Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 305


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Qin Heng was a little flustered, he had never seen such a scene before. Immortal cultivation should be harmonious; everyone respected each other, so how could he expect that everything had changed?

The wind was howling. It blew his body, making it a little unstable and swayed.

Where was the sect master? We lived such a good life; why did you want to destroy our harmonious and beautiful life?

The battle that happened now was simply beyond their control.

Fang Jiuzhen was furious in his heart, but the opponent’s strength was so strong that he had no ability to resist.

At the same time, what made him puzzled was, Who the hell was that bronze man? Why would it appear around the Nine Heavens Sect?


At this moment.

The man standing in the air directly hit hard, wanting to subdue the Mysterious Bronze Essence Body completely.

His huge palm fell from the sky, covering the entire perimeter of the sky, with terrifying air currents boiling between his five fingers.

Fang Jiuzhen’s robe was shaking. He had no choice, but he could not retreat. Otherwise, the impact caused later would definitely bring untold trouble to the Nine Heavens Sect.

“Everyone, go back quickly and hide inside.”

He told several disciples to hide because soon, it would be a terrifying shock coming.

Those who stayed in the sect were cultivating martial arts, but not everyone was an immortal cultivator.

With their strength, how could they withstand such an impact?

He was afraid that he could even lose his life.

When Lin Fan arrived here, he saw the Mysterious Bronze Essence Body was being beaten up. When he looked up, he also saw a young man who had struck.

Damn it!

He didn’t expect that someone would find the Nine Heavens Sect.

“You’re fucking looking for death.”

Lin Fan’s body flickered and disappeared in place, appearing directly behind the man and slapped him to the ground with one blow.

The man was confused and didn’t react at all. When he heard the sound, he already felt a terrifying force come through. Soon, his entire body was hammered to the ground, and with a loud sound of wow, he spurted out a mouthful of blood.


“Who the hell is it?”

The man climbed up; his face was much paler. Just as he was hit, a light overflowed his body, followed by a click as if something had broken.

He looked down, and the inner armour on his body had shattered. The pieces fell to the ground; it was so blinding.

This was his Low-Grade Dao Artifact.

Thinking about that blow just now, if he didn’t have the Dao Artefact Armor to protect him, he was afraid that he would have been hammered into mush.


Fang Jiuzhen saw the figure and realized that his disciple had returned, but wait; this plot seemed a bit wrong. How could his disciple be so powerful?

This seemed to be some problem.

“Sect master, don’t panic, wait for me to finish this kid.” Lin Fan said.

Lin Fan then looked at the opponent.

[Xiao Chen: Disaster Stage.] [Chance of dropping: ……] [Remark: With my status, who dares to touch me.]

The drop was okay.

Looking at this note indicated that the opponent was someone with status. Unfortunately, the opponent didn’t expect that others would have the courage to make a move on him, and Lin Fan was definitely brave enough to do so anyway.

At this moment, Xiao Chen looked at Lin Fan angrily and roared, “Do you know who I am? How dare you touch me? My father is the sect master of the great immortal sect, the Divine Sky Sect, you….”

The words hadn’t even finished.

When Lin Fan appeared directly in front of the opponent, he grabbed the opponent’s head with one hand. He then blasted the opponent’s abdomen with a fist.

With a loud sound, the opponent spurted blood again, and his eyes were about to fall out.

‘So strong.’

‘It was too strong.’

He didn’t have the strength to fight back at all.

Lin Fan did not kill the opponent.

For him, now the opponent’s cultivation was weak. After killing him, the drop was shallow, and according to the value, it was a great loss.

Just now, the opponent reported himself.

He was the son of the sect master of a great immortal sect, the Divine Sky Sect. That status was naturally not low, and he could be sold for a good price.

Although he wasn’t the one who did this kind of thing. However, when the love was deep, it was difficult to avoid some uncontrollable emotions regardless of what Xiao Chen had in mind.

Lin Fan directly threw him into the Tripod of Heaven to suppress him first. When he had time to pass by the Heavenly Treasures Pavilion, he would conduct an auction again.

Lin Fan looked at the Mysterious Bronze Essence Body, pondering.

It seemed that this object had attracted the opponent’s attention. However, it

was strange that the Mysterious Bronze Essence Body was discovered when he told it to hide and not expose itself.

“Master, it’s okay. It’s all settled.” Lin Fan said.

He hadn’t been to the Nine Heavens Sect for a while, so if it weren’t for the Mysterious Bronze Essence Body, he really wouldn’t have known that such a thing would happen.

Fang Jiuzhen breathed a sigh of relief but soon became puzzled, “Disciple, what exactly did you experience outside? How did you become so strong?”

How could he not be shocked?

If he hadn’t seen Lin Fan strike with his own eyes, he wouldn’t have been able to imagine that his disciple’s strength was terrifying to such an extent.

“Master, it’s a long story. This disciple has experienced nine deaths outside. If I had to say it, it would be something that one would not dare to imagine.”

“Whenever I think about it, my heart trembles. I don’t dare to think about it, I really don’t dare to think about it.”

Lin Fan’s face showed fear as if he was surrounded by a group of big men with no good intentions.

Having said so much. He only expressed his inner trepidation without mentioning what had happened in the past.

