Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 316


“Do you want to run away?”

“I accompanied you to play hard to get until now, but you want to run away, don’t you feel that everything that you pretended to be in front of me is a waste?”

Lin Fan swung the Golden Gourd, and a golden light blast directly knocked Qin Muyang backwards, making him spitting blood. The blood couldn’t stop spurting, making Lin Fan realized the opponent must be wearing Dao Artifact.

Otherwise, it would be much worst.

‘People nowadays… They really waste their lives.’

He knew Lin Fan was dominant. However, since his qi had reached 150,000, he didn’t think he would need Dao Artifact to protect his body. On the other hand, Lin Fan was so powerful that even with that much qi, Lin Fan could still smash him hard.


Qin Muyang turned his head away and spat out a mouthful of blood with great displeasure. He then looked at Lin Fan angrily and formed a seal with his ten fingers.

When he did that, the Crocodile Divine Island shook violently, as if an ancient creature was about to be resurrected.


A hissing sound that shocked the heavens resounded through the world.

The Divine Crocodile that was once killed by Qin Muyang appeared.

The Divine Crocodile was giant and emitted a black qi, which was resentment. Qin Muyang decapitated him, making the grievance in his heart could hardly be eliminated.

Moreover, the evil person who killed him lived on his body, which made his resentment skyrocket to a horrible level.

“KILL HIM FOR ME.” Qin Muyang roared.

He knew the Divine Crocodile’s strength because he had once paid a lot to kill the Divine Crocodile. He even encountered danger and was almost killed in return. If he did not have the advantage from the beginning, the consequences were not envisaged.

Therefore, even though the Divine Crocodile was dead, but after so much resentment, the strength was terrifying than ever.

Lin Fan didn’t move a muscle.

He had already felt it.

The Divine Crocodile’s resentment came from unwillingness.

Think about it… It was a strong demon, but it was decapitated. Its souls were drawn out, refined, and imprisoned here to serve the guy who beheaded him.

Whoever experienced it wouldn’t be quite happy about it.

“Divine Crocodile, although you are a demon, I can feel your resentment, and I will ferry you away.”

The words just fell, the dome of the sky changed, and the mysterious qi enveloped the world.

Hell bloomed in the sky, and he was able to ferry the living beings back to hell.

“This mystic art….”

Qin Muyang found something wrong with this mystic art as if it restrained the Divine Crocodile he had killed.

Just for a moment when he was frozen, a door of hell opened, and a step appeared behind the portal. The material made into the step was ancient, explicit, and had an extra sense of heaviness because of the washing of light and time.

It was faintly visible.

Behind the steps, someone was calling, pulling the Divine Crocodile’s divine soul.

“Go on.”

Lin Fan urged his qi. Even though Qin Muyang controlled the Divine Crocodile’s divine soul to fight against it, the Yellow Spring Hell had a significant advantage in tugging on existences filled with grievances.

Therefore, his hold on the Divine Crocodile gradually became weaker.


Qin Muyang roared unwillingly and could only watch as the Divine Crocodile’s divine soul flew towards that portal, and there was nothing he could do.

The Hell Origin washed the Divine Crocodile.

The Divine Crocodile’s divine soul regained a trace of sanity.

In his mind, he recalled what had happened.

When he looked at Qin Muyang, he was filled with boundless anger. It was just that he was about to step into the Hell Portal and be liberated entirely, so he didn’t say anything but nodded towards Lin Fan.

The conflict between demons and human cultivators was not so easy to resolve. However, because Lin Fan had saved the Divine Crocodile, the Divine Crocodile had a grateful heart for Lin Fan.

Then without any nonsense, he stepped inside the portal.

There was a boom.

The portal closed.

The visions of the world disappeared.

Everything returned to its usual appearance.

Qin Muyang stood dumbfounded; he did not expect things to turn out like this. This was different from what he thought.

Lin Fan smiled at his opponent, “How about that? Come on if you’re still capable. I thought the Divine Crocodile you killed would cause me some big trouble, but I didn’t expect it to end like this.”

“Doesn’t it feel heartbreaking?”

Qin Muyang was now cold inside.

‘How could this happen?’

However, now he did not even think that much.


He must escape.

The opponent was carrying immortal treasures, and the opponent had cracked his most powerful safeguard of Crocodile Divine Island. If he continued to entangle, he couldn’t take any advantage.

Qin Muyang did not think much and directly fled, extremely fast.

Soon, he looked back fiercely, a terrifying light chopped and killed, piercing his qi shield, ruthlessly crushed on his back.


He fiercely spurted out a mouthful of blood.

“Don’t run! Don’t you have something to do?” Lin Fan felt that it was quite hard to kill a powerful person.

It wasn’t as easy as one would think at all.

Any True Stage cultivator had various techniques.

It was impossible to kill one unless the opponent had no idea of escaping.

“Don’t be too rampant.”

Qin Muyang viciously roared, but he didn’t slow down in his escape. He even took out a Dao Artifact with a shuttle-like appearance, blossoming with light, making the surrounding void gently trembled.

