Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 306


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He had not had any good thoughts about the demon pit. It was absolutely a desolate place, and now that he had seen it, it was a little scary to see how desolate it was.

“Hey! Brothers, are you dead? If not, come back to me quickly, I’m coming to save you.”

Lin Fan shouted at the top of his voice.

The voice passed through the empty and desolate place.

There was no one there, not even an echo.

It was steep, making him somewhat lonely. He then took out the Highest Spirit Rune and waited for a long time.

A figure descended from the sky, and the crazy old man came in a hurry, “Father…”

“Son, you’re very fast. It seems that you didn’t encounter any danger on the way.” Lin Fan said.

The environment here was a bit gloomy; it was too solitary and lonely.

It was good to call his son over, but Lin Fan didn’t expect the white fox to follow.

When he saw Lin Fan, it jumped directly into Lin Fan’s arms. Lin Fan touched the white fox’s fur, which was quite soothing.

“Father, I was very careful, and no one hit me.”

The crazy old man said. He then saw the surroundings and shrank his head, “Father, I’m so scared. It’s so gloomy here, and there are dark things.”

Lin Fan soothed the crazy old man, “Son, don’t be afraid, I’m here.”

The white fox stared, very confused.

Although it was not human, it understood a thing or two, so how could he be the son? What a strange combination.

Subsequently, the two men and the beast walked toward the inside.


At this time, in a very far place.

A group of people was sitting on the ground in an awkward crouch.

“Ye Dong, your luck is too good. How can you touch a stone and trigger the big formation?”

Xu Wushang looked at the other man, seemingly as if he was praising. However, in fact, he was complaining.

They obeyed the instructions of the Sect Master and came to the demon pit to look for those inner disciples.

When they came here, they were cautious in case they encountered misfortune. However, after a thousand calculations, they never expected that it was not the enemy that brought the trouble but the people around them.

“Brother, it wasn’t my fault.”

Ye Dong spread his hands, helplessly looking at the crowd, “Brothers, don’t look at me like that. Well, it was my fault, but now the most important thing for us is to find a way to break this big formation.”

“Although this big formation can’t affect us, but being trapped here all the time is not an option.”

What else could he say now?

He could only humbly apologize. After all, he didn’t want to offend anyone. They could complain all they want, but as long as they still respected him, Ye Dong, as a good senior brother, still had to look for his brothers in the future.

How could the Greatest Martial Sect disciples didn’t know what kind of a person Ye Dong was?

He was the wall grass, two-sided men. Perhaps it was only Wen Xian who said Ye Dong was a good person.

At this moment, a voice came.

Ye Dong fiercely got up; there was an excitement that surfaced on his face, “It’s Senior Brother Lin’s voice, he’s coming to save us.”

Then, he shouted at the top of his voice.

“Senior Brother Lin, we are here…”

They didn’t know who laid this formation, but it was so powerful.

Although the formation didn’t attack them, if they told anyone that they couldn’t break the formation even with their strength, no one might believe them.

Now someone was coming for them.


Lin Fan wasn’t lonely; besides shouting occasionally, he played with the white fox’s fur and chatted with the crazy old man.

Although the conversation was inappropriate, at least there was no sense of emptiness.

“Huh! There’s a sound.”

Lin Fan heard a sound coming from far away and instantly showed a happy face.


Finally, he found them.

As he listened to the sound, it was obvious that nothing was going on.

When he looked there, he saw a group of core disciples trapped.

“What happened with you guys? How can you be trapped by a big formation?”

Ye Dong said, “Senior brother, it’s all my fault. I touched a stone and suddenly activated this big formation, and they all got trapped here.”

They had been trapped for quite some time.

Initially, they thought it was a trick of the demon to catch a turtle in a jar, but the demon did not appear.

For them, this big formation was indeed quite high-end, and they couldn’t be blamed for not being able to get out.

Lin Fan then directly destroyed this big formation by force.

“Okay, everyone comes out.”

He now had to continue to look for those inner disciples. No matter what, he had to find them, alive or dead. Even if the demons cooked them in the pot, at least there must be remains left.

Ye Dong patted his back and said, “Senior brother is really powerful. The formation that can trap us instantly collapsed in front of senior brother. It’s not even worth mentioning.”

Nowadays, Ye Dong was the existence that specialized in patting Lin Fan’s ass. His spirit stones were still all on Lin Fan, and he kept wanting them back, but Lin Fan didn’t give him a chance at all.

But he believed as long as the horse’s ass was well patted, the opportunity would always come.

“Thank you so much.” Xu Wushang clasped his fist and said.

However, unlike Ye Dong, he was a high-minded and proud person. He couldn’t consider Lin Fan as a senior brother. Lin Fan entered the sect later than him, so he couldn’t call Lin Fan senior brother just because Lin Fan was strong. It was too snobbish.

