Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 318


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He did not put the demon king in front of him in his eyes. After all, the difference between the two was worlds apart. If not for the issue of fortune, they wouldn’t have had the chance to meet.

The demon king shifted his gaze from the baby girl and then looked at Lin Fan angrily, “What are you? How dare a human cultivator to come here instead of hurrying to escape and save his life. You are simply something that doesn’t know how to die.”

Lin Fan just simply looked too young.

To the demon king, how powerful could such a young man be? He could be killed with a slap on the wrist. As for the crisis, he thought it was because of the baby girl.

That qi was too terrifyingꟷwith the same origin as him.

Lin Fan looked indifferent, followed by a condensed God Spear. He then threw it towards the demon king without saying anything more. After finishing early, he was eager to investigate the qi situation.


The God Spear that carried a terrifying might quickly attack.


The demon king was a little careless and did not take it to heart. However, immediately afterward, he felt that something was wrong with the situation, and the power that was transmitted was a little too terrifying.

In the blink of an eye, he felt that he could react, but his body was simply out of control.


The God Spear pierced through the demon king’s head with extremely destructive power, destroying the demon king’s soul and instantly exterminating him.

The scene was quiet.

The crowd’s mouths were open, and their eyes were staring. It was as if they had seen a ghost. What they see dumbfounded them; the demon king was nailed to the ground by a spear, not moving; his breath was gone entirely, apparently dead.

Everyone showed disbelief.

The terrifying demon king had died just like that.

Who was the other side?

He was too strong.

The demons who followed the demon king trying to trample down the human cultivators were dumbfounded. It was unknown which one of the demons cried out in alarm and pulled their legs out, causing a widespread retreating stream.


Lin Fan cast a great mystic art. Immediately, a short, sharp sword whistled away, cutting through the world. With a puff, the demons fleeing in the distance were cut down, without even a bit of resistance.

Ding Ding~

The items dropped.

[Obtained Spirit Root: First Grade Earth Spiritual Root.] [Obtained qi: 50.]


There were a bit more drops, refreshed continuously. As for what dropped, it was better to wait until afterward to clear it up slowly.

With a smile, Lin Fan said, “Everyone, no need to worry, I am a disciple of a great immortal sect. I just passed by here and learned that the demons were attacking the city, so I came to take a look.”

After that, he gazed at the entire field. There was a young man who had fallen and caught his attention.

[Chen Yang: Origin Stage cultivator.] [Chance of dropping item: Seventh Grade Fire Spirit Root, Seventh Grade Wood Spirit Root, Ancient Ring….] [Remarks: ….]

There wasn’t any surprising ground in terms of the spirit root, but the ancient ring gave him some ideas. Just by touching it, you could know the city’s fortune had anything to do with the ring.


At this moment, the two old men suppressed the injuries in their bodies and clasped their fists, “I wonder what your name is.”

“I am Lin Fan, from the Greatest Martial Sect.” Lin Fan said blandly, then looked at Chen Yang, “I wonder if this little friend Chen is willing to show me that ancient ring on his body.”

The old man was puzzled. Not knowing what exactly Fellow Cultivator Lin meant, they all subsequently looked towards Chen Yang.

Chen Yang was amazed, “How would senior know?”

He saw that Lin Fan’s age was not much different from his, and it was reasonable to say that the title ‘senior’ was indeed a bit too much. However, the old ancestor was calling Lin Fan a fellow cultivator, so what could he say?

Could it be that he was equal to the old ancestor?

Lin Fan smiled mysteriously and did not say much.

“Chen Yang, if you have one, take it out.” Chen’s family’s old ancestor said.


Chen Yang took out the ancient ring. Lin Fan took it in his hand and looked amazed.

[Ancient Ring: The ring once worn by Mysterious Immortal Cultivator. After the Immortal Qi and Dao Literature’s baptism, it changed from a mortal ring to a wonderfully useful ring that could suppress the evil in the heart.]


‘Could it be that I am also a person with great fortune?’

‘Just when I was bothered about Xiao Taiyang, a benefit was delivered.’

There was a moment of silent, then Chen Yang asked cautiously, “Senior, I wonder what’s so magical about this ring?”

It was because Lin Fan’s expression was shocked, making him feel that this object came from a great source.

Lin Fan laughed, “This object is a treasure, worn by immortals. However, it is a mundane item in itself. After the baptism of immortal qi, it has a great use and can suppress the evil in the heart. It also carries its qi.”

“To tell the truth, I want this object.”

Chen Yang’s face changed slightly, a little less comfortable.

This… was a little difficult for people.

Although he saved them, this was a bit of a problem when it came to be so blunt.

“Oh, rather I was careless. I will give the highest compensation.”

“And I’m not going to hide it from you guys. If it weren’t for the special circumstances, I wouldn’t want this ancient ring.”

“Look, guys.”

Lin Fan did not conceal the qi on Xiao Taiyang, and immediately, a terrifying to the extreme evilness emanated.

The two old men stepped back and looked on in horror.

“As you can see, this baby girl is somewhat complicated and born evil. However, I bet with an ancient demon to raise her as a disciple of the righteous immortal sect within twenty years. If I succeed, then it is the demon that loses.”

