Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 311


Lin Fan pondered about who was the other side, and what kind of purpose did he have.

If he wanted to strike at him, there was no need for so much nonsense; just do it.

Or was it that the other side was not convenient and had a plan and would have to make up a story later to lure him into a jar and then ruthlessly pit him. 

It seemed that he had to be careful.

Nowadays, a human’s heart was sinister, let alone how sinister and scary the demons were.

Lin Fan wouldn’t believe even a single punctuation mark of what the unknown existence said to him. Having cultivated to this level and fought with four Demon Emperors to turn the world upside down, how could he say to the unknown existence that he didn’t even dare to kill a chicken.

Who would believe it?

Unless there was something wrong with the brain.

“Senior, a wise man does not say dark things. I am a bit dumb, and I don’t understand the bends and twists, so let’s get to the point.”

Lin Fan was straightforward. Although the other side didn’t speak to him for the time being, who the hell knew what would come next.

So, he needed to make things clear.

It was good for anyone.

And it would save so much trouble.

“Do you know where this is?”

“I do not know, and please tell me, senior.”

Lin Fan spat in his heart, “How would I know where it is? Do you want to make people guess because you don’t say it?”

Lin Fan was wary of this guy who only showed his face. He had to be ready to recoil at any time. If not, he would rather detonate the Golden Gourd from here to go out. Regardless of whether this place was a unique void or domain, he was sure to use the power of immortal treasures to get out.

And it wasn’t that far until it happened.

Immediately after that, he heard the voice of the unknown being turn a little sad.

“This was once the corner of the Northern Wasteland, surrounded by mountains, lush greenery, and beautiful scenery. However, with some unstoppable things happening, it became this desolate Northern Wasteland.”

Lin Fan sighed, “That’s too bad.”

He now had to go along with the other side’s words. That would be called whatever you say; I wouldn’t argue you. Even if you said you were a pig, he would absolutely agree.

“Aren’t you curious as to why the once beautiful Northern Wasteland has become like this?” The unknown being asked.

Ai,” The unknown being let out a long sigh as if his voice repeatedly came from ancient time and space, “It was irresistible, really irresistible.”

“Well, it is indeed irresistible. If it could be resisted, with Senior’s strength, you would surely be able to stop all this. Junior brother deeply sympathizes.” Lin Fan said.

At the same time, he looked around, looking for traces.

As long as he found the other side’s true form, he would know what to do next.

Unfortunately, the space-time around him was strange, very much like a real existence and illusory, similar to a domain opened up by some ancient master.

“Although I have been here for a long time, I am well aware of the conflict between the demons and the human race. That has been tens of thousands of years long, and I want to change it. However, there is nothing I can do back there because the conflict between the two sides is not so easy to unravel, don’t you think?” The unknown existence slowly said.

Lin Fan nodded solemnly and said, “Senior has a point, but I believe that if it is senior, then there is absolutely no problem.”

He was in a hurry.

What exactly did the other side mean?

It was impossible to say so much nonsense.

He was definitely lying on something.

However, Lin Fan did not look panic in the slightest. His heart was prepared, so how could he be pitted? That would really be much too underestimate the so-called ‘smart’ person like him.


The unknown existence gave a long sigh, a despondent sigh. It seemed quite powerless, as if there was a lot of strength but nowhere to exert it.

“Indeed. If I could appear and make a run for the demons to get along with the human race, I might really be able to change something, but right now, as I am, there’s nothing I can do.”

According to the normal development of the scenario, it was bound to be Lin Fan’s clueless pursuit of why senior was like this and whether he could help him.

However, how could he say so?

‘You have already figured out your way. If you still take the initiative to take the bait, then your intelligence really needs to be considered.’

Lin Fan said with a straight face, “Senior, don’t worry, junior already know Senior’s wish. This junior is willing to undertake Senior’s wish and work for peace between the demons and the human race.”

“Even if I have to go through the fire. I will not hesitate to do so.”

He even mentioned sending his life because how could he not say that?

He needed to be humble.

Look at the other side’s words; it always felt as if he was digging a hole at all times.

“You….” The unknown existence froze, then laughed, “This is an adamant thing. I’m afraid you….”

Before he could finish his words, he was interrupted by Lin Fan.

“Senior, don’t worry. I already have an idea in my mind. The conflict between the demons and the human race is indeed deep. Still, this junior always believes that the iron rod is sharpened into a needle. When this junior goes out, I will bond with a woman and at the same time look for a beautiful demon to bond with and have children together so that the children can live together.”

“With my physique and ability, in less than three hundred years, the descendants will definitely reproduce to the point of extreme terror, and creating a nation is not a problem.”

