Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 310


“Hahahaha, the original nine heads now become eight heads. No, there is still half of that head; it should be called eight and a half.”

Lin Fan laughed out loud, crushing the spirit stone and quickly recovering the lost qi.

Although his qi was strong, one against four was a bit overbearing and still a bit forceful.

The four Demon Emperors in front of him were not an ordinary demon; all of them were rampantly overbearing existences. Demons who had lived for thousands of years were not so easy to deal with. If he didn’t have the immortal treasure protection, it would be tragic for him.

“Damn, everyone. He just urged the immortal treasure, which consumed greatly. This is our territory; the demonic qi is strong here. With one breath, we can replenish it, but he will eventually run out of qi.” The Dragon Emperor roared.

Instantly, the four Demon Emperors attacked again.

The Snowfield Lion King.

Dragon Emperor of the Northern Desert Dragon Burial Valley.

Heavenly Roc Dragon Eagle.

There was also a demon ape that disliked bananas and had eight and a half heads.

Their battle in the Northern Wasteland caused great commotion, and many powerful creatures could feel this powerful qi.

For ordinary demons, this was simply not something they could face. With the power alone, they could completely crush them clean, not even a crumb left.

The two sides fought in the darkness of the sky, and blood fell from the sky.

Lin Fan was powerful. He had cultivated the Ancestral Dragon’s Body to the highest level, making his physical body extremely strong. However, he would be injured under the attack of real demon powers.

But with the Broken Limb Rebirth and Fast Recovery, he was slightly crazy. His heart was full of fighting spirit, like a flame burning hotter across the world.


A few days later, the area was quiet.

There was no aftershock, no tremor spread out, much less the bombardment of qi aptitude. All that was left was devastation and dilapidation, like an abyssal hell.

There was also lava that emerged from inside the hole in the ground abyss.

On a huge rock, Lin Fan stood there with the Golden Gourd suspended above his head. The golden river flowed from the gourd, covering Lin Fan and forming an impenetrable defence.

“It’s a bit of a stretch after all.”

He did not kill the four Demon Emperors, not even one of them.

The battle was fierce, but no victory, neither won nor lost. If it continued, he couldn’t do anything to the four Demon Emperors, and the other side couldn’t do anything to him either.

With the immortal treasure protecting his body, he was invincible in the world.

At this moment, his flesh was cracked. Those were the traces left by the battle, but with qi’s functioning and the enhancement of his talent, his flesh continued to recover.

“Demons, listen to me. If you dare to open the demon pit in the Mortal Realm again, I will guard this place in this life and fight against you for the rest of my life.”

The voice was not loud, but it spread out as an aftershock, constantly transmitting, and perhaps the entire Northern Wasteland demons had heard such a voice.

The four Demon Emperors who fought with Lin Fan had long since gone to a hidden place to recover themselves. Their situation was even worse than Lin Fan’s, especially the Dragon Emperor whose originally generated Dragon Ball was shaken, which affected him greatly. He needed to recover properly for some time.

They had finally seen the terror of that immortal treasure.

It was definitely not an ordinary immortal treasure. Otherwise, it would not have such power.

It was definitely the immortal treasure of immortal treasures, an existence that could not be contested.

Lin Fan gazed into the distance; his eyes gradually deepened. He knew that the demons would definitely still alive. During the time he was recovering, there was quite a few qi that came from all directions.

It was probing him.

But the opponent did not make a move.

These demons still wanted to sit back and reap the benefits. However, they would think about their strength and whether they could support themselves to face Lin Fan.


Today, Lin Fan prepared to leave; he did not intend to go deeper into the Northern Wasteland.

Although his strength allowed it, this was always the land of the demons, and without absolute crushing strength, he did not want to put his safety in danger.

Suddenly, a terrifying qi passed from the distance.

Lin Fan looked startled, and his brows furrowed as he felt a terrifying qi passing from afar.

The firmament cracked open, and a giant palm came from afar.

He didn’t know who the other side was, but he could tell just from the giant palm that the other side was terrifyingly strong.

“This is not good.”

Lin Fan secretly said that it was not good. He then instantly used his talent to vanish in the distance and escape from the demon pit to get away from there. 

However, something that he didn’t anticipate happened.

The entrance to the demon pit collapsed as if it was affected by the giant palm. It directly cracked, blocking his way.

“Where did that guy come from?”

Frothing at this time was the most foolish act.

Since this road was not accessible, he could only go elsewhere. The Northern Wasteland was connected to the Immortal Realm, and it was quite far.

At once, an irresistible force swept over.

Lin Fan activated the Golden Gourd, and a golden light accompanied the golden river water to protect him. The force set off turbulence when it crashed on, but it didn’t cause Lin Fan’s trouble.

“Who the hell are you? And what’s your purpose?”

The huge palm was too terrifying as if it was some ancient being upset by him and wanted to suppress him here.

Every inch of the palm that glowed with pitch-black light cracked wherever it passed.


Greatest Martial Sect.

Wei You was urging the projection technique. She nebulously felt that the Sacred Beast Robe set broke, but the feeling was subtle and not clear.

