Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 297


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“Fellow cultivator, that’s wrong… We’re not despicable immortal cultivators.”

Regarding the snake saying that they were despicable immortal cultivators, he would never admit that.

‘I, Lin Fan, acted openly and honestly and never did anything sneaky. I would never sneakily mess with you.’

“Hmph, stealing my Mystic Art Fruit while I’m cultivating, isn’t that despicable?” The snake raged.

Recently, a lot of immortal cultivators had come in, making the snake quite irritated. The once quiet forbidden area had turned unsettled.

What was the purpose of the human immortals entering the forbidden area?

Of course, that was for a sacred object.

What a greedy existence.

“He’s the one who took your Mystic Art Fruit, but Fellow Cultivator Snake might as well take a closer look at what kind of cultivation he is. With his cultivation, sacrifice his life to come in, search for treasures, and take the Mystic Art Fruit in front of Fellow Cultivator Snake, he has luck and ability. To put it more profoundly, it’s the fate of the heavens.”

“I wonder if Fellow Cultivator Snake considers this to be the truth.”

Lin Fan didn’t get into a heated fight with the snake.

Let’s have a reasonable argument.

The main reason was that he still didn’t understand how the forbidden area works. Why all the terrifying creatures here existed?

Especially the Flaming Red Suckling Pig, which kept saying that he was suppressing some existence.

What exactly was it that was being suppressed?

If they were doing it for our good and suppressing the terror, wouldn’t they mistakenly injure their teammates?

The snake rotated its huge eyes and took a look at Li Dadao. He was frail, an existence that could die with a sneeze, yet he stole the Mystic Art Fruit from in front of him.


What a sneaky bastard.

Lin Fan smiled, “Fellow cultivator, I don’t have any other intentions. I want to make a deal with you; I don’t know if you’re willing.”

The snake was furious, “Fellow cultivator, don’t go too far. You have stolen my Mystic Art Fruit. I haven’t gotten even with you yet, and you want to make a deal with me? Have you thought of any schemes and tricks to get more of the Mystic Art Fruit from me?”

“I’m telling you, it’s not going to happen.”

Lin Fan sighed. There would always be a chasm between man and beast, which was a matter of trust.

Suddenly, a mysterious qi passed out of Lin Fan’s palm.

“Fellow cultivator, you might want to take a look. This was once a bloodline that I got by chance, the Ancient Vicious Beast Destroyer Qi’s bloodline. Although it’s fragile, it might no longer exist. If fellow cultivator can integrate this bloodline, I think it will be able to go further.” Lin Fan had quite a few good things about him.

This hint of the bloodline of the Ancient Vicious Beast Destroyer Qi, or the one he had exploded out from slaying a miscellaneous fish a long time ago, had been with him and had nowhere to make use of it.

Mainly because he couldn’t use it.

A human fusion was heavy enough to explode but light enough to turn into a beast. Therefore, this thing had to be used in a useful way.

The serpent was very sensitive to his bloodline and could feel the power contained in that bloodline.

Although there was only a hint of it, it was enough for him. His serpent bloodline was strong; there was no need for it to be replaced by another bloodline. 

However, with just this one hint of bloodline, it could give him wings like a tiger.

It was just that he was cautious and always felt that there was something wrong. 

“What do you mean?” The snake looked straight at Lin Fan to see through his actions.

“I don’t have any other intentions. I just want to exchange some Mystic Art Fruits with Fellow Cultivator Snake.”

Lin Fan needed Mystic Art Fruits. Three wasn’t enough; at least it had to be the amount needed to cultivate one of the High-Grade Mystic Art successfully. Only then could it be auctioned at a higher price.

Refining the Golden Gourd required too many spirit stones, and he didn’t want to slow down.

Hmph, I wonder what you immortal cultivators want. Do you think I’ll believe you?” The snake didn’t believe a single thing Lin Fan said.

Only, the next scene made the snake very stunned.

Lin Fan threw the blood vein at the snake.

“Fellow cultivator, why do you have to think of me in such a despicable way. Take the bloodline first; after that, just give me the Mystic Art Fruit. What else don’t you believe?” Lin Fan said.

The snake was stunned, “You’re not afraid that I’ll break my promise?”

Lin Fan laughed, “Fellow Cultivator Snake hates despicable people so much, that’s naturally he’s not a despicable existence. Why would I don’t trust Fellow Cultivator Snake?”

“The time for my generation of cultivators is long. No one knows how long we can live, but I’m willing to make friends with Fellow Cultivator Snake… It’s just that I don’t know if Fellow Cultivator Snake is willing to give this opportunity.”

This succession of operations caught the snake by surprise, and it was all blindsided.

The best way to solve the pattern was to face it sincerely.

The snake’s remarks made Lin Fan willing to give the bloodline first.

Of course, If the snake went back on his word, Lin Fan had plenty of ways to make him regret it.

The snake looked at the bloodline floating in front of him and then at Lin Fan.

“Good. I didn’t expect there to be such an interesting existence like you among the immortals. I’ll make a friend with you, but I can only give you ten Mystic Art Fruits. It should be enough for you to cultivate a High-Grade Mystic Art and save a thousand years.”

“Are you willing to befriend me?”

Lin Fan’s sincerity impressed the snake, and he directly got ten Mystic Art Fruits.

“Good. Thank you, Fellow Cultivator Snake.”

He cupped his fists.

Not all terrifying creatures were as heroic as the snake.

The snake wasn’t a fierce creature; his personality was considered soft, similar to Lin Fan’s personality.

‘If you didn’t provoke me, I wouldn’t provoke you. If you provoked me, I would spew poisonous fire to kill you.’