“Then, don’t think about it. I won’t pursue it.” Fang Jiuzhen said.

It was difficult for him to imagine what his disciple had gone through, but a bold thought would determine that it was definitely dangerous.

Lin Fan nodded silently; it was best not to ask. His experience in cultivation was difficult to explain in words.

It could only be said that his journey was quite overbearing.

It was still possible with lightning sparks.


Inside the sect.

Qin Heng looked at Lin Fan’s eyes that had turned a little off. It felt as if someone had taken advantage of his lack of attention to overtake him and he did not even react at all.

The sect master favoured him. He was also stronger than him in terms of strength. Despite the long absence, he could still accompany the sect master.

It seemed that there was no chance for him at all. 

“Brother Lin, how long are you planning to stay this time?” Qin Heng took the initiative to greet.

He had to feel the situation. As long as Lin Fan stayed for a while and left, he still had a great chance.

Lin Fan looked at Qin Heng and found something remarkable. His internal strength had reached 102. The last time Lin Fan saw it, it was still only 101; he didn’t expect another breakthrough.

This was strange.

Could it be that he had some opportunity?

But it was impossible.

If there really was an opportunity, it must be such dregs. Lin Fan hadn’t seen him for so long, and his inner strength had only increased a little.

It couldn’t be that the Nine Heavens Sect had a special situation.

However, the other disciples had full 100 internal strength, and there was no change at all.

“How long do you want me to stay?”

Lin Fan asked with a smile. How could he not know Qin Heng’s small mind? He really couldn’t understand why he had that idea.

Looking at Lin Fan’s smiling face, how could Qin Heng say that he wanted Lin Fan to have lunch and then go on an adventure?

“Certainly, the longer, the better. We entered the immortal sect together and our affection for each other cannot be overstated.”

What kind of relationship were you talking about?

When there was no spirit root, it would be impossible to enter the immortal sect.

Qin Heng was so desperate at that time and wanted to kill himself, but he couldn’t do it, so he had to ask Lin Fan for help.

Unfortunately, Lin Fan was a little slow, so Qin Heng figured out that death was too terrible, and life was better.

If he had struck faster, then there would have been nothing for Qin Heng.

“Disciple, just now that man said his father is the sect master of the Divine Sky Sect, do you think this will be a matter?” Fang Jiuzhen asked.

He was worried because he had heard of this sect; it was one of the great immortal sects. Now that Lin Fan had suppressed the son of the sect master, it would be a problem if it were known.

Lin Fan blinked and said, “Master, did he say his father was the sect master of the Divine Sky Sect? I don’t think so.”

“I can clearly hear it when he said it.” Fang Jiuzhen said.

Lin Fan said, “You absolutely heard it wrong. He didn’t say that at all, and as the son of the sect master of a great immortal sect, how could he wasn’t even a master. I think it’s a lie.”

He had to sell Xiao Chen out.

If he let Fang Jiuzhen determine the opponent’s identity, the situation would be awful, and Fang Jiuzhen might be scared to death.

After all, not everyone was as brave as Lin Fan.


A few days later, Lin Fan left the Nine Heavens Sect.

He didn’t have anything going on here. He already got the Mysterious Bronze Essence Body, which he infused with stronger qi to slightly raise its cultivation level.

No matter what it was a Middle- Grade Dao Artifact; how could it be so watery.

But it couldn’t be helped. Who lets him not to have the Heavenly Corpse Old Demon’s divine ability?

And what he didn’t know was that The Divine Sky Sect’s sect master was very puzzled. He asked his son to go to the Greatest Martial Sect to send a message; how could he had not returned by now?

It was bizarre.

‘Could it be that this kid played again and forgot about the

important things?’


When Lin Fan returned to the Greatest Martial Sect, he learned an amazing thing.

Surprisingly, the inner disciples sent to the Mortal Realm by the Sect Master a month ago had not come out after entering the demon pit.

No one knew if they were still alive or not.

There was not even the slightest news.

And he also learned that the Sect Master had actually sent a core disciple to check the situation because he had a feeling that things were a bit bad.

According to what he heard, the sect master was afraid that the first wave of inner disciples who went over was killed. So, he sent core disciples to go, but the situation was certainly getting bad again.

This was a complete blow to the little ones, then the medium ones, and in the end, only the old ones could do it.

After learning what happened in the Greatest Martial Sect, Lin Fan left and went towards the Mortal Realm.

The situation on the Jade Mountain was calmed, and the demons must have had other ideas.

They finally set their sights on the Mortal Realm.


Mortal Realm, Imperial Court.

When Lin Fan arrived at the demon pit, he found that the pit was pitch black.

The naked eye could see that the interior was so dark that not even a ghostly figure could be seen.

He could sense that there was still turbid air emanating from inside the demon pit.

“Well, there is something wrong with the situation here.”

Lin Fan observed and didn’t venture in just because of his strong cultivation but walked around the demon pit.

After the lap was over, he still didn’t see anything wrong with this place. He then cursed and jumped right in; he used his qi to protect his body if an accident happened.

Activated talent: Heat Perception.

He found a faint red light around, it seemed to be some creature.

Maybe it was a bug that grew here.


After a long time.

He stepped on the ground with both feet and felt most at ease.

The vision around him gradually became clear, and he could see the scene in the distance.

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