Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 307


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“Their skills are awesome, and their courage is great.”

Lin Fan gave praise to these inner disciples; they were impressive. Initially, he thought they all died in the hands of the demon; he did not expect them to be chasing after the demon, which was good for the Greatest Martial Sect’s prestige.

Soon, he looked gloomy.

Things weren’t as simple as he thought.

A corpse.

Another corpse.

There were demons, Greatest Martial Sect’s disciples, and mortals dressed in cloth.

“Senior brother, I feel that this matter is not simple. According to my guess, it must be the disciples, led by the mortals. They are brave enough to attack the demons, which is really admirable.” Ye Dong exclaimed.

Lin Fan looked at him.

‘Were they stupid? ‘

‘How could they attack demons under the leadership of mortals? What were they thinking? Didn’t they guess what would happen?’

“Cut the crap and come with me.”

He looked grave; things were definitely not that simple. A glimpse of the idea had even surfaced in his mind.

‘Maybe things were like this…’

But hopefully, he was overthinking.


As they continued to go deeper, the number of corpses they encountered gradually increased.

Huh! Isn’t this Junior Brother Yang? He had become an inner disciple after forty years of initiation, and he was among those with talent. How could he die here?”

Ye Dong froze in place, and his gaze fixed on that corpse. His expression was frozen as if he had encountered something unbelievable.

Just as Lin Fan was about to move, he found Ye Dong walking up to the corpse.

That corpse was holding a sword in his hand, half kneeling on the ground. The sword in his hand stabbed at the ground, resting against his body.

Ye Dong supported Junior Brother Yang and did not say anything more. He had some sadness in his heart, ‘I owe you spirit stones, and I have not paid you back. I have been in debt for a long time. Although you did not ask me for it, I remembered it in my heart.’

He slapped a hole in the ground with one palm and then put the body in and buried it properly.

“Senior brother, the situation seems to be a bit bad. Let’s go inside and take a look.”

The steeply serious Ye Dong made Lin Fan a little uncomfortable.

He hurriedly rushed towards the far side.



A group of people was hiding in some cave, all very tired and somewhat wretched. Among them were disciples of the Greatest Martial Sect and also mortal people.

At this moment, their moods were not high, and they were even all a little sick as if there were darkness and no hope in sight.

A man with a grey face said, “Immortals, please don’t leave on your own. Take us with you, or you can’t leave at all.”

There were more children among them, and the rest were all young and strong men.

The demons previously plundered them, directly brought to the demon pit. Just when they thought they were going to die, a group of immortal came from the rear and had a big battle with the demons.

They were fighting for a long time, rescuing them from the demons, but the demons would not let them go, so naturally, the demons were chasing them all the way.

With their elder being captured, they needed to defend themselves at every turn and gradually lost.

Although they didn’t know how long it had been, they knew that at least a month had passed.

In this place where there was no food, the immortal did not need to eat. They were taking the elixirs given by their elders to keep their strength.

“You don’t need to worry. We will definitely save you out.” A sword-wielding immortal said. He had a flicker of uneasiness in his eyes but pretended to be calm to reassure the mortals.

Suddenly, there was a commotion from outside.

Shhh! Don’t talk.”




It was the sound of demons.

The demons covered the area around them and looked for them, and they knew they couldn’t hide because some of the demons had an extremely acute sense of smell.

Everyone looked at the entrance of the cave.

It was steep.

Suddenly, they saw huge Snake Demons slowly passing by at the entrance of the cave. The demon had a huge body, and a piece of scale armour on its body was the cave entrance’s size.

Immediately after that, trembling sounds were coming.

The mortals’ bodies trembled. Their legs were shaking, and their eyes were terrified. For them, this scene was too terrifying. They were more like prey waiting to be eaten.

A disciple pressed his voice and said, “Everyone, calm down. Don’t be afraid, the demon may not find us.”

The words just fell when a hideous, terrifying vertical eye appeared at the cave entrance, with a chilling aura.

“We’re dead.”

When did these mortals ever see such a scene? They curled up their bodies in fear and trembled.

“Brothers and sisters, don’t be afraid. As disciples of the Greatest Material Sect, no matter how strong the demon is, we can’t be afraid.”

One got up and shouted.


Just at that moment, a long tongue swept in from outside the cave. It instantly wrapped around this disciple’s waist and was about to pull it toward the outside of the cave.


The other disciple shouted in fierce shock, waved the weapon in his hand, and cut fiercely on this tongue.


The sound of metal clashing passed.

This tongue was so hard that ordinary weaponry could not break through the defence.


A disciple pinched his fingers, and a flame whistled away, burning the tongue. Although it did not harm the demon, the tongue loosened that disciple, giving him a chance to retract quickly.


The disciple who had just been wrapped around the waist half knelt on the ground and couldn’t help but spurt out a mouthful of blood, his face turning pale.

