Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 317


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Inside the city.

Just as Lin Fan thought, it was very lively. More than that, a lot of cultivators from outside the city made this small city prosperous.

He came here for no other purpose, other than to see if there was a reason for this city to have a fortune or if powerful cultivators with a fortune living here.

It was just a pity. After coming to the city, he could not see the specific direction of the source of fortune.

He came to a vendor.

“Old man, who is the most genius person in the city?”

“What did you say?”

Lin Fan didn’t say much; instead, he leaned close. His voice wasn’t too loud that it was hard to hear clearly; making further conversation would be a waste of time.

Then, under the puzzled gaze of the vendor. He left the place.

The vendor was muttering, ‘He was breathless at a young age and spoke in such a low voice, he must have overindulged.’


At this moment, Xiao Taiyang, in his arms, struggled.

Upon seeing so many human beings around, her ferocity flared up. Her eyes were glowing, and her mouth was open as if she wanted to bite these people to death.

It was only that Lin Fan couldn’t move because of the pressure.

He put a blindfold on Xiao Taiyang.

Although others were casting a glance, they would only think it was an ordinary child and would never find anything wrong with Xiao Taiyang.

Lin Fan held Xiao Taiyang and passed by a bookstore. He just walked past, then backtracked and looked inside.

“Guest, do you need anything? I have all kinds of books here. Looking at the child in your arms; it is just about the time of enlightenment. Why don’t you take a look at two enlightenment books and buy them?”

“Well, that’s right.”

Lin Fan just wanted to buy a few books and brainwash her three times a day, morning, noon, and night.

The shopkeeper was very happy to see the customer come to the door and enthusiastically stretched out his hand to touch Xiao Taiyang, “What a cute little girl.”

Just before his hand reached out, he was interrupted by Lin Fan.

“Do not touch her; she is dangerous.”

You didn’t want to know what would happen to your arm if you dared touch her. Your arm would be splattered with blood, and you would be screaming.

The shopkeeper withdrew his hand, smiled awkwardly, and hurriedly introduced the book.

“Guest, this is the enlightenment book “child-rearing scriptures” I got it from the Mortal Realm at a great cost; the content inside is wonderful. It’s from the hand of a master. You can take a look.”

Lin Fan took the book, and when he just wanted to take a look at the few pages, Xiao Taiyang in his arms rudely tore the book to pieces; she was looking excited like she was ripping a human being.



This little girl was not easy to deal with.

“Guest, this…”

The shopkeeper was confused. He never encountered this kind of situation before. The little girl looked so cute, so how could she be so rowdy?

Lin Fan sighed.

After paying for the torn book, he curiously asked, “Shopkeeper, who is a genius in this city?”

“Guest, that’s not a very good question. There are two big families here; the younger generations are all very powerful; it’s tough to tell the difference. I’m just selling books, so how can I pay attention to that?”

Then, he sneakily whispered, “This is the border; it’s boring on weekdays; it just so happens that I have those books here. If you need them, I can sell my treasured items to you.”

Lin Fan looked at the other side.

‘When you sold regular books, you were so sincere. I did not expect you to sell pornography, which was so obscene.’

‘It was a waste of time to think that you were a scholar.’

But again, Lin fan obtained some information.

Two families.

Then obviously, the existence that possesses the fortune should be in these two. As for outsiders, it was unnecessary to say that even if someone with a great fortune passed by here, it would not bring any changes to this city.

Only the resident here could form the fortune entanglement.



Lin Fan rented a room, ready to stop here for a while. He had been travelling persistently through the void for so long; his liver and guts were about to explode.

Just as he wanted to put Xiao Taiyang on the bed. She quickly pounced over, biting Lin Fan’s arm to death, and didn’t want to let go.

“Listen, biting for so long is very influential to your teeth growth.”

It didn’t matter how Xiao Taiyang struggled; Lin Fan directly suppressed her with his qi so that she couldn’t move.

Xiao Taiyang then grimaced and showed a fierce look at Lin Fan. Luckily she didn’t have the strength. Otherwise, it would be troublesome.

There were still nineteen years left to bet against the ancient demon.

It seemed far away, but it was swift.

It would pass in the blink of an eye.

“Xiao Taiyang, let me tell you some children’s stories. A little girl like you should enjoy listening to them.”

With a smile on his face, Lin Fan was ready to tell some children’s stories with a moral. Hopefully, he could use the power of literature to convince Xiao Taiyang.

But he knew this was a dream as well.

How could it go so well?

After a long time, Lin Fan had given up on the idea just now. He even wanted to hammer himself in anger.

What was the right reason to tell a children’s story? Isn’t it good to have this time to take a nap?

It was better to play the piano to the cow!


At least if you play the piano to a cow, the cow could still chirp and respond. However, Xiao Taiyang did not react at all and kept staring at him with fierce anger.