Soon, ten Mystic Art Fruits spat out from the snake’s mouth and floated to Lin Fan’s hand.

“Fellow cultivator, remember that taking the Mystic Art Fruit must be in a safe, uninhabited place. Because after taking this fruit, all awareness will coalesce within and be insensitive to the outside world. If you are disturbed, the effect of the Mystic Art Fruit will be useless.”

When the snake said this, it naturally looked towards Li Dadao. Although Li Dadao hadn’t disturbed him, stealing the Mystic Art Fruit in front of him was really unpleasant.

Li Dadai didn’t dare to take a breath of air.

The terror that the snake gave him was too terrifying.

He was like an ant.

“Fine. Thank you for the advice of Fellow Cultivator Snake, but I would like to ask Fellow Cultivator Snake, what is inside the forbidden area?”

Lin Fan’s heart was curious. He still hadn’t figured out the secret of the forbidden area.

His heart was itching.

The snake didn’t have words, he just warned Lin Fan not to ask questions, and he wouldn’t say anything.

Lin Fan was helpless. It was hidden quite deeply, and he couldn’t pry open the snake’s head to see what was going on, so he could only dig slowly.

Of course, he had inquired about Ao Wudi’s situation, but unfortunately, the snake had not seen Ao Wudi.

Everything needed to be searched for on its own.

This guy, Ao Wudi, was too good at running away.

Where the hell did he go?

If they couldn’t find him, he could only be treated as a missing person, which meant that he was already dead. Let’s stop looking and burn some paper money for him every year. 

“Fellow Cultivator Lin, are we still going to look for him?” Gong Mo asked.

His little heart was beating so hard. Initially, he was desperately trying to find Ao Wudi.

However, now, he felt that something could easily go wrong with the situation in the Forbidden Area.

“We must find him. How can I let Brother Gong suffer?” Lin Fan said.

Rather, Gong Mo himself was somewhat tempted to withdraw.

It was too dangerous.

Even if he returned to the Immortal Ancient Holy Sect and said he hadn’t found Ao Wudi, at most, he would just be smacked with anger and could stand it. However, if he lost his life, it would be meaningless.

But now, how could Lin Fan’s words didn’t move him?

It was definitely touching.

What kind of person would we be if we weren’t moved?

“Fellow Cultivator Lin, in fact…”

He was about to say something, but Lin Fan interrupted him.

“Brother Gong, don’t say anything. I’ll make sure everything is fine.” Lin Fan had reassured him, what was there to panic about?

‘With me here, you didn’t have to be panic about anything.’

“Fellow Cultivator Lin, thank you for helping me. Otherwise, I would have been afraid of being crushed to death by that snake when I faced it.” Li Dadao said.

He couldn’t figure it out now, whether it was always good luck or bad luck when he met Lin Fan.

The good one was that he could get help from Lin Fan whenever he encountered problems.

The bad was that every time he met Fellow Cultivator Lin, he would only encounter trouble that could kill him.

This was tough.

Lin Fan waved his hand and said indifferently, “Fellow Cultivator Li doesn’t need to be thankful. My generation of cultivators will inevitably do righteous deeds and draw swords to help each other.”

“Fellow Cultivator Lin, that was such a great righteousness.” Li Dadao cupped his fist in gratitude, “This saving grace is unforgettable.”

Hey, he was helpless.

How much debt was there for a life-saving favor?

He had paid it last time, but he didn’t even know how to pay it back this time.

Lin Fan smiled, “Fellow Cultivator Li, what do you want to do next, travel with me, or alone?”

“Fellow Cultivator Lin, I’ll let it go. This place is too dangerous for me to stay here, so I’ll leave first and wait until the next day to come out and meet up with Fellow Cultivator Lin.” Li Dadao said.

He really wanted to leave the forbidden area now.

It had been a while since he entered the forbidden area.

It was necessary to go out to slow down his breathing.

“Good, then I won’t hold you back.” Lin Fan smiled.

He was going to continue to go deeper. He was already powerful, so he might be able to gain something. Getting an elixir would be a sure-fire deal.

As for what would happen if he encountered a terrifying creature.

It depended on whether the creature had the eyes to see it.

If it didn’t have the insight, he could just blow it up.

“Let’s go.”

Lin Fan continued to move forward with Gong Mo.

The road to finding Ao Wudi was long, but he wasn’t in a hurry at all. He just couldn’t figure out one thing, whether Ao Wudi was still in the forbidden area or not.

Please don’t leave the forbidden area through another road.



Instead of returning to the Great Thunder Sound Heavenly Dragon Temple, Head Priest Yun had renovated the dilapidated temple, making it leak-free, and lived here just like the human-faced spider.

He usually chanted sutras and prayed to the Buddha. He also used the Buddha’s light to transform the human-faced spider while living mortally, going out to hunt.

Exactly like a mortal monk.

At this time, Head Priest Yun was reciting Buddhist scriptures. Suddenly, he stopped and slowly said, “Don’t be nonsense; listening to the Buddha’s teachings will be good for you.”

The human-faced spider, which couldn’t speak, crawled around on him, then landed on the place where his silk had broken open.

It mended and quickly repaired the broken place and also embroidered a cute spider model on it.

Then it crawled into Head Priest Yun’s hand, tumbling and fussing.

Head Priest Yun looked at the mended place and closed his eyes to chant the sutra.

His Buddha mind was vibrating all this time.

The difficulty was still not over, and it was vicious.

Although it was a difficulty on Lin Fan’s behalf, it was also a difficulty for Head Priest Yun.

However, this difficulty was somewhat tricky.

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