Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 319


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“Sect Master, don’t discuss where this came from. I want to know where my mother went.”

He did not expect the Sect Master’s small eyes were sharp. He had hidden the baby deeply, and the Sect Master still could see through it at a glance.


The baby girl gave Sect Master a very dangerous feeling. It should not appear in the Immortal Cultivation Realm. More importantly, it shouldn’t appear in the Greatest Martial Sect.

“Where exactly did it come from? You should know about this baby girl.” The Sect Master asked seriously.

‘Seriously, what had this kid gone through in the past year?’

Lin Fan sighed, “Hey, it’s a long story. Back then, I went to the Northern Wasteland and met a pregnant female demon. I wanted to kill the demon and get rid of the demon because it should be no problem to kill the demon when I think of myself as a disciple of the immortal sect. However, there is an innocent life, and it is difficult for me to do it…”

“…Then I asked her, did she want me to protect her or the baby…”

Initially, the Sect Master listened and did not feel any problem. However, gradually, his expression turned into, ‘Were you telling me a story?’

“Okay, okay, don’t brag. If I believe your words, it will be in vain for me to be the Sect Master for so many years.”

“I don’t ask you for anything either.”

“This baby girl cannot be kept; she must be killed.”

As the Sect Master of a great immortal sect, how shocking it was to say these words? If the people who had ill intention hear this, they would directly cut his sentence in half… and it would be ‘the Sect Master of the Greatest Martial Sect was going to kill the baby girl brutally.’

Then this thing would be a big deal.

Lin Fan glared and said, “Sect Master, what are you asking me to do? You’re directly asking for her life. No, no. I won’t kill her.”

“I bring her back because I know her situation. I have the confidence and determination to change her life.”

Heh!” The Sect Master could not help but laugh out loud, “You are too confident. Her evil nature is too heavy, and the demonic qi is comparable to the source; how can you change it? Even if a Buddhist monk chants sutras day and night, it can’t be done.”

“Moreover, just you?”

“ꟷIt’s not that I underestimate you, but you don’t have the ability.”

For the Sect Master, Lin Fan was getting farther and farther down the road of committing death. He was slightly pulling without turning back.

The Sect Master took an in-depth look at the baby girl.

That qi made him feel flustered.

Lin Fan asked, “Sect Master, it doesn’t matter right now. Where the hell did my mother go? Usually, she is at the mountain peak.”

“Sister has nothing to do with this. She went into seclusion. When you went to the Northern Wasteland, the Sacred Beast Robe shattered, so she was trying to save you. She couldn’t find any passage, and it takes too long without the passage. So, even if she goes, it’s useless. All of us thought you were dead.” The Sect Master said.

Lin Fan said, “Then I….”

The Sect Master waved his hand and said, “Don’t bother your mother for now. I feel she is close to the day of ascension. Let her cultivate well, and when she comes out, I will be the first to inform her.”

Lin Fan thought about it, and it was quite reasonable. In that case, he would not tell her first.

He then left the place directly.

The Sect Master’s eyes were not too friendly to Xiao Taiyang, as if he wanted to crush her at any moment.


When facing difficulties, you should solve them. Hiding was not the right way.

Therefore, The Sect Master was a little less confident.


Mountain peak.

Xi Xi, Brother Chen, Brother Yang, and Nangong Jin all gathered around.

“Senior brother, you’re scaring me to death. You’ve been gone for a year, and when I went to ask others, they all said you went to the Northern Wasteland. I thought you died there.” Xi Xi took some initiative and said as she hugged Lin Fan’s arm.

Lin Fan unconsciously swung his arm and gently rubbed it. Well, there was nothing else, just involuntarily.

“Sister, don’t worry. Although the Northern Wasteland is a dangerous place, it’s nothing for me.” Lin Fan said blandly.

To anyone else, if someone said that the Northern Wasteland was safe, they would get their dog’s head blown off.

It was too damned pretentious.

You would die if you failed to pretend.

Huang Jiujiu hugged Lin Fan and said, “Master, Jiujiu misses you too much.”

It had been a year since she had seen him. She then saw the baby girl in her master’s arms and asked curiously, “Master, who is she? It can’t be the little sister that you brought back for me, right?”

The crowd was also looking curiously.


Senior brother just went out for a trip; how could he bring back a baby girl?

Lin Fan stroked Huang Jiujiu’s head and laughed. “Well, you guessed right. It is indeed the little sister that I brought back for you. However, she is a bit special and has a bad temper, so you can’t just get close to her for now; otherwise, she will hurt you.”

Huang Jiujiu opened his round eyes and looked at Xiao Taiyang curiously. She only felt that the little sister was so cute, and she didn’t feel anything wrong.

“Senior Brother Lin, I feel as if there is something wrong with this baby girl somewhere.” Nangong Jin said.

Lin Fan laughed, “You’re right. Brother has a good eye! Your cultivation level has increased so quickly; it seems that you have some other immortal destiny during the year of my absence.”

Nangong Jin said, “Senior brother, half a year ago, I passed by a secret area. Coincidentally, I entered a secret room and occasionally got some chance.”

He did not hide it.

Usually, when an ordinary person encounters an opportunity, they would be most afraid of being known by others. But here, he didn’t panic in the slightest. His senior brother’s personality deeply enveloped him.

