Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 31 Can Not Wait To Kill Him


Of course, it was Yang Zhi and Yu Bin, who stopped Lin Fan.

“Who are you?”

Lin Fan dismounted the horse, and then readied his hand on the sword’s sheath and stared at those people.

Yang Zhi: Fourth-Stage.

Possible Item Drop: 30 Years Worth of Cultivation’, Golden Whirlwind Hammer (Third-Stage), Ox Crushing The Mountain (Fourth-Stage), Silver Money, Steel Hammer (One Pair), Xiao Huan Dan (One Bottle), Catkin Body (Second-Stage).

Yu Bin: Third-Stage.

Possible Item Drop: 31 Years Worth of Cultivation’, Water Roots (Fragments), Dark Weapon (Fourth-Stage), Skull Armor, Shadowless (Third-Stage), Silver Money, Steel Needles, Paper Fan, Blood Claw (Third-Stage).

Lin Fan did not expect those guys to have so many good abilities and items.

What Lin Fan wanted most were their abilities.

Especially Ox Crushing The Mountain. He felt that it was a good ability.

“Boy, do you really want to know who we are before you die? Don’t you think it’s too late?” Yang Zhi hit the ground with his twin hammers.

“If you want to blame someone, blame yourself for killing those who should not be killed.”

“Are you talking about Dr. Sun and Lu Nian?” Lin Fan laughed.

“Why can’t I kill those two? Do you really think you can kill me here?”

“This kid is crazy, it will be interesting.” Yang Zhi smashed the ground with his hammer.

Yu Bin swayed the paper fan gently, calmly said, “Your life is in my hands right now. Remember to be a wiser person in your next life.” Yu Bin said.

When Yang Zhi was about to behead Lin Fan …

“Wait!” Lin Fan shouted and stopped him.

“Look behind you. Are you too weak that you can’t feel his presence, or are you too afraid of him?”

“Huh, boy, don’t try to trick me.” Yang Zhi said.

Yu Bin wouldn’t stop even though he heard Lin Fan.

But Yang Zhi thought they should not be too reckless.

“The Dragon Gang.” Lin Fan frowned.

He knew the existence of the Dragon Gang.

The Jiangdu City Port Gang had great power and controlled nearly 80% of the port’s taxes.

The remaining 20% ​​were controlled by wealthy merchants in the city.

It seemed that things were a bit complicated.

“Boy, just die.” Yang Zhinu sighed and was ready to take a stance.

Lin Fan said, “Look behind you.”

“Huh, are you still saying that so you can escape?” Yang Zhi said, he was gradually becoming smarter while he was with Yu Bin.

Yu Bin didn’t believe what Lin Fan said.

“You guys really need to look back. Lying is not my style.” Lin Fan scratched his head.

“Hahaha, Am I that stupid in your eyes?” Yang Zhi laughed and then looked back.


His expression changed, his pupils dilated.

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That was indeed someone who stood silently watching them.

“Brother Yu …” Yang Zhi muttered quietly, “Somebody … Someone …”

“What?” Yu Bin frowned, looking at Yang Zhi in confusion.

“There is someone behind us.” Yang Zhi shouted and took a stance, “Wang Zhou, why are you here?!”

When Yu Bin heard the name of Wang Zhou, his hands were trembling.


Wang Zhou said, “Am I not welcomed here?”

At the same time, Wang Zhou was shocked that Lin Fan could handle such situation, as he expected.

“Impossible, absolutely impossible.” Yu Bin didn’t believe it, he planned everything thoroughly.

How could that happen?

To determine whether Wang Zhou will come or not, they all observed for a long time to make sure Wang Zhou didn’t come.

“Frankly speaking, you are smart and indeed smart enough, but you are also stupid enough. When you asked the children to deliver the letter to me, I have already seen through your plan clearly.”

“You killed Wei Xiong and use him to frame me. That is so cruel.” Lin Fan already figured out their plan before he went there.

Tons of tv-series and movies saved Lin Fan.

All Lin Fan needed to do was just explained everything to Wang Zhou, then he could solve the problem easily.

“You …” Yu Bin stared at Lin Fan, and he said, “How could you know what I think, you …” Yu Bin received a heavy blow.

To think he already planned it so carefully but Lin Fan could read it clearly.

Yang Zhi panicked because Wang Zhou put a lot of pressure on them.

It was impossible to escape from Wang Zhou.

“Wang Zhou, you know who we are, you should know the consequences if you kill us.” Yu Bin said in a deep voice. He hoped Wang Zhou will fear the organization backing them.

But …

Wang Zhou drew his sword when he heard Yu Bin’s words, “Even if I put your corpses at the front of Dragon Gang’s door, no one will dare to claim that you guys are their men.”

“Sir, leave this one to me.” Lin Fan could not wait any longer, he just wanted to kill Yang Zhi and obtain the ability.

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