Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 309


When stepping into the Immortal Realm, any demon could choose to become a Demon Race or a Demon Cultivator.

Now, Lin Fan faced four Demon Emperors.

If others knew about it, it would certainly cause a great shock.

Was this still something that people do?

Anyone with a slightly normal brain would not come here voluntarily. This was something very horrible that would kill people, and it would be a miserable death.

“Come on. Today either I die, or you die.”

Lin Fan’s qi had reached its peak. It was as vast as a dragon, and the vault of the sky shook, giving the demons of the North Wasteland a great impact.

He waved towards the four Demon Emperors, with a very indebted look, more as if he was humiliating the four Demon Emperors.

The Dragon Emperor roared. His dragon claw grasped and destroyed the void. The power was terrifying; in an instant strike appeared in front of Lin Fan. However, Lin Fan remained motionless.

Just as the dragon claw appeared in front of him, he did not cast his mystic art, but a fist fiercely blasted away.


The fist of the human race collided with the claw of the Dragon Emperor.

The heaven-destroying shock wave spread out, forming a radiant light that enveloped the world.

Surrounding mountains, trees, and ground were impacted, instantly turned into ashes, annihilated.

The Heavenly Roc Dragon Eagle wings shook, sharp enough to tear the Heavenly Dragon’s claws, grabbed toward Lin Fan. The speed was breakneck, passing in the blink of an eye, like a rainbow light a flash.

The Snowfield Lion King roared, casting the High-Grade Mystic Art of the ice system to penetrate the world. The icy mystic art formed a killing move, covering the sky, making it freeze.

In an instant, The Four Demon Emperor joined hands, creating an irresistible power. No one could stop it, not even Lin Fan. However, what Lin Fan had today was a breath of resentment in his heart.

The dozen or so mystic arts he carried completely exploded, and each of them had been cultivated by him to the highest level.

This was the mystic art to comprehend the power of the world.

“Well, impressive. I didn’t expect he can cultivate mystic arts to this level. No wonder he dared to come to the Northern Wasteland to be reckless. However, just these are not enough.” The Dragon Emperor roared.

The astounding powerful human being must be killed. Moreover, when he could cultivate so many mystic arts to such a degree.

It was too terrifying.

Lin Fan cast his talent, appeared in front of the Dragon Emperor in the blink of an eye. His fist fell, fiercely smashed on the back of the Dragon Emperor. 


A sound that shocked the world resounded.

Dragon Emperor body scaled armour was hard and incomparable, as if it was a dao artefact. His demon’s body was strong and belonged to the strongest physical body, far from being comparable to the Demon Race.

Even the Heavenly Dragon Clan needed to cultivate the Ancestral Dragon’s Body to strengthen the flesh body.

But for the demons, it was not needed.

At once, the dragon tail fiercely attacked and viciously smacked Lin Fan, directly sending him flying into the distance.

The Dragon Emperor was in pain, and so was Lin Fan.

However, he had cultivated his Ancestral Dragon’s Body to the highest level. His flesh was as hard as a dao artefact, and the qi in his body shook slightly but soon calmed down.

However, he could not stop now.

The other three Demon Emperors’ attacks fell like a fierce storm. They grew up in battles, experienced in battles. With a wide range of techniques and with a little carelessness, they could all fall.


Lin Fan let out a low roar and cast Yellow Spring Hell. The aura turned much darker, it was the aura of hell, and all the visions were manifested.


The Yellow Spring Hell was a High-Grade mystic art that was underrated.

Being able to communicate with hell and manifest hell, it was reasonable to say that he would become a hell controller if he cultivated further.

In other words, he would be the God of the Earth. However, even if his current qi reached 150,000, he would not reach this step.



The Hell Origin condensed into a God Spear, the Bridge of Forgetfulness, and the ten Hell Halls all trembled and condensed into a supreme killing move that swept away.


The vault of the sky shook, forming a storm that was strong enough to destroy everything.

If ordinary people were caught in this storm, they would be absolutely torn to pieces and would have no ability to resist.

For the four Demon Emperors, they also did not expect this human cultivator to be so difficult to produce.

It’s out of their expectation.

The Nine-Headed Demon Ape roared hideously; he hammered his chest with both hands. This battle made him very unhappy. The human cultivator actually competed with him in a physical body.

Damn it, this simply a disrespect for him.

And for the Snowfield Lion King, this human cultivator’s comprehension of the mystic art was extremely high.

Just at that moment, Lin Fan cast the Golden Gourd.

At once, ten thousand feet of golden light covered the world.

“This treasure…”

“Immortal treasure, this is an immortal treasure.”

When the four Demon Emperors saw this object, their eyes were fiery, as if they saw some significant treasure.

They all wanted to get it.


Lin Fan swung the Golden Gourd and smashed it towards the opponent.

The Nine-Headed Demon Ape roared in anger. A pitch-black iron rod appeared in his palm, uncommonly powerful and boiling with fierce might, ruthlessly colliding with the Golden Gourd.


When the two treasures collided, a ripple spread out, as if space and time were forbidden. Then, it spread out quickly, sweeping in all directions.

The Nine-Headed Demon Ape’s body burst back, his thick arms trembled, and his iron rod emitted a buzzing sound. He had fallen behind in the spar just now.

“Golden Dragon River Transformation.”

Lin Fan urged the Golden Gourd, and the golden river roared out, ruthlessly pressing towards the four Demon Emperors.

For the four Demon Emperors, those who possessed immortal treasures were indeed difficult to match because the power that burst out was the power of an immortal treasure.

