Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 308


“Senior Brother.”

“Senior brother.”

Those disciples who were expected to be buried in the demon’s mouth saw the visitor and exclaimed with joy.

Although Lin Fan appeared very rarely, the disciples of the sect all knew Lin Fan’s existence.

Lin Fan looked at the mortals and had understood what was going on.

“Not bad. You’re not disgracing the Greatest Martial Sect. How many senior disciples were killed this time?” Lin Fan asked.

A disciple held back the sadness in his heart and said, “Half of the senior brothers died.”

Usually, with their cultivation level, they should have no problem dealing with ordinary demons.

Moreover, the demon pit was opened in the Mortal Realm. Also, there were so many inner disciples coming, so naturally, there would not be any problem.

And even if they encountered powerful demons, they would be fine as long as they didn’t go deeper.

However, it needs to be noted that when they met these mortals captured by demons, they contemplated for a moment and went after them. They directly went deeper into the interior, which led to such a thing happening.

Lin Fan sighed in his heart.

There was a problem with the Sect Master’s mind.

If he were the Sect Master, he would never send only inner disciples to come. Nothing should be done carelessly; even in the face of weakness, he should go all out.

If he sent a core disciple to come, things would not turn out like this.

“Pack up the corpses of the dead disciples and bring them back to the sect while sending these people back to the city.” Lin Fan instructed, then said, “You are all outstanding. I will go back and explain this matter to the Sect Master and give you rewards.”

“As disciples of a great immortal sect, fighting with demons and sacrificing yourself is something inevitable.”

It couldn’t be helped, after all.

If he knew the Sect Master’s tumultuous operation, he would definitely try, not letting people die.

Although it was good to be confident, overconfidence was not a good thing.

“Ye Dong, you take them away. Son, you come with them.” Lin Fan said.

Ye Dong was surprised, “Senior brother, aren’t you leaving with us?”

“Leave? Hmph, the demon killed so many of our junior brothers, how can I possibly leave? It just so happens that this demon pit led to the place where the demon is. So, I’ll go there, stir up the world, and take revenge for all the junior brothers.”

Lin Fan’s killing intent boiled over. Since the demon pit appeared, it meant that the two were connected.

If his qi had not reached this level, he naturally wouldn’t risk going there.

Moreover, he wanted to know what the demon was thinking, and since he wanted to come over so much, he had prepared to be fucked.

“No need to say more. My mind is made up; all of you should go back first.”

Initially, he wanted to let his son accompany him. However, when he thought about it, Ye Dong could not be considered to be reliable.

So he let his son escort them away, in case they encountered powerful people and Ye Dong was too busy.

Everything was foolproof to ensure safety.

“Father, I want to come with you.” The crazy old man said.

Lin Fan stroked his head, “Be obedient and protect them. After that, go back to the sect first and wait for me.”


The crazy old man agreed, but his expression was hard. He showed an expression that he couldn’t bear to leave.

Lin Fan stroked the white fox’s fur and handed her to the crazy old man, “Go on.”

He waved his hand and sent them away, then he raced off towards the distance.


Lin Fan found the exit within the demon pit and encountered many demons along the way, but he didn’t bother to pay attention to them.

They were irrelevant to him, and he was about to face the overlord of the demons.

Half of his junior brothers died in demons’ hands. He, who considers himself the senior brother, could not sit idly by and must make the demons pay the price.



When he stepped out of the demon pit, an uncomfortable aura filled the world.

This was the smell of demons; the demonic qi was powerful. If a mortal stayed here, it would not take long for the demonic qi to erode and turn them into human demons. They would become a horrible existence with only killing and violence in their hearts.

At the moment, Lin Fan appeared in the North Wasteland.

Several auras were coming from the surroundings.

That was the demon’s qi.



All kinds of demons appeared.

Sheep Demons, Tiger Demons, Bear Demons were several feet tall, all kinds of demons, just a bit low in cultivation.

They were very excited about the appearance of living beings, and their roar resounded through the world.

It’s as if they convey some signal. It’s like they were saying, ‘A human cultivator arrived, nobody should be allowed to come over because it was not enough to share.’

This seemed to be quite strange for the demons.

‘This human cultivator was a bit bold. How dare he come here?’

‘Wasn’t he afraid of being swallowed in one bite?’

Lin Fan looked into the distance.

The North Wasteland was a place where demons live. The environment was harsh, but he was not here to discuss the environment; instead, he wanted to seek revenge on the demons.

At once, he raised his power to the peak, and the strong qi exploded out violently, making the sky shook, and now Lin Fan was like a glorious, blazing sun.

It illuminated the entire North Wasteland.


The demons who had just prepared to treat Lin Fan as food were dumbfounded, as if they had encountered something terrifying, completely and utterly frozen in place.


‘Something seemed to be wrong somewhere.’

Immediately after that, the demons left with their tails between their legs, crawling and rolling in the dust.

To them.

There was only one sentence.