Ye Dong said, “Brother Xu, Senior Brother Lin has saved us, you still need to thank him properly. Senior brother has been so carrying toward us, and we, as brothers, will need his protection.”

Xu Wushang looked at Ye Dong, he didn’t want to say anything more.

‘If you wanted to lick, that was your business, so, don’t think the others would do it too.’

“Have you found those inner disciples?” Lin Fan asked.

Ye Dong said, “Senior brother, we haven’t seen them. We also just walked here and got trapped by the big formation, so we don’t know the situation inside. However, according to my speculation, those inner disciples obviously went inside.”

“And with such a powerful big formation right here, I think the situation inside is very dangerous, and those inner disciples may not be able to live.”

“In my opinion, this matter needs to be reported to the Sect Master and the Elder, so they can decide what to do next.”

He wanted to slip away and did not want to continue to go deeper. He always felt that this place was a bit dangerous.

As for those inner disciples, he felt that they shouldn’t be able to survive. Even they, the core disciples, were trapped by a big formation, let alone those inner disciples, they might have encountered something horrible.

“You guys go back first, I’ll go look for them.” Lin Fan said.

“Senior brother, I will accompany you.” Ye Dong hurriedly said.

He pondered that if he left now, it would definitely leave a bad impression in senior brother’s heart. Then it would be difficult for him when he tried to get his spirit stones back in the future. So, he must show that he wasn’t afraid and really willing to go with Lin Fan.

Of course, he knew very well what kind of person Senior Brother Lin was. Senior Brother Lin would definitely ask them to go back. When he did, Ye Dong would have to push back a few times before obeying his Senior Brother’s intention and reluctantly leave.

That way, he wouldn’t leave a bad impression.

As he thought about it, he felt proud of himself.

He was so clever. Only someone with a lingering heart could think of it.

Just… what happened next made Ye Dong a little confused.

“Good, since you have such a heart, then come with me. The rest of you go back. Whether those inner disciples are dead or alive, I will investigate them clearly.” Lin Fan said.

Xu Wushang couldn’t see through Lin Fan, but he also knew that his strength was not weak; otherwise, he wouldn’t have broken the big formation so easily.

It didn’t matter if they went or not.

“Good. Then we’ll go back first.”

Xu Wushang clasped his fist and then led the other core disciples to leave the place quickly.

Ye Dong was stunned. He looked at the several figures that were far away, and for a moment, he didn’t even know what to say?


‘Wasn’t Senior Brother Lin being too unconventional?’

‘Although I said to accompany you. However, senior brother, can you take a closer look. From my tone, you should be able to hear that I’m actually not too willing to come with you.’

“Senior Brother Ye, what are you fuming about? Could it be that you remembered something?” Lin Fan asked with a smile.

How could he not see Ye Dong’s small mind? Since he didn’t want to go but still pretend he would go, why didn’t Lin Fan fulfil his wish? How could he still be a senior brother if he didn’t fulfil his brother’s wish?

Ye Dong was forced to hold back his sadness; he was barely showing a smile, “Senior brother, I was just wondering how our brothers are doing? I hope they are okay.”

“Let’s go! I hope so.” Lin Fan said.

Afterwards, the group continued on their way.

Lin Fan asked if Ye Dong had recently gone to that place to gamble.

To be able to open a casino in the Immortal Realm, that person was a talent. The idea to win everyone’s cultivation resources over was quite good, and it seemed to be learned in the Mortal Realm.

“Senior brother, I can not go there, you know, I am now penniless. Even if I want to go, I don’t have any spirit stone, not even a little left to buy small things. Such a shame.”

Ye Dong’s expression was quite uncomfortable, and he acted very miserably. He just hoped that Senior Brother Lin could see how miserable he was and return the spirit stones to him.

But again, he was thinking too much.

“Well, it’s good that you didn’t bet, or else I’ll make you behave.” Lin Fan said, completely ignored Ye Dong’s intention.

He had long used the spirit stones that Ye Dong had placed on him for cultivation. How could there be any left?

There should be no hope in this life.

Ye Dong always felt that things were different from what he thought. It wasn’t right. According to the typical plot development, how could it be such an outcome?

Forget it.

Since it did not work, then he could only be patient.



As they continued to go deeper and deeper, they gradually made an amazing discovery.

“This is….”

Lin Fan found many footprints left on the ground, densely packed, and they were human footprints.

If they were demons’, they would never be like this.

“How many inner disciples have come in total?” Lin Fan asked.

Ye Dong said, “It seems to be 65 inner disciples.”

Lin Fan took a glance and saw that the remaining footprints were definitely more than 65, so that meant there were others, but who could it be?

Soon, he saw several corpses in front of him.

Heck, they were the inner disciples of the Greatest Martial Sect. Upon checking their condition, he found that they had been dead for at least tens of days.

Lin Fan pondered.

‘If they encountered a demon, they should be running outward, not towards the inside.’

Soon, he analyzed it, and he found out that these inner disciples were chasing after the demon.

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