Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 292


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“Sect Master, are you speaking humanly? How come I didn’t see that you were so unrighteous and desperate before. I’ve looked down on you a bit.” Lin Fan reprimanded.

A disciple reprimanding the sect master was rare in the world.

The sect master was also dumbfounded by Lin Fan’s reprimand, muttering that he had indeed spoken inhumanly in his heart.

“If you want to do it, then do it. My son is here; I am not afraid of you.” Lin Fan leaned on his mother in the front and his son in the back. He really didn’t have to rely on himself only. Tch, people would be envious if they see it.

“Fine, you’re making this little monk offended.”

Head Priest Yun expressionlessly said, then directly shot out. The Buddha light enveloping him, and his finger struck Lin Fan.

The crazy old man shouted, swinging his blood pool and smashing it towards the opponent.


The terrifying aftershocks spread out.

The sect master laid out a formation to block the aftershocks from spreading out towards the outside world.

Ordinary people who were hit by the crazy son like this would definitely cry out. Who the hell was this old man, and why was he so terrifying as this?

However, this handsome monk was calm as he fought with the crazy old man.


For a moment, both of them retreated at the same time.

The handsome monk’s fingers trembled slightly, then he clasped his hands together and said, “Since Master Lin insists on this, this little monk will take his leave.”

Jingde and Jingyu looked at each other.

They were somewhat confused.

What did this Head Priest mean by that?

Why did he leave?

Why didn’t he avenge his junior brother’s death?

“Head Priest….”

They wanted to tell the Head Priest as to how they could leave? However, after seeing the look in the Head Priest’s eyes, they all lowered their heads and didn’t speak.

The Head Priest had said leave; what else could they do?

Lin Fan frowned.

It was vague, but he felt that something was wrong. However, he couldn’t tell what’s wrong.

There was always a feeling that something wasn’t quite right with this little monk.

The crazy old man was about to scream at him again, but he was blocked by Wei You, telling him to retreat and not be impulsive.

“Lin Fan, go back to your mountain. You’re not allowed to leave the mountain for a while.” Wei You said.

Lin Fan hugged the white fox and looked down. Then, he looked at Wei You and then at the little monk. The situation was slightly odd, but he said nothing and left the place.

Soon, Head Priest Yun brought the two old monks and left the Greatest Martial Sect.

Wei You and his junior brother looked at each other.

Both of them looked quite serious and already understood what the situation was.


Immortal Destroyer Peak.

Lin Fan lay in the courtyard with his eyes closed, not resting. His mind kept recalling what had just happened, and a face came to his mind.

He felt that things weren’t as simple as he thought.

It was true that the Great Thunder Sound Heavenly Dragon Treasure Temple was seeking revenge on him. That little monk was powerful, considered one of the strongest existences he had ever seen, and his crazy son had only fought him fifty-fifty.

“What does this really mean?”


Far away.

“Head Priest, he killed our junior brother; why did you let him off like this? So what if he’s from the Greatest Martial Sect? With our Great Thunder Sound Heavenly Dragon Treasure Temple’s strength, we could easily suppress the Greatest Martial Sect.” Jingye’s heart was unwilling, and his body was filled with hostility.

Head Priest Yun chanted scriptures orally to wash away the hostility from Jingye’s body, “Your hostility is too heavy. You have disturbed the Buddha’s mind over this matter. I already know that he has entered a demonic barrier and should have difficulty in his life. This difficulty is difficult to solve and difficult to change.” 

“You go back and tell the abbot that I will resolve this matter, and the day it is resolved will be the day of my return.”

Jingde and Jingyu’s hearts were happy. It seemed that Head Priest Yun was going to resolve this matter alone. They wondered how the matter could end so simply; it turned out there was a follow-up. 

“Head Priest, do you need our help?” Jingde asked.

Head Priest Yun didn’t say anything but closed his eyes and folded his hands. His Buddha mind was in a bit of turmoil right now. The difficulty disturbed his Buddha mind, and he had no time to say anything more to the two monks.

Jingde saw that the Head Priest had an epiphany, so he left the place with Jingyu.

Not long after, two figures came from afar and soon appeared in front of Head Priest Yun.

Head Priest Yun, who had been expressionless, actually broke into a brilliant smile, “Sister Wei, Brother Bai, I haven’t seen you for many years. This little monk has missed you.”

“Xiao Yunzi, you…” Wei You wanted to say something, but the words were stuck in her throat, which was difficult to say. She knew what Xiao Yunzi had done. 

The final action.

That was how Xiao Yunzi used the Great Thunder Sound Heavenly Dragon Treasure Temple’s unheralded technique, the Karma Finger, to stir up cause and effect, implicating the difficulties enveloping Lin Fan in his own body.

This was a practice that was detrimental to himself and others.

Usually, people who practice this technique transfer their karma to others and let others suffer the karmic difficulties that should be their own.

Head Priest Yun smiled lightly with a smile like a flower and a magnificent style, “Sister Wei, what do you mean? Back then, this little monk encountered incomprehensible difficulties; thanks to Sister Wei and senior brother’s help, this little monk could survive the deadly difficulty. Now, Sister Wei’s son encountered a difficulty that haunts him, and of course, I don’t want to see Sister Wei suffer the pain of losing her son again. So this little monk can bear all the difficulties.”

Wei You reluctantly said, “Xiao Yunzi, why do you have to do such a thing? Please, transfer the karmic difficulty to me.”

