Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 302


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“What did he just say? There’s still a lot of Mystic Art Fruit left. Doesn’t that mean that this kid has a lot?”

“That’s right. It looks like we can’t leave in a hurry this time. I have a feeling something big is going to happen.”

“He sold the Demon Ancestor’s son to the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion and was auctioned off by the Old Dragon Goddess. The Demon Ancestor had already formed a grudge against him; I think this kid will die unless he doesn’t leave the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion.”

Hush! Keep your voice down. Why don’t we join forces and rob him halfway, and maybe we can get a share of the pie.”

There were quite a few powerful people there. They were from the Demon Sect and demon cultivator. They had a lot of thoughts about Lin Fan.

To walk the earth with a heavy treasure in his possession was like giving away a treasure.

At this time, the Sage Empress said, “Little brother, have you noticed that the people around you are looking at you in a very wrong way? I think you are being watched. Why don’t you consider my words, and I’ll protect you.”

She didn’t understand for the moment, was this kid really not afraid?

As long as he dared to leave the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion, She was sure that this kid wouldn’t be able to get very far.

“Don’t say anything. I don’t have a good impression of you.”

Lin Fan stretched out his hand, not wanting to say anything more to the Sage Empress.

A vulgar woman was difficult to get into his eyes. He didn’t even have the heart to flirt and play with her.

The Sage Empress was choked speechless by Lin Fan’s words.

Fine. Since that was the case, then let’s see how long you could laugh at this, kid.

Lin Fan ignored the Sage Empress and walked up to the Demon Ancestor. Then, in front of him, Lin Fan spat the shell of the Mystic Art Fruit on the ground, “Mm, not bad. The taste of this fruit is quite good.”

He didn’t even notice how ugly the Demon Ancestor’s face was already.

His face was like eating a fly. It was iron blue.

If it weren’t for the fact that this was the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion, he would have already made his move.

Lin Fan walked toward the distance.

A group of powerful people looked at each other, nodded silently, and followed behind. It seemed as if they were all loitering, but in fact, their target had already locked Lin Fan down.

The meaning was clear.

If you had the guts, just go.

Let’s see how far you could go.


Heavenly Treasure Pavilion.

“Miss, Master Lin left the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion, but because his identity was leaked, there is a group of powerful people following Master Lin. I’m afraid that they are plotting against him. Should we take action?” Mao Si asked.

Huang Li waved her hand and said, “No, if Master Lin needs us, he will call us. If he doesn’t, it means that Master Lin knows what’s going on in his heart. It’s better not to take any action because there is a change due to our involvement.”

“Yes.” Mao Si nodded.

He did not understand Master Lin’s behavior for the time being. Perhaps it was absolute confidence that made Master Lin fearless.


City gate.

Lin Fan said, “Guys, are you following me so blatantly right now? I can understand that the Demon Ancestor is following me, but if it were you? Do you really want to be like the Demon Ancestor who robbed me?”

The many powerful men looked at each other, and no one answered Lin Fan.

They acted as if they were passing by.

We happened to be leaving as well. 

We were just passing by. That was all; there was no need to be so nervous.

The Demon Ancestor said coldly, “Kid, weren’t you very rude earlier? I told you before if you have the guts to leave, let’s see what you can do about it.”

He already had powerful killing intent toward Lin Fan.

The meaning was clear, I had vowed to kill you.

“Demon Ancestor is wrong. I was very ruthless earlier, but I’ve never wimped out. So why bother insulting me?” Lin Fan said.

Luo Baiying, mixed up in the crowd, looked at Lin Fan, provoking the Demon Ancestor three or five times, and was slightly surprised.

He thought about one thing, whether Lin Fan still wanted to wait for Wei You to come to rescue him.

This was a bit whimsical. He was afraid that Lin Fan would have become a corpse long before Wei You arrived.

The Demon Ancestor snorted coldly and didn’t say anything more.

Lin Fan stood at the city gate, looking back at the crowd, smiling.

For him, this was the first time he was so overpowering. He showed off his wealth in front of the crowd, attracting many powerful people who were eyeing him.

He couldn’t help but feel a little nervous. What kind of mystic art should he use to welcome the first move?

“Hey, I’m so tired; let’s rest here.” Lin Fan said.

At once, the city gate was a bit clogged.

A group of powerful people frowned tightly, not knowing what this kid wanted. Some of them walked towards the front, then hid in the darkness and waited quietly.

They must participate in this battle.

If they couldn’t get a good shot at the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion, they would have to take it from the other side.

“Kid, are you afraid?”

Within the scope of the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion, the Demon Ancestor did not dare to do anything. So when he saw that Lin Fan wasn’t leaving directly, he sneered.

“Are you deaf? Didn’t you hear me say that I’m tired and want to rest here? If you’re not happy, can’t you just leave by yourself?”

Lin Fan was looking at the Demon Ancestor with great contempt. He wasn’t anxious at all now, but the Demon Ancestor was, which was good.

‘you’re anxious, so I’ll let you be the wind in the East, West, North, and South, while I’m still as calm as a pine.’

