Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 298


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“Fellow Cultivator Lin, do you have a feeling that something isn’t quite right around you?” Gong Mo observed the situation around him and panicked a bit.

They had been in the forbidden area for some time.

Lin Fan told him not to touch those weird things when he saw them; otherwise, there would be trouble. So, of course, he kept that in mind and didn’t even dare to touch them.

“Well, we are entering the interior of the forbidden area; if we still can’t find Ao Wudi, let’s leave.”

He didn’t want to go deeper. The forbidden area still felt very dangerous to him. It always felt like a dark palm covering the top, waiting for the target to arrive, then slapping it over and directly crushing it.

Initially, in the outside world, that sense of crisis wasn’t strong. However, here the sense of crisis was intense as if something was hiding in the darkness, always watching their whereabouts.

Lin Fan was helpless; the situation in the forbidden area was unexpected. They were more like headless flies, flying around the courtyard with no goal or destination. They could only take one step at a time.

Suddenly, the ground shook.

The ground beneath their feet was shaking.

A strange sound came from deep underground.

Gong Mo was so panicked that the sound almost scared him. He hid behind Lin Fan and didn’t even dare to move.


The ground cracked open, and a huge figure emerged, looking a bit like a snake. It had dark bone spines growing all over its body, roaring and hissing.

“Fellow cultivator, we…” Gong Mo thought that Lin Fan could make a deal with the snake, assuming that all the creatures here should be easy to talk to.

However, before he could finish his sentence, he was pushed away by Lin Fan.

“Brother Gong, what are you doing?”

Lin Fan repelled the creature with his palm, then looked at Gong Mo. It would be too arrogant to call fellow cultivator directly in the face of such a terrible creature.

Gong Mo was stunned and said, “Didn’t you want me to have a nice chat with him to avoid a conflict?”

“In your dream. This won’t work, so hideaway. Don’t be affected, and just see how I’ll suppress him.” Lin Fan directly took action.

The qi poured down, and the God Spear pierced through the opponent’s body.


The terrifying creature’s surface was hard, but Lin Fan’s strength was something to be bragged about. His strong qi allowed him to break through the opponent’s defenses.

The Hook Python.

The creature that appeared in front of him was also a creature with a legendary existence.

It had no flesh and blood. All that grew on its body were those sharp barbs, which were incredibly sharp.

However, because it was as thick as a python, it had a strong ability to burrow into the ground.

“Ten Thousand Buddhas.”

He cast his mystic art, and all of a sudden, a Buddha palm that blossomed with golden light descended from the sky.

It fiercely blasted the Hook Python into the ground with a clattering sound, as if something was breaking.

It turned out that his palm directly shattered the barbs on the Hook Python’s body.

Just as he was about to kill the python, he noticed that the python was running away so fast that it dug a hole and fled without a trace.

As for the python, it was furious now.

It wanted to make a small sacrifice. However, it didn’t expect to be beaten up like this, which was really terrible.

“It runs really fast.”

Lin Fan didn’t chase after it. This place was dangerous, so he couldn’t just stroll around. He could only stay where he was.

He discovered one thing now. The worst creatures that appeared in the forbidden area were all True Stage.

When he thought about it, he wondered how long the forbidden area had existed.

Even a pig could grow into a True Stage Pig.

No. This was a bad chestnut.

This chestnut wasn’t raised properly. The Fiery Red Suckling Pig was a pig, and it was so terrifying that it should be said that even a fool could become an immortal fool.

“Fellow Cultivator Lin, let’s leave here. This place is too dangerous to stay for long.” Gong Mo said.

He initially didn’t think about how the forbidden area was. He was only focused on finding Ao Wudi so that he could return to deliver his mission.

After experiencing these things, he gave up this unrealistic idea.

What was there to look for?

Even if he couldn’t find Ao Wudi, he would just be smacked at the most. It was just that his skin was itchy, so he tried to be brave.

Lin Fan lightly patted Gong Mo’s shoulder and solemnly said, “Brother Gong, you’re in a bad frame of mind. No matter what you do, you can’t give up halfway. You’re already in; don’t you think it’s a pity to give up casually? Maybe we’ll be able to find him if we look for a while longer.”

Gong Mo felt that what Lin Fan said made so much sense. He couldn’t even refute it.

Lin Fan also wanted to find some good things within the forbidden area, preferably without any conflict.

Ten Mystic Art Fruits was an excellent profit.

Using a strand of the unused bloodline to get it, it was a sure-fire deal. At least he didn’t feel like he was losing, and the snake didn’t feel like he was losing either.


Several days later.

Lin Fan and Gong Mo encountered some trouble. He didn’t expect a broken formation in the forbidden area, and they mistakenly entered it.

Immediately, they faced the formation’s backlash. Luckily, his current qi wasn’t something the broken formation could contend with.

He could directly suppress it with his strength.

Gong Mo trembled and hid behind Lin Fan the whole time. For him, he was like a sheep, mistakenly entering the wolf pack, and didn’t know when he would die.

If Lin Fan had told him to go out first and leave this place to him, Gong Mo would have said that it was a good idea and asked Lin Fan to walk him to the door.

