Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 293


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Lin Fan couldn’t find the other man, so he had no choice but to come back and lie down in his chair. He shook his head and sighed quietly, not even knowing what to do.

“What’s wrong with you, junior brother?” Xi Xi asked.

He was worried just now. Imagine, The people from the Great Thunder Sound Heavenly Dragon Treasure Temple just came to the Greatest Martial Sect, and he had a conflict with them ꟷand it could lead to war. But then, they just left like that.

Lin Fan said, “This is really annoying. It was supposed to be my difficulty, but someone went to block the difficulty for me. How can they do this? Doesn’t it mean I make people suffer for nothing?”

Xi Xi had no idea about her junior brother’s situation. However, hearing her junior brother said that she was relieved. Someone blocked the difficulty for her junior brother, which meant her junior brother was safe.

Her junior brother’s safety was better than anything else. In her heart, she thanked that difficulty blocker.

To Lin Fan, he wasn’t afraid of those difficulties. True, they might be a bit troublesome. But difficulties weren’t something that would make his life full of suffering.


If he knew it would be like this, he definitely wouldn’t have let that man block his difficulty.

It’s as if stopping someone from getting rich.

Even the difficulties had something to do with killing people, it wouldn’t matter to Lin Fan. He probably would just laugh it out.

If there were difficulties like that, then it meant that he would need to kill them. If someone got killed, it meant that something would drop. Thus, if things would go further down that road, then he’d become stronger.

But he couldn’t say things like that.

People didn’t know about his situation.

Even if he were to help people sincerely, he would still break people’s hearts if he said these sarcastic things.


Several days later.

Jingde and Jingyu returned to the Great Thunder Sound Heavenly Dragon Treasure Temple.

“Abbot, that’s what happened. The head of the chapel said that he would return after taking care of things.”

“But that kid is Wei You’s son, and she intends to protect that kid. What the head of the chapel has to face is not only that kid, but also the entire Greatest Martial Sect.” 

“With the head of the chapel’s profound Buddhist teachings, it shouldn’t be a problem.”

Jingde reported on the situation.

The old monk pondered for a moment and didn’t say much. Just now, he felt that the Buddha fortune of the Great Thunder Sound Heavenly Dragon Treasure Temple had declined quite a bit. It felt strange that something must be happening.

With his cultivation, he should have seen through this. However, he extrapolated a bit. He found that the road ahead was gray and impossible to see through.

If he forced himself to extrapolate, he was afraid that he would be backfired.


At this moment, in a dilapidated temple.

A young monk dressed in a white veil sat quietly under a worn-out Buddha statue. Initially, this kind of dilapidated temple was discouraged even by ghosts to come.

However, because of this young monk’s appearance, the dilapidated temple became much more solemn.


The wind outside was whistling against the dilapidated temple gate, but it did not affect the young monk in the slightest.


Just then, the head of the chapel opened a pair of Buddha’s eyes. His Buddha’s heart was trembling, and he couldn’t feel at ease. His ten fingers gently shifted, changing another Buddha seal to stabilize his Buddha’s heart.

That Buddha’s heart trembled.

Suddenly, he felt something cool crawled on his arm, and when the Buddha’s eye opened, he saw that it was a spider that had turned into a demon crawling on his arm.

This spider had a human face, but its body was spider-like.

The face was pure and showy and was terrified to look at him.

“Are you a demon?”

Head Priest Yun was slightly surprised and raised his hand, there was a Buddhist light blooming, and the spider covered in it curled up into a ball, trembling in fear, looking at the other side.

A moment passed, his palm didn’t fall; then, he withdrew the Buddha light.

Head Priest Yun placed the spider on the ground and said to himself, “His difficulty now haunts this little monk. Your appearance is the difficulty of this little monk, so let’s see how this difficulty goes.”

“Is it you who has saved this little monk, or has this little monk saved you? From now on, follow this little monk and listen to the Buddha’s baptism.”

The words fell.

Head Priest Yun closed his eyes and chanted sutras. Within the dilapidated and not very spacious temple, the sound of the Buddha’s voice came out in bursts.

If someone looked at the temple in the night sky, they could see this temple blooming with golden Buddha light.

But there’s something different in this Buddha light. It was as if there’s a blacklight hidden in this Buddha light.

It was a symbol of difficulty.

The female spider crawled onto the head of the chapel’s lap and lay there quietly, listening to the sound of the Buddha.


Several days later, Greatest Martial Sect.

Gong Mo from the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect arrived at the Greatest Martial Sect. He came in a hurry and looked rather helpless.

When Lin Fan saw him, he smiled and said, “Fellow Cultivator Gong Mo, why do you have the leisure to come here to look for me? Could it be that there is something wrong?”

“Oh my, Brother Lin. Let me address you as a senior brother. You have to give me an explanation.”

Lin Fan was very surprised. Listening to Gong Mo’s voice, it was as if he was about to cry.

What happened? Could it be that something extraordinary happened again?

“Brother Gong, please make it clear. I don’t understand what you mean.”

He was a bit confused. He had been haunted by difficulties lately, and he hadn’t done anything.

Why was he looking for me?

Without saying a word, Gong Mo started to undress.

“Hey, Brother Gong, just talk nicely. What do you want to do with this undressing? I don’t have any interest in you.” Lin Fan hurriedly blocked it.

But he simply couldn’t be stopped.


