Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 299


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After consuming the fruit, he understood why Ao Wudi couldn’t leave. It was, indeed, delicious. And it possessed wonderful uses and had a refreshing effect.

“What a nice place, Senior Ao. No wonder you don’t want to leave here.” Lin Fan exclaimed.

Ao Wudi waved his hand and said, “The main thing is that I met someone like Brother Xiong and had a good time talking to him.”

Fellow Cultivator Xiong laughed and said the same thing as Ao Wudi, “Yes, we meet each other and have such a good time chatting. If we had met earlier, then the days wouldn’t be so dull.

“I’d like to ask Fellow Cultivator Xiong one thing. I wonder if he would like to explain something?” Lin Fan inquired.

He was curious about the forbidden area. Elixirs were growing here, and there were so many terrifying creatures, which was terrific.

Moreover, the forbidden area was connected to the outside world. If these terrifying creatures left the forbidden area, it could definitely start a storm outside. Even if they changed the pattern of the world, it might not be a problem.

However, they all stayed inside the forbidden area.

It was quite strange.

“There’s no harm in saying it.” Fellow Cultivator Xiong returned.

Lin Fan asked, “What exactly is the existence of the forbidden area? Why are there so many elixirs? The last time I met Flaming Red Suckling Pig Senior, he said that he was suppressing something. What exactly is it suppressing?”

The original Fellow Cultivator Xiong, who was still smiling, grew serious after hearing these words, and then slowly said, “I can’t tell you about this matter, but you need to know is that the forbidden area cannot be messed with. We all have missions here, and what is being suppressed is a terrifying existence that cannot be told.”

Fellow Cultivator Xiong shook his head.

“Kid, don’t ask. I have such an inscrutable relationship with Fellow Cultivator Xiong, and he didn’t even tell me. So how could he tell you?” Ao Wudi said.

It was ruthless.

‘How long have you been together? How can you say that you’re friends with Fellow Cultivator Xiong? What a shameless thing to say.’

The more mysterious the unknown, the more intriguing it became.

He really wanted to extract a confession. However, when he thought about it. This was the work of a rough man. Upon thinking that he, Lin Fan, was so friendly, how could he do such a thing?

The truth was, Fellow Cultivator Xiong was quite fierce. Even if they fought, he would probably be pinned to the ground and rubbed wildly, without having the chance to resist.


Several days later.

Lin Fan wanted to leave the forbidden area. If he wanted to get the elixir in the forbidden area, he had to fight against the terrifying creatures.

However, some terrifying creatures were really hard to say; they were terrifying to the extreme.

He could be beaten if he met a tough one.

Also, he didn’t want to offend the creatures in the forbidden area, he wanted to befriend them, and maybe they would be good friends in the future.

“Brother Gong, I’m ready to leave. What do you say? Do you want to leave with me, or with him?”

Lin Fan’s time in the forbidden area was quite unrestrained. He was a little embarrassed that Fellow Cultivator Xiong was so courteous, polite, and friendly.

Gong Mo had fallen. He was living a comfortable life here and found Ao Wudi; he had long been relieved.

“Fellow Cultivator Lin, I’ll be fine here.”

His idea was simple; he wanted to go back with Ao Wudi. Although the forbidden area was a bit dangerous, it was very safe here.

Also, there was something to eat and something to drink.

“Senior Ao, Fellow Cultivator Xiong, then I’ll take my leave. I’m very grateful to Fellow Cultivator Xiong for this time of hospitality.” Lin Fan cupped his fists and said.

Fellow Cultivator Xiong said, “Fellow Cultivator Lin, won’t you stay here for a while longer? It’s the first time in all these years that I’ve been able to see so many people.”

Lin Fan declined. He didn’t stay in the forbidden area and then directly left.

He knew that Ao Wudi hadn’t given up. He would definitely take Gong Mo with him to continue his search for the seven-color female dragon.


Several days later, The entrance to the forbidden area.

A figure appeared at the entrance of the forbidden area. He didn’t think much about it and quickly left, disappearing into a long rainbow as soon as he left the forbidden area.

Recently, there was some turmoil in the immortal cultivation realm.

Flying Immortal Mountain and Proud Martial Mountain were shocked and angry because The Heavenly Pride members were killed for no apparent reason, and still don’t know who did it. So, a reward was offered to find out who did it.

According to the investigation, the last place the members appeared was at the mouth of the forbidden area.

When Lin Fan came out of the forbidden area, the hidden people witnessed his departure. They quickly painted his portraits and then disappeared from the spot.

Lin Fan naturally discovered these people, but he didn’t pay any attention to them. He only thought that they had heard about the forbidden area’s legend and had come to die in search of treasure.

Only when they were inside the forbidden area could they deeply understand the preciousness of life.


Heavenly Treasure Pavilion.

When Lin Fan came again, he found the smell of a large amount of wealth permeated the air.

Hey! What an enchanting smell.

If he were evil, he would have emptied the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion long ago. However, as a disciple of the Immortal Sect, he was naturally righteous and immense.

The stall owners on both sides of the street were still shouting and selling.

The mysterious treasures excavated from the ancient tomb.

There were all kinds of strange things.

When Lin Fan arrived at the store, Mao Si, who was entertaining the immortals, saw Lin Fan. He smiled and hurriedly came over.

