Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 304


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Among the crowd, there were indeed many powerful people that were hostile to Lin Fan.

The Heavenly Corpse Old Demon, Luo Baiying, and so on all wanted to kill Lin Fan.

However, the situation was not right. They couldn’t make a move.

The Demon Ancestor was a lesson from the past. It wasn’t that the Demon Ancestor was too weak, but that this kid was terrifyingly strong.

“Let’s go!”

Some powerful people quickly left this place. They couldn’t tangle with Lin Fan; the timing was not right, and there was no benefit in doing so. Moreover, whoever made the first move would be okay if they won, but they would be hunted down and killed by Lin Fan and others if they lost.

Suddenly, when the Demon Ancestor fled, several powerful with no existence also disappeared along with the Demon Ancestor’s departure.

Maybe they really went after the Demon Ancestor.

Instead of leaving, the Sage Empress laughed out loud and said, “Little brother, you’re really an eye-opener. I didn’t expect you could defeat the Demon Ancestor and make him flee.”

She seemed to laugh normally, but her heart had long been shocked. She was surprised that this young man had such strength. She wondered how did he cultivate and what kind of immortal destiny did he obtain.

If he said he didn’t have an immortal destiny, she wouldn’t believe it.

“Little brother?” Lin Fan frowned as if he was puzzled, then his brow relaxed, and he said in a loud voice, “You should call me father.”

In a flash, the world was somewhat quiet.

The Sage Empress, who still wanted to speak, was abruptly silent, obviously frozen by Lin Fan’s words.

“What did you say?”

The Sage Empress’ voice grew cold; her exquisite body dazzled, and a breeze blew, making her clothes swayed. Her green silk rose along with the wind, and a wave of anger enveloped the firmament.

Lin Fan said, “You can no longer call me brother, but father. I am no longer in the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion, but if you do not want to do that, then forget it. I will not force you.”

“What? Looking at this situation, do you want to make a move on me?”

At this moment, the Sage Empress did not speak, nor did she make any movements. She was standing in the air, and steeply, the void around her slightly vibrated.

A vibrant snow lotus appeared out of thin air as if planted by an immortal. A sacred qi enveloped the world, and the Sage Empress’ figure was shrouded in white mist, making Lin Fan unable to see her face and body.

Just at this moment, in that mist, there was a flash of light, as if Sage Empress’ eyes were glowing, containing the stars that shone brightly.


Lin Fan was surprised. Although the other side did not make a move, the qi emitted was terrifying. It was as if there was a gaze in the dark, watching him every moment.



The snow lotus floating beside the Sage Empress blossomed snow-white light. It instantly disappeared in place, then appeared around Lin Fan, followed by leaning in. The snow lotus left opened up and wrapped Lin Fan up, just like a dumpling.

Some powerful people seemed to recognize who this person was.

“The Sage Empress….”

This one was a mysterious being that ordinary people didn’t know about, only they, the powerful people, knew.

She was a mysterious power among the demon cultivator.

Normally, she didn’t appear in the world, nor was she involved in anything in the outside world, and had all disappeared for thousands of years.

How could she suddenly appear?

This snow lotus might not seem like much, but they knew it was a supreme mystic art, an epiphany from an immortal treasure, containing the rhythm of the immortal dao.

Suddenly, a dragon roar resounded through the world.

Immediately afterwards, a golden dragon shadow rose in the air, and the snow lotus leaf instantly exploded.

“It smells really good.”

Lin Fan’s nose twitched; it felt so good just being inside the snow lotus leaf, enveloped by the fragrance. If it weren’t for the lack of oxygen, he would want to sleep beautifully inside.

The powerful people who didn’t leave looked at each other, they all were a little confused.

They had confirmed that this was the Sage Empress, her mystic art was strong, and the High-Grade Mystic Art she had comprehended from within the immortal treasure was not weak. However, how could it feel as if it was weak?

Some people didn’t understand.

“Since it’s on me, then it’s my turn. Watch me burn your clothes.”

Lin Fan raised his hand, and the great sun fire whistling, burning the sky. Countless powerful people stepped backwards violently, all feeling that scorching heat.

‘Damn, this guy was too scary. His High-Grade Mystic Arts were cultivated to an extremely high level.’

When they felt this great sun fire, they always sensed that it could burn them.

The Sage Empress’ coat was set on fire. Lin Fan blew on it as if he was trying to make the fire burn a little more vigorously.

“What an abominable fellow.”

At once, a flashy light fell, directly extinguishing the burning horn of clothing. The burned area was pitch black with impurities remaining, enough to show that the Sage Empress’s clothing was a treasure.

“I’ll remember you.”

A jade step appeared behind the Sage Empress, emitting glazed light. After throwing down these words, she completely disappeared on the step.

It was another mystic art.

It was even more subtle than the mystic art that the Demon Ancestor had performed when he fled.

Lin Fan did not chase, not because he did not want to chase, but he indeed could not chase. In this aspect of stopping people, he was much weaker.

“What else do you think?”

Lin Fan eyed the powerful people that did not leave. They were still watching and had not moved since the beginning, not unlike what he wanted. He had thought that when he fought with the Demon Ancestor, these guys would not be able to resist the urge to make a blatant move.

Unfortunately, they were steady, and when they were not sure, they all acted like good old boys, not showing malice and not making the slightest move.

“We are just looking at it, absolutely didn’t think anything.”

“That’s right, we just take a look.”

“If there are no more disturbances, we should leave.”

Soon, the powerful people quickly left this place. Their hearts were shocked when they knew that the Demon Ancestor had suffered a loss at the hands of this kid.