“Well, that’s good. If you have a chance, it means you are a person with fortune. I believe you can become an immortal in the future.” Lin Fan said with some encouragement.

There were only a few people in his territory, so it would be fair to say that at least four or five immortals came out. Then as if he thought of something, he asked, “A year ago, the disciples who sacrificed themselves in the demon pit that appeared at the Mortal Realm, how did the Sect Master deal with them? Those who came back alive, did they get any reward?”

Nangong Jin said, “Senior brother, don’t worry, Ye Dong came back and told the Sect Master what senior brother said at that time. The Sect Master didn’t mistreat those disciples and rewarded them with many things.”

Lin Fan nodded with satisfaction. He feared most that if no one would do it for him after saying the words, which could make the situation awkward.

After that, he asked quite a few more things.

A year would pass in the blink of an eye for an immortal cultivator, but for Lin Fan, it was a relatively long time.

He asked about Meng Qingyao again. Initially, he thought that some minor things would happen to her, like that kind of thing; however, after hearing them say that Senior Sister Meng had come out after being in seclusion for a while with nothing different.

It seems that he was overthinking.

Xi Xi asked, “Senior brother, when you were away for half a year, a disciple of Void Jade Palace came to see you. If I’m not mistaken, her name is Cheng Lingsu, and she’s beautiful. When we told her that we don’t know whether you were alive or dead in the Northern Wasteland, I found that her face was a little off. You wouldn’t have done anything to her, right?”

“Sister, do you see me like that kind of person? What I have with her is pure friendship, a special iron relationship, having experienced life and death, and not what you think. I just touched her breasts a few times; it’s not as serious as you say.” Lin Fan said seriously.

The crowd: ????


Everyone was about to explode.


At this moment, the news of Lin Fan’s return spread.

Ye Dong felt like he could stand up again. He was the most coaxing pup in the Greatest Martial Sect. Senior Brother Wen Qian was coaxed by him to treat him as a real brother.

However, Senior Brother Lin was naturally much smarter, yet he thought that Senior Brother Lin must have taken him as a brother as well.

Everything was because of confidence that he could have this feeling.

The Greatest Martial Sect was very competitive. There were many core disciples. However, there were only a few who could make it to the top.

For Ye Dong, he had the ambition in his heart. Who didn’t want to be the Sect Master? However, it also depended on his strength. Many senior brothers were better than him. So, he switched the goal to have a good relationship with the most promising senior brother to become the Sect Master. With that, there would be a seat for him in the position of elder.

Therefore, he won’t directly compete.


Inside the house.

“You guys should pay more attention to her in the future. Don’t be careless; her existence is special. Her evil nature is cumbersome, but I want to reform her and lead her to the right path. So, even if you are close to her, you need to stay alert.” Lin Fan said.

Xi Xi and the others nodded their heads. They had already discovered the fierceness of this baby girl.

She was too fierce.

She was more fierce than a demon.

Xi Xi asked, “Senior brother, her evil nature is so heavy, can she be reformed?”

Lin Fan smiled, “Of course she can. I have already put an ancient ring into her body, it will slowly suppress her evil nature, and with my assiduous teachings, it shouldn’t be a problem.”

Huang Jiujiu stretched out her hand and wanted to touch Xiao Taiyang, “Little sister is so cute, how could she be so bad?”

However, before her palm could touch it… Xiao Taiyang abruptly turned her head, opened her mouth, and was about to bite Huang Jiujiu.

Lin Fan was quick with his eyes and hands to pinched Xiao Taiyang’s chin and helplessly shook his head, “Jiujiu, do not be careless.”

Huang Jiujiu shrunken hands, careful to look at the little sister.

“Little sister, you’re so bad.”

“But so cute, I want to touch you.”


A few days later.

Lin Fan gradually began to prepare to break Xiao Taiyang’s mind. He took matters into his own hands and made many cute dolls, but these dolls ended up miserable.

Either they were split up, or their heads were bitten off. The scene was brutal.

But even so, he did not give up.

The power of the ancient ring only slowly began to appear.

After several experiments, he found something. The head was severed and split before, but now only the body was split and not the head.

The one thing that he did not expect was that Huang Jiujiu was very attached to this little sister. Although she didn’t dare to get close, she leaned outside the window every time and talked to Xiao Taiyang.

Today, she leaned in front of the window. With her hands on her chin, she spoke to Xiao Taiyang sitting on the bed.

“Little sister, can’t you talk now?”

“I’ve brought you something delicious. Senior Uncle Chen makes it; it’s especially delicious.”

After that, Huang Jiujiu took out a chicken thigh and threw it to Xiao Taiyang.

Xiao Taiyang looked at the other side with a fierce expression, scaring Huang Jiujiu back several steps. But then, she gathered enough courage to look at Xiao Taiyang with a smile on his face, “Little sister, it’s delicious. Try it.”

Huang Jiujiu didn’t know why Xiao Taiyang was so bad.

However, she thought about it for a long time.

Finally, she figured it out.

It must be that little sister was bullied by others for a long time and finally saved by the master; that was why she wasn’t friendly to anyone.

So it took time for her to get familiar.

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