Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 300


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The Demon Ancestor was so angry at Lin Fan that he was about to explode on the spot. This man kidnapped his son, sold him in the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion, and the granddaughter of Old Dragon Goddes got him. He even lost his cultivation and became a mortal, causing him to become a joke.

Nowadays, everyone in the cultivation realm said that his son was kidnapped by…

Damn it!

“Demon Ancestor, don’t look at me like that. I’m telling the truth, and I’m not vilifying you out of thin air.”

Lin Fan wasn’t afraid of the Demon Ancestor. In the past, when his strength was not strong, he was not afraid, let alone now. He didn’t even look the Demon Ancestor in his eyes.

“Good boy, what rampant lawlessness. Do you think that the Greatest Martial Sect can protect you?” The Demon Ancestor’s voice grew cold. No one who was a demonic authority was merciful.

Now Lin Fan was just madly jumping on his head and pulling the hatred to its fullest.

“There’s no need for the Demon Ancestor to worry about this. You can’t even save your son, so why do you need to suspect others?” Then, Lin Fan looked at the woman beside him, “Immortal sister, have you noticed that the Demon Ancestor is a terrible person? In my opinion, it’s best to stay away from this person.”

Initially, the woman was indignant. However, she now smiled lightly and said, “Oh, according to what you say, then who should I get close to?”

Lin Fan laughed. When he laughed, two rows of white teeth glittered as he patted his chest. “Of course, me. I’m the disciple of a great immortal sect, with a righteous heart?”

“Don’t you think so, immortal sister?”

This was nothing. He was just casually talking. Moreover, his current strength allowed him to talk nonsense. As long as he didn’t go to the forbidden area to act rashly, he didn’t really care about the general power.

The Demon Ancestor was very angry at this time when he saw Lin Fan hooking up with the woman beside him recklessly.

He sneered in his heart.

Lin Fan was really a kid who didn’t know the height of the sky. He must not even know how death felt like.

As long as the girl was interesting, regardless of whether she was a demon or demon cultivator, he could have a good chat with her. 

“Why immortal sister look down on your own identity? Even if you’re a demon cultivator, when you with me, I am willing to lead immortal sister in the right way.”

Just let Lin Fan die. Maybe someone would take care of Lin Fan without him having to do anything.

The woman laughed lightly. Although he couldn’t see her face, the laughter was intriguing, “Then what if I’m also a demon.”


What kind of question could this be?

He knew that the woman was powerful. Even the Demon Ancestor was not as strong as the woman. She was obviously a tough person. However, even if it was hard, so what? It was still a woman.

The woman said, “If I remember correctly, you have provoked a lot of enemies, so why don’t you think about how to live first?”

“The more enemies are, the better. It’s luck to meet immortal sister. Immortal sister, will you show your true face so that I can look at it?” Lin Fan said with a smile.

The smile was somewhat malicious.

At this moment, a voice passed by, “Is Demon Ancestor oppressing the younger generation again?”

In the distance, a figure slowly came.

Lin Fan didn’t pay any attention to the person he saw. However, when he took a closer look, he suddenly recalled someone.

Luo Baiying.

There was no mistake. It was this person.

The mysterious master he met on the Black Demon Terrace once. The one who broke Wen Xian’s Low-Grade Dao Artifact. When Lin Fan checked his attributes, he had already remembered this name.

It was just that he never expected to meet this person in the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion.

Of course, The current Luo Baiying didn’t hide but appeared with his real face. 

The Demon Ancestor said, “Luo Baiying, are you trying to meddle in other people’s affairs?”

“Why should Demon Ancestor be angry? Seeing you bullying the younger generation of the immortal cultivator, how can I sit idly by?” Luo Baiying said, then looked at Lin Fan with a really kind smile. 

It was the caring smile of a fellow cultivator senior to his junior.

However, to Lin Fan, this smile was a bit sinister. It was as if he was saying, “Kid, I’m back; it’s time to have some fun with you.”

Initially, when he was on the Black Demon Terrace, Luo Baiying had been seriously injured and found a skeleton, from which he comprehended a cultivation technique, the Law of Rebellion and Chaos. 

Later on, he knew that this cultivation technique was compelling. It didn’t only repair his injuries and restore his strength to its peak, but also made it even stronger.

He knew that the guy who made him suffer was a disciple of the Greatest Martial Sect, so he always wanted to take revenge. However, he was afraid of Wei You’s existence; that was why he didn’t do it. It just happened when he came to the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion to look for his lost fragment, he met Lin Fan.

What a lucky day!

The Demon Ancestor said, “Humph, Luo Baiying, you’d better not interfere in my affairs. Don’t kill the difficulty because you can’t protect yourself.”

Facing the Demon Ancestor’s threat, he didn’t panic at all. At the same time, he looked at the woman at the side, and his heart trembled. This person also gave him a very dangerous feeling. It was not clear why, but it felt perilous anyway.

Who was it?

Who exactly was this woman?

To be able to be with the Demon Ancestor was definitely not an ordinary person.

Just when a fierce quarrel was about to take place.

A voice came from afar, “The Heavenly Treasure Pavilion will be auctioning off ten Mystic Art Fruits in three days. I heard from the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion that if you take ten Mystic Art Fruits, you will be able to cultivate a High-Great Mystic Art to the highest level in just a few months or years.”

A man shouted loudly.

