Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 312


“Please also send me out, senior.”

“I’m already prepared.”

Lin Fan secretly sensed the situation around him, it was a bit difficult, not as simple as he thought. The other side had gotten him into this area, which was probably not the real world.

“You are very difficult to deal with.” The unknown existence said.

Lin Fan pretended to look surprised and said, “What does senior mean by that?”

“I say you are very difficult to deal with. The human race is really smart. Having talked to you so far, you have avoided the topic at every turn, have you already found something? I wanted to make you do it willingly, but I did not expect that I had to force my hand.” The ancient old demon slowly said.

He had already had his scalp explode because of Lin Fan.

There was no desire to continue acting.

There was no need.

What else was there to act?

There was simply no way to take any advantage from the other side because he couldn’t even fool the other side.

“When did you find out about this?” The ancient old demon asked.

Lin Fan scratched his head and said with a confused expression, “Senior, what are you talking about? I can’t understand. What was I discovered, I really don’t understand it at all. Can you make it simple? I’m dumb, I don’t really understand.”


The ancient old demon was surprised. He suddenly had the idea that the other side was idiotic and couldn’t understand his words and that everything was unintentional.

But soon, he dispelled this thought.

How was it possible?

To be able to cultivate to this level, how could the other side be stupid. If he believed that the other side was stupid, then he was the real fool.

“Well, don’t pretend. I’m not going to pretend with you, but what I told you earlier is indeed true. The place where you human cultivators are was once ours.”

“And we, demons, would love to live together with the human race. Of course, that is under the premise of breeding you.”

The ancient old demon tore off his disguised face and no longer wanted to say too many unhelpful words to Lin Fan.

What he said earlier was useless.

He initially thought that it should be good to fool the other side.

What a pity!

The other side was a bit of a thief. Instead of trapping this human, this human cultivator trapped him at every turn.

The battle was equal and indistinguishable.

“Senior, why are you talking so straight? I know you have anger in your heart, but why are you like this. Have you not thought about it?”

“The human cultivators and demons were originally the same thing. but now the human cultivators can live a good life, while you can only be in the Northern Wasteland.”

“Have you ever thought about it?”

Lin Fan didn’t open up directly just because the other side revealed their true colours.

‘You paved so much in the front, and just because you couldn’t pit me, you discarded all the padding. It was too worthless.’

Therefore, he was willing to assume everything earlier.

“Have you ever think that because you, human cultivators, are just moralistic that you want to take a share of the territory? The demon race is originally from the same root as you. Yet, you drive us to the Northern Wasteland” The ancient old demon said coldly.

“I will never forget this revenge in my heart.”

As he spoke at the end, the ancient demon’s voice gradually became gloomy and cold, as if a demon was roaring unwillingly in the endless abyss.

He wanted to take revenge but was powerless to do so.

“Well, I feel the resignation in your tone.” Lin Fan silently nodded his head.

“What do you know? What do you human cultivators know? We, demons, have never given up our resistance, demons eat people, and you call it the wrath of God, but you humans eat us and call us fowl, the delicacy of the mountains, why is that?”

Lin Fan said, “It’s simple. Because the weak eat the strong, the truth and the right to speak always comes from the strong, and you demon clan is weak.”

Hearing this, the ancient demon who was in anger froze abruptly, as if he hadn’t expected the other side to say such words.

Lin Fan said, “Don’t feel that there is anything wrong. What I said is just the truth.”

“Meeting each other is fate; why don’t we sit down and talk about it properly. It’s a good kind of communication for the demons and the human race, don’t you think?”

He sat on his knees and waited quietly.

Now, he couldn’t get out and didn’t find a way to leave. It would be better to just have a good chat with the other side.

“Are you stalling for time?” The ancient old demon said in a cold voice.

Lin Fan laughed, “What do I have to stall for? This is your territory, you should know a way to leave, and you should know whether it’s safe or not, so why would you have such an idea.”

Soon, a dense mass of demonic qi flew out from somewhere, coalesced into a vague and indistinct figure.

The general image could still be seen, sitting cross-legged just like Lin Fan, and the two looked at each other, separated by hundreds of meters.

“Is this your original body?” Lin Fan asked.

The ancient old demon said, “No.”

Ai, senior, I still like your earlier appearance, talkative and gentle. You’re now cold and icy; it makes me uncomfortable. Just be casual, and be your true self; that’s what every cultivator dreams of.” Lin Fan said blandly.

The other side was not flustered in the slightest now, and his willingness to sit down and communicate was a good start.

“What do you want to say?” The ancient old demon said coldly.

It was indeed not as friendly as it was earlier; it was cold.

Lin Fan felt helpless.