This was a Dao Artifact to speed up. The Dao Artifac would help tear open the void and force his way out of here with the fastest speed.

Lin Fan’s hands did not stop moving, and various mystic arts fell fiercely.

The Golden Gourd even shone brightly, and the immortal dao laws intertwined into different terrifying killing moves, chopping towards the opponent.

“Rampant or not, can’t you see it yourself? Don’t run! If you lose, you’re just dead! You’ve already cultivated to this level; how come you still can’t tell?”


Qin Muyang suffered a heavy blow, the qi in his body shook.

The blood and qi were boiling.

Qin Muyang did not expect the immortal treasure to be so terrifying.

There was a swoosh.

In the blink of an eye, Qin Muyang disappeared in the world.

“It’s a pity that I let him get away.”

Lin Fan was quite helpless, looking down at Xiao Taiyang in his arms. The opponent wanted her so badly, so obviously, Xiao Taiyang’s situation was still a bit overbearing to some people.

However, it didn’t matter now.

“I’ll get rich again.”

He looked at the Crocodile Divine Island. As Qin Muyang’s land, there were bound to be treasured. If he did not have treasures, why did he need an island?

Soon, he scraped the place clean; indeed, there was a treasure trove, but the treasure trove wasn’t as prosperous as he thought. At least, it was good that there were some treasures.

It was not a wasted trip.

There were not many spirit stones, only millions of them.

It seemed that most of the spirit stones were on Qin Muyang’s body. However, there were a few Dao Artifact, but they didn’t match Qin Muyang’s aura.

Obviously, he got them from somewhere else. He must have killed people to take away treasures.

That should be it.

Afterwards, he looked at Xiao Taiyang and said gently, “Little girl, aren’t you tired with this biting every day? Follow me, and don’t be afraid. Eat well, and wear warm clothes. The only requirement is that I hope you can change your character.”

It wasn’t a good idea to say this.

The more he said this, the more Xiao Taiyang bitten.

After making sure that the Crocodile Divine Island did not have any benefit left, he dropped a palm and directly sank the Crocodile Divine Island.


Far away.

When Qin Muyang was healing, he felt the destruction of the Crocodile Divine Island. His face was gloomy and terrifying; he even almost sprayed foam in his mouth. Even with the phrase “grass mud horse,” it was difficult to suppress the anger in his heart. 

It was that his current injuries were grave.

The power of immortal treasure was too terrifying.

Initially, there was some gap between his qi and Lin Fan, not to mention the lack of immortal treasures to protect his body, so naturally, he was no match for his opponent.

If he could get that baby girl, he would soar to the sky. His power would skyrocket. He could even use such a vital evil source to refine a treasure that could compete with immortal treasures.

Now it was useless to say anything.

All his thoughts had fallen flat.

When his injuries heal, he would personally go to the Northern Wasteland for a walk.


One year later.

Lin Fan was about to vomit blood. He did not dare to stay for a moment but kept travelling through the void to come back quickly.

The Northern Wasteland, where demons live, was too dull. It was an endless deep sea, and not even a ghost could be seen.

And the baby girl in his arms grew up a little.

Initially, he expected the baby girl to speak, but he did not expect she could say a word.

She was biting his arm for a year, with fantastic willpower, and never let go of her mouth.

If this will was put on the cultivation, it was absolutely outstanding.


In the distance.

Towering walls were stretching away. The walls were carved with patterns. Some powerful people had laid formations here to form a barrier, supposedly to ward off some demons that were hiding around.

When Lin Fan looked down, he found quite a few young disciples travelling in groups for adventure.

He slowed down his pace and just walked serenely in the void.

The young disciples who didn’t have good cultivation saw the figure in the sky and showed envy. Although they didn’t see it very clearly, the figure looked very young.

Such a young person could have such cultivation; how could people not envy him?

“It seems that this is the border, the dividing line between the demon and the Immortal Cultivation Realm. There are so many disciples coming to practice killing the demons.”

Because of the proximity to the Immortal Cultivation Realm, the surrounding demons were not strong, so many immortal cultivators would choose this place for cultivation.

He had read the books’ records.

This place had existed for a long time.

Once laid down by several powerful people, the defensive place used to be enough to keep any demon from entering, but as time went on for too long, a small problem gradually appeared in the formation.

Some weak demons were able to cross over. But the demon king level, such as Void Stage Demon, didn’t want to cross this defence line.

Immediately after that, he saw a city in the distance.

The city wasn’t big, but it wasn’t small either. What surprised Lin Fan was that he saw a not-so-weak qi enveloping the sky above that city.

Huh! Strange.”

He had seen many cities before, but they were all just ordinary cities with no fortune. However, now a city with fortune had appeared.

That would be interesting.

Except for one possibilityꟷWhich was the appearance of a person with excellent fortune.

Everyone who cultivates immortality had a fortune and immortal destiny. However, it was also divided into weaknesses. Some immortal cultivators had a weak fortune. They probably could cultivate to an extremely high level under their efforts and perseverance.

And those who had an excellent fortune, their cultivation was easier.

When they encountered danger, they would not die.

As long as they went for the adventure, they would be able to encounter treasures.

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