He seemed proud; he was the first one to get the news. It sounded as if the ten Mystic Art Fruits were his when he spoke.

Soon, He was surrounded by a crowd of people asking for more details.

The sense of satisfaction just exploded.

It was like he was about to burst.

The Demon Ancestor didn’t have time to argue with Lin Fan. Instead, he was surprised that there was such fruit in the world.

It took hundreds of years to cultivate one High-Great Mystic Art to perfection, but now there was a way to shorten that time by taking the Mystic Art Fruit, which was too terrifying.

“The Mystic Art Fruit?” The mysterious woman whispered softly.

Lin Fan smiled and said, “If there is such a fruit, I am bound to get it. At the auction in three days, let’s see how I can take this Mystic Art Fruit.”

The Demon Ancestor scornfully said, “Even you want to bid on the Mystic Art Fruit, how many spirit stones do you have?”

“Demon Ancestor, you can’t look at me as young and think that I don’t have a spirit stone from selling your son. I’ve kept it until now.” Lin Fan said with a smile.

It had to be said that his mending was powerful.

The Demon Ancestor felt that Lin Fan was looking for death. He was using Xiang Junchen to humiliate him three or five times. Even using the spirit stone he got from selling his son to bid for it. 

If he didn’t kill this person, he would have no peace of mind.

He couldn’t let go of his anger in his heart.

“Good, I hope that one day, you will still be so tough-mouthed.” The Demon Ancestor didn’t want to say anything more to Lin Fan for the time being; it was useless to talk too much. He had already thought of killing Lin Fan when he left the range of the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion.

As for how the Greatest Martial Sect was going to react, that had nothing to do with him at all.

If he said he would kill Lin Fan, he would do it.

He was a Demon Ancestor, could there still be any problem in killing someone?


Soon, The news that the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion would be auctioning off treasures in three days spread completely.

For thousands of cultivators, the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion’s reputation was even more prominent than before.

Several kinds of treasures were auctioned off in a short period, each of which was unlikely to be encountered by ordinary people.


Inside the restaurant.

The Demon Ancestor and the woman were chatting over a meal.

Lin Fan had nothing else to do, so he followed the two of them.

As for Luo Baiying, because he wanted to pretend to be a superior person, he couldn’t be so obvious even if he wanted to follow Lin Fan.

In the past, Lin Fan didn’t tell Wei You that Luo Baiying was the one who fought with them on the Black Demon Terrace. It was because he didn’t want to cause trouble for Wei You.

Now that he could solve this matter with his skills, he naturally didn’t need to be afraid.


Lin Fan pulled the table toward the Demon Ancestor’s table and said with a smile, “Immortal sister, it’s fate; I didn’t expect to run into each other over dinner.”

The Demon Ancestor was so famous that no one dared to sit at any of the tables around him.

Who didn’t know that he was the Demon Ancestor? If the Demon Ancestor was displeased and left the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion, they could die for no reason at all.

“Kid, don’t go too far.” The Demon Ancestor said with a cold face and an angry voice.

Lin Fan looked at the Demon Ancestor and didn’t care in the slightest, “What’s the matter? If you don’t want to see me, you can take your rice bowl and go to the side to eat. I’m chatting with this sister. Do you think I’m trying to be on your way, or do you have any other thoughts?”

“However, I advise you not to do anything. You have to look at what you actually look like, and don’t humiliate yourself.”


The Demon Ancestor slapped the table in anger. His anger was soaring into the air, and he looked at Lin Fan angrily, “You better not go too far. Don’t think you’re so lawless in the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion.”

Lin Fan directly ignored the Demon Ancestor. Instead, he laid half of his body on the table, holding his chin with one hand and gently scratching the table with the other. His eyes floating with a frivolous color, “Immortal sister’s skin is so white, how do you maintain it?”

“Little brother is so young. Is he so good at hooking up?” The woman was faint.

Lin Fan said, “This little brother is not young, and I swear to God, I never pick up girls, I just talk to them.”

“I wonder where immortal sister is from. How could she be with such a despicable person as the Demon Ancestor? This is an insult to immortal sister.”

He ignored the Demon Ancestor, making Demon Ancestor very angry. No one had ever dared to be so arrogant. However, the Demon Ancestor was also looking forward to what would happen to Lin Fan if he angered the Sage Empress.

The empress laughed, “Little brother is really good at talking, but these words will offend the Demon Ancestor. Aren’t you afraid of retaliation?”

Lin Fan slanted his eyes and said disdainfully, “Him? Well, even if I’m scared, I’m sure this immortal sister will protect me, right?”

“Hahaha!” The Sage Empress laughed.

What an interesting Immortal Disciple, “Good, then I’ll protect little brother. However, I’ve heard that little brother once took something from the Heavenly Corpse Old Demon, if little brother can give it to sister, sister will protect little brother.”

When Lin Fan heard this, he looked at the woman in a sudden, stunned manner. Sage Empress’s face was blurred, but she wanted to laugh at Lin Fan’s small eyes.

However, the next words made the empress indignant.

“Fuck! You’re shameless. I’m playing truth with you, but you’re playing tricks with me. It was like I want to touch you because I fall in love with you, but you ask me for a fee of two hundred and fifty spirit stones.”

“Forget it. I had no idea that you were exactly like those vulgar women. I was blind.”

Lin Fan pulled the table back, then shouted.

“Shopkeeper, give me the best dishes again.”

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