“Master Lin.”

For Mao Si, there were only two kinds of things that made Master Lin come to Heavenly Treasures Pavilion. The first was to appraise elixir, and the other was to sell things.


Inside the VIP room.

“Mao Si, how is Master Pavilion’s health?” Lin Fan asked.

Mao Si said, “Thanks to Master Lin’s concern, the Pavilion Master has recovered. It was all because of Master Lin’s help; Otherwise, it would be a disaster for the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion.”

He then inquired curiously, “Master Lin, do you want to sell anything this time to the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion? Could it still be a heavenly pride?”

What kind of things would make Mao Si think that he is coming to sell the heavenly pride again?

Was he that kind of person?

No, It must be a misunderstanding.

He was a disciple of a great Immortal Sect; how could he do such a thing?

“How is this possible? Last time it was just an accident. This time I want the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion to auction something. It was ten Mystic Art Fruits. After taking them, you don’t need to cultivate for hundreds of years, or a thousand years to reach the highest level of one High-Grade Mystic Art; it only takes a few months or a year to cultivate it to perfection.” Lin Fan said.

At first, Mao Si didn’t care, but suddenly, he stared at him fiercely.

“Master Lin, is what you said true?”

He didn’t dare to believe it.

As the head of the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion, he had naturally seen many rare treasures.

However, this treasure that Lin Fan talked about was unseen and unheard of, and he never heard of it before.

Lin Fan took out the ten Mystic Art Fruits and placed them on the table, “Of course, it’s true. I’ll leave this matter to the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion to help me auction it.”

Mao Si looked at the ten Mystic Art Fruits on the table. He fell into deep contemplation. This was something that he couldn’t react to.

There were actually such treasures in the world.

The fruit was truly astonishing.

“Okay, Master Lin, don’t worry, I will personally take charge of this matter.”

Auctioning this item would definitely cause a shock. It was just like the last time the elixir was auctioned.

Lin Fan didn’t leave the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion; he needed to stay here for some time.

The auctioned spirit stones just happened to be used to refine the Immortal Treasure.

Hey! Immortal treasures were truly gold swallowing beasts.

For others, it would be impossible to refine it completely.


“Miss, the item that Master Lin auctioned off should have been obtained in the forbidden area.” Mao Si reported the situation of the Mystic Art Fruit to Huang Li.

Since the Pavilion Master had recovered from his near-death state, he had gone into seclusion. All matters of the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion were entrusted to Huang Li.

Huang Li was sneering at Lin Fan’s words. He told them not to enter the forbidden area, yet he sneaked in himself.

“To be able to cultivate a High-Great Mystic Art to perfection in a short period, it really is something magical.”

“Only the forbidden area can have it.”

Huang Li yearned for the forbidden area, as it was for anyone.

It was magical, mysterious, astonishing. It was enough to describe how tempting the existence of a forbidden area was to any immortal.


Inside the city.

Lin Fan was strolling around, and suddenly, he saw a very familiar figure.

The Demon Ancestor of the Red Dust Demon Sect.

“Fellow Cultivator Xiang.”

Lin Fan saw that the Demon Ancestor was chatting with a woman, so he took the initiative to come forward to talk.

All of his attention was focused on the woman, whose appearance was covered with a layer of mist that was utterly unreadable. She had exuded an aura that struck fear into the heart.

Although the woman’s face could not be seen, her posture was so proud that many surrounding immortals were sneaking around. Even some unstable immortals were swallowing their saliva.

It was as if they were greedy.

When the Demon Ancestor saw Lin Fan, his entire face fell, and he growled, “It’s you…”

He looked furious and even had the idea of killing Lin Fan on the spot.

“It’s me. It’s been a long time since I last saw you. Your demon ancestor’s demeanor is still the same.” Lin Fan said with a smile.


The Demon Ancestor was furious that Lin Fan was mentioning these things, which was the ultimate humiliation.

The woman on the side looked at the situation in front of her with great interest.

“You are a disciple of the Greatest Martial Sect.” The woman spoke. Her voice clear and crisp, like a yellow warbler coming out of the valley, harmonious and yet dignified. Her status was obviously extraordinary.

Lin Fan smiled and said, “Immortal sister, I am a disciple of Greatest Martial Sect. I’ve been curious as to why this immortal sister wants to hide her appearance. Upon looking at this immortal sister’s posture, it’s exquisite, and these surrounding immortals’ eyes are looking straight.”

“I don’t think immortal sister’s look is bad. How about giving me a look? It’s also a way for me to have some thoughts of this immortal sister.”

He suffered from the strange disease of wanting to flirt a little when he saw this immortal sister.

It was as if he would feel bad all over if he didn’t molest her.

The woman didn’t think that the Greatest Martial Sect disciple in front of her, who was so florid with his words, would say such things to her and was suddenly a little indignant.

“Immortal sister, don’t get angry. Why would you be angry when you are praised for your beauty? Do you have to be called ugly to make immortal sister happy?” Lin Fan said.

Lin Fan then went on, “Immortal sister should be careful; this Demon Ancestor doesn’t look like he’s serious. He’s actually black-hearted and a bit treacherous. Anyone who’s with him is out of luck.”

“Staying away from him is the right choice.”

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