Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 313


He didn’t expect the ancient demon to come up with this move.

When he saw the egg, he knew that the matter was no longer good.

The aura of evil was too strong.

Although he couldn’t see the ancient demon’s expression, he knew that the opposite side underestimated him.

“Okay, then I’ll bet with you.”

Lin Fan looked at the egg suspended in the air without any hesitation at all. If he had any hesitation in this, wouldn’t that mean that there was already a sense of fear?

Therefore, he promised the other side very straightforwardly, not for anything else, but to let the other side know that he was not the least bit afraid of these.

The ancient demon stared at Lin Fan, “Good. Since that’s the case, then we’ll see what you’re capable of and see what you can do to cultivate the evilest existence into what you have in mind.”

He did not believe that this human cultivator in front of him could do what he said.

Just at that moment, there was a click.

Cracks surfaced in the eggshell, and demonic qi came violently from all directions, along with various strong emotions, all of which were extremely negative.

Sure enough, this shit was part of the pit.

According to the current situation, it was clearly the descent of the extremely evil little devil.

Soon, a pair of small arms stretched out from the egg. Its hands fiercely exerted force and violently tore the eggshell.

A toddler appeared, with snow-white skin. It was cute, but there grew a tail with a triangle at the end of the hip bone.

A sharp, hissing sound passed out.

“It has appeared.”

The ancient demon’s gaze locked onto the figure that had just appeared from within the eggshell.

Lin Fan froze in shock.

It was all a bit unresponsive.

Everything was happening too fast for him.

“Senior, isn’t this growing a little too fast?” Lin Fan asked. He had felt the aura of the toddler. It was indeed different from what he thought. This was a complete collection of evil, and he was afraid that it would be difficult to convince the other side.

He quietly moved his gaze.

Well, there seemed to be a bit of hope. Without the handle, it appeared to be a little girl.

If this evil body was a man, he was afraid he would want to give up. Men were like fire; their hearts had evil thoughts. The more they burned, the more they could not be stopped.

But now it was a relief because it was a girl.

Girls were like water with a touch of gentleness.

He bet on the glory of the Greatest Martial Sect. No matter what, he had to completely and utterly tune the girl.

The ancient demon slowly said, “How is it? Do you have the idea of giving up now? If you give up, it is considered that you lost.”

“Hahahaha.” Lin Fan laughed, “Senior is joking. I don’t have the idea of giving up.”

How could he give up?

At this moment, he slowly walked towards the baby girl, while the baby girl’s gaze was always locked on Lin Fan. Although her eyes were a little confused, vaguely, the light that shone in those eyes was a bit unnerving.

“Little lovely.”

Lin Fan slowly put his hand on the baby girl’s head, gently stroking. Even if it was the first time they met, they should let each other feel love.

The power of love was great.

Well, she was very well behaved.

He was cautious, afraid that the moment his palm fell, the baby girl suddenly raged. If that happened, then the situation could be quite bad. Now the situation was all safe. There was nothing that he was worried about happening.

The ancient demon did not speak. He couldn’t see how the blurred shadow looked, but his gaze was locked on the baby girl without any change. As if it contained some affection for the baby girl that just appeared.

At this moment, Lin Fan relaxed his guard and pinched the baby girl’s pink face. While pinching it, he said with a smile, “What a cute girl. Although your qi is very evil, don’t worry, under my care, you will be happy and content.”

There was a poof.

The smile gradually disappeared from the baby girl’s face. She was turning fierce, opening her mouth and biting his palm fiercely.


Lin Fan frowned slightly. The situation was somewhat unexpected. He had long since cultivated his Ancestral Dragon’s Body to the highest level, and the strength of his flesh naturally needed no further explanation.

Not to mention the sharp teeth tearing, even the Dao Artifact could hardly hurt him in the slightest.

But now, he could clearly feel the feeling of the skin of his palm being torn.

The baby girl did not let go of her mouth. Her face was fierce and vicious as if she wanted to explode all the strength in her body.

“Senior, this baby girl is really extraordinary. If it were an ordinary person, I’m afraid that the palm of this hand can not be saved.”

Lin Fan slowly took off the palm that was bitten and looked at the ancient demon. He was puzzled in his heart; where in the world did the other side get this thing. It was tiny when it was first born, only half an arm’s length, but now it has grown to be as long as a one-year-old mortal child.

The ancient old demon said, “Yes, this is the existence you want to reform. She is the most vicious of the demons and even more terrifying than all other demons.”

“If you want to reform her. In my opinion, you are dreaming of an obsession. I can tell you that when you raise her, she will not have any gratitude for you. She will even kill you with her hands, and you will have raised an extremely fierce demon for the world.”

Listening to what the ancient demon said, Lin Fan fell into deep thought as he didn’t read what the other side really meant.