“This junior has this determination and confidence for the sake of world peace. Even if it’s a demon, I can accept it with my eyes closed.”

Lin Fan said these words with great righteousness and grandeur, speaking as if they were true, directly putting the other side in a daze.

For a long time, he did not speak.

Perhaps it was also the first time he met someone like Lin Fan.

The unknown existence revealed not to have a change in expression. However, if it could show a look, it would definitely be a dumbfounded face. This was not the same as what he thought.

It always felt like the human cultivator had inexplicably diverted the topic.

This wasn’t what he wanted.

“Your… idea is indeed a little…. but it may not be that simple for you.”

The unknown existence spoke somewhat intermittently as if the brain was running frantically, thinking of what to say. Surprisingly, he could not think of anything for a while, which was somewhat awkward.

Lin Fan looked serious and nodded in agreement, “Indeed, what senior said makes sense. However, I believe that there is nothing in this world where there is a will that cannot be done. As long as I work hard, I will definitely succeed.”

“Senior also does not need to worry about my body. My qi is strong; my essence is deep and of extremely high quality. I still have the ability to reproduce hundreds of thousands of offspring.”

“For the sake of peace of the two races. I am willing to go to the fire and die with all the gold.”

He straightened his back, and he was full of energy. His expression unchanged, his eyes emitting a firm lightly, and then clasped his fist and said.

“Senior, now there is a bright flame burning in my heart, and my power is about to explode, so please send me away so that I can contribute to the future of the two races.”

He just wanted to get out of here now.

Who the hell knew what was going on with the other side.

There were definitely conspiracies and tricks.

The unknown existence was silent, feeling that this human cultivator was a bit excellent. The show was so good that his scalp was falling off.

At this point, he slowly spoke, “Don’t you feel that the topic we are talking about has been a bit off?”

“Has it? Senior, I don’t think the topic has been biased. Truthfully, when I hadn’t met Senior, I had some misunderstandings about demons, but since meeting Senior, I have become steeply enlightened and understand many things. Please rest assured, senior, I know what to do.” Lin Fan said.

He had to pretend to be crazy, and foolishꟷand listen to what the other side said right now.

Fortunately, he was smart and knew all kinds of traps, so he didn’t let the other side lead him by the nose. He even gave the other side a good idea.

So, it was either he let Lin Fan out.

Or wanted to take his body.

The first should be impossible. If the other side could get him here, he should have the ability to get other demons, too, so why would he need him. Instead, there was some possibility of taking over.

The reason was simple.

Combining the first two situations could be why the demon passage appeared in Jade Mountain, but when it was finally closed, the demon pit appeared in the Mortal Realm.

And also capture mortals.

He had absolute reason to think that the other side was looking for the perfect body to capture; mortals without absolute talent could not be a perfect body.

So, Lin Fan had already vaguely guessed the other side’s purpose.

However, he did not directly ask. He still wanted to go out from here because who the hell knew where the other side had gotten him, which always felt very inexplicable.

What a shame.

“You don’t understand. There are things you don’t understand. Nowadays, demons want to return to the place they once were, not because they want to harm anyone. You should understand that the place you live in now was once the same place where demons lived.”

“Your goal is ambitious and great, and I believe you will succeed, but the power of one person is ultimately small.”

“I think I can help you.” The unknown being slowly said. His goaliness was getting heavier and heavier, and anyone with a brain that wasn’t too dumb could hear exactly what that meant.

Was this about ripping off the disguise and coming straight to a blatant fuck wave?

Lin Fan felt a little nervous, just thinking about it. He wasn’t ready to tear his face off with the other side. Moreover, the other side didn’t say anything threatening, so he had enough time to guide the other side slowly.

At this moment, he once again looked serious. He said, “Senior, although the power of an individual is small, I believe in myself, and I have absolute confidence in completing this difficult task.”

“Demons survive in the Northern Wasteland where the environment is so harsh; this is inseparable from our human relations. Therefore, if I willingly dedicate myself, there will be no need for Senior’s hard work.”

There was no problem with what Lin Fan said. There was the traditional virtue of respecting the old and loving the young in it.

Considering that this unknown existence should have lived for a long time, at least ten thousand years, given the current situation, there was no problem with respecting the elderly.

He had a sudden epiphany.

This wasn’t a case of wimping out. Rather, it was a case of respect for the elderly.

Gradually, the unknown existence didn’t speak, as if he was dumbfounded by Lin Fan’s words and didn’t even know what to say.

Perhaps, he didn’t even think that this human cultivator actually avoided his trap at every turn.

Could it be that he had already discovered that the situation was wrong?

However, it was impossible. He did not act too bluntly, and his tone was mild. He did not even speak viciously, nor did his killing intent overflow.

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