Although Lin Fan did not completely refine the immortal treasure, for now, the power was extremely terrifying enough.

Damn. Do you think you can do whatever you want just because you have an immortal treasure?” The Dragon Emperor was quite unconvinced and let out a long whistle.

The dragon’s roar shook the world as he gulped the demon qi. Suddenly, a Dragon Ball appeared in the sky.

The moment it appeared, tens of thousands of miles of demon qi enveloped and wrapped around the Dragon Ball.

Dragon Ball was the origin of the Dragon Emperor. 

It belonged to a double-edged sword.

It was related to the Dragon Emperor’s foundation but also had terrifying power. Although very inferior to immortal treasures, after thousands of years of the Dragon Emperor’s nurturing, even the Top-Grade Dao weapons couldn’t be compared to it.

At this moment, the Dragon Ball descended from the sky and crushed fiercely, colliding with the Golden Gourd.

A booming sound resounded through the world, and the whole world seemed to be on the verge of cracking.

The Dragon Emperor’s mouth overflowed with blood, and his expression became even crazier.

Initially, Lin Fan had underestimated the four Demon Emperors, but now, he did not underestimate them at all.

They were indeed powerful. Their qi was strong upon looking at their data, and they had cultivated countless mystic art. The possibility of trying to kill the Demon Emperor was very low.

It was not easy.


A few days later, the battle still continued.

The four Demon Emperors and Lin Fan were all slightly in a mess.

Lin Fan’s fist fell and ruthlessly blasted on the Snowfield Lion King, fiercely blasting a blood hole. The blood gurgling out, and right at that moment, the Heavenly Roc Dragon Eagle directly attacked, and a cold aura flashed.

There was a puff.

Lin Fan’s arm was directly cut off.

Humph, human cultivator, do you think you are invincible because you have immortal treasures? You’re underestimating us too much.”

The Heavenly Roc Dragon Eagle’s sharp claws flickered with coldness as if they were covered with some sort of substance.

It was a mysterious substance he had obtained from within some ancient cave, capable of cutting through everything. It was a treasure left behind by a certain immortal.

Lin Fan frowned slightly, it was indeed painful, and there was blood on the broken arm.

“Good, Brother Heavenly Roc Dragon Eagle, you did a good job.”

The Dragon Emperor was overjoyed. He didn’t expect the Heavenly Roc Dragon Eagle to have such a killing move. However, he was also amazed; he really didn’t know that the Heavenly Roc Dragon Eagle was concealing such a tactic.

If it was not because of a battle with this human cultivator, he would not have known.

At this time, The Dragon Emperor looked at Lin Fan, who was standing there in the distance with his arm bleeding continuously, and laughed, “How is it? With your current condition, what more do you want?”

Lin Fan looked at the broken arm and was quite helpless, “What can I do? It’s just easy to get bitten when you fight with beasts. But it’s okay; it’s not a big deal.”

The words just fell, and Lin Fan cast his talent.

The place where the arm was broken, flesh and blood moved and grew many shoots. Soon, a new arm grew again.


“How is that possible?”

The four Demon Emperors were shocked to see this scene. To them, this was obviously impossible; it was too unbelievable.


They couldn’t figure out why the opponent’s arm could regrow.

Broken Limb Rebirth was an Entering Immortal Level innate talent. Lin Fan got it from a weak demon. After all, one can not underestimate one’s talent. It might look weak, but who knows when it’s cultivated right, it could be a powerful talent. 

“As a powerful demon, does this situation shock you guys so much?”

“It’s just a severed limb being reborn; it’s not that hard.”

Lin Fan was bashful.

Trying to kill these four powerful demons in front of him was a bit difficult. One against four, it could only be at an even split. If not for his talent, he might not be able to fight to this extent now.

Several talents have supported him to be able to fight with four Demon Emperors until now.

Fast Recovery, Broken Limb Rebirth, Sharpness, etc.

The Dragon Emperor and the remaining three Demon Emperors looked at each other.

They were all communicating.

After fighting until now, they had been unable to take down this human cultivator. Their hearts were a little impatient, and if they continued like this, they didn’t know how long the fight would go on.


Lin Fan took a deep breath, “Come on. The battle has only just begun.”

The words just fell, and he disappeared.

In a flash, the vault of the sky blossomed with golden light, and a vast Buddha’s voice resounded through the world, followed by a golden palm descending from the sky.

It covered a hundred miles in circumference.

“What a nasty golden light.”

The four Demon Emperors were disgusted by this kind of light.

The Nine-Headed Demon Ape hissed angrily, tilted its head, and roared. It bent its legs slightly, and with a bang, the ground crumbled, and a huge figure rose in the air and swung its iron rod to blast at the Buddha’s hand.


An astonishing booming sound resounded.

The Nine-Headed Demon Ape was a top power among demons, with terrifying strength and terrifying force. In terms of cultivation techniques, it could prove the way by force.

Lin Fan held the Golden Gourd, filled it with qi, and ruthlessly slapped it in the air. It clicked, and the void that could not withstand the power directly shattered, a golden light ruthlessly burst out from the Golden Gourd.

Instantly, the golden light covered the world.

After a while, the golden light dissipated.

The Nine-Headed Demon Ape was blown into the ground. Out of its nine heads, only eight remained. One of the heads was half broken, which was hideous.


Intense pain swept through its whole body, and the Nine-Headed Demon Ape hideously rose, roaring with rage. It had fought for a long time, and its angry eyes looked directly at Lin Fan, who was standing in the void, covered with golden light.

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