A smile appeared at the corner of Lin Fan’s mouth as he pondered for a moment and said, “How about we talk about the issue of the three races, the human race, the demon race, and the demon cultivator, and why the demon cultivator was able to stay there while you, demons, were driven to the Northern Wasteland?”

“There is a huge problem which affects you, demons.”

Originally, the ancient demon was quite impatient. After all, demons didn’t have anything to say to the human race. It was just that what Lin Fan said made him quite curious. He also wanted to know what the reason for this was.

Lin Fan continued, “Demons were driven to the Northern Wasteland not because the human race couldn’t tolerate you, but because the demon cultivator was on the side of the human race. So, either demon went, or the demon cultivator went. However, because the demon cultivator showed goodwill and joined forces with the human race, demons were the hostile party.”

“Therefore, if it were demons who joined forces with the human race in the first place, then the demon cultivator would be the one to be driven away.”

“Think about it. Is that what you mean?”

The ancient demon did not answer, perhaps approving of these words.

Lin Fan said, “Nowadays, there are also demons in the Mortal Realm. Of course, those demons are not powerful. They eat mortals, but mortals will also kill them when they see them; this is a cycle of cause and effect.”

“I would say that the culprit is the first demon who eats people. He eats people to know the deliciousness of mortals, and mortals kill the first demon to find out that demons are not very powerful.”

“As time passes, a reincarnation is invariably formed.”

“This is what the world allows.”

“In the Immortal Cultivation Realm, immortals no longer need three meals a day, and the struggle between demons and humans is just a fight in cultivation, so naturally it is nothing.”

“So the conclusion reached is that demons can return to the Immortal Cultivation Realm and don’t need to stay in the Northern Wasteland. However, why can’t they return now? That’s because of the thoughts passed down ten thousand years ago.”

“You demons should live in the Northern Wasteland, and the responsibility of the human race is to keep demons out.”

Was it sophistry?

Actually, it didn’t seem that way.

What he said actually made sense.

The ancient old demon was silent. He knew that the human in front of him was blowing a few times blindly, but the blowing made sense. If he had to say it, the general meaning was indeed so.

But the thing is He hates the human race.

“You may be right, but I hate your human race. The human race does everything; my parents, brothers and sisters, all died at the hands of the human race.”

Perhaps it was because of too much anger.

An ancient qi came through. The ancient demon was ready to seize Lin Fan’s body forcibly. The demon’s body could not enter the Immortal Cultivation Realm, so he would take the body of a human being to become the root of the human race’s destruction.

And at that moment, with a flash of light on his body, Lin Fan blocked this aura out.

“I can understand your feelings. Human Race, Demon Race, Demon Cultivator are actually the same. When they are born, they are all ignorant and clueless. What they eventually grow up to be, that depends on the environment of survival.”

“If I am given a demon cub that is extremely evil, I can raise him into a saint because my heart is good… But if I give you a saint’s cub, under your cultivation, it will become an existence like yours, hating the human race.”

“To put it simply, this is a fight between the human race and the demons.”

“However, to put it more subtle, the world, who is not a pawn of the Heaven, our fate in life is controlled, pulled by a silk thread. We are puppets, and all our development are destined.”

“With Senior’s cultivation and insight. I think you should be able to feel it.”

Lin Fan was not in a hurry and spoke slowly, as to whether there was any truth in what he said, he did not know. However, he knew that it was possible to bluff the other side.

The various ways to live were something controlled by Heaven. Otherwise, how could there be reverse Heaven?

At this moment, Heaven probably is like, ‘Don’t fucking frame me, I have not done such a thing.’

The ancient old demon stared at Lin Fan, did not make a sound for a long time. He seemed to be pondering something.

“I want to bet with you, are you brave enough?” The ancient old demon said.

Lin Fan was puzzled, “I wonder what senior wants to bet on?”

“It’s simple; I will give you the evilest, violent being among the demons for twenty years. If you can convert him, then I will lose.”

“But if you fail to do so, then it is you who lose.”

The ancient demon stared at Lin Fan; he was waiting for the other side’s answer. Lin Fan pondered for a moment, and then said, “Then what is the bet?”

“There is no bet; I just want to know if what you say is true or not, do you dare?” The ancient old demon said.

Lin Fan laughed, “Why wouldn’t I dare? At the beginning of all things, all natures are good, although you have a purpose, I am willing to accept this challenge.”

“Hahahaha…. ridiculous, extremely ridiculous. There are good and bad in the world, which cannot be changed. Because human cultivator speaks shamelessly, then let me see what you are really capable of.” The ancient old demon laughed.

Then, only an egg was seen floating from afar.

When this egg appeared, the atmosphere around it was very evil, and the egg’s body emitted a violent qi.

There was a great evil demon hidden in it.

He understood why the ancient demon was so confident because it was evil and violent.

More like the source of evil.

It was hard to say.

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