This baby girl must be an essential existence to the ancient demon.

However, looking at the current situation. There seemed to be something wrong again.

Raising an extremely fierce demon?

Any immortal sect would definitely not allow themselves to raise a supreme fierce demon and would definitely kill it on the spot.

According to his guess, there must be something wrong with this.

Perhaps even if he killed this baby girl, the baby girl would still be resurrected. Otherwise, the ancient demon would definitely not bet with him on such a bet that would have no benefit to him.

“Senior is joking. Under my penance, she will certainly become a friendly and adorable little girl. How can she become what you say?”

“Since the bet has been made, then please send me out, senior.”

Lin Fan gently stroked the baby girl’s head. The baby girl’s hands had somewhat long nails, constantly scratching, if not for the strong flesh, then these arms were definitely streaked with blood.

Alas, it wasn’t easy to do.

It was really not easy to deal with this baby girl.

However, the bull that blew out, how could it be retracted? It must be hard and brave to move forward.

The ancient old demon did not say anything.

At once, the surrounding space violently shattered. The scene in front of him completely disappeared, and everything returned to the view he had seen earlier.

“Finally, I came out.” Lin Fan breathed a sigh of relief.

If the ancient demon really trapped him there, he didn’t even know what to do; he might really have to pay a lot of ways to do it.

Boing boing~

He looked down at the baby girl in his arms and fell into deep contemplation.

The situation was quite complicated.

Was it better to abandon it or to decapitate it?


Although the baby was a bit fierce, she was so cute that he could not kill her.

As for abandoning, it was more needless to say.

Now the world was too dangerous. It was hard to say whether she would encounter some strange uncles. After all, there were quite a few terrible existences that wanted to raise her.

When he thought about the result, he shuddered, and his body was covered with sweat.

No way.

He had been determined not to let this kind of thing happen.

“Little girl, don’t be so fierce. I don’t have any idea about you. I want to raise you properly.”

“Now, it’s time to do something to make you happy.”

With a brush.

A long sword was held in his hand.

The baby girl, who was scratching his arm, froze with a violent shock, and her movements became a little stiff.


A smile appeared at the corner of Lin Fan’s mouth, then he reached out his hand and grabbed the baby girl.

In the baby girl’s eyes, the entire world turned into that incoming palm, followed by a violent reaction and an angry roar.


“How about that? Very comfortable, right?”

“How good it is now? You must be quiet to do so; the nails are too long… If you touch something, it will break off directly; that is very painful.”

“You can rest assured about my craft. I’ve been a professional manicurist for thirty years.”

At this time, Lin Fan was sitting on the ground with the baby girl in his arms, squeezing her hand, and carefully shaved nails. In his opinion, with the baby girl’s nails gone, ordinary people wouldn’t be able to suffer her grasp.

The baby girl did not move.

A comfortable look appeared on her face.

However, she also maintained a fierce look.

Lin Fan’s heart was a little indecisive. Where should he place the baby girl? It was true that she could be brought back to the sect. However, because of her sensitive identity, it was not good.

And the baby girl was indeed fierce.

By taking her back, he was afraid that it would lead to a lot of trouble.

Soon, Lin Fan finished cutting the baby girl’s nails.

“Well, it’s time to give you a name. Well….”

Lin Fan stroked his chin and lowered his eyebrows into contemplation; naming was a difficult task. Not long after, he smiled steeply, “Good. From now on, you will be called Xiao Taiyang.”

“The evil qi condensed your body, but I do not believe in evil. Xiao Taiyang represents the light, fire.”

“I will call you Xiao Taiyang.”

At this time, the baby girl stood on the ground. Her tiny body was a little shaky as if she couldn’t standstill. However, immediately after, perhaps the baby girl was so casual about Lin Fan, giving her a name.

Her heart violently burst out with angry flames. She ruthlessly pounced over, hugging Lin Fan’s thighs and fiercely taking a bite.

The sound of metal colliding.

The baby girl’s teeth wanted to pierce Lin Fan’s skin, but she could not do it.

Lin Fan looked down at the baby girl and once again fell into contemplation.

He just got her nails done, and he forgot about the baby girl’s teeth. The baby girl’s teeth were more vampire-like. There were two that were very pointed, very long, and very high sharp.

“Xiao Taiyang, you are not behaving well. Here, let me give you a good fix.”

Soon, there was a whimpering sound coming from her.

Along with the sound of friction.

Lin Fan knew that the twenty-year bet with the ancient demon was very short, and taming the baby girl in those twenty years would be extremely difficult unless some miracle happened.

But none of this mattered.

The most important thing now was…. grinding teeth.

The Northern Wasteland, where the demons reside, caused some tremors slightly because of the baby girl’s appearance. That qi had a kind of suppression from the depths of the soul for the demons.

Let them fear and trepidation.

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