‘It couldn’t be.’

If the Sacred Beast Robe set was really subjected to irresistible force, she would certainly feel it. But now, she only had a faint feeling.

“Lin Fan, where the hell are you?”

Wei You’s face showed anxiousness, and then hurriedly walked towards the outside.

As soon as she reached outside, she learned that the disciples who had entered the demon pit had returned.

When Ye Dong saw Wei You, he wanted to brag about it respectfully, but before he could open his mouth, he was interrupted by Wei You.

“Tell me, where did my son go?”

“This… this.” Ye Dong was a little scared. He was intimidated by Wei You’s aura, and he trembled, “Senior brother said he was going to the demon’s place to avenge the dead junior brothers.”

‘Northern Wasteland…’

Wei You’s face changed greatly; she already knew what was going on.

Only the demon powers there in the Northern Wasteland could have such strength to break through her Sacred Beast Robe set.

‘No way.’

She must go to the Northern Wasteland to look for Lin Fan. Otherwise, he would surely die there.

“Senior sister, what are you doing?” The Sect Master said urgently. He had just appeared here and had already heard what Ye Dong said, so naturally, he knew that Lin Fan had gone to the Northern Wasteland.

And to be able to make senior sister have such an induction… It should be the problem with the Sacred Beast Robe set.

“I’m going to the Northern Wasteland.” Wei You said.

“Senior sister, it’s too late for you to go to the Northern Wasteland. To reach the Northern Wasteland,” Sect Master said. “Unless you find the passage opened by the demons, it will take at least a year to get there, even with senior sister’s cultivation.”

“What will happen after a year? Hasn’t senior sister thought about it?”

He absolutely could not let senior sister go to the Northern Wasteland.

It was dangerous there.

Wei You was very anxious, but she also knew that what her junior brother said was very reasonable. Even if she was in a hurry now, it was too late.

What would happen after a year, no one could say, it was simply too late.

What should she do?

What to do now?

The Sect Master said soothingly, “Senior sister, Lin Fan can only rely on himself for this matter. He is not weak; a True Stage cultivator might not be able to do anything to him. He has cultivated to this level; he must be lucky. His qi is powerful; there will be absolutely no problem.”

Listening to this, Wei You was slightly more at ease.

“I’m going out.” Wei You said.

“Senior sister, what are you going to do?”

“A trip to the Mortal Realm and Jade Mountain.”

The words just fell, and she disappeared in place.

If the demon pits in the Mortal Realm still existed, she would appear in the Northern Wasteland in the fastest time possible.


The land of the Northern Wasteland.

Lin Fan did not shake off the giant palm that was tracking behind him, and fortunately, the giant palm was not able to do anything about it.

Luckily, there was an immortal treasure in the body. Otherwise, the situation would not be good.

He held the Highest Spirit Rune in his hand and wanted to summon his son to come over, but he knew that the Northern Wasteland was too far away from the Greatest Martial Sect.

If the crazy old man could sense it and come here from there, he would already be thankful.

So, he used the Highest Spirit Rune to counterattack.

The golden light enveloped, suppressing the giant palm.

It was just that the giant palm was quite terrifying, and the Highest Spirit Rune did not have much effect on it.

The broken Highest Spirit Rune, while not yet refined, couldn’t be used at will. Perhaps Lin Fan wouldn’t be able to take it down for quite some time.

The owner of the giant palm was quite upset. His qi was even stronger, and with a flick between his fingers, Lin Fan’s face changed abruptly in shock. The void in front of him steeply cracked open a gap, and for a moment, he did not react and broke straight into it.

When he was just about to turn back, the crack fiercely closed.

In a flash, the sky spun into an unknown void.

The Golden Gourd protected itself, ensuring that it was not harmed.

Lin Fan’s eyes were blurred, and when he opened them, the environment in front of him completely changed.

Mountains surrounded him in all directions, and it was as if he was in a large formation. The ground beneath his feet was carved with many patterns of green tiles.

It was very subtle. It seemed to be some ancient pattern.

“Where is this?”

Lin Fan didn’t dare to move or be careless; this place was too mysterious. However, he knew that the giant palm was the cause of everything that came here.

“I wonder which senior is playing a joke on me. If I have offended you, please don’t take it seriously.”

He clasped his fist toward the surroundings.

It must be an ancient, powerful demon; otherwise, he would have doomed. After all, he was the one who came to the demon’s territory and had a battle with four Demon Emperors, and the commotion was not small.

Attracting the attention of ancient demons was not a problem. It was just that he hadn’t expected that ancient demons would exist in the Northern Wasteland, either.


Just then, this strange space trembled.

Then a face condensed with demonic qi floated in the distance.

“Human cultivator, you have a lot of guts.” The face slowly spoke. Although the eyes were empty, it always felt like a pair of profound gaze locked on him in the dark.

When it was time to wimp out, you had to wimp out.

Can you do whatever you want just because you are powerful?

Of course, indeed, you could do whatever you want.

However, it was not Lin Fan who could do what he wanted to do, but this unknown being.

“Senior misunderstood. I am so timid that I don’t even dare to kill a chicken.”

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