Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 295


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[Obtained personal clothes: Skeleton Pink Belly Pocket].

[Obtained the High-Grade Mystic Art: Ninth-Level Flying Immortal Technique].

[Obtained Spirit Root: Six-Grade Golden Spirit Root].



Damn it.

Lin Fan was very dissatisfied with this batch of items.

What the fuck did they all drop?

This just couldn’t be more reliable. Even if those guys were a bit weak to him, but to others, they were heavenly beings.

A belly pocket?


My goodness.

If it hadn’t fallen out, I wouldn’t believe that someone with such a healthy body would still have these secret diseases.

[Obtained qi: 64,230].

Immediately after, when this drop appeared, Lin Fan was completely confused.


I was hastily…  

“I’m sorry, I was wrong, I really was. A belly button? Of course, that’s to make you more beautiful. A great tonic for a golden gun? That’s to make the nightlife more harmonious.”

“I, Lin Fan, am truly evil in thought.”

There was nothing better than knowing that a mistake could be corrected.

He truly knew that he was wrong.

At the same time, he understood the truth. This fellow cultivator who had exploded his qi was amid three disasters.

Unfortunately, his killing difficulty came, and Lin Fan was his difficulty. He ended up didn’t survive it and could only fall here.

Lin Fan’s current qi had reached 148,798, which belonged to terrifying.

Among the strong True Stage cultivators, it belonged to an excellent existence.

“This trip is a steady and unexpected success.”

Lin Fan had a smile on his face, and the smile was very bright. It wasn’t that he underestimated the opponent, but the chances of a weak strength dropping qi were meager. Could be even said to be terribly low.

“Fellow Cultivator Lin, you ……”

Gong Mo discovered that Lin Fan’s qi had changed a bit. The feeling was wonderful as if he was watching an ugly man suddenly become handsome.

That kind of feeling was fantastic.

Lin Fan raised his hand and said, “Calm down.”

“Fellow Cultivator Lin, look at me. Do I look like someone who can be calm? I always feel like something is happening again. You should know, I just want to bring Ao Wudi back; otherwise, it will be hard for me to explain when I go back to the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect.”

Gong Mo was exhausted. He went out to look for Ao Wudi, but he didn’t expect Lin Fan to be ruthless and directly behead the proud disciples of the two major sects.

If this matter was spread out, there would definitely be no peaceful days to live.

It was too terrifying. It was very likely that they would be chased from head to tail. There wasn’t even a chance to turn over a new leaf.

“Fellow Cultivator Gong Mo, don’t you think that I have treated you as a good brother?” Lin Fan grabbed Gong Mo’s shoulders and asked very seriously, making Gong Mo didn’t know how to answer this question for a moment.

However, what else was there to think about.

“Yes, you definitely treat me as a good brother.”

“Good.” Lin Fan said thoughtfully, “Since that’s the case, let’s enter the forbidden area and search for Ao Wudi for you. Whether he’s alive or dead, don’t worry, I’ll help you find him.”

Gong Mo couldn’t believe what Lin Fan just said, “Fellow Cultivator Lin, didn’t you say earlier that the forbidden area was dangerous?”

Lin Fan said indifferently, “It’s indeed dangerous. However, seeing that Brother Gong doesn’t feel good about going back without Ao Wudi, how can I feel at ease? Of course, I have to help Fellow Cultivator Gong enter the forbidden area to take a look.”

He now had a powerful qi that he didn’t need to worry about even if he encountered the True Stage.

Before, he didn’t dare to enter the forbidden area because his strength wasn’t up to the requirements to enter the forbidden area, so he could only hide as much as he could. However, now that his qi had been powerful, he didn’t need to worry about that.

“Let’s go in. I’ll protect you, don’t worry.”

Lin Fan strode forward and entered the canyon’s first line, ignoring the pressure of the forbidden area.

He was satisfied with his current qi.

It felt like he could kill a ‘cow’ with one punch.

Gong Mo looked at Lin Fan’s back, and it would be a lie if he weren’t moved. He wanted to say that Fellow Cultivator Lin didn’t need to take any risks, but Lin Fan didn’t give him a chance to speak at all.


Inside the forbidden area.

The first time Gong Mo entered this place, he was a little nervous inside as the terrifying power enveloped his heart.

After arriving here, he completely understood that this place was definitely not for ordinary people to enter.

He found that Fellow Cultivator Lin was calm and relaxed as if he knew where to go. He was indeed worthy of someone who had entered the forbidden area several times.

“Where would Ao Wudi go?”

Lin Fan wondered all the way; even he didn’t know where Ao Wudi would go. The seven-colored female dragon was something that didn’t exist. Even if he turned the forbidden area upside down, he would definitely not be able to find it.

It was inherently a false fabrication; how could it exist?

“Fellow Cultivator Lin, what exactly is the existence of this place, and how did it form? It seems like the forbidden area appeared only within the past few months,” Gong Mo asked.

Lin Fan said, “It’s true that it appeared just a few months ago. Exactly how it was formed, I don’t know. However, don’t touch anything around. This place is perilous; in case it attracts a certain truly terrifying existence, we can only leave the forbidden area.”

Even if his current qi reached nearly 150,000, he was still cautious.