It didn’t bother them that the Greatest Martial Sect had produced Wen Xian. After all, he hadn’t grown up yet, even if he had excellent talent, what could he do? Without growing up, he was ultimately a soft persimmon to be kneaded at will.

Now, there was a disciple that could defeat even the Demon Ancestor, which was too amazing.

Greatest Martial Sect had added another great power and not just any kind of great power.


The news that Lin Fan had fought the Demon Ancestor and seriously injured him was out. The people who heard this news, they were all full of disbelief.

The Demon Ancestor was a powerful person of the Demon Sect. He had cultivated for thousands of years, and his qi was powerful. Who was this Lin Fan? Some time ago, was he being chased by two powerful Demon Sect and was running around like a dog?

How could he seriously wound the Demon Ancestor now?

Not long after, the news about Lin fan was able to defeat Demon Ancestor because he got the elixir in the Forbidden Area was out. He didn’t know who was distributing the news. But it shocked many people.

The danger of the forbidden area was known to all. Even the True Stage cultivator might not be able to return safely. However, now that the news had been disseminated, making countless people were excited. The temptation of the forbidden area was magnified to the extreme.

No one knew who spread it out, and it was also unknown what the purpose was. But these didn’t matter to Lin Fan.

He had already returned to the Greatest Martial Sect and directly went into seclusion to refine the immortal treasure. The spirit stones obtained from the auction took up space on his body, so it was better to use them for refining.

The power of the Immortal Treasure Golden Gourd was infinite, and he only got a glimpse of it. If he could completely refine it, then he could even kill the immortals.


At this moment, the Sect Master went to Wei You.

“Senior sister, the rumours from the outside world say that Lin Fan severely injured the Demon Ancestor, what do you think is going on here? We know the Demon Ancestor’s cultivation, that is not something an ordinary True Stage cultivator can fight against. Could it be that he really obtained the elixir within the forbidden area?”

“Does it have anything to do with you?” Wei You asked.

The Sect Master’s question was blocked, “Senior sister, this is also a concern.”

“You’d better get busy with your own business. Oh, by the way, there is a demon pit over in the Mortal Realm, and demons are running rampant. The Imperial Court has sent a signal for first aid, you should send your disciples to go and kill the demons.” Wei You blandly said.

The Sect Master said, “I have already arranged for the inner disciples to go ahead and get rid of the demons. However, it’s strange that there is no movement on the Jade Mountain, but there is movement in the Mortal Realm, making the Imperial Court helpless. Could it be that the demons are preparing to make a move on the Mortal Realm?”

“You are the Sect Master, these matters should be your decision. What is the use of asking me?” Wei You said.

The Sect Master’s face showed helplessness. Why didn’t his senior sister analyze it properly with him?


One month later, Lin Fan came out of the sect.

The refining of the immortal treasure went smoothly. The further he went, the more difficult it was; the innate formation within the immortal treasure was not as simple as imagined. It contained the laws of the immortal dao.

Moreover, the Golden Gourd was an immortal treasure, growing out of plants, not artificially refined. The innate formations contained in it were naturally not simple at all.

If he completely refined the immortal treasure, perhaps he would be able to comprehend a High-Grade Mystic Art from within the immortal treasure.

There were levels of mystic art; there were High-Grade Mystic Arts that were terrifying, and others that were just ordinary.

For example, Lin Fan cultivated those High-Grade Mystic Art where there were not many truly High-Grade Mystic Art, only ordinary mystic art.

Suddenly, he sensed something.

The Mysterious Bronze Essence Body that he had arranged to go to the Nine Heavens Sect had suffered a severe injury.

“Shit, who is so rampant to touch my stuff.”

The Nine Heavens Sect was located in the Greatest Martial Sect range, so some powerful people naturally knew that they could never strike out rashly. Now it could only mean that someone who did not know the rules had struck.

Without thinking much, Lin Fan directly disappeared in place.

The Mysterious Bronze Essence Body’s spirit was even very watery because it was only a Middle-Grade Dao Artifact.


At this time, in the forest.

The surrounding trees were destroyed, and the ground was crumbling, while there were traces of burning. Clearly, it was an extremely fierce battle.

The Mysterious Bronze Essence Body stood there, looking somewhat miserable, with the surface pitted, leaving many pits and holes.

“Hahahaha, what a good luck. I didn’t expect to pass by this place and come across this kind of treasure. It seems that I have excellent luck.”

A man stood proudly in the air. His eyes were flashing with a fine light as he held a sword in his hand, steadily suppressing the Mysterious Bronze Essence Body.

He had long seen that this object was a Middle-Grade Dao Artifact. However, his refiner level was not good enough to refine such a large piece of valuable material into a Top-Grade Dao Artifact.

Fang Jiuzhen looked at the distance with a shocked expression.

He really did not expect that a fierce battle would somehow occur, and it had all affected the sect.

“Fellow cultivator, please be merciful. We are only a small sect, we can’t withstand this kind of impact.” Fang Jiuzhen spoke.

The Mysterious Bronze Essence Body did not make a move.

It was because it wanted to protect the Nine Heavens Sect from being destroyed by the impact, so it was beaten at every turn.

“Get lost! How dare a small sect to be reckless. If you talk nonsense again, I’ll exterminate your entire sect.” The man said angrily. He felt that things were not that simple, he’s sure that the Mysterious Bronze Essence Body seemed to be protecting this sect.

However, it was enough for him to get this Mysterious Bronze Essence Body.

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