest, he doesn’t know how to repent at all. The death of our junior brother was too unjust; I hope that Head Priest can seek justice for the dead disciple.”

“Master Lin, the white fox in your arms, has indeed not yet transformed. If the poor monk is not mistaken, this white fox has a demon’s bloodline, a blood phoenix, and a nine-tailed demon fox. Both of them are great powers among demons, and when the two are combined, the bloodline born is the king of demons among demons.” The Head Priest Yun slowly said.

He had Buddha light in his eyes. This meant he had cultivated Buddha’s eye to its highest level. He could see through the illusions and see straight to the root cause.

Lin Fan said, “So what? I will still say the same thing. I won’t hand it over. No matter what you guys say, I won’t have any thoughts of changing what I’ve decided.”

The sect master growled, “You brat, hurry up and hand over the white fox to the Head Priest Yun.”

He didn’t understand why this brat was so rigid.

By handing over the white fox, things would be easier for you. You would have survived this difficulty entirely. However, if you complicate the difficulty because of the white fox, it would eventually reach a point where it would be out of control.

Didn’t you even understand this lesson?

“Sect master, I understand what you mean, but I don’t need to go through my difficulty like this. I have my own ideas and decisions; what does the Great Thunder Sound Heavenly Dragon Treasure Temple count for. I’ll keep this white fox.” Lin Fan said.

At this point, Wei You said, “Lin Fan, don’t be hasty.”

Then she continued, “Head Priest Yun, I have also seen this white fox; it is indeed not a demon. The incident of that monk’s death, there is no need to investigate. After all, he was indeed killed by my son, so why don’t you say a request. What do I need to do for you to be willing to let it go?”

Head Priest Yun shook his head. His gaze sized up Lin Fan and slowly said, “Master Lin killed my temple’s disciple; he should have been arrested back and sentenced by the abbot. However, Master Wei had once been kind to this monk, so this monk will return the kindness. I will not pursue the matter of killing the disciple, but only take away this white fox.”

“But now, this monk has discovered that the son of Master Wei has a cumbersome inner demonic barrier and is now staying with this white fox. As we all know, white foxes are good at bewitching, so if Master Wei doesn’t want Master Lin to step into the demonic path in the future, why don’t you let this monk take Master Lin back and end this bad karma for him.”

Just as Wei You was about to say something, Head Priest Yun directly took action.

A Buddha statue floated behind him and grabbed Lin Fan with its five fingers as if the Five-Pointed Mountain had fallen. There was nowhere to escape, even though the sky was vast.

“It’s so powerful.” Lin Fan frowned. This young monk’s cultivation was high, and his qi was strong, not much more than Wei You.

He was displaying a mystic art that was like the Buddha suppressing a monkey.

No matter how many mystic arts you have, you still couldn’t escape these five fingers.

Wei You directly attacked, but the white silk robe that Head Priest Yun was wearing suddenly swelled up, and bursts of Buddhist sounds were transmitted. It turned into the purest Buddhist scriptures to stop Wei You’s attack.

Covered by five fingers, the white fox in Lin Fan’s bosom exploded with white fur and a fierce look but calmed down as Lin Fan gently soothed it.

He stood there indifferently, ignoring the situation around him. With his strength, it was true that he couldn’t break it without using his immortal treasure.

However, at this moment, he didn’t need to endure.


He called out softly as if summoning someone.

Suddenly, a huge blood pool broke through the air, violently shattering the mystic art that Head Priest Yun had performed.

The five fingers directly crumbled, dissipating into Buddha light in the world.

“Who oppressed my father?”

The crazy old man held the blood pool and stood in front of Lin Fan, glaring at everyone around him. However, of course, when his gaze turned to Wei You, he became much more well-behaved. His father had said that she was his grandmother, so he couldn’t make a fuss.

Head Priest Yun was surprised, amazed at the crazy old man.

His heart was stunned.

Who was this person? Who had such terrifying strength, shattering his mystic art with a single strike? He never heard of such a master existed.

Wei You furiously said, “Head Priest Yun, what do you want? In front of me, you’re going to take my son away. Could it be that you think that the Greatest Martial Sect can’t be provoked by the Great Thunder Sound Heavenly Dragon Treasure Temple?”

She was in a rage right now.

Talking to them politely didn’t mean that she was afraid of them. She just didn’t want to make things worse because Lin Fan was going through a difficulty.

Also, she was too strong and could easily provoke the other side, which undoubtedly would bring more trouble to Lin Fan.

But now… the situation had changed. The other side was going to bring Lin Fan back to the Great Thunder Sound Heavenly Dragon Treasure Temple by force.

Do they really think that I, Wei You, that stupid? Do they think I don’t know about the brainwashing ability of The Great Thunder Sound Heavenly Dragon Temple? It was guaranteed that there would be no return once they take him.

What was the point of letting them take Lin Fan there? Lin Fan wouldn’t return as the same Lin Fan she knew.

Head Priest Yun clapped his hands together and said, “Don’t blame me, Master Wei. I have no other intentions; I just want to take Master Lin to the Great Thunder Sound Heavenly Dragon Treasure Temple for a walk. After some time, I will naturally send him back intact.”

“Oh!” Wei You sneered.

The meaning was clear.

At this point, the sect master’s scalp was bursting with anxiety and quickly acted as a peacemaker, “Don’t be impulsive, all of you. Lin Fan, you’ve only known this white fox for a short time; why is this necessary? Why don’t you just leave it to them.”

Although Lin Fan displeased him now, however, as his disciple, he still wanted Lin Fan to be fine. A white fox was just a white fox, so why make such a big deal out of the difficulty?

It shouldn’t be a big deal for people to tide over three disasters and six difficulties.

However, it was not the case right now.

It seemed that Lin Fan was bound to have troublesome difficulties.

Did this what The Heavens plan?

According to the situation, It seemed that Lin Fan was going to go up against the entire Great Thundering Sound Heavenly Dragon Treasure Temple.

In a normal situation, it’s hard for anyone else to go and see this group of monks in the Great Thunder Sound Heavenly Dragon Treasure Temple.

Maybe, Lin Fan could be considered lucky, after all. Not only did he meet them, but he also caused a huge conflict with them.

This kind of luck was a bit too terrifying to think about.

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