Master Bai said, “I can also bear a little bit of it. With the suppression of the Greatest Martial Sect’s qi, it should be much easier.”

“Sister Wei, Brother Bai, there is no need for you to argue. This little monk meditatively felt this difficulty himself. Originally, I didn’t know that this difficulty was related to Sister Wei’s son and wanted to cover the difficulty with the Supreme Dharma and stay out of it. However, I didn’t expect that this difficulty was not ordinary, but a heart difficulty.”

“Sister Wei, Master Lin’s six difficulties are extraordinary. Heaven is moving and implicated; with his cultivation, it is much harder to get through this difficulty. The ten deaths will involve too many people.”

“This little monk has reached this level of cultivation. My cultivation, stage, and Buddha heart all have reached the Unblemished Golden Body. For me weathering this difficulty will be much easier, so you don’t need to worry.”

Head Priest Yun made it sound easy, though it really wasn’t at all.

What happened today, if the difficulty was allowed to develop on its own, it would surely be a disaster for the Greatest Martial Sect and the Great Thunder Sound Heavenly Dragon Treasure Temple. Moreover, it would also involve other sects.

Once it happened, then Lin Fan would definitely become the enemy of the Immortal Sect, and there would be no place for him in the world. He would only be able to fall into the demon cultivator or demon path, or even into the demon realm.

How could Wei You, who had cultivated to this point, consider it a simple matter just because someone else said so. She knew it well that it’s not that easy.

If it was really that easy, it wouldn’t involve Xiao Yunzi.

Xiao Yunzi was the most peculiar existence and the most heavenly existence in the Buddhist sect. Ordinary difficulties would not have occurred to him. 

His cultivation had already reached the True Stage, so what else could he have but the tribulation of ascension.

“Sister Wei, Brother Bai, this little monk will leave first and come back to catch up with the two of you later when the little monk has survived the difficulty.” Head Priest Yun clapped his hands together.

He walked across the field as he lead through the difficulty.

It was imperative.

Sister Wei’s kindness needed to be returned.

The face of the Great Thunder Sound Heavenly Dragon Treasure Temple needed to be taken care of, and caught between the two; he couldn’t do everything. But, he could make sure he did the best he could.

Then, Head Priest Yun transformed into a Buddha light and moved away from the place. He had never underestimated the power of the difficulty. However, he had never thought that Master Lin’s difficulty was terrifying, making his Buddha’s heart tremble.

“Sister….” Sect Master Bai inquired but didn’t say much as his face had a worried look.

Lin Fan was tiding over the three disasters. Although there would be ups and downs, there shouldn’t be any problems with that kid’s ability. However, when Head Priest Yun appeared, he knew that things weren’t going to be that simple.

Head Priest Yun had sent a message to them when he arrived, and everything was going along with the movement of Heaven.

Hence, Wei You would tell Xiao Yunzi at that time that Lin Fan was her son.

“Sister, what I dislike the most is dealing with Buddhists. What they say is like a holy book, unintelligible and incomprehensible. Yet, Head Priest Yun is a different kind of Buddhist.” Sect Master Bai said.

Wei You said, “He is still as optimistic and friendly as before. It’s just that I truly don’t want all the difficulties to be borne by him. What we did in the past was just helping an optimistic young monk, never wanting to use this as a kindness to make him bear Lin Fan’s difficulties.”


Immortal Destroyer Peak.


Lin Fan abruptly opened his eyes. His eyes flickered with horror just a moment ago. His difficulty disappeared, and the feeling of being controlled by the heavens completely disappeared.

He had reached the Void Stage.

“How is this possible?”

He was a little confused as to what had happened and why it had come to this. However, his difficulty had disappeared like this.

The white fox in his arms felt Lin Fan’s movements.

With its watery eyes open, it looked at Lin Fan very strangely, as if it was asking, what was wrong?

“Could it be…”

Lin Fan thought of a possibility.

He went in search of Wei You.

“Mother, just now, I felt that the difficulty has disappeared, but that’s impossible. I still have three more difficulties; how can this be?” Lin Fan asked.

He knew that this matter definitely had something to do with his mother. It also had something to do with the little monk from earlier.

Wei You looked at the book with a smile on her face and said, “Lin Fan, it is good that the difficulty is gone. Cultivate well in the future, and do not cause any trouble.”

“Mother, just tell me, what is happening? I’m not afraid of any difficulty, but I also don’t want the people who help me to be hurt.” Lin Fan asked.

He knew it wasn’t that simple. Although his Buddhism senses were not very good, he knew that some Buddhist monks were indeed really high monks.

“Mother, was it that little monk just now who drew away the difficulty from me?”

Lin Fan knew quite a few things. Although he didn’t understand what Mystic arts the Buddhists had, there was a saying that all difficulties were willing to be borne by the poor monk in the stories he had read in the past.

Wei You looked at Lin Fan and didn’t say anything. However, the meaning was clear, and it was a way of telling Lin Fan.

What you said wasn’t wrong.

Your difficulty had been borne by someone else on your behalf.

His difficulty was different from someone else’s. Heaven accepted and controlled everything, adding unreasonable things to happen when everything seemed reasonable.

The meaning was simple.

Your difficulty was terrifying, ten deaths, and Heaven didn’t want you to survive this difficulty.

Lin Fan lowered his brows, obviously not expecting this.

Then he left the Greatest Martial Sect, he was trying to find the monk.

However, when he sensed it, he couldn’t feel the little monk’s qi.

Had he already left?

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