He was afraid he would die on the way back for no reason.

Not long after, the surrounding environment changed. If previously they passed through the desert, now it was an oasis. There was a huge difference between the sky and the land.

“Hahaha… Brother Xiong said this joke I have never heard before. There is such a stupid existence in the world that can make the dragon laugh.”

“What Brother Ao said earlier was strange.”

A voice was heard.

Lin Fan and Gong Mo looked at each other. Their eyes were shining with amazement as if they had thought of something unbelievable.

Then, they rushed towards the source of the sound.

They stared at it.

They almost spewed out a mouthful of old phlegm.


Ao Wudi was sitting there with a strong man, laughing and chatting. There were many fruits on the stone table between them, and beside them were servants serving them.

It was like the life of an immortal.

“Who is there?”

The strong man’s voice was like thunder, rumbling in their hearts, obviously not expecting that someone would come here.

When Ao Wudi saw Lin Fan and Gong Mo, he was stunned for a moment, then smiled.

“Brother Xiong, don’t be shocked; I know these two. I’ll introduce them to Brother Xiong later.” Ao Wudi said.

He wondered, “What are you guys doing here?”

Lin Fan looked at Ao Wudi and was at a loss for words. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to say anything, but he didn’t know what to say.

The corner of Gong Mo’s mouth twitched. He was so afraid that Ao Wudi was in danger that he came out to look for Ao Wudi.

However, he didn’t expect… that Ao Wudi looked like he had a very comfortable life.

Thinking about the journey they had taken to find Ao Wudi, it had to be arduous.

Is this still a thing humans do?

If Ao Wudi had known what Gong Mo was thinking, he might have said, “It’s really not a human thing to do, but I’m a dragon. I can’t help it.

“We’re here for you.” Lin Fan sighed.

He knew that Ao Wudi was safe and would never be in any danger.

Looking at Gong Mo’s expression, it is evident that he had suffered a big blow.

What a tragedy.

“Are you looking for me?”

Ao Wudi didn’t understand what they meant. He was pleased to be here, not to mention how happy he was to meet Brother Xiong.

Lin Fan looked at Ao Wudi; the meaning conveyed by his eyes was obvious.

That was it… you were looking for a seven-color female dragon.

The mouth said no, but the body remained so honest.

Ao Wudi felt Lin Fan’s eyes were a little different. However, he wouldn’t admit that it was the case because it would be humiliating.

“Kid, let me introduce you; this is Fellow Cultivator Xiong. He lives in the forbidden area, and he is a very heroic person. I have been with Brother Xiong for this period in the forbidden area.”

He came to the forbidden area to find the seven-colored female dragon. However, the female dragon didn’t want to be found by him, and by coincidence, he met Brother Xiong. The two of them chatted about the right things, so they stayed here temporarily.

“Fellow Cultivator Xiong.” Lin Fan cupped his fist and said.

Lin Fan observed the strong man. His qi was terrifying, and his body was an ancient bear. Even if Lin Fan’s current qi was about to reach 150,000, he might not be a match for this strong man.


What kind of monsters existed in the forbidden area?

Fellow Cultivator Xiong nodded at Lin Fan and smiled, “Since you are friends of Brother Ao, please sit down.”

Then he instructed his servants to prepare chairs for Lin Fan and Gong Mo.

Lin Fan took a look. Those two servants weren’t human, either.

“Senior Ao, you’ve been in the forbidden area for some time. When we were looking for you, we’ve been drawn out by the snake. When are you going to go back?” Lin Fan asked directly.

On the other side, Gong Mo was pitiful.

His helpless eyes gazed at Ao Wudi. He was just hoping that Ao Wudi would go back with him.

So that he could deliver that it had nothing to do with him if Ao Wudi came out again later.

“This… Let’s not talk about this. Come here, don’t leave in a hurry, and let’s talk first.” Ao Wudi changed the subject.

The most important thing for him was to find the seven-colored female dragon. At the same time, he was having fun chatting with Brother Xiong here, not wanting to leave so soon.

In the past, he stayed in the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect, sleeping every day, feeling really comfortable like he was about to go to heaven.

However, it wasn’t until he came out that he understood.

He didn’t realize it before; the old days were just dull.

Of course, What he promised her, he would not forget. So, after waiting for some time, he would go back.

Lin Fan didn’t say anything more. How could he not see through Ao Wudi’s thoughts?

For Gong Mo, he was also relieved now. As long as he found Ao Wudi, he could say that Ao Wudi was fine. However, if he saw a corpse, he would explode in his place.

Anyway, to Lin Fan, he didn’t care where Ao Wudi was going.

It didn’t matter where he went. It had nothing to do with him.

After arriving at the forbidden area, he realized that this was the only place that was a little bit normal.

Lin Fan also wanted to know the secrets hidden in the forbidden area from this Fellow Cultivator Xiong. Even if the secrets were terrifying, he didn’t care. Learning and getting involved were two different things.

It had nothing to do with him at all.

“This fruit is delicious.” Lin Fan praised and commented.

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