Such a lovely face was wasted.


A few days later.

Outside the inn came loud noises, very noisy, as if many people were running in the streets, with swift footsteps, like they had encountered something.

“What’s happening?”

He pushed open the window and looked towards the outside. A group of people ran towards the far side with grave expressions, while many others fled the place, and unusual people were hiding inside the house, closing the door, shivering and not daring to make a move.

Knock knock!

Someone knocked on the door.

“Guest, run, the demons are attacking the city. Go quickly and save your life.”

Lin Fan was stunned. He didn’t expect that there would be demons attacking the city.

Wait a minute.

Was this necessary?

On the fringes, the demons’ cultivation level was generally not high, so what was there to be afraid of?

“Demon King, a demon king, has attacked the city; they want to trample this place.”

On the streets, many cultivators were completely panicked. Their cultivation level wasn’t that good. How could they be a match for the demon king?

With such a cultivation level, they could be killed with a sneeze.

“Demon King? That’s just a Void Stage Demon.”

Abruptly, Lin Fan noticed something. He seemed to be a bit inflated to say such a thing. There was a time when he had to crawl and roll away when facing a Void Stage master.

But nowadays, he didn’t care.


It was indeed a sin.

Everything was the result of getting stronger.


Outside the city.

A black group of demons attacked from that defence line. The thick demonic qi merged, and it would be a disaster for the city.

For the time being, there were no demon kings; it was just Void Stage demons.

However, there were still several powerful demons.


A Bull Demon roared angrily. Its copper bell-like eyes were rolling around, full of fierce might.

The demons behind him boiled up.

Immediately, an overwhelming roar resounded through the world.

And at this time, there was also a group of cultivators who looked grave.

“It hasn’t been like this for many years; what exactly is the reason that caused the demons to attack? How could there be a demon king level existence?”

A man was holding a lance in his hand said with a severe expression.

When he learned of this situation, his heart was very unsettled. This was a battle of life and death. However, it was impossible to retreat from this. No matter what, one had to fight on.

“Brother Chen, the Void Stage demon appeared. With the strength of our two families, we may not be able to resist. The old ancestors are old, their lifespan is reaching its limit, and their bodies are weak, so I’m afraid they are no match.” Another man said.

They were all the most outstanding clansmen of the two great families.

After they learned about the appearance of the demon, they brought their clansmen here to defend against it.

“Those cultivators who came to practice, are there any who are willing to help?”

“Many left here quickly after learning of the situation, although there are quite a few cultivators who are willing to stay and help.”


At this moment, the ground shook, and a powerful demonic qi passed in the distance as the demon army began to move.


Inside the city.

In the blink of an eye, the people in this city had long fled, leaving only a mess of debris and chaos.

“You didn’t cause this, did you?” Lin Fan looked at Xiao Taiyang.

He knew that Xiao Taiyang’s situation wasn’t as simple as he thought. According to reason, a city with a fortune would typically not encounter any significant trouble. However, they had only been here for a while, and then a demon invasion occurred without warning.

Perhaps it was as he thought.

Xiao Taiyang was the root of the demonic qi and had a fatal attraction to demons. So even in the remote sections, it could attract demon kings level demons.


“The calamity here is inseparable from me. If too many people die or are injured, won’t I be tainted with karma?”

“No, I absolutely can’t just sit back and watch.”

Lin Fan pondered for a moment, then decided to help this place through the calamity. No matter what, as an immortal cultivator, he certainly had to fight when he saw injustice, pick up a weapon, and slash.

He took Xiao Taiyang quickly towards the far side of the attack.


The sound of killing shook the sky.

There were two old men tangled with a demon. That demon indeed had the Void Stage cultivation and was extremely powerful, belonging to the demon with powerful qi and good strength.


This Void Stage demon roared wildly and directly knocked the two old men out, then ruthlessly crushed in, ready to kill the two human cultivators.

Seeing that the old ancestors were outmatched, the two young men were alarmed and cried out.


They had a heart but no power. They could only watch as the demon king ruthlessly attacked. With the two old ancestors’ current condition, they were afraid it would be difficult to hold.

The corners of the demon king’s mouth showed a cold smile.

As long as these two old guys were killed, no one would be able to block his way here.

But all of a sudden, there was a short flash of brain waves in the demon king’s mind.

That was a sense of crisis, which startled him to withdraw his hand, backed up violently, and then roared.


The crowd was amazed to see the demon king withdraw his hand.

What was it that made this terrifying demon king withdraw his hand, or was it that someone had come?

Soon, they saw a figure coming from the void.

A young man?

Who was he?

The crowd did not recognize him.

But to the demon king, his gaze rested on Xiao Taiyang in Lin Fan’s arms.

Lin Fan patted Xiao Taiyang’s head. Then his gaze dropped and said, “Tell me, where did you come from?”

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