Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 30 Good Intentions


Inside the Pavilion.

Private room on the second floor.

“That man seems a bit smart.”

The man who spoke had an unusual appearance, his eyes were giving of gloomy and despicable vibes.

Yang Zhi, known as the ghost.

Another gentleman, wielding a paper fan in his hand, acted like a noble.

Yu Bin, known as a bloody scholar.

“Don’t sweat it. It will go according to my plan.” Yu Bin smiled.

Yang Zhi said, “We just have to kill him instantly, why must we go through all this trouble?”

“You don’t understand. We need to crush him completely.” Yu Bin was very confident, but he doesn’t mind if Yang Zhi couldn’t comprehend what he was thinking.

“Listen to me.” While smiling, Yu Bin told Yang Zhi to listen to his strategies.

“If he comes alone, we just need to kill him instantly.”

“But if Wang Zhou comes with him, we will make them fight over our wealth. It is difficult to tell them to kill each other. But if those two kill each other, don’t you think we can take advantage of it?”

“Great plan, as expected from the Bloody Scholar.”

Yang Zhi admired Yu Bin’s strategy

He liked to complete the tasks given by genius people.

Yu Bin laughed, “To kill someone, we can’t just depend on our muscle.”

Lin Fan came wearing a black robe.

Yang Zhi whispered to Yu Bin.

“He came.”

“Wait, wait, let’s see if Wang Zhou comes with him or not. We must be careful.” Yu Bin whispered.

Yu Bin wasn’t sure whether the person who was wearing the black robe was Lin Fan or not.

Anything could happen.

Carefulness was the most important thing.

Lin Fan took off the black robe that covered his head, revealing his face, and his head was glowing in a majestic light.

“I’m here, won’t you come out?” Lin Fan shouted.

Lin Fan didn’t want to walk into their trap, he wanted them to show themselves.

Yu Bin was convinced that man was really Lin Fan.

He sneered.

If Lin Fan really dared to come there, that meant Lin Fan believed he could go back safely.

Lin Fan looked around and didn’t find anything.


He found some clues.

There were countless sword marks on the ground and trees.

“What happened here?!”

Lin Fan thought of various possibilities.

He saw a figure from afar.

Although he couldn’t see the figure’s face.

But he figured out about who that person was.

Wei Xiong.

Because Wei Xiong entered the dry well, the organization backing Dr. Sun will never allow Wei Xiong to live, even if he didn’t find anything in the dry well, he would not be able to live.

Once again, he guessed that based on movies he has already watched.

Lin Fan wanted to see if that man was really Wei Xiong. When he pressed forward to check it, he immediately stopped.

There was something wrong.

He had a hunch the enemy was waiting for him with a surprise gift.

For example, when Lin Fan entered the building, a hidden weapon was triggered, and the needle spatters all over the place.

Or a deadly poison that could kill him instantly when he touched it.

Lin Fan picked up the stone on the ground and threw it toward a figure that appeared suddenly in front of him.


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That figure fell to the ground, and he saw that figure was Wei Xiong.

“It’s a shame to die here.”

He shook his head, what else could he say, he thought Wei Xiong died by his hands, but Lin Fan didn’t get the item drop, so that meant Wei Xiong has already been killed by someone else.

However, according to the current situation, Lin Fan could guess what the enemy was planning to do.

Wei Xiong’s corpse, traces of fighting.

There were various signs that the opponent was at the scene and beheaded Wei Xiong.

The enemy knew Wang Zhou would come and put all the blame on him.


That was a double layer trick.

If Wang Zhou didn’t come, they would kill Lin Fan themselves.

But if Wang Zhou really came, he will be framed for killing his men that wanted to escape.


The enemies were so nasty.

If Lin Fan hasn’t watched hundreds of movies and tv-series, he already lost from the start.

“Stop fooling around!”

Lin Fan shouted to show that he already figured out the enemy’s plan and to lure them out.

Lin Fan acted like he was about to leave riding the horse, to lure them out.

At that moment, the enemies suddenly appeared.

Small daggers were thrown the ground to block Lin Fan’s path.

Two figures slowly came out of the dark.

“It’s too late for you.”

“Play with us for a while.”

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