‘We couldn’t afford to mess with you, senior brother. We didn’t mean anything else; we just came to welcome you. We really didn’t have any other ideas.’

Lin Fan didn’t care about these demons. For him, the purpose was to draw in the demon overlords with a terrifying qi.

The human cultivators came to the demons’ territory and provoked them with his qi. How could the demons tolerate this?

Gradually, Lin Fan had felt several terrifying qi passing from the extreme distance.

It was the aura of anger.


The clouds in the sky rolled over, and black clouds were boiling in the distance. Those were demonic clouds condensed by the terrifying demonic aura.

The demonic thunder flashed.


It was constantly rumbling. Moreover, it came with a strange and terrifying sound.


This voice was like a loud bell, shaking the sky. A Black Dragon was flying out of the demon cloud.

If there were powerful people here who saw this Black Dragon Demon, they would absolutely be alarmed.

This was the Dragon Emperor of the Northern Desert Dragon Burial Valley.

A survivor for an unknown period of time.

It had a dragon’s body, and due to a lot of strange encounters, it condensed into a black dragon body.

Even if some of the Heavenly Dragon Clan’s existence saw the Dragon Emperor, they would have to flee because the Dragon Emperor liked to eat the Heavenly Dragon Clan.

“Patience, I was wondering why did you open the demon pit. My junior brother died in the hands of your demons, and I’m not happy, so I came to settle accounts with you.”

“Your speed is fast enough.”

“But don’t rush, and wait a little longer.”

Lin Fan knew that there were still demon overlords who were coming.

At that moment, a fierce wind blew from afar.

The wind was terrifying, forming a tornado storm. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be an avian, with wings covering the sky; it was the Heavenly Roc Dragon Eagle.

“Dragon Emperor, you are really fast. What’s going on in this human cultivator’s brain? We didn’t go looking for them; instead, they looked for us.”

“I don’t know, maybe he doesn’t want to live.” The Dragon Emperor said in a cold voice.


The ground shook.

In the distance, a huge figure was coming.

The figure was like a big mountain, so dark that it was almost impossible to see. However, from its size, it was certain to be a terrifying existence. It fell with a leap, causing the ground to shake as if an earthquake had occurred.

Soon, the Demon Ape with nine heads fell from the sky. His feet stepped on the ground, and his fists hammered his chest, roaring in anger.

His face was so hideous that if ordinary disciples saw this dignified appearance, they would be scared to death.

“This insignificant human cultivator, is he here to die?”

“I will crush you into flesh and foam.” The Nine-Headed Demon Ape said angrily. His voice was loud, alarming the sky, forming shock waves, all of which were terrifying to the extreme.

Lin Fan looked up at the Nine-Headed Demon Ape. He took out a banana from his storage ring, then threw it over, “Shut up. Eat some bananas and replenish your body.”

The appearance of the three demon overload made the atmosphere in this area depressing. Some small demons had long fled. To them, this was a terrifying scene, enough to scare their liver and guts. It was too terrifying.

Lin Fan took a deep breath.

He knew that a big battle was about to happen.

He, who had come to the demon territory, had already prepared for it.

And just at that moment, a different situation happened again.

Snowflakes were falling from the sky.

It was a good day; how could it snow?

Then, something even more amazing happened. The ground was covered with a layer of frost, and the frost was very hard.

Snowflakes were falling on his shoulders, and his arms seemed to be frozen.

In the distance, a huge figure came running wildly. When he looked closely, it turned out to be a lion covered with ice crystals.

The North Wasteland Snowfield Lion King.

Another demon overlord that was terrifying to the extreme.

There were not many powerful demons, but the aura emitted by Lin Fan was so strong that when the ordinary powerful demon felt this aura, they ran away. Instead, several of the demons with extremely high status came.

“WHO IS HE?” The North Wasteland Snowfield Lion King roared.

Its strong demonic qi boiling. When the four hooves stepped down, the ground froze, and many ice spikes appeared, indestructible, forming a field.

Lin Fan was not afraid in the slightest and said, “I’m Lin Fan, a disciple of the Greatest Martial Sect.”

“You opened a demon pit and caused dozens of my junior brothers to die. So I’m coming over here to tell you that there is a price to pay for killing my junior brothers.”

The four demon overlords looked at each other. Although they were not in human form, humane smiles surfaced on their faces.

The smiles were disdainful as if they heard some kind of joke that was ridiculous to the extreme.


“I’ve never thought that a human cultivator would be so stupid.”

“He actually wants us to pay the price. That is ridiculous, just ridiculous.”

Lin Fan was not affected by the opponent’s words and actions. Instead, he took a deep breath.

His qi vibrated, and the great mystic art shadow surfaced behind him. His body changed, and he cast the Ancestral Dragon’s Body.

A huge dragon rose from behind him, and a dragon roar resounded through the world.

“The secret of the Heavenly Dragon Clan which is not passed down.”

“Good, what I like most is to kill existences related to the Heavenly Dragon Clan.”

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