Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 294


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If the things could be just like what he wanted, Gong Mo really wanted to blow Lin Fan’s dog’s head off.

‘No matter what, We are old acquaintances. But, how could he play me like this?’

Gong Mo swallowed his thoughts.

“Brother Gong, the affection between you and me is unmistakable. I won’t lie to you; you know the dangers of this place. So, do you think we can just go in there and come out alive?”

“Ao Wudi is the prince of the Heavenly Dragon Clan and is powerful. Just because he went in like a fish in water doesn’t mean we’ll be safe. So… how about we wait?”

He solemnly tapped Gong Mo’s shoulder, hoping he would understand.

Gong Mo knew Ao Wudi’s strength. He was indeed one of the invincibles in the world. But, Gong Mo was also a little flustered by the Holy Lord and the others.

‘Hey, it’s not like I can tell Ao Wudi where to go. Ao Wudi has legs, and he could go wherever he wants, and there’s no way I could stop him anyway. It’s not like my fault. At most, I only brought fellow cultivator Lin to the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect and let him meet Ao Wudi.’

‘They shouldn’t blame me for everything.’


Right now, there was movement coming from the distance.

“Up ahead is the forbidden area. The elixirs are all from there.”

“I’ve heard that many powerful people hated being here. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but if you ask me, it was not just a saying.”

Lin Fan and Gong Mo looked into the distance.

Was there anyone still daring to come to this place?

That was quite bold.

“Look, someone has come to die again. These people just don’t have a long memory. They’ll never believe how dangerous this place is until it happens to themselves.” Lin Fan said.

How could Gong Mo know if what he said was true or not? He never entered the forbidden area, nor had he seen how terrifying those terrifying existences really were. To be honest, he had some impulse to go in inside and take a look.

After all, he hadn’t personally felt it.

Everyone thought that the rumors were just exaggerations.

Soon, Lin Fan saw a few figures coming from the distance.

They were all very young-looking people.

Are these people all brain-dead?

To be able to have such courage, they must have a backer. Their backers should be aware of the dangers of the forbidden area. Knowing the risks and still letting them come over, wouldn’t that be a pit in the head? It was like pushing them into a pit of fire.

Gong Mo saw the clothes those people were wearing and whispered in Lin Fan’s ear. “Fellow Cultivator Lin, they have an unusual origin. If I’m not mistaken, these people are from the Flying Immortal Mountain and the Proud Martial Mountain, both of which are places with ancient legacies.”

“They don’t belong to sects; they belong to a family inheritance.”

Gong Mo’s knowledge was much broader than Lin Fan’s. What he knew Lin Fan might not know.

Lin Fan looked at the four young fellows; three men and one woman.

It was true that there were no ugly men and women in the cultivation realm, except for the old dragon goddess’ granddaughter, which could not be classified as one.

“Huh! I never thought that someone would arrive here before us.”

“Oh, who has the guts to come to the forbidden area? The world is so big; countless people don’t know whether they will be alive or dead. Everyone wants to get benefits from the forbidden area and fly to the sky.”

They came with hope in the forbidden area. They needed treasures and a natural pride in character because of their rather high status and the treatment they enjoyed that others did not.

“Who are you?”

At this time, a man asked curiously. This man was very handsome, wearing golden robes and exuding an aristocratic aura.

If ordinary people standing were standing next to him, they would be suppressed by his noble aura and become extremely ordinary.

Gong Mo said, “Looking at the patterns on your clothes, you should be the heavenly pride of Flying Immortal Mountain and Proud Martial Mountain. I am the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect, Elder Gong Mo, and this is the Greatest Martial Sect, Lin Fan.”

When they heard Gong Mo’s introduction, the three men and one woman were all slightly surprised.

“I didn’t expect you guys are people from a major sect. I’m sorry for being disrespectful.”

“The Ancient Immortal Holy Sect and the Greatest Martial Sect are both great sects of the immortal, so it’s not like you’re taking it upon yourself to come here.”


“Who did you say he was?”

Right at this moment, the situation changed.

Everyone’s eyes were looking at Lin Fan. Their eyes changed a bit as if they had gone from being strangers earlier to enemies all of a sudden.

Gong Mo was stunned. It shouldn’t be any problem. He knew that the powerful demon sects were hunting Lin Fan, but these people weren’t coming from demon sects, so how could it still be a conflict?

Lin Fan tapped Gong Mo’s shoulder, “Let me take care of it. There might be something.”

He had really messed with quite a few enemies.

In the past, it was still possible to count them with one pair of hands. But now, he couldn’t even be bothered to count them. He felt like there were more and more enemies.

Gong Mo was amazed.

How could this be a conflict?

“I am Lin Fan of the Greatest Martial Sect. Who are you, and what is the conflict between you and me? With all due respect, with your cultivation, you are unable to get my attention for now. So tell me from whom you heard about me?” Lin Fan asked.

At this moment, the man in the golden robe said in a cold voice, “Young Master Wushuang spoke to us about a disciple of the Greatest Martial Sect who is very rampant and causing trouble in his territory. We didn’t expect to meet you, but we did, which is pretty good.”

“Oh, so it’s Sheng Wushuang. It seems that guy has some connections and is making an alliance to get me. It’s a bit interesting.” Lin Fan smiled.

