Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 303


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“Demon Ancestor, there is something not quite right about you, and you thought you could be so fierce.”

“So what? What can you do to me.”

Lin Fan stepped on the void, holding the God Spear, pulling the Hell Origin, with his current qi.

He directly manifested the horrifying spectacle of hell, and the atmosphere of hell swept through the world in the air.

The powerful people all drew a cold breath when they witnessed such a frightening scene.

So terrifying.

In their view, this kid’s cultivation had reached a terrifying level.

And they could see that.

This mystic art was called Yellow Spring Hell, a profound and unfathomable mystic art that possessed astonishing power.

“What an arrogant brat.”

The Demon Ancestor was furious. The feeling of being underestimated was very unpleasant.

At once, his feet stepped forward, and when he raised his hand, the void cracked, revealing a giant hand large enough to grab the world, instantly enveloping Lin Fan.

Oh, to think that you still have a chance, you must not know how it feels to be dead.”

Lin Fan held God Spear and shouted angrily. The imaginary shadow of hell seemed to be worn out, turning into a bit of light to condense on the spear, and then, the radiant lacquer light bloomed.

“I’ll stab you to death.”

He waved the God Spear and pierced through.

The power was astonishing.

The light covered the world, destroying it, and the blow punctuated the giant hand, which instantly shattered. At the same time, that power did not stop, and a torrent of power poured out.


The Demon Ancestor was shocked. The opponent’s power was too strong. With the cultivation of mystic art reached the highest level, the outbreak of power was really terrifying to a certain extent.

He retreated directly. His palm is trembling slightly as blood flowing from his palm. The sharpness was unmatched, and it actually wounded him.

Immediately after that, someone in the crowd let out a shocked cry.

“Awesome, he can actually make the Demon Ancestor injured.”

“This kid’s power is definitely not as weak as we thought. He’s hiding his strength.”

Instantly, many people shifted their gazes from Lin Fan to the Demon Ancestor. To them, it was somewhat unrealistic to face Lin Fan’s terror.

“What are you guys looking at?”

The Demon Ancestor found these guys’ eyes locked on him, and his heart burned with anger.

‘Damn! They were demon cultivators, but they actually put their eyes on this kid. Did they want to die?’

Lin Fan laughed, “Demon Ancestor, there is a problem with your question. You are carrying great treasures, and you are not as strong as me. Later on, even if I don’t kill you, you will become a piece of meat in someone’s mouth. Blame it on the fact that you always like to go out alone. If you bring more masters with you, it won’t be like that.”

The Red Dust Demon Sect was a great demon sect. They had quite a lot of masters, not only the Demon Ancestor.

“Not as strong as you? Kid, I’ve never met a man as arrogant as you. Since that’s the case, let’s see how capable you really are.”

The Demon Ancestor was furious, and the monstrous demonic qi condensed into substance. He was casting unknown mystic art, and suddenly, an eerie and terrifying portal appeared in the sky.

“I didn’t expect that the Demon Ancestor had succeeded in cultivating it.”

“This is the Legendary Abyssal Portal, which has long since been annihilated in the River of Time. It can only be summoned by cultivating that unique High-Grade Mystic Art to perfection.”

“So, it’s true that you have been saving a legacy.”

Lin Fan looked at the Demon Ancestor in amazement, not expecting this old fellow to be somewhat capable.

If any High-Grade Mystic Art was cultivated to the highest level, it would possess a terrifying might.

There were even many subtle effects.

At this moment, a very thick muddy aura gushed out from the portal.

The Demon Ancestor’s eyes became severe, then a fierce palm slap, “Kid, you do impress me, but this is the end.”

The words just fell, and the terrifying power tilted away.

“I’m not afraid of you.” Lin Fan didn’t move at all. He didn’t panic in the slightest in the face of the Demon Ancestor’s killing move. Instead, he cast the Golden Gourd. When the immortal treasure appeared, a golden light bloomed as he held the golden gourd and slammed it towards the abyssal portal.

The radiant light at the bottom of the gourd shone.


The immortal treasure’s strike was as terrifying as it could be, and the abyssal portal suffered a heavy blow as it clicked and instantly cracked.


The Demon Ancestor was shocked. The terrifying force crushed him, and his body shook, a mouthful of blood spurted out. His eyes stared at Lin Fan in horror, not expecting that he would be injured.


Lin Fan cast the Ancestral Dragon’s Body. A dragon roar resounded through the world, and his arm stretched backwards.

A heavy cannon ran through, and the Demon Ancestor raised his hand to resist. However, in front of absolute power, everything fell apart.


A figure quickly descended from the sky.

Just as the figure was about to reach the ground, the Demon Ancestor let out a growl and flipped in the air, landing firmly on his feet, with one hand bracing the ground.


Terrifying power poured out, the ground crumbled, and the powerful people watching the battle looked grave. They already knew that this kid, facing the Demon Ancestor, was not as weak as they thought.

‘He was mighty; it was not too much to call him a terror.’

The Sage Empress was astonished. She didn’t expect that Lin Fan had actually suppressed the Demon Ancestor.

At this moment, Lin Fan was delighted with his strength. He had never had such an exhilarating battle before. He used to rely on his mother and son, but now he didn’t need to rely on anyone; he could rely on himself.

“How, do you still want to talk big about suppressing me?”

He then turned his gaze to those powerful people around him.

