Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 315


Perhaps the atmosphere had reached the point.

Qin Muyang’s heart’s thoughts became more difficult to suppress, and his gaze towards Xiao Taiyang became thirsty. Such a strong root of demonic qi, if used for cultivation, would definitely make his strength go further, and he could even reach an unimaginable level.

“Fellow Cultivator Lin, have you thought of a way to remove the evil nature from this child?” Qin Muyang asked. His expression showed concern as if he was willing to contribute to this matter.

How could he find a way?

But to his surprise, Lin Fan showed a smile and said, “Yes.”

The ancient old demon sent the baby girl with a heavy demonic qi, and the evil nature was even more terrifying. Basically, it was similar to a personality that would not change just because something happened.

Even if Lin Fan was decapitated to save the baby girl, the baby girl’s state of mind wouldn’t have a single fluctuation.

Qin Muyang froze, obviously did not expect Lin Fan to say this. According to the logic, nothing could be done unless the baby girl’s divine soul was extinguished and seized, which was almost the same.

“I wonder what exactly Fellow Cultivator Lin’s solution is? I had a feeling when I saw this child as if I knew it once, so I wanted to dedicate a share of power. This child’s situation is quite complicated, so I just asked one more question, just in case.”

Qin Muyang naturally did not believe that Lin Fan could have a solution. He already had an intention in his heart that he would pick out the problem no matter what solution Lin Fan said. Even if it was really a solution.

After that, he would take the initiative and offer to try with Lin Fan.

To seize the opportunity.

Ruthlessly pitted Lin Fan to death, thus obtaining this baby girl.

In his opinion, this baby girl was just too perfect.

His heart cursed.

He had lived here for a long time, the Northern Wasteland was like a back garden, and he had been there so many times, but he had never encountered such an existence.

Lin Fan smiled mysteriously, “There are many ways; one of them is to use the qi of a great sect to wash away her demonic qi and suppress her evil nature. During this time, cultivate her properly and make her master the principle of the dao heart. Perhaps someday, in the future, she will be able to suppress the evil nature with a strong dao heart.”


Qin Muyang was stunned. He had expected Lin Fan to say the method, but he didn’t expect it to be that way, suppressing the evil nature with the great sect’s qi.

That was interesting.

He felt that this was simply impossible. Which great sect would be willing to use their qi to serve someone?

How dare you brag about it!

“Fellow Cultivator Lin, such methods may be feasible, but I think the dangers involved are extremely great. The evil nature of this baby girl is too heavy; it has already affected the root. Even if the qi can really suppress it, it will only be 20 to 30 years at most. Once it bounces back, the consequences are unimaginable.” Qin Muyang said, very serious and earnest.

That all was to get Lin Fan to dispel this idea.

“Well, fellow cultivator has a point, but I don’t think it’s a big problem. Thank you for your concern.” Lin Fan clasped his fist and said while lifting Xiao Taiyang so that she wouldn’t get squeezed.

He now wanted to see how long the other side could play.

‘I wouldn’t go along with your wishes.’

‘Did you really think I, Lin Fan, was just a white boy, who couldn’t see at a glance what underwear you were wearing?’


The thing didn’t go as what Qin Muyang thought.

Even if he was good at acting, in this situation, how could he be patient?

‘Crazy! This guy was a little difficult to handle.’

He had already said to this extent, but Lin Fan didn’t even follow his guiding footsteps, making the young man lack progress.

In that case, the only way to get it right was to be more direct.

The more Qin Muyang looked at the baby girl, the more he liked it and wanted it very much. Even though his heart was on fire, he remained calm and said, “Fellow Cultivator Lin, if you can, why don’t you let me have a look at this baby girl.”

“When it comes to this kind of situation, I can’t just sit back and do nothing; it just so happens that I have a method that might be of some help.”

These words were said without any difficulties at all.

Ordinary people would naturally not think much about it. They would really think that the other side was a good person.

But Lin Fan had already seen through Qin Muyang’s ruse. He wanted to make a move after Lin Fan handed over the baby girl.

Now, the baby girl was in Lin Fan’s hands.

The other side wanted it badly, but he was definitely afraid of making a direct move that could trigger something bad and cause Xiao Taiyang to get hurt. Hence, he tried to trick Lin Fan out of his hands.


‘Did he think I was a stupid bird? If you ever believed this, then you could indeed go to hell.’

Lin Fan laughed, “Thank you for your kindness, but how can I trouble you with this?”

“There’s no trouble, really no trouble at all.” Qin Muyang hurriedly said, then reached out his hand and tried to carry the baby girl over.

With quick movements, he tried to carry her away before asking for his consent.


Just as Qin Muyang was about to touch the baby girl, Lin Fan grabbed the other side’s hand that was reaching over. His expression was bland, and his eyes were a bit playful.

“Fellow Cultivator Qin, I’ve made it clear that this doesn’t require your help.”

At once, the air seemed to freeze.

The two people just stared at each other in silence.