When he was entangled, it felt as if his waist was about to explode.

The force was just too terrifying.

“Junior brother, are you okay?”

“Yes, I didn’t expect that I still got discovered.”

All of a sudden, the ground and the mountains shook.

The whole ground shook violently. The surrounding walls cracked and rippled, and broken stones were falling.

At this moment, some stable disciples began to split up.

Some disciples protected the mortals; some other disciples worked together to resist the demons and find the opportunity to kill them. If they stayed there all the time, it was self-destructive.

The Snake Demon kept banging its head against the cave entrance. Its flexible tongue stirring continuously, like some creature preying on ants with its tongue.

At the same time, a group of disciples squeezed their fingers, and their qi boiled. A bright light flashed, constantly blasting the demon’s head. Although no one was a match for this demon in a single fight, there was strength in numbers, and when they joined forces, they had a chance of survival.


The Snake Demon hissed in anger. Its huge body constantly slapped this small mountain range, making countless boulders splashed the sky, following the current momentum.

This resting place was about to disappear.

At this time, they shot against the demon.

The speed of the qi loss was fast, and their expressions became more and more anxious. During this time, their spirits were agitated, and if they slackened off, they might have fainted on the spot.

Suddenly, a disciple holding a dao artefact seized the opportunity. He roared, and his qi vibrated; the qi in his hand erupted radiantly with amazing power as he directly entangled with the demon.

“Fellow disciples, I’ll go and distract the demon. You quickly take them out of the demon pit and return to the sect.”

The dao artefact in this disciple’s hand was a Middle-Grade Dao Artifact. It was able to bring harm to this demon.

However, there was a huge gap between his strength and the demon.

In moments of crisis, he was often able to explode with extreme power. He wielded the dao artefact and casting mystic art, which greatly increased his power and made the enraged Snake Demon suffer many small losses.


The people inside the cave seized the opportunity to take the mortals and quickly go out of the cave to run outside.

There was still a chance to live; if they stayed here, they would definitely die.

For the mortals, when they see this scene, it was already good enough not to be scared to death. As for whether they could walk, it wasn’t easy to say. Because of fear, their legs seemed to have become not theirs.

They couldn’t move.

They could only let the disciples of the Immortal Sect take them away.

When they got outside, A disciple shouted, “Senior brother, don’t fight with the demon for a long time, let’s go.”

The disciple who was holding the dao artefact was piercing one of the demon’s eyes with the dao artefact at this moment, roaring in a low voice. He held on to the dao artefact with both hands and never tried to let go.

The demon was in a lot of pain and rolled its body.

“You guys go first. I can kill it.”

The Snake Demon stopped rolling, and its body shook. At once, a sharp bone pierced out from that demon’s body, violently piercing the disciple’s body, then hung him high. The demon then turned back towards the crowd that was trying to escape, hissing angrily.


The roar shook the world, forming sound waves, spreading in all directions.

The mortals could hardly resist, and blood flowed out of their noses, eyes, and ears.


The disciples formed qi shields to block the sound waves, but this demon in front of them was so terrifying that their qi shields shook as if they would break at any moment.

The Snake Demon came from afar and opened its bloody mouth, about to swallow all these guys.

The disciples of the Greatest Martial Sect were holding their weapons.

Their breathing gradually sharpened.

“You take them and run first. The rest of you follow me to block this demon, don’t talk too much.” An older disciple said. He was now the senior brother here, and all of them were his junior disciples.

They had not expected that the demon pit that appeared in the Mortal Realm would be so terrifying.

Initially, they thought that the most powerful demon would be the Golden Stage or Origin Stage of the Immortal Stage.

But then, after they stepped into the demon pit, they realized that everything surpassed their expectation.

Surprisingly, strong demons had really appeared.

“Senior brother, we may not be able to block it.” Some disciples said inwardly in fear.

“We have to block it even if we can’t.”

“Get ready, here it comes.”


They pinched their fingers, and their mystic arts fell fiercely on the demon. However, for the furious demon, their attack was very feeble. With a charge, the demon directly knocked them backwards in all directions.

The opponent level was simply beyond them.


The demons turned, roared in anger, and pounced again.

Desperation gripped their minds.

‘There was no chance.’


Suddenly, a terrifying might passed from afar.


A black qi flashed by.

The God Spear pierced directly through the demon’s mouth, continuously destroying flesh and blood in the demon’s body, and then broke through the hard leather armour and ruthlessly rammed into the ground.

There was a boom.

The demon fell to the ground, and even if it died, it feared that they did not understand how it died.

“Brothers, are you all right?”

Lin Fan descended from the sky and was relieved to see that the inner disciples were still alive. However, when he saw the number of people, the expression on his face changed a little.

It seemed like the fatalities and injuries were a bit serious.

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