Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 296


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Suddenly, Li Dadao was terrified.

He found a hand grabbing his collar, and no matter how much he resisted, he couldn’t break free.

“Senior, please spare my life.”

He didn’t see who was trying to grab him. However, to make him powerless to fight back, it was definitely a master.

So, he just called that person senior.

“So, it’s you.” Lin Fan was surprised. He didn’t expect that the one making the tunnel was actually Li Dadao.

He hadn’t seen him for a long time and hadn’t thought that he was hanging out in the forbidden area.

People were truly dying for money, and birds were dying for food. As long as there was a benefit, danger, or whatever, it wasn’t a problem.

Initially, Li Dadao was almost scared and about to pee. He cried out, ‘My life is over, the treasures are useless.’

But it wasn’t until he heard Lin Fan’s voice that he was relieved.

“Ah, it’s Fellow Cultivator Lin.”

Li Dadao always felt like a roller coaster inside. One moment, he was going straight into the sky; the next moment, he was violently descending. 

Lin Fan wondered, “Fellow Cultivator Li, why do you come here?”

“Fellow Cultivator Lin, you’re wrong to say that. I haven’t left since. I’ve been in the forbidden area, pinching myself. It’s been a long time, as for how long it’s been, I don’t know.” Li Dadao replied.

Who let there be no sun and moon here?

It wasn’t easy to count the days.

Lin Fan didn’t dare to underestimate Li Dadao. With his cultivation living in the forbidden area for so long, that wasn’t just luck; it was rather the skill to do it.

If he didn’t have the talent of being alerted by the sense of living creatures, he really wouldn’t be able to discover Li Dadao in the depths of the ground.

Li Dadao saw that the surroundings were safe and let his guard down, “Fellow Cultivator Lin, how did you appear here?”

Lin Fan said, “I came here to look for someone. Oh right, did you meet a man who came to look for the seven-colored female dragon?”

Li Dadao pondered for a moment, then remembered, “Yes, as soon as you said that I remembered. A long time ago, I met a man; he asked me if I had seen a seven-colored female dragon. I saw that he was powerful, and I didn’t dare to say no. So I just said that I had seen it, and then gave him directions.”

Lin Fan was helpless. He didn’t expect someone to make up for it. Even if he found Ao Wudi, he was afraid that he couldn’t explain it clearly.


“Fellow Cultivator Li, you’re lucky; you’ve harvested an elixir and a few fruits. You’ll be hunted down to death if anyone finds out about this.” Lin Fan didn’t want to probe anything, just to see how Li Dadao was doing. However, he didn’t expect that Li Dadao was carrying an elixir.

It was hard for him to believe Li Dadao could obtain an elixir.

There was no need to say anything about how rare an elixir was. Naturally, it was tough; even True Stage cultivator couldn’t do that. Maybe someone with terrible luck was really the same everywhere they went.

Li Dadao didn’t expect Lin Fan to know that he had obtained an elixir.

Initially, he didn’t want to say anything. He believed that Fellow Cultivator Lin wasn’t the kind of person to take money when he saw it, but he didn’t want to make him feel disappointed. After all, he had it, and Lin Fan didn’t, so how awkward the situation would be?

“Don’t just stand there. I can still take your elixir if I want. It just so happens that I’ll show you where it comes from and what effects it has. If you get a soaring elixir, you’re going to make a fortune.” Lin Fan said.

He saw that Li Dadao was dumbfounded.

His heart was helpless.

Did he think that I, Lin Fan, was the kind of existence that took away people’s elixir?

That was simply impossible.

Li Dadao exclaimed, “Fellow Cultivator Lin, do you know about elixir?”

“Of course, it’s safe to say that I’m the most knowledgeable person in the world about elixir. No one knows more than me.” Lin Fan said confidently.

He wasn’t bragging; what he was said could be true.

Soon, Li Dadao took out the elixir along with the three fruits. He really wasn’t afraid that Lin Fan would take his things; if it were someone else, then he would definitely ignore it. 

Although he had only met Lin Fan a few times, he believed that Lin Fan could be his lucky charm.

Lin Fan looked at the elixir and touched it.

Li Dadao on the side was distressed as he held it with both hands. Just in case Lin Fan mistreated it and hurt the elixir, he would really cry all over it. 

“How is it? Do you see anything?” Li Dadao asked. He was skeptical about Fellow Cultivator Lin, saying that he could see the elixir. After all, this thing was so high-end, so how could it be so easy to see? 

Lin Fan nodded and said, “Well, I can see it. This can be considered good luck, but not too good. This elixir can skyrocket 10,000 of qi and increase lifespan by 3,000.”

“For you to get an elixir with your cultivation, that’s truly a stroke of luck. Even a True Stage might not be able to get it… But I have to say, you’re ruthless enough to pluck this elixir, which has only been growing for a few thousand years and belongs to a young seedling.”

Li Dadao’s mouth opened so wide when he heard Lin Fan’s words that he could stuff an egg down.

He couldn’t see the miraculous use of this elixir, but he knew that this elixir was not ordinary.

After hearing Lin Fan’s words, it seemed like it was just an ordinary elixir in the Forbidden Area. However, to Li Dadao, it was an amazing elixir.

10,000 qi and 3,000 years of lifespan, that was something he didn’t even dare to imagine in the past.