The Demon Ancestor’s fingers were clenched, and his heart was burning with anger. If the anger could be released, Lin Fan would have been roasted to a pulp.

“Good. I’d like to see how long you can last.”

“Say something, and you’ll get it. I’ll spend my time with you.”

The Demon Ancestor was really pissed off at Lin Fan. If an ordinary person learned that the Demon Ancestor was targeting him, they might be scared to the point that their crotch could get wet. However, to Lin Fan, there was nothing he had to fear.

It was just a big fight, right?

It wasn’t something to be exaggerated.

In the crowd, the Heavenly Corpse Old Demon was also there, but he did not appear. He was waiting because he had been injured in the last incident, although he was much better.

But an injury was still an injury, so there was no hurry.

He was waiting for his chance.

“Hahaha, Demon Ancestor, don’t say that. I’m just resting for a while; I’m definitely leaving the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion later. Why are you in such a hurry to become a bargaining chip in my hand?”

“Do you really want to go with your son to serve Old Dragon Goddess’s granddaughter? With your posture, I’m afraid it’s hard to sell you for a good price.”

Lin Fan said with a smile, not putting the Demon Ancestor in his eyes at all.

Some of the surrounding powerful people had a feeling of vomiting when they thought of the image Lin Fan was talking about.

Father and son serving a woman together, that scene was too horrifying.

Some people wanted to laugh but held it back. After all, it was the Demon Ancestor, so they still had to give respect.

The guards at the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion entrance were terrified when they saw so many powerful people gathered here, not knowing what they were doing, while they also looked at Lin Fan.

This person was too overbearing; he had provoked so many people.

What on earth had he done?

Just the thought of it was terrifying to the extreme.


After a moment.

“Well, my break is almost over; it’s time to go. If you guys want to follow me, just hurry up and follow me. Don’t feel too bad if you can’t find me by yourself.” Lin Fan said.

He knew that after this incident. He would leave a good name among the demons and demon cultivators. At the same time, the immortal cultivators would indeed extol his fame.

The evil would triumph over the good, and the immortal disciples would not be afraid of the powerful demons. The immortal cultivators would be viciously exalted.

Well, that was a good thing to think about.

Suddenly, the crowd shook.

Many powerful people were surprised, apparently not expecting that Lin Fan would leave the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion.

Initially, in their opinion, Lin Fan would never dare to leave.

They thought everything was just a play. It was to use the advantage of the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion to make the Demon Ancestor thunderstruck.

However, now that he really left the scope of the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion and left the safe zone, that meant that he was really looking for death.

“What exactly is he relying on?” The Sage Empress frowned.

Because her face was obscured, no one knew that she was the Demon Sect’s famous Sage Empress.

If the Demon Ancestor suppresses this boy later, should she save him or not?

This question made the Sage Empress ponder for a long time.

Usually, there was no reason to save someone without a relative. However, she also wanted something from Lin Fan, and it was not a big deal to offend the Demon Ancestor.

After thinking about it for a moment, The Sage Empress had a plan. When that time came, she would save Lin Fan because its benefits would be worth the risk.


At this time, up ahead was the edge of the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion range.

Beyond that edge, it was the beginning of a fierce battle.

When Lin Fan reached the edge, he suddenly stopped. He pondered for a moment, then smiled and took that step.

Suddenly, a monstrous demonic qi soared into the air.

“Kid, I’m going to bruise you to dust.”

The anger that the Demon Ancestor was holding in his heart finally burst out at this moment.

His body disappeared, and when it appeared again, it was already above Lin Fan’s head. With his fingers together, a palm slapped towards Lin Fan’s head.

To the Demon Ancestor, if he still couldn’t take this kid down with his cultivation, then it would be a waste of time.

However, the next scene made the Demon Ancestor’s heart shocked.

Lin Fan didn’t move a muscle and countered with a palm strike. The two palms were colliding to form a terrifying aftershock, fiercely spreading out in all directions.

His qi was so strong that the faces of the surrounding powerful men changed with fear.

It was as if they had seen some incredible scenery.

“This kid’s cultivation isn’t weak. He managed to hold on to the Demon Ancestor’s palm.”

Hush, wait a moment.”

Shh, wait a moment to do it; there will be a fight between the two tigers.”

There was a whispered exchange.

All of them were waiting for things to end.

Whether it was Lin Fan or the Demon Ancestor who was injured, it would greatly benefit them. Even if it was the Demon Ancestor, so what?

As long as he was severely injured, the demon sect would lose one of their demon ancestors.

“You kid…”

The Demon Ancestor didn’t expect Lin Fan’s strength to be so powerful. It was entirely beyond his expectations; it was much more terrifying than the previous encounter.

Even just now, he had discovered that Lin Fan was so strong, which quite unbelievable.

“We’re out of the range of the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion, so let’s see how I can suppress you and then sell you.”

Lin Fan slapped his palm once again, then instantly changed his moves, condensing God Spear to slash away.

As for a group of powerful people around him, they were eyeing him.

He wasn’t afraid in the slightest.

It was nothing; he spoke as if he was fearless.

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