Gong Mo lifted his clothes and turned his back towards Lin Fan. He then gestured, “Look, this time. This crime I’ve suffered is simply inhuman. It’s all whipped up and bleeding.”

Lin Fan looked at the wounds on Brother Gong’s back, which looked very much like whiplash.

The standard of someone holding a whip was extremely high. Instead of having the kind of wounds that overlapped together, they formed the beauty of whiplash.

“That’s a good whip.” Lin Fan muttered, abruptly. He noticed that Gong Mo was looking at him with a very grudging look, so he hastily changed his words.

“How did that happen? What are you getting into?”

He was a bit puzzled now; it was confusing. Gong Mo was whipped into such a state, yet he didn’t look for anyone else but him.

“Hey, Senior Brother Lin, just tell me the truth. Where in the world has Ao Wudi gotten lulled by you? He has been out for so long and hasn’t come back…”

“The Holy Lord almost skinned me. He even told me to get lost if I couldn’t find him back. Ao Wudi was out with you; you have to help me.” 

Gong Mo was very upset and hurt inside.

Ao Wudi left with Lin Fan and thought that he would return after some time. However, he had waited for so long. Not to mention coming back, there was not even a fucking shadow to be seen. 

Not only was he anxious now, but even the people of the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect were also anxious.

“What?!” Lin Fan exclaimed, “He hasn’t gone back yet? He and I parted long ago. By all means, even if we crawled, he should’ve already back, so why hasn’t he returned by now?”

He was confused.

Suddenly, he thought of one thing.

The seven-colored female dragon.

Earlier, he didn’t really think much about it. However, now that he thought about it, Ao Wudi did mention the seven-colored female dragon’s matter many times back then.

Could it be that Ao Wudi had sneaked into the forbidden area after pretending to separate at the entrance? 

When he thought of this, he started to panic a little.

The dangers of the forbidden area were well known; it was dangerous to the extreme. Ao Wudi was indeed very strong, but the possibility of going in there and being fucked was too high.

There was even the possibility of death in there. 

When Gong Mo saw Lin Fan’s expression changed tremendously, he had a bad feeling about it.

Could it be…

“Senior Brother Lin, don’t tell me that he’s dead.” Gong Mo’s voice was trembling as he said this.

He was afraid to hear the bad news. If Ao Wudi was really dead, it meant he couldn’t come back. If that’s what happened, it would be better for him to just find a place, dig a hole, and bury himself.

Lin Fan reassured, “No, no, how can he die. Don’t scare yourself.”

Gong Mo let out a sigh of relief; he was so afraid to hear the bad news.


When Lin Fan said this ‘word,’ the originally relieved Gong Mo tensed up again. His eyes rounded, and his legs and feet trembled involuntarily.

“… It’s hard to say. The place we’re going is dangerous; I’m afraid that he might break into the forbidden area alone. The existence there is terrifying, and if he encounters any terrifying creatures, I’m afraid he’ll be in danger.”

Lin Fan also had difficulty making sure that Ao Wudi was alright.

With Ao Wudi’s strength, he naturally believed that nothing would happen. However, whether he died or not by provoking terrifying creatures, that was not something he could guarantee.

“Forbidden… forbidden area.”

Gong Mo turned pale. He had heard of the forbidden area; it was indeed a terrifying place. That place was where the elixirs came out, and a bunch of powerful people was buried there.

When he heard that Ao Wudi might go back in, his heart beat indisputably.

Then his entire body was convulsing.

Lin Fan stepped forward and held him, “Don’t be angry. Fellow Cultivator Gong, you must remain calm.”

“Senior Brother Lin, you are my senior brother. Can you take me over there? If I can’t find Ao Wudi, I really can’t go back.” Gong Mo held his breath.

He didn’t even know why heaven was doing this to him?

Who did he offend?

He had offended no one.

Yet he had to bear torture that he shouldn’t have to suffer at his age.

“Okay, I’ll take you over there. Don’t you dare to be angry!” Lin Fan hurriedly said. He was really worried that Gong Mo accidentally raged directly over there because it would be really too frustrating.

Steeply, Gong Mo’s body straightened. His essence returned to his body, “Good. There’s no time to lose; let’s set off quickly. No matter what, I have to find Ao Wudi.”

Lin Fan looked at Gong Mo’s expression. He was quite helpless. When they arrived in the forbidden area, he feared Gong Mo wouldn’t even dare to go in.

The place was haunted, and the presence in it was terrifying.

He just couldn’t understand; what the hell was Ao Wudi thinking?


The forbidden area.

They finally came all the way here.

Gong Mo had already waited impatiently, and when he saw that canyon, he looked very excited.

However, when he was just about to enter, he felt the terror coming from that canyon.

It was cold, a heart penetrating cold kind of cold.

Although Gong Mo’s cultivation was very good but compared to the terror in Forbidden Area, it was as if a small snake intruding into a dragon pond.

“Fellow Cultivator Gong Mo, honestly, you can’t enter this place. Otherwise, I would have to burn you paper every year; just be compassionate to me.” Lin Fan said. 

Gong Mo looked at Lin Fan and said, “Then, Fellow Cultivator Lin, this ……”

Lin Fan said, “You don’t want to burn my paper either; I really don’t want to go in. You can stand at the mouth of the canyon and shout towards it; maybe Ao Wudi can hear you and just come out. This is the only way possible.”

Question marks appeared on Gong Mo’s head.

What did you say?

I couldn’t understand it.

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