Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 314


The four Demon Emperors who fought with Lin Fan earlier felt this thick root of evil at the same time.

And their heart became clear.

The root source had come out.


“Isn’t it cute when you’re asleep? Why are you so cranky when you’re awake?”

Lin Fan looked down at Xiao Taiyang, quite helpless. Her long eyelashes trembled slightly, her face still had a slight smile on it, and her skin was snow white, just like a doll.

He quickly disappeared towards the far side.

The passage connecting the Immortal Cultivation Realm disappeared. He could only cross the Northern Wasteland with its endless deep sea to return to the place where the cultivators were.

Where exactly should he take her?

He had a brief thought of sending her to the Nine Heavens Sect, but it was immediately dispelled just as the thought came to him.

If Xiao Taiyang were put into the Nine Heavens Sect, it wouldn’t take long for the sect to disappear from the world and cease to exist.

After thinking about it, he still decided to bring her back to the Greatest Martial Sect.

But there’s this thing.

There was an ocean.

Lin Fan was a bit dumbfounded. It wasn’t that he was in any trouble, but the journey back to the Greatest Martial Sect from the Northern Wasteland was too far.

He should have known this would happen. He should have mentioned it to that ancient demon earlier, ‘Could you open a passage for me to go back quickly?’

Boing Boing ~

Xiao Taiyang, who was sleeping in his arms, opened her eyes.

The original cute look was gone.

The first thing she did when she woke up was to tear at Lin Fan. It was just that her sharpened teeth, which had lost their original power, were unable to break through his defences.

“Stop it. It’s not good for you to be like this, be a good baby.”

Lin Fan painstakingly persuaded, trying to lead this little girl to the right path was difficult.

Xiao Taiyang’s expression was ferocious. Even if the bite couldn’t break Lin Fan, she didn’t let go because her will was unyielding. If not for the lack of cultivation, he was afraid she could really turn over the sky.

He did not care much.

‘If you want to bite, bite.’


At this time, in this endless deep sea, there was an island.

A man was sitting in meditation, and abruptly, he opened his eyes violently, revealing a look of amazement.

“This qi…”

He smelled an extremely evil qi, similar to that of a demon. However, it was purer than the demon qi, like a concentrated origin.


He instantly disappeared in the same place.


Lin Fan took Xiao Taiyang all the way forward, paying attention to the surroundings. The sea below was sometimes calm, sometimes choppy, as if terrifying creatures were hiding in the depths, stirring up the storm clouds.

Suddenly, he jerked to a halt.

“Who is it? Come out; no need to hide. I’ve already found you.” Lin Fan shouted towards the void.

Behind him was the Northern Wasteland, where demons survived, and even if there was danger in this place, it was at most sea demons and so on.

However, the feeling that passed through now didn’t seem like that.

Soon, a figure slowly came from the depths of the void with a smile on his face and said, “Hello, little friend.”

“Who are you?” Lin Fan gazed at the other person.

His appearance was young, and his qi was strong. He was already able to internalize his qi. However, there was still a faint evil qi emitted even if it was well internalized.

“I am the Master of Crocodile Divine Island, Qin Muyang.” Qin Muyang introduced himself. Simultaneously, his gaze was locked on Xiao Taiyang being held in Lin Fan’s arms.

“So it’s Fellow Cultivator Qin. I wonder what is the reason for you to stop me from going?” Lin Fan asked.

Qin Muyang said, “Little friend, there is no need to worry. I have no malicious intent… I was cultivating at Crocodile Divine Island when I suddenly sensed an extremely tyrannical qi, so I came to check it out. If my guess is good, this tyrannical qi should be emitted by this baby girl.”

Lin Fan laughed, “Fellow cultivator is extremely right. Indeed, it emanated from my disciple, but fellow cultivator doesn’t need to worry. I will solve this situation myself.”

“Also, fellow cultivator, the title of a little friend, is a bit inappropriate for me. It always feels like you are taking advantage of me, so address me as Fellow Cultivator Lin.”

Not just anyone could address him as a little friend, except for those who were indeed strong.

The goon still had to goon, and you could call him whatever you wanted.

There was another elder, a good friend, but that didn’t matter.

Now, this guy who jumped out of the way, his roots and feet weren’t right. He lived here and had a relationship with the demons. Moreover, he practised mystic arts, and indeed there were many demonic mystic arts. Still, some of them were more evil mystic arts.

“Hahaha.” Qin Muyang revealed a surprised look, then laughed out loud, “It’s my fault. Meeting each other is fate, so I wonder if Fellow Cultivator Lin would like to be a Crocodile Divine Island guest. Let me do my best as a host.”

Was the other side trying to pull him in and deal with him slowly?

It was interesting.

‘It just so happened that I was destitute and needed to get rich.’

‘If you had the initiative to deliver it, then you were welcome.’

“Good. Since it’s an invitation from Fellow Cultivator Qin, how can I not go? Then I’ll bother you more.”

Lin Fan laughed, gently stroking Xiao Taiyang’s head, removing the torn hand and replacing it with the other hand. She couldn’t always bite one hand; it was appropriate to change it.


Qin Muyang invited graciously, keeping a faint smile.

If Lin Fan was not able to see through the other side, he might not have figured out why such a polite, gracious person would live here.

After looking at the specific situation, he also knew that the other side was not honest enough. His set was profound and good at disguise.

