Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 32 Has Fallen



Wang Zhou wanted to stop Lin Fan and told Lin Fan that the person was not an easy opponent, but it was too late.

He saw Lin Fan carrying a sword.

“Amazing, I didn’t expect this kid to have so much potential.”

It was not easy for Wang Zhou to see Lin Fan’s true potential.

“Boy, you’re looking for death.”

Yang Zhi was furious, he moved forward, leaped, leaving deep footprints on the ground, his twin hammer fell from the sky, at a high speed and the chance to survive from it was almost zero.

Golden Whirlwind Hammer was a brutal hammer technique. It was like a whirlwind.


The twin hammers slammed the ground, the ground shook, leaving two deep holes.

But Lin Fan moved so fast with his sword technique, Lin Fan’s sword was already at Yang Zhi’s neck in just a split second.

The powerful sword technique, the Yin-Yang sword technique was the technique that concentrated in its speed.

Yang Zhi blocked the sword with his hammer.

It sparked when the sword and the hammer clashed.

The opponent was indeed formidable, but Lin Fan was far stronger than him.

“Twin Sun!”

“Mountain Peak!”

“Scorched earth!”

“Burning sky!”

Lin Fan’s sword continuously slashed Yang Zhi. Lin Fan used Lu Nian’s technique better than himself.

Yang Zhi was stabbed in the waist, and he felt his blood was flowing out.

“You… Have I met you before this day?”


Yang Zhi roared, straightened his arms, and took a stance.

Yang Zhi’s body quickly spun up, the speed kept increasing, and the hammer was swinging furiously like a cyclone.

Its wind cut the grass on the ground.

“Ox Crushing The Mountain!”

At the center, Yang Zhi growled while using another technique and moved toward Lin Fan.

“It’s dangerous.”

Lin Fan’s speed increased, he avoided it like a white horse jumped the obstacle, and in the blink of an eye, Lin Fan arrived on the other side.

That was the technique of the rabbit demon, although it was a pseudo-bronze grade, it saved him.

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Yang Zhi crushed a giant tree with his technique.

“This guy is the real deal.” Lin Fan said.

Yang Zhi was still spinning around like a cyclone.


Another innocent giant tree was brutally crushed by Yang Zhi.

“Let me crush your bones, guys.” Yang Zhi shouted, he was spinning like crazy, but Lin Fan was faster than him, he couldn’t even touch Lin Fan’s shadow.

“It’s impossible for you to stop me.” Lin Fan said.

“You son of a …” Yang Zhi was furious and kept chasing Lin Fan.

The Golden Whirlwind Hammer and the Ox Crushing The Mountain were really terrifying.

Lin Fan didn’t know how to beat Yang Zhi.

But after a while.

The Golden Whirlwind Hammer disappeared.

Yang Zhi dropped his twin hammer on the ground while panting heavily, he felt so dizzy, and couldn’t help but vomited.

“Kid, I …” Yang Zhi couldn’t stand up anymore.

Although that technique was very powerful, it had a fatal flaw that it could not last for too long.

Otherwise, he will feel dizzy.

“This is my chance.”

Lin Fan saw the opportunity and rushed up with his sword.

“Damn!” Yang Zhi roared while holding the hammer, even though he was so dizzy, but the power of his hammer was still not to be underestimated, but Lin Fan couldn’t be underestimated either.

Yang Zhi couldn’t move like usual, and the hammer in his hand was thrown up into the air. He was shocked because he did not expect such a thing to happen.

“Boar Crash!”

“Iron Head!”

The spiritual power in Lin Fan’s body was concentrated on his head and rammed it into Yang Zhi’s belly.

And everyone could hear the sound of bone fracture.

“You are not the only one who has a combo.”

Lin Fan stabbed Yang Zhi’s forehead.

Yang Zhi’s forehead was buried into the ground, and he stabbed Yang Zhi’s chest for the final touch.

Yang Zhi vomited blood, he grabbed Lin Fan’s collar.

“The Golden Whirlwind Hammer was really amusing, but that technique is a double edge sword for its user.” Lin Fan poked Yang Zhi’s body and pulled out the sword.

Yang Zhi died in Lin Fan’s hands.

Before dying.

Yang Zhi vowed in his heart that he will never use Golden Whirlwind Hammer again.

Lin Fan immediately looked at Wang Zhou and found that Yu Bin and Wang Zhou fought fiercely. And Wang Zhou was about to kill Yu Bin.

“Sir, don’t dirty your hands, let me do it.”

Lin Fan rushed forward with his sword.

How could Lin Fan let the chance to have a new technique slipped away?

Wang Zhou was ready to kill Lu Bin, but he stopped when he heard Lin Fan’s voice. He was a bit puzzled and surprised at the same time. He didn’t expect Lin Fan to kill Yang Zhi so fast.

Lin Fan’s strength should not be underestimated.

Yu Bin couldn’t move, all his bones were broken by Wang Zhou, and he could only look at Lin Fan with hatred.

Because Lin Fan could figure out his plan so easily.

There must be traitors.

The traitor must be Yang Zhi. Besides him, who else knew his strategy?

Even though Yang Zhi was already dead, he still thought so.

Otherwise, it didn’t make sense.

“Just kill me already.”

Lin Fan slashed Yu Bin’s neck, his head was lopped off and rolled to the ground.

Wang Zhou looked at Lin Fan, and he valued Lin Fan so high after seeing Lin Fan’s ability with his own eyes.

But he still didn’t know Lin Fan still had more surprises awaited.

Talented people should not stay there.

Entering the Immortal Gate was the best choice.

And the system was ringing.

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