“Not bad, I feel satisfied.”

Li Dadao stared at the elixir. If it weren’t for maintaining restraint, he would have wanted to swallow it right now. 

Gong Mo, who was on the side, had a stunned expression, somewhat unresponsive. This was his first time in the forbidden area. He might have heard of the legend of the elixir but had never seen it. Now he saw it with his own eyes.

The feeling was hard to put into words; it was as if the cultivation was an easy thing to do.

“Here you go.”

Lin Fan returned the elixir to Li Dadao. Li Dadao looked so eager now and was a bit impatient. So, it was better for Lin Fan to save Li Dadao’s fears and give it to him.

Hey! People who saw something good for the first time were like this. Increasing 10,000 qi along with 3,000 years of lifespan, was so euphoric. What else could he say?

If he were to encounter the completely matured kind of elixir that could soar in one strain, he was afraid that even his heart would jump out.

Li Dadao held the elixir and smiled stupidly. Then without saying a word, he swallowed the elixir.



There was a ringing sound transmitted within the body. The strong qi emitted and soared, much higher than before.


Li Dadao turned red and called out loudly.

It felt twice as good.

“Fellow Cultivator Lin, take a look at these three fruits.” Li Dadao desperately wanted to know the effects of the fruits.

It was strange, to say the least.

The process he went through to obtain this fruit was quite strange.

He dug for quite some time into a hole and saw a snake huddled there motionless. He was afraid and wanted to go around because he was too nervous about making a noise.

He thought he would die.

However, it was as if the Snake didn’t even notice him and didn’t even move.

Which made him slightly more daring.

When he saw a fruit tree emitting magical light, he was so cheap that he didn’t hold back and directly stole three of them. However, if he hadn’t been timid at the time, he would have wanted to take off all the fruits from that tree.

Lin Fan played with the fruit and said indifferently, “Not bad. This fruit is called the Mystic Art Fruit. After taking this fruit, you can cultivate your Mystic Art with half the effort. It’s a good thing.”

“A Low-Grade Mystic Art requires decades of worldly cultivation. However, after taking it, it can be successfully cultivated in a few months. But one is not enough if you cultivate a High-Grade Mystic Art.”

“But I must say, it’s an invaluable treasure.”

Lin Fan said it lightly. But to Li Dadao, it felt like his ancestral grave was smoking. No, the smoke couldn’t even catch up; it was directly on fire!

Gong Mo on the side said to himself, “I didn’t expect there to be such magical things in the world.”

Lin Fan smiled, “There are many magical things. Just because you don’t know doesn’t mean there aren’t any. It’s just that it’s too dangerous here. If you want to get something, you have to depend on luck. If you’re unlucky, you’ll be buried here.”

Li Dadao carefully put away the magical fruit, then took one out and handed it to Lin Fan, “Here, I’ll give you one.”

“Thank you.” Lin Fan took it and put the Mystic Art Fruit away.

Just because he couldn’t use it didn’t mean that others couldn’t use it.

Moreover, this Mystic Art Fruit could be sold for a fair price.

Although it couldn’t compare to the elixir in terms of value, it was still a valuable good.

Suddenly, a terrifying power swept over from afar.

The vicious cold light was like a ray of light, so fast that it was in sight in the blink of an eye.

And the target was Li Dadao.

Li Dadao was still blissfully unaware of it. Even though he felt this dangerous aura, his reaction couldn’t keep up.

“What is it?”

Lin Fan slapped his palm. There was a rumbling, and what collided with his palm was a large snakehead.

A terrifying shockwave swept out.

Everything in the surrounding area was impacted.

“It’s- it…” Li Dadao panicked inside when he saw the snakehead. The Mystic Art Fruit on his body was plucked from the fruit tree guarded by this Snake. 


Lin Fan was stunned, obviously not expecting a giant snake to appear.

The Snake in front of him was huge. It was a hundred feet long, with a snake body that hovered over the world. The eyes of the Snake were intriguing.

Then, he spun his qi and directly repelled the Snake.

If the qi hadn’t been boosted, it would be a bit troublesome to deal with this Snake.

The Snake opened its blood basin, and a cloud of poisonous fire overwhelmingly crushed it.

The Snake has initially been spewing out a poisonous fire that was even more terrifying than the Triple Flame True Fire.

A snake that had cultivated to this level could make a certain place become a land of poisonous fire that’d be difficult to extinguish and remove.

“Fellow Cultivator Li, the snake you’ve attracted, is quite terrifying.” Lin Fan’s palm bloomed with light, blasting the poisonous fire with a single strike, scattering it to the ground and burning up a sea of fire.

“I don’t know that he’ll come after me.”

Li Dadao was a little confused; he didn’t expect it to turn out like this.

At the same time, he was extremely fortunate.

If he hadn’t met Fellow Cultivator Lin, wouldn’t he have died at the mouth of this Snake?

“You despicable immortal cultivators. Return the Mystic Art Fruit.” The Snake hovered in the air, spouting human words.

The Snake had just finished taking the Mystic Art Fruit for cultivation and tracked it down when he discovered that someone had stolen his Mystic Art Fruit.

For Lin Fan, the Snake was an existence not weaker than the Heavenly Dragon Clan.

It was rare.

It couldn’t even be encountered in the outside world.

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