Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 301


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Soon, the second small dish served up a portion of food.

Lin Fan looked at the woman. She was a vulgar woman. He was just having fun and didn’t even touch her hand, yet she wanted to take advantage of him.

The Sage Empress was very angry with Lin Fan but did not have any killing intent.

Instead, she felt that this kid was a little hard to beat. She also understood why the Demon Ancestor wanted to kill Lin Fan.

No one could endure Lin Fan’s words.

Moreover, what did he mean by that? Why did it feel as if something was wrong?

Lin Fan was carrying a chicken leg, eating it while gazing at the woman with his eyes. The scene was a bit strange, with an uncountable number of unknown sensations.

The Demon Ancestor was holding back his anger.

If it weren’t for the fact that this was the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion, he would have done it long ago.

The last time, someone helped Lin Fan escape, and he wouldn’t let that happen again this time no matter what.

However, there was one thing that he often didn’t know, which was that Lin Fan was no longer what he used to be. He was no longer the Lin Fan he once was.

“Hey, it’s really disgraceful that the Demon Ancestor eats so shabbily.”

Lin Fan didn’t take the initiative to provoke the Demon Ancestor; he just talked to himself as he ate.

Although his eyes weren’t focused on the Demon Ancestor, he mentioned him by name.


The chopsticks in the Demon Ancestor’s hand crumbled. Veins appeared in his neck as Lin Fan shook his demon heart.

“You’re furious after hearing a few words from me; it shows that your cultivation is not good enough.”

The grudges between Lin Fan and the Demon Ancestor had long been formed. When they didn’t mock each other, could they still greet each other falsely?

Obviously, that wasn’t going to happen.

The surrounding customers had already paid their bills and were far gone. They were afraid that it would bring harm to themselves.

What a rampant kid who doesn’t even care about the Demon Ancestor. Wasn’t he afraid of being rubbed on the ground by the Demon Ancestor?

“Kid, are you brave enough to leave town with me now?”

The Demon Ancestor couldn’t stand it any longer and turn back to Lin Fan. He couldn’t endure it any longer and just wanted to kill Lin Fan now to vent his hatred.

Hmph?” Lin Fan was surprised and said, “Do you have something in mind? Or do you want to be suppressed by me and then put into the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion for sale?”

“A father and son were serving a daughter together. It’s a wonder in the world; it’s so exciting to think about.”


The Demon Ancestor was furious, and his demonic qi was boiling. With a slap, the table split apart, spilling dishes and wine all over the floor.

The Sage Empress’ body flickered with a curtain of light, blocking everything.

“Shopkeeper, someone is making trouble and breaking your table. Hurry over and let him compensate; I’ve never seen such an arrogant person in my life. He ate the meal and still damaging things, such a shameless person.” Lin Fan shouted.

When the Shopkeeper heard the commotion, he hurriedly came. When he saw the broken table and the spilled dishes, he looked a little sour.

Of course, he was doing business in the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion and was protected by the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion. Naturally, he didn’t care who the person was.

So what if it was the Demon Ancestor? What should be compensated should still be compensated.

“Hey, it’s a shame that you’re old and still has so much fire; you don’t even know how to cultivate your body.” Lin Fan slowly and leisurely ate his meal, as if he was treating the Demon Ancestor like a stupid sheep.

The Demon Ancestor looked at Lin Fan angrily; both fists clenched tightly. A flame was burning in his heart, and the feeling was so strange that he almost shouted out.

Thirty years in the East and thirty years in the West, don’t deceive the old man’s heart.

If you dare, let’s go out and fight now.

Lin Fan could see that kind of anger in the eyes of the Demon Ancestor, but he didn’t panic at all. Instead, he wanted to laugh.

Of course, at this moment, he should do what he had to do. Even if the Demon Ancestor exploded on the spot, he would hold up a curtain of light to protect the food on the table, so how could his appetite be affected by someone else’s anger?

The Sage Empress was slightly surprised. She did not expect that Lin Fan’s words and actions would provoke such fury from the Demon Ancestor.

This was something she did not expect.

In any case, the Demon Ancestor was also one of the peak powerful people, with profound cultivation and a steady heart. It was enough to imagine how terrifying the conflict between the two of them.

Afterward, under Lin Fan’s persecution, the Demon Ancestor compensated with spirit stones and left the place.

High-end restaurants were different, it was a base of spirit stones.

A hearty meal was the salary of an inner disciple in one month.


Several days later.

The Heavenly Treasure Pavilion was bustling with activity, and powerful people came in from everywhere.

The attraction of the Mystic Art Fruit was great. It was like an elixir.

It was terrifying to imagine to be able to cultivate a High-Great Mystic Art to perfection in a short period.

It usually was impossible to cultivate High-Great Mystic Art to perfection in less than a few hundred years, or even thousands of years.

The reason was that when the High-Great Mystic Art cultivated to the highest level, the existence of the dao was already involved.

It could even have various wonderful effects.

Lin Fan’s preliminary estimate was that these ten Mystic Art Fruits should be auctioned off around one billion spirit stones.

As for being higher, it was somewhat impossible.