“From then, the demon will not invade the Immortal Cultivation Realm again.”

Lin Fan’s wager with the ancient demon was not that complicated; it was just a simple wager.

Of course, it was also to prove a peculiar thing.

The two old men were a bit incredulous that someone so evil could be penitent.

“Chen Yang, since Fellow Cultivator Lin has such a great purpose, then let’s give this ring.” Chen’s family’s old ancestor said.

Just now, Fellow CultivatorLin had saved them; how could this kindness not be returned?

It was just a ring with a particular function.

Even if it were a real treasure, nothing more would be said.

“Yes, old ancestor.” Chen Yang answered.

Lin Fan waved his hand and said, “I am not going to ask for it for nothing. To others, this ring has a price, but to me, who needs this item, it is priceless. How about this? I have two Dao Artifacts here, one of them is a Top Grade Dao Artifact, and one is a Low-Grade Dao Artifact; how about we exchange them? “

He obtained these two Dao Artifacts from Qin Muyang. Although the two Dao Artifact had nothing to do with the Immortal Sect, but it depended on who was using them.

The most important thing was, he did not want to owe karma.

In case he would encounter some disturbing things in the future because of this karma, why would he take advantage of others for nothing when he could use the Dao Artifact in a fair exchange.

“No, no.” Chen Yang hurriedly waved his hand.

Chen’s family’s old ancestor was quite satisfied that Chen Yang. It was good that Chen Yang could see the Dao Artifact and didn’t hesitate.

Of course, even he was thirsty for Dao Artifact, but some things could not be taken casually.

“Take it. Why did you talk so much.” Lin Fan said.

Under Lin Fan’s repeated requests, Chen Yang looked at the old ancestor rather helplessly.

‘Should I take it or not?’

Chen’s family’s old ancestor had no choice. They nodded and indicated to take it. It was to respect others who offered you something.

Moreover, with two Dao Artifact, when he encounters demons in the future, he would be able to appropriately deal with them.

“Fellow Cultivator Lin, this would be too embarrassing.” Chen’s family’s old ancestor said.

Lin Fan waved his hand and said, “What’s to be embarrassed about? Does my request was a bit too much? I’ll keep in mind that you all give me respect, and if you have any problems in the future, you can come to the Greatest Martial Sect to find me.”

“I will do my best to set things right for you.”

Then Lin Fan took out a token. This was a token that every core disciple would have after having their mountain peak. Just in case, one day, when they were out and about, they encountered someone who saved them and could not repay them for the time being.

As long as the person holding the token, no matter how many years, as long as they come to the Greatest Martial Sect, he would help them solve their problems.

The Chen family’s old ancestor did not receive it but told Chen Yang to put it away. He warned Chen Yang to make sure he put it away.

A demon king couldn’t last a single move in the other side’s hands. Then what kind of cultivation did the other side have? There was no need to say more, right?

Perhaps, this token could become their Chen family’s life-saving talisman. They would not use it if not for the scourge of extinction and pass it down from generation to generation.


Lin Fan did not continue to linger; he already knew why the demon had come.

One could tell by looking at the demon’s expression.

Xiao Taiyang indeed attracted it.

The two old ancestors still wanted to keep Lin Fan as a guest. However, before they could even open their mouths, Lin Fan disappeared without a trace, completely gone.

If they had known that this demon attack on the city had something to do with Lin Fan, Lin Fan was afraid they wouldn’t have been that kind.



Lin Fan put the ancient ring into Xiao Taiyang’s body and immediately noticed that Xiao Taiyang’s condition changed somewhat.

The evil nature slowly became weaker, but the effect wasn’t significant.

It should be known that this would take time, and it was impossible to have a significant effect in the blink of an eye.

It needed to suppress the evilness down slowly.

“Little girl, you’re lucky that the heavens are willing to help. I’ll win for sure in twenty years, and it won’t necessarily take twenty years.”

Lin Fan was in a cheerful mood.

Good luck means he could do whatever he wanted.

Afterward, without much thinking, he quickly raced towards the Greatest Martial Sect.

He wondered if his mother had sensed the shattering of the Sacred Beast Robe. He had been out for too long; if the old mother felt it, he was afraid that she was anxious.

He sped up upon thinking about it.

The faster, the better.


Greatest Martial Sect.

Lin Fan looked into the distance, pondering in his heart. He was wondering if there would be any changes. He came directly to Wei You’s mountain peak.

“Mother, I’m back.” He shouted.

But no one responded.


Lin Fan raised his head and felt a little strange. How could his mother wasn’t at the mountain peak? She used to stay here.

It couldn’t be that something happened.

And just at that moment, a figure appeared behind Lin Fan.

“Kid, have you run away long enough?” The Sect Master’s voice complained a bit, then said, “What exactly did you go for? How did you get to the Northern Wasteland? Who did you have a conflict with? Even the Sacred Beast Robe was shattered.”

Lin Fan said anxiously, “Sect Master, don’t talk about that; where is my mother?”

“You….” The Sect Master was just about to speak when he was abruptly drawn to the baby girl in Lin Fan’s arms. Immediately afterward, his face changed dramatically, and he said, “Where did this come from?”

For the Sect Master, it was as if he had seen something terrifying.

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