People couldn’t be less cautious, nor could they be arrogant.

Otherwise, they would suffer.

Soon, he saw an ancient tree, a gnarled tree with branches stretching out in all directions.

On the surface of the tree were human facial expressions.

It was a sperm tree.

Lin Fan looked at the gnarled ancient tree. The ancient tree was also looking at Lin Fan and Gong Mo, watching them with their big eyes.

“Hello, two fellow cultivators. This place is dangerous; why did you enter here? It’s better to listen to this old tree’s words and leave quickly. It’s dangerous.” The ancient tree didn’t move, but its mouth moved slightly, and a voice passed out.

Gong Mo stared at the ancient tree in shock.

Honestly, he had seen plants become sperm. But he had never seen such a vast gnarled ancient tree sperm before. Also, he felt like this ancient tree had a terrifying smell.

Lin Fan smiled, “Thank you for the advice, but we are here to find someone. I wonder if fellow tree has seen a man passing by. The man is powerful, and he is a heavenly dragon in nature.”

“Are fellow cultivators talking about fellow cultivator Ao?” The ancient tree asked.

“Yes, it’s Fellow Cultivator Ao. Has fellow tree seen that person? If possible, I’d like to ask fellow tree to inform us of the direction he’s going.” Lin Fan asked.

He had seen this ancient tree; it’s a True Stage Ancient Tree, with strong qi. It had been existed for over a hundred thousand years, which quite unbelievable.

This ancient tree was cultivated entirely on its own because this ancient tree could drop the tree wheel, Heavenly Circle.

A circle of tree wheels represented the essence of the heavens. It was materials for refining immortal treasures. Those with almost any skill were able to refine Top-Grade Dao Artifacts.

It could be said that this ancient tree’s entire body was a treasure.

If someone were to see it, The ancient tree would definitely be uprooted, and not even a scrap would be left behind.

Lin Fan didn’t have any thoughts about the ancient tree. It didn’t mess with him, so he wouldn’t do anything to it. It respected him, and he would respect it too. That was all.

The ancient tree said, “It started a long time ago when Fellow Cultivator Ao passed by here. He asked me if I had ever seen a seven-colored female dragon. I had been here for a long, long time, so long that I couldn’t remember how long it had been, but I had never seen a seven-colored female dragon. So, I told him that I hadn’t.”

“Then he went off in that direction.”

The ancient tree lifted a branch and pointed into the distance.

Lin Fan didn’t expect Ao Wudi to really come in here looking for a seven-colored female dragon. 

“Thank you so much.”

After that, Lin Fan headed off towards the distance with Gong Mo.

“Fellow cultivators, please wait.” the ancient tree spoke out.

“Fellow Tree, what is the matter?” Lin Fan asked.

“There are dangers ahead; you are bound to encounter them if you go there. I want to advise you to leave the forbidden area and not come in. This place is not a good place for immortal cultivators.”

“Thank you for the advice of Fellow Tree. It’s just that we need to find this person.” Lin Fan said.

Upon hearing those words from Lin Fan, The ancient tree didn’t say much. It had existed here for a long time and had experienced many, many things. There was a time when it was very quiet, and no living creatures could be seen.

But now immortal cultivators were coming here one after another. So, naturally, with a gentle personality, The ancient tree constantly warned them.

It didn’t want them to go further inside and die.

However, it was just a pity that the immortal cultivators were all more unafraid of danger and were willing to go through anything for their goals.

Even if that meant that they’d have to die.

Lin Fan led Gong Mo forward, then stopped and said, “Brother Gong, why don’t you go out and wait for me while I go alone?”

“That’s no good. I can’t let you risk it all alone. I’ll go in with you. There’s more strength in numbers, and there are more ways to deal with things.” Gong Mo said.

For Lin Fan, If this qi hadn’t reached such a terrifying level, he naturally wouldn’t have agreed with Gong Mo following along.

But now, it could be said that it was just slightly inflated.

Lin Fan patted Gong Mo’s shoulder, “What a good brother of mine.”


As they continued to go deeper, the situation around them felt more and more off.

The atmosphere felt in the outside world was terrifying, but at least it wasn’t as disturbing as it was now.

It seemed as if some great terror existed around them, observing their every move with a pair of evil eyes.

Gong Mo’s face was expressionless, but he was gradually panicking inside. He sort of knew now why Lin Fan wanted him out. As he said, the situation here was horrible.

As he went deeper, the qi permeated the surroundings became more and more terrifying, making him all shudder.


Lin Fan found movement deep within the ground.

“Brother Gong, wait for me for a moment.”

After saying that, he used the Earth Escape Technique to enter the depths of the ground to look for that movement. With his talent, he could feel the qi of someone beneath him.

At this time, Li Dadao was walking through the tunnel.

He had dug a long tunnel.

It wasn’t even clear how long he had been in the forbidden area. He hadn’t gone out since the last time he came in.

What excited Li Dadao the most was that he had gotten the coveted goodies inside the forbidden area. 

An elixir.

Three exotic fruits.

He just didn’t know the wonders of these things. He didn’t dare to take them recklessly.

He had a plan to go to the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion to find someone to appraise them when he went out of here.

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