After all, there was a big difference between the two compared to the brutal and straightforward elixir.

At the same time, he also met many enemies.

Although there were a few powerful people who didn’t know him, he knew that if those powerful people understood that he was the one everyone hated and happened to pass in front of their eyes, they would have targeted Lin Fan the entire time.

This time, he didn’t participate in the auction. He just watched the whole process. If the price were less than what he had in mind, he would shout and raise the price a little. It was a good thing that the atmosphere was very intense.

The Mystic Art Fruit was very attractive to powerful people.

It was worth fighting over to save so much time to cultivate a High-Great Mystic Art.

It was also challenging for powerful people. It was not as simple as the others thought when they cultivated a High-Great Mystic Art. The increase in their strength after cultivating a High-Great Mystic Art was great.

Huang Li didn’t compete on behalf of the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion. Although the Mystic Art Fruit was precious, it hadn’t yet made the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion crazy.

If it were an elixir, they would definitely compete. After all, the existence of the elixir was too fantastic.

It could soaring qi, increasing life expectancy, and even condensing into a physique if they were lucky.

For example, Lin Fan’s current physique was the Doom Poison Body, which belonged to a domineering physique.

Eventually, the Mystic Art Fruit bidding reached 1.1 billion spirit stones before it was auctioned off.

The Heavenly Corpse Old Demon also bid in secret. Although he was gluttonous for the Mystic Art Fruit, he no longer had any spirit stones to bid on for him.

The last time he got an elixir from the auction, it was about to make him lose his fortune. So, how could he have enough spirit stones to compete with a group of powerful people?

“That’s a good price.”

Lin Fan was satisfied that the 1.1 billion was more than what he expected in his heart.

Hey! If he could obtain an elixir in the forbidden area, he was convinced that he could get all the wealth of the world’s powerful people in his pocket.

Unfortunately, that was impossible. The elixir in the forbidden area wasn’t that easy to get.

It was better not to dream about it.


The entrance to the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion.

The Demon Ancestor came out, surrounded by a group of powerful people gathered around and said, “The Demon Ancestor is still overbearing. He got ten Mystic Art Fruits for 1.1 billion spirit stones, which is a blessing. I’m sure it won’t be long before the Demon Ancestor can cultivate a High-Grade Mystic Art.”

These powerful people were envious of the Demon Ancestor.

The Demon Ancestor was naturally very proud of himself. At the same time, he was amazed that there were such magical fruits in the world. If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he would never have believed it.

“This, of course, depends on you all being able to give me respect and not compete with me.” The Demon Ancestor said.

Of course, these were just polite words. The competition had just been fierce, but to the Demon Ancestor, he was bound to win, and he would fight for it.

Some powerful people pondered for a long time. Although the Mystic Art Fruit was worthy of competition, the price had soared to such an extent that they could not afford it.

So, their thirst for the Mystic Art Fruit was not that strong.

Right at this moment, Lin Fan chuckled, “Not bad. Demon Ancestor, you actually got a shot at the Mystic Art Fruit. It looks like Demon Ancestor’s strength is going to get stronger again.”

Hmph, aren’t you kid being rampant? I thought you want to bid on the Mystic Art Fruit; why is it in my hands now?” The Demon Ancestor sneered and mocked.

The surrounding powerful people looked at Lin Fan with amazement. Some of them already recognized Lin Fan.

At that moment, at least several angry eyes looked at Lin Fan.

All of them had a grudge.

At such a moment, it was almost impossible to hide his hidden temperament.

After all, he was such a good person.

Even in the dark of night, he shone brightly, illuminating everything.

Lin Fan laughed, “Demon Ancestor, you are wrong. The Mystic Art Fruit should definitely be in someone else’s hands. If those were still in my hand, then, my work would be in vain.”

“How humiliating.” The Demon Ancestor didn’t bother to say anything more to Lin Fan.

Soon, he looked at Lin Fan in shock, as if he had seen a ghost.



Lin Fan took out a Mystic Art Fruit and took a big bite, “Mmm, not bad. It tastes delicious. Don’t be shocked; this is the Mystic Art Fruit, exactly the same as the one you got at a great price.”

“As for why I didn’t bid, it’s because the Mystic Art Fruit was originally something I took and sold. It’s profitable to auction off something that’s useless to me at such a high price.”

“It’s all thanks to the Demon Ancestor’s generosity; otherwise, how could I earn so much?”

Lin Fan’s expression was so bitchy. At first, the Demon Ancestor’s mind was still pleased, but at this time, his mind was about to be blown apart by Lin Fan.


Was this still a human thing to do?

The Sage Empress looked at Lin Fan in amazement, not expecting him to be the one who sold the Mystic Art Fruit.

Now, that Lin Fan took out a piece of Mystic Art Fruit and ate it casually as if he was eating a very ordinary fruit, it was undoubtedly unbearable visual torture for the Demon Ancestor.

“Don’t look at me like that. I have a lot of Mystic Art Fruit, which is worthless.”

Lin Fan exaggerated too much, He actually had nothing left.

The one in his hand was the last one.

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