“People, I know that some of you hate me, but what’s the harm? I, Lin Fan, will fight you here today. You can join forces with the Demon Ancestor if you are not convinced.”

These words were arrogant, but those powerful people didn’t move or budge a little.

‘Now, it was your battle with the Demon Ancestor, and we wouldn’t participate. We would just watch from the side, and when you guys were about to die, maybe we would consider whether to make a move.’


At this time, Lin Fan, holding an immortal treasure, stood in the void with a fearless aura emanated. He then instantly disappeared in the same place, and when he appeared, he swung the Golden Gourd and smashed it towards the head of the Demon Ancestor.

The immortal treasure’s power was terrifying to the extreme.

The Immortal Laws intertwined, forming a powerful killing force. For the Old Demon Ancestor, this aura was too terrifying, and the laws covered the sky, instantly enveloping him.

Even more terrifying power burst out.

A canopy appeared on the top of the Demon Ancestor’s head. A dao artefact rose in the air, directly collided with the immortal treasure. Boom, the dao artefact vibrated and cracked lines.

The aftermath whistled away, and the ground was overturned, hundreds of miles around the windswept, already turned into ruins. Even the distant Heavenly Treasure Pavilion was subject to fluctuations.

Countless people looked up.

There was a world-shattering battle.

The Demon Ancestor hissed in anger, screamed miserably. His body suffered heavy injuries, and he spurted out a mouthful of blood. His long hair was dishevelled, and he was in a mess. There was no demeanour of a powerful demon left.


What a fucking viciousness.

The crowd was stunned. If they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes, they would never have believed it.

The Top-Grade Dao Artifact that the Demon Ancestor used was infinitely powerful. Still, it wasn’t strong enough against the immortal treasure. Although it didn’t shatter, it had cracked.

They had not seen the Demon Ancestor suffered such a big loss.

In terms of strength, both of them weren’t that bad. However, Lin Fan’s power was skyrocketed with the immortal treasure’s help, and he steadily suppressed the Demon Ancestor.

Lin Fan said indifferently, “Everyone, the Demon Ancestor has been seriously injured by me, what do you think?”

“Those who have a destiny for heavy treasures will get them, those who don’t will only die miserably.”

He didn’t continue to pursue and kill; instead, he provoked the powerful people on the scene.

Many powerful people narrowed their eyes and gained a deep understanding of Lin Fan.

‘What a sinister brat. Everyone would absolutely believe him if he said he was a demon cultivator. To this extent, he still wanted them to fight like the Demon Ancestor.’

Did he think they were stupid?

The Demon Ancestor knew that Lin Fan had an immortal treasure in his hand and could not gain any advantage. At the same time, there were so many people around. They did not make a move now, but once they were sure that he could not resist, these guys definitely transformed into hungry wolves and bit him to the bone.

Lin Fan quietly waited.

And at that moment, a dangerous qi came through.

Demon Ancestor’s fingers joined together, and unknown qi wrapped around his body. His fingertips had terrifying power coalescing. He was truly a powerful demon with quite a few techniques. It was not easy to kill him.

In a flash, Demon Ancestor’s finger points out, and the terrifying power penetrated the world, making the void cracked. Perhaps this strike was the strongest strike of the Demon Ancestor.

Lin Fan slapped, and the huge palm cracked, unable to resist this blow. The Golden River Water turned into a dragon roared away.


The aftermath spread, sweeping through the world.

Everyone’s long hair flew.

The qi was strong.

“Are you trying to run?”

Lin Fan found that the Demon Ancestor was trying to escape. He blatantly left his hand free and innately grabbed the Demon Ancestor, who was flying in the void, with his five fingers covering the world.

However, the Demon Ancestor’s footwork was exquisite. With each footfall, it was as if the world had turned upside down, making it difficult to capture his true trace.

The powerful people saw the Demon Ancestor fleeing, They were shocked. But, they tried to not show much shock.

Some people were ready to move. There were few chances to snatch something from the Demon Ancestor’s hand and now was an opportunity.

However, the danger was too great.

In case they didn’t snatch it and got into conflict with the Demon Ancestor, the consequences would be unthinkable.

Lin Fan did not continue to track.

If the Demon Ancestor fled, he would let him flee.

It was not like he would disappear into thin air.

He fought with the Demon Ancestor and dominated him; it meant that he had been promoted to the stream of peak powerful people. It was too fast; before he could properly enjoy his cultivation, he had already reached that.

However, the stream of peak powerful people was too much.

When he fought alone, he didn’t think he was afraid of anyone except for the forbidden area creatures.

There was still a long way to go.

As for ascending or something, for the time being, he didn’t think about it. There were too many attachments and discontents, and he would only consider them when all things were settled.

“Everyone, do you really want to watch the show?”

“The Demon Ancestor has already escaped, and you guys don’t go after him. Instead, you stay here, do you want to make a move on me? If so, then come on, it just so happens that there is a rare opportunity. Demon cultivator and powerful demon are all here, so let’s see if you can kill me.”

Lin Fan was proud and didn’t have the slightest fear. He was carrying an immortal treasure, and that was his reliance. Not to mention the fact that his qi was now about to reach 150,000.

The strong qi was amazing enough.

Of course, some of the masters with strong qi could be called terrifying. They had lived too long and swallowed too many elixirs. Such as that guy, Ao Wudi, who had lived for thousands of years and still hadn’t ascended, his qi was so strong that it scared people to death.

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