He looked at these four people. They all didn’t know what to say.

‘I had beaten Sheng Wushuang up like a dog. Could it be that he didn’t tell you guys that you have to be careful when you meet me?’

However, on second thought, how could Sheng Wushuang tell them that he had suffered a big loss at his hands? Wouldn’t that be humiliation?

Gong Mo whispered, “Fellow Cultivator Lin, don’t be impulsive. These four people have no simple history; it’s best not to kill them. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be good. So, if you really want to fight them, just teach them a lesson.”

“Brother Gong, just close your eyes later. Pretend that you’re blind and don’t see anything.” Lin Fan said.

At this point, the four of them looked at each other with pleasure on their faces.

“Haha, good luck. Before we even enter the forbidden area, we encounter someone that Young Master Wushuang wants to capture. Why don’t we suppress him and hand him over to Young Master Wushuang? The Young Master will definitely appreciate it.”

The golden-robed man smiled; he didn’t care that Lin Fan was over there.

“Are you guys trying to kill me?” Lin Fan asked.

The golden-robed man said, “We don’t want to kill you, but we want to suppress you and bring you back to the Young Master Wushuang.”

Lin Fan nodded silently, “If that’s the case, then I understand.”

The words just fell.

There was a puffing sound.

Lin Fan condensed God Spear and stabbed it through the golden-robed man’s chest. The hell origin was vibrating and destroying the life within the golden-robed man’s body.

The gold-robed man revealed an incredulous look and opened his mouth, blood gurgling out of his mouth.

“I am…”

Lin Fan opened his five fingers and enveloped the golden-robed man’s face, pushing him backward.

“Don’t speak. I’m not interested in who you are. The weak don’t need to state their names.”

This scene happened extremely fast. It was like a lightning bolt.

“How dare you…”

The other three were horrified. They hadn’t expected Lin Fan to go ahead and kill one person with a single strike.

“I’ll stab you!”

The three of them didn’t have good cultivation, well, at least in Lin Fan’s eyes.

God Spear pierced through one person.

And pierce one more.

And the only woman was going to escape, but how could Lin Fan let her escape.

The God Spear in his hand, broke through the air.

It pierced straight through her back.

They weren’t even given a chance to beg for mercy.

These four people would never end like this if they hadn’t said they would suppress him and bring him back to Sheng Wushuang.

However, since they had already said it, they should be sorry.

If he didn’t kill them, he’d be adding trouble to himself for nothing.

Also, it felt good to kill.

At least something would drop.

Gong Mo stood there stunned, staring at Lin Fan, “Fellow Cultivator Lin, you’ve pierced the sky.”

He really didn’t expect Lin Fan to go ahead and behead those people. If this were discovered, there was basically no turning back. It would directly offend both forces.

Lin Fan searched their corpses and didn’t look back, “Brother Gong, they’re going to suppress me; I can’t let them go. In my life, there are three kinds of people; passersby, friends, and enemies.”

“As long as they are enemies, I will behead them all.”

“This is for you.” Lin Fan tossed a treasure to Gong Mo.

Gong Mo felt like the treasure was a hot potato, so how could he dare to take it? However, he was slightly shocked when he found out that the treasure possessed great spirits.

“A Top-Grade Spirit Weapon.”

He didn’t want to take it over, but he looked at Lin Fan and eventually took it.

It was sort of like getting a share of the stolen money and getting on an agreement with it.

Gong Mo considered himself to be on good terms with Lin Fan. However, Lin Fan had openly beheaded the disciples of the two major sects in front of him. If he told anyone, Lin Fan would definitely be hunted down like crazy.

Although, he didn’t think that Lin Fan would kill him to silence him for it. But to put Lin Fan’s mind at ease, he still accepted it.

“Brother Gong, this treasure had better be taken to the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion for auction, or else it will be very troublesome.”

Lin Fan lit a flame between his fingers and burned the four corpses. He cleaned up the blood on the ground, fearing nothing but the worst.

After getting it all done, he was relieved.

Gong Mo said, “Fellow Cultivator Lin, you can actually suppress them as a lesson to them. However, after beheading them, if they are found out, the consequences will be unthinkable.”

Lin Fan smiled, “It’s not like someone will find out. What’s there to be afraid of? There are things you may not know about. It’s not as simple as you think, but don’t worry, you’re my friend, and I didn’t give you my treasure to get you close.”

“Rather, between friends, seeing is believing. I’m not interested in wealth. If you’re afraid of causing trouble, you can give me this Top-Grade Spirit Weapon. Even if someone finds out about this someday, I won’t say you were there.”

“Hey, it’s mainly because this group of guys is too poor. If they have a dao artifact, I’ll give you the dao artifact.”

Lin Fan had thought that this group of guys would be rich.

But it turned out, he overestimated their wealth.

What a shame.

“You’ve said that seeing is believing, so I won’t give it back to you. The spirit weapon doesn’t smell good, but I can still make a profit by selling them to the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion.” Gong Mo put the spirit weapon away.

Lin Fan smiled. He couldn’t help it; the pressure was a bit high lately. His enemies were arriving, so he would just zap them if he could.

He needed to become stronger.

There were a bit too many enemies, and they were all big men from different sides.

At this point, the drop arrived.

Although these four weren’t good, their qi was good enough.

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