At this moment, Qin Muyang contemplated one thing. He seemed to be polite to Lin Fan, but he was also sizing up the other side. He could see that the other side’s cultivation level was not weak, but he didn’t know exactly how.

Because the other side was not very old.

Which revealed strangeness everywhere.

Looking at the direction, the other side came from the Northern Wasteland. However, the Northern Wasteland was the land of demons. How could a human cultivator live in the Northern Wasteland?

“What are you thinking about, fellow cultivator? Why are you thinking so intensely?” Lin Fan asked with a smile.

There was basically no need to think much. This guy definitely played mischief and was definitely thinking about who he really was and his situation.

Qin Muyang came back to his senses and said, “Nothing. I was thinking about how amazing it is that Fellow Cultivator Lin is so young but have such cultivation. It’ just that you came from the Northern Wasteland, where the demons live. How did fellow cultivator, as a human cultivator, appear there?”

Lin Fan sighed and said, “Fellow cultivator has no idea. The matter is really complicated to say. The demons broke through the passage that connects to the Immortal Cultivation Realm. As a disciple of the immortal sect, I naturally cannot sit back and watch.”

“So I slaughtered into the passage to beat the demon, but I didn’t expect to encounter trouble. The passage collapsed, and I also encountered the True Stage demons who chased after me, so I could only retreat in defeat.”

Qin Muyang nodded his head, and his gaze moved to Xiao Taiyang, “Then, who is this baby girl?”

Then as if he was afraid that Lin Fan would misunderstand, he hurriedly explained, “Fellow Cultivator Lin, don’t misunderstand. I see that this baby girl had extremely violent and heavy qi. To put it in a way that Fellow Cultivator Lin is dissatisfied, that is the root cause of evil. I am afraid that if it is not handled properly, it is going to be a big deal.”

Lin Fan spat in his heart.

The man in front of him was obscene enough. He tried sideways, in person, in all directions, as if he was not comfortable without poking around.

‘Since this was the case, then I would give you a chance.’

“Hey, I know this. The baby girl is in the Northern Wasteland, and I met her by chance. At that time, she was about to be murdered by a demon, and I naturally could not sit back and do Nothing, but to save her. Because of that, I had a big battle with the powerful demon, and I was eventually defeated and fled immediately.”

“And now, I just want to take this baby girl back and nurture her properly, hoping that she can take the right path.”

When Lin Fan said these words, his expression was spot on. He had that silly white sweet image of a decent person, very vivid. In others’ eyes, the immediate impression was that this was a bogeyman, very easy to deceive.

“Fellow Cultivator Lin is very righteous.” Qin Muyang worshipped and then did not say anything more. He kept leading the way ahead.


Soon, an island shaped like a crocodile appeared.

The island was surrounded by mist, so it was impossible to see what it looked like inside. Since Lin Fan had become a master of formation, he knew at a glance that a large formation surrounded this Crocodile Divine Island.

“Fellow Cultivator Lin, this is Crocodile Divine Island, where I cultivate. You can rest assured that within a radius of ten thousand miles, no demonic creature dares to come and let loose.” Qin Muyang said.

Lin Fan said, “With a great power like Fellow Cultivator Qin here, it would be self-defeating for demons to come.”

Haha, you over prise. I don’t have much ability. I can only do my best.” Qin Muyang said.

It was a short sentence that decided his attitude, ‘I am also a good person. I have no other meaning by squatting here. I want to stop the demons. Couldn’t you feel that I’m a good person?’

For Lin Fan, he just listened without talking. He had never seen anyone specialize in putting gold on his face.

‘In that case, let’s see how you really wanted to pretend.’

When Lin Fan stepped on the Crocodile Divine Island with both feet, he had a clear understanding in his heart that there were still big formations under his feet. The whole Crocodile Divine Island was covered with formations, and they were not the simple kind of formations.

Instead of going to the main hall, he was led by Qin Muyang to the highest point of Crocodile Divine Island.

Surrounded by beautiful scenery, he was able to see the entire Crocodile Divine Island.

“Please sit down.”

Lin Fan sat down with Xiao Taiyang in his arms, still not letting go. Just like jerking a cat around, he gently stroking Xiao Taiyang’s head, “Fellow Cultivator Qin should have been here for a long time. What made you think of coming here?”

“Because of the righteousness in my heart, I guess. I hope to protect the generations behind me with my power.” Qin Muyang righteousness said, but in his heart, he knew why he came here…

It was to hide,

He cultivated for a long time, and a few hundred years ago, he opened a big killing spree. He offended many people, and countless people wanted to kill him, so he hid here. He slowly cultivated, and when he accumulated his qi and mystic arts to a certain level, he would ascend to the Immortal Realm.

However, he now wanted to take the baby girl from Lin Fan’s hands; naturally, he had to convince Lin Fan that he was a good person.

The ability to play the good guy was still there.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have fooled so many decent people in the past and then taken advantage of their carelessness to screw them over and seek to seize their treasures ruthlessly.

The two casually chatted first.

Lin Fan rambled back with one sentence or another.

Qin Muyang tried his best to pull Lin Fan in, revealing from time to time the glorious and righteous things he had done, trying to leave a good impression in Lin Fan’s heart.

‘Make him believe that Qin Muyang in front of you was good.’

‘And you didn’t have to think too much.’

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