Lin Fan’s eyes had been calm, accompanied by a hint of playfulness, as if to express, let’s see how long you wanted to pretend.

And Qin Muyang’s expression had changed.

The smile on his face froze, then the smile disappeared. His expression became serious. The previous gentle eyes also disappeared entirely as if he did not want to continue pretending.

The two did not speak.

Suddenly, Qin Muyang sent a palm towards Lin Fan. His qi was entwined, and his palm shone with a brilliant light.


Lin Fan blasted away with a palm.

An amazing aftershock spread out violently. Two powerful powers in cultivation in the current world exploded with amazing momentum at such a close distance. The resulting commotion was truly terrifying.

The sea, which was calm and quiet, suddenly raised huge waves.

Lin Fan moved his feet and directly distanced himself from the other side.

“Fellow Cultivator Qin, what do you mean by that? Could it be that you see me as a handsome man and want to do something to me?” Lin Fan asked with a smile.

Qin Muyang’s face gradually turned gloomy.

There was a fierce glint in his eyes, and his voice was eerily gloomy, “If you want to leave here in peace, hand over this baby girl to me.”

Lin Fan stared at the other side, “You want her? This is impossible. Previously, you helped me here and there for a good reason, so why are you so impatient? If you want to, maybe if you continue to be nice to me, you can really fool me.”

“Why be so impatient?”

“It’s such a pity.”

Qin Muyang naturally knew that this kid had found out about his intention a long time ago. Otherwise, it was absolutely impossible to have such a perception.

“You already knew what I was thinking?” Qin Muyang asked.

Lin Fan smiled and said, “From the first moment I saw you, I knew what your thoughts were and saw you through long ago. However, seeing you so enthusiastic, I naturally reluctantly accompanied you in your performance.”

“After all, a person’s performance is always so boring.”

Qin Muyang took a deep breath and shook his head with a smile. Obviously, he did not expect that he would have such a day. His previously unbeatable moves were so obviously seen through by the other side.

It was really unexpected.

“Well, no need to say more nonsense, hand over this baby girl to me. I can let you go and promise not to do anything to you.” Qin Muyang opened his hand. His gaze was scorching as he stared at the baby girl in Lin Fan’s arms, obviously for him, this was imperative.

Lin Fan beckoned toward Qin Muyang, “Since you are so thoughtful, come on, it just so happens that I have been poor recently, and when I meet you, I might be able to make a good fortune.”

His words made Qin Muyang annoyed, “Disgraceful.”

The words just fell.

Qin Muyang did not talk more nonsense with Lin Fan anymore. Instead, his qi vibrated, making his robe flung, and the Crocodile Divine Island shook as a formation was activated, directly covering the island.

“Awesome, someone who has prepared early is so adequate.”

Lin Fan laughed, not panicking in the slightest. For him, the other side’s strength was indeed strong, but it was still a bit of a fool’s errand to want to suppress him.

At this moment, Xiao Taiyang, who was biting Lin Fan and not relaxing, seemed to feel something.

She stared at Qin Muyang in confusion.


Qin Muyang’s figure disappeared in place while the surrounding space slightly shook as a shadow surfaced in the air, followed by a gloomy and cold aura spreading out.

Simultaneously, the formation that enveloped the surrounding area was extraordinary, and vaguely, there was a huge Divine Crocodile roaring.

This place was named Crocodile Divine Island. That was the place where Qin Muyang had killed a powerful demon and subsequently refined his corpse into this island, and the divine soul was suppressed at the bottom of the island.

In the blink of an eye, there were Qin Muyang’s figures in all directions.

And just as he approached, Lin Fan instantly cast the Golden Gourd and violently smashed it towards the other side.


Qin Muyang was a bit taken aback by the immortal treasure Lin Fan had cast, and that unstoppable power came crushing down fiercely.

It was unbeatable.

It was just that everything was already too late.


The Golden Gourd viciously smashed into the ground, and the golden light bloomed, covering the world.

A miserable scream came out.

A golden light struck the opponent’s chest, performing a divine ability, and all of the illusory figures disappeared.

There was a boom.

Qin Muyang was blasted in the distance, blood spilt from the corner of his mouth, and he exclaimed, “You actually have an immortal treasure.”

“Haha.” Lin Fan laughed, “What’s strange about having an immortal treasure? Don’t shout so loudly, as if you haven’t seen the world.”

“Your cultivation level is indeed outstanding, but there may still be some small gap with me.”

“You stay within the Northern Wasteland. I think you must have offended many people; that’s why you are hiding here.”

Lin Fan looked at the other side, playfully.

He was a fascinating person. His acting skills were excellent. That warm-hearted, with a feeling of a decent immortal cultivator, it was still effortless to make people believe.


Qin Muyang just wanted to say something, but Lin Fan wouldn’t give him any chance.

Swinging the Golden Gourd once again, he ruthlessly chopped towards the other side.

Qin Muyang knew that he couldn’t fight hard, and he was even a little reluctant because he had thoughts